Hookt Messenger - Better than BlackBerry Messenger?

By Bla1ze on 10 Apr 2012 05:20 pm EDT

When you open up BlackBerry App World and look around for instant messaging applications there are plenty to be found, some strictly for BlackBerry, some that work with Facebook, some that work with Google Talk and there are even some that work across multiple devices and platforms.

One of the ones that works across multiple platforms is Hookt. It appeared quite some time ago in BlackBerry App World and since then it has gained almost 3,000 reviews, which is quite a feat. BlackBerry users know and love BlackBerry Messenger but Hookt, some would say, takes it to the next level by offering some additional features not found within BlackBerry Messenger such as stickers and the ability to send messages from your computer or even your BlackBerry PlayBook using the Hookt website. The full set of features includes:

  • Group chat – Create group conversations with up to 10 people.
  • Stickers – NEW! Send dozens of cool graphic stickers.
  • Send messages from your computer or even your BlackBerry PlayBook using the Hookt website.
  • Read indicators – Know when your friends have received and read your messages.
  • Photos – Share photos from your album or take them on the fly.
  • BlackBerry® Push Service – Receive messages quickly and reliably.
  • Inbox integration – See your Hookt Messenger chats right from your Messages list.
  • BBM (BlackBerry® Messenger) integration – Share Hookt Messenger with all your BBM friends.
  • Works with WIFI and all mobile networks. 

It's no secret that I bounce back and forth between devices. Sometimes I use my BlackBerry, sometimes I use an Android device and yes, sometimes I even use my iPhone 4S. Sadly, BlackBerry Messenger isn't available across all those platforms and finding an application that works well on all was rather tiresome until I tried out Hookt.

If you either find yourself switching devices often or just simply want to chat with folks on other platforms, give Hookt a look. The app is beautifully designed and well laid out, plus where it has been out for a while now there are very little hiccups with the actual service itself. Jump on past the break for some more screenshots of the app in action; it really is one of the best BlackBerry apps out there these days both in terms of design and functionality.

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Reader comments

Hookt Messenger - Better than BlackBerry Messenger?


It was all fun and games until I realized the app needs to stay open in order to keep recieving messages and that it makes my battery die at least 1.5 times faster than before.

Thanks but Whatsapp is pretty cool too. :p

The issue isn't really the UIs, it's having to convert everyone to using it for these to be useful, especially when everyone swears by 5+ different versions of this same thing...

i agree, i love the look of this app, bt people are so entrenched in their IM apps now that you have to question if new apps are simply too late to the game

I agree BBM is awesome but if it's limited to one platform, it can never be "tops".

In the arena of multi-platform IM clients, WhatsApp has been leading the pack and it looks like Hookt is the next closest challenger but still lacks many features than WhatsApp. Personally though, I've found that so much more people in my contacts have Hookt than WhatsApp.

yup, as here nobody of my friend using it anymore (as I'm the last one haven a BB) I don't use it anymore and already thought about it if it is possible to delete bbm in os 7 (in OS5 I could)...

I would prefere opensource IMs jabber protocol like gtalk etc. as it can be used on pc, mac, or on all mobile devices -> but, it looks like I am alone with this opinion as everybody is using apps/protocols which are mobile device based instead of using platforms with no restrictions ;)

So I'm forced to use it as well ^^ (it's like using facebook instead of the free internet/ and or facebook messagings instead of email...)

That's why they need to open up BBM to less secure data switching so it can run on iPhones and Androids without a BIS plan!

...perhaps a BBM Lite, something that can communicate with BBM...but not comprimise on its strengths...that's one reason I don't want to see BBM go out on other platforms because I feel they may have to 'dumb it down' to make it work...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 1.xx.xxxx

Copy-paste of the vendor description?

I'm sure this is great - especially cross platform - but "takes it to the next level by offering some additional features not found within BlackBerry Messenger: " ... yet everything listed next is something that BBM does?

Hookt, some would say, takes it to the next level by offering some additional features not found within BlackBerry Messenger:

•Group chat – Create group conversations with up to 10 people.

This is incorrect, BBM has group messaging, and supports a lot more than just 10 people.

I took the full feature list as noted in BlackBerry App World, some of which are not available in BBM -- never once said all the feaures listed weren't available in BBM, lol.

However; since it appears to be an issue for some, I updated the wording. :)

Isn't that kinda a skewed perspective though? You downloaded it when it first came out, meaning -- there has been updates since then that could have improved upon battery drain. :)

Indeed, but I still have no interest in the app regardless of potential improvement in battery life. It still doesn't appeal to me. I'll just stick with BBM and SMS. :D

Not gonna lie, but the stickers are pretty cool. Although, not enough for me to reinstall. :P

Hookt has the best emoticons....but that's about it. Touch's layout and color scheme, as well as unique Shared Experience, is tops for me outside of, and in some cases beyond, bbm.

A more useful comparison would be how it stacks up to other cross-platform IM clients like Whatsapp, which already has all the features (other than stickers) listed for this app.

•BBM (BlackBerry® Messenger) integration – Share Hookt Messenger with all your BBM friends (So what - it will spam all your BBM contacts telling them to download the app?)

•Works with WIFI and all mobile networks. (WOW! Unbelievable!)

Obviously I'm aware of your sarcasm lol. But, given that some BlackBerry apps still can't work over WiFi I'm not sure which is more unbelievable. The fact this one does or the fact that some still don't.

Why would we even put this article up here??? Nothing beats BBM asks all those ardroid users and IOS users they will agree BBM is the best .... fyi I HAVE NEVER CHANGED MY BB, I DO NOT SWITCH, Thats what makes a REAL BB FAN

Heh. Probably was a 40 year old single dude living in his mom's basement... ;)

Just kidding Bla1ze.

Wake me when BBM can do this.. uhh.. Outisde of RIM buildings that is, since they've had BBM for desktop internally for years.



BBM for Desktop would have been absolutely killer. I'm sure they haven't released it because it's either buggy as hell or they're concerned over "security" factors for such an app.

So many missed opportunites...RIM.

You can send BBM (as well as text, and just about any other App) from your desktop...SOTI Pocket Controller (you also have to buy an application for your PC)...you still have to have your BB within WiFi reach (although I haven't tried it with my BB in a different WiFi zone)...it's not quite the same as what you are looking for, but it does the same job...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 1.xx.xxxx

I downloaded it couple months ago, it seemed cool. But then one day I went to text a friend and my friend list disappeared . It stopped running correctly so I just deleted it. BBM all the way.

Hahahahaha... Ya right. Hookt is garbage... Tried using it for a couple weeks with an Android and iPhone friend... Finally got rid of it... Its waaaaay to slow and unreliable... Garbage I say.

There will always be another app....and another....and another...for IM purposes. For me, I like the security, and reliability of BBM, and use it exclusively for my BB friends. For the rest, we just use regular sms.

I know many people aren't on unlimited text plans and such, but eventually, it's all going that way.

I'm pretty tight about sharing my contact lists with "apps" and as a result, I don't trust ANY other IM apps, other than my native BBM.

All these IM apps at battery hogs. BBM is integrated into BBOS. Remember, BBOS is running E-Mail, BBM and the Native Browser ALWAYS. Do that with an Android device or iPhone and you will get 5 hours of battery life.

BBM is the best. Everyone should have BBM then I would not need hookt, twitter, Facebook,etc. This underlying reason I like BBM is that it is owned and controlled by a company that is not in the business of using, selling or exploiting personal information. Yay RIM!

actually if you're looking at a solution for a secure personal information, BES is the one. BIS is not that secure, in fact, recently India has already got the access from RIM to decrypt the BBM & email sent by every blackberry user in the country. with BIS, the security code is universal, but on BES, the security code and all its modules are handled by the IT administrator in which RIM has no control anymore on that, that's why BES is more secured than BIS. however, what's good about BBM is that it's an AES 256 bit encrypted IM in which no other IM client does that! and only approved bodies could have the access (of course, after getting RIM's consent & approval) should the info need to be decrypted for their security matters.

i'm hoping the cross-platform IM client "LINE" by Naver will come to blackberry soon.. i think it's the BEST cross-platform ever made today. i've seen that on android & iOS, it doesn't consume battery that much and yeah.. STICKERS!!! LINE RULES!!

You were close Bla1ze, but Kik[.com] is the one you're looking for. My wife uses it flawlessly on her bb so I can cross platform chat with her, my android friends and fellow iOS users.

google+ messenger is etter than BBM. picture sharing, delivered/read status, group chat, even video chat.

Bla1ze is absolutely correct; this app or any messaging app for that matter isn't for everyone. I do however think this post is irrelevant to most of the BB community. Personally, SMS works just fine for messaging across platforms. Stickers and messaging from a PC is nothing special. You can SMS from a email account via PC/tablet/handset. I would love to see a poll of which system BB users actually use more BBM, SMS, or other IM apps(that is, if there already hasn't been one?) with that being said. This is a great post, but in My opionion would be more suitable for Android or iOS consumers?

Me and my friends use KIK, only thing that sux is the BB version can't share photos and historical messages don't go back too far.

@ Bla1ze:


"Now you can use BlackBerry Messenger from your desktop or notebook computer. Enhance your BlackBerry experience by using the screen and keyboard of your desktop computer to BBM with your friends. Rest your thumbs, type at full speed, get SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry today"

This app is just ok but it cant hold a candle to bbm. The general "darker features" of it meaning the screen background and the blues is pleasing to the eye, even the blue status light that pops up when you're messaged is pretty sweet as well, but having to keep the app open to receive msgs is pretty lame and not being able to put a status msg up there is lame as well BUT the worst thing that I've noticed is that your conversations are NEVER deleted!! lets say you have a convo that you don't want prying eyes to see, so after the convo you delete it, someone comes up and types "hey" to the person that you were speaking to and within 10 seconds the whole conversation gets displayed on the screen!! I for one was like WTF!!! when I noticed that and for that reason alone I say "just ok" at best.

just jumped on the Hookt wagon. on the BB platform, its pretty awesome, almost a BBM clone, but with a not so great UI and color scheme. My wife has an iPhone 4s and the app sucks on it. if she's not on wifi, the connection is slow, confirms take forever and the little spinning wheel is always on, constantly trying to update...I thought this was just her cell data connection, but when I tried imessage to imessage from my sons iPhone, it was instantaneous. I can't really speak for the Android experience (though my brother is on android and seems to work well for him), but on my BB it is cool, on iOS, its not that great and because we are an inter-platform couple ( :P ) it doesn't really work for us. if they fix, what I think are bugs on the iOS platform, I think this would be a really good alternative to just texting.

I think these types of apps would be ok if you wanted to say use them to stay in touch with a small group of family embers or something where you can everybody on the same app. But having to get an entire contact its on one app and maybe wanting to test someone for the first time it would be hard to get everybody together on the same page

It seems that almost every new app being introduced nowadays has to run in the background. The last thing I want is my phone slowing down or switching apps using the BB button and seeing 7 to 12 apps running besides the native 5, this is the reason I don't run the iMentalist news app , OSBB news app, as well as other small sized apps that run in the background when I can just go to the site when I want and see the newest updates. If the app makers gave the option to always close automatically and not start running when my phone reboots I might consider it. I have one app now that everytime my phone reboots I have to shut it down, I am looking for a replacement for that one as we speak.

What do people mean when they say the app has to remain open to receive messages? I go out of that app just like I do bbm and still have been receiving all my messages.