HoneyDew Is Your Synchronized Todo and Tasks List That Makes Paper Lists Obsolete!

By Click on 26 Aug 2009 01:42 pm EDT

Have you ever made a grocery list only to forget it at home? I know I have plenty of times. Enter HoneyDew: HoneyDew is a synchronized todo and task list that will get rid of wasting paper. I think it's pretty common for must of us when its time to go grocery shoping or need to remember to do things around the house we write them down on a piece of paper so we don't forget. Well something always happens and the paper is thrown away or lost and we have to start a new one. The BlackBerrys have something that can fix that already in the Task or Memo app. That really only solves one side of the issue, what if after making a big grocery list I wanna share it with my Wife? I then have to give her my BlackBerry and let her manually copy into her BlackBerry, yuck, what a pain!

Well lucky for us the great people over at VersatileMonkey (the creators of the popular PodTrapper)has solved this issue. Once you have HoneyDew installed on your berry, open HoneyDew up and start adding things to a grocery list or a todo list. 


Once you have you have typed in your item all then have to do is put it in a category. Now the really nice thing is HoneyDew will remember items and categorys that you have used in the past, so re adding things is a breeze. Once you have your list made you can easly escape back to the list screen to see what lists you have. 


When you arrive at whatever location you need to get your items from, simply go to your list and hit delete to remove the item once you have added that item in your cart, it's also that easy to delete a category once you have finished up at that location.


The next problem is sharing your list with your spouse or significant other, not an issue with HoneyDew. All you have to do is have HoneyDew on both devices go to settings on both handhelds enter each others pins and syncing has been completed! 


Once you have both devices synced you can start adding to a list you have already or start a new one. Now that you have both devices synced any changes to a list will alert your device.


When you Open HoneyDew after getting the icon alert you will be greeted with a update summary. In which case you can either opt to see what updates there are or decline them. Not only will HoneyDew show you what has been added it will also show you what has been removed. This option I really like becuase my Wife and I can split up in the grocery store to make the trip even faster as when you remove something it updates the list keeping it current.


Overall I think this is a great app because it's clean and easy to use. HoneyDew will save you time and money, not only because you can cut down on the paper that you have to buy but gas money as well. I have made countless double trips becuase I had forgoten something. The best thing is that HoneyDew is only $1.49! HoneyDew will work on all BlackBerrys with OS 4.2 and up! You can pick up your copy of HoneyDew at Shop.CrackBerry.com Or just follow the link posted below. For more information and a short video of HoneyDew in action Click Here TO See More.

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HoneyDew Is Your Synchronized Todo and Tasks List That Makes Paper Lists Obsolete!


sounds good, im currently using maratick and it fits my needs, however i cant share it. might make the switch to this app just for that reason.

:/ There is a 4.7+ version in the MobiHand store, but for some reason the CB store isn't showing it. For the Tour it shouldn't matter, but for the Storm you'll want to grab the 4.7+ version.
If you want to try it grab it here:

You can still purchase from the CB store, the reg codes will work with either version.


Is there a way to use something other than the Blackberry to create the lists in the first instance? It's often easier to type out grocery lists on a computer.

This looked very interesting because it would address some of the issues I am sure a lot of us have.

My problem is that my wife does not have a BB (only room for one adict in the house) and was hoping for a easier or more streamlined way to manage the lists via computer. If there was a way to login and manage the lists as well I would be all over this and I beleive the product would apply to a larger customer base.

Right now my thought (but for no particular reason) is to sync with iPhone users. I'm definitely open to feedback, though. A simple web interface wouldn't be difficult to sync with either. If you want to continue the discussion feel free to post over in my forums.

What I *really* want to do is sync with Google's todos, but there's no API for that yet.



Hey Marcus,

Yeah, having HoneyDew sync with Google Tasks would be awesome! I've been using Google Tasks on my BB in a browser, which has worked okay, but not great. What you've created here has some really nice features, such as auto-complete.

The thing I like the most about using Google Tasks is I can add tasks from my computer. This is key since I spend about 12 hours of my pathetic life each day using one.

Any chance something like that might be possible with HoneyDew in the future? Or would you just wait for the Tasks API to come out and use Google's existing functionality to accomplish it?


this is not spam, promise :)
Try Cozi (it's free). Family oriented online calendar(you can assign 1+ people to an event), sync to Outlook, mobile app, and shopping lists. I've been using it for a few years and it works great. Supposedly there is a BB app in development.


This looks very cool, but does it have the ability to set/sync reminders for list items? My wife wants to give me a task list and remind me of the tasks/items at a given time, is this possible?

Those of you who want to try something else might try SplashShopper from splashdata.com. This not only allows you to set up a master with various categories you assign, but allows you to input names of stores where you shop and even down to the store location! It also includes prices of items if you want to go that far. You can use this for all kinds of lists. I made one for a list of items to take on a cruise. You can also make one for movies you want to see, wines to try, etc. The sky is the limit. You can also send your list to your spouse. You can show deleted items or not - your choice. A slick little piece of software IMHO. I've been using it now for about two months. CrackBerry did a review not too long ago as well.

This doesn't help sync and auto update with your partner, and it's...$30! Quite a difference from 1.50

Oh! An idea that I think would be pretty neat for the app is to choose which lists you can sync etc along with more people to sync with...
The idea with this is to share lists of ideas with friends! Just throwing that out there! =)

With 7 obvious spelling mistakes, one of which is in the title, and countless gramatically errors how could I make an informed opinion on this. Product?

The only feature that sounds appealing is the live sync, if it uses the push technology.

Also does the writer of this article not know that you can email or pin a task to another blackberry?

Just my two sense, I sure someone will find fault in this post and chirp it!
But I implore you to do so :)

Why in the world would you want to email or pin a task update for every item you've picked up at the store? The purpose of this is to stay in sync without having to jump through hoops. I think it's a great idea and have already downloaded the trial and will download again for my wife later tonight...which is how I decide if its a good program or not.

cents...not sense. My two cents. And I assume you meant to write "I am sure..." not "I sure.." =) Just making sure I act like the annoying spelling/grammar police. lol

I love the concept. Like someone else above, my wife doesn't have a BB, so I might keep an eye on that discussion. Very simple yet effective!

i've been using rememberthemilk for the last year or so and i love it. tho honeydew looks good for actual grocery lists, i like using rtm because with mobile it syncs to my phone, but it's also linked to my google calendar/tasks, and i have access to everything on my desktop or via the web.

the mobile app comes with premium membership, but i've found it to be worth it.

it's another alternative.

my husband doesn't have a bb either. so we use google docs to upload lists. i do like that honeydew automatically keeps track of additions and deletions.

I'm with Bzar1247 ... I don't get, why this app is even useful, when my BBerry (Curve 8330 and Pearl) has MemoPad and Task List that allow you to email/MMS/text/Pin your lists or data to wherever you want. What am I missng?

"what am I missing?" Everything. Go to their site and watch the video, it makes a lot more sense. As I said before, you wouldn't want to pin someone after every single item added or removed. There are a lot of things this does that aren't advertised here like remembering your grocery lists so you can "check" off items you want to put on the list. Saves on typing. The moment you close out the app, it updates their blackberry list. It sends the message and the app on the other phone hijacks it and updates your phone.

Just want to throw in a hearty how-do-ya-do and word for "MyCart" again. It's completely free and really I don't think this does anything more than MyCart. Maybe I'm wrong though.

Can you make a sub item to a sub item?
Meaning can you have an action to the primary/secondary item?

Hope that makes sense.

I know it says for 4.2 and up and 4.7 but I have and its giving me issues. Led wont stop flashing green. It wont let my BBM send messages right away. It works great on my GF curve buy Im gonna have to wait I guess.

I second the motion on Upvise. It's free in the Appstore and syncs with your account on their website, so it's accessible from anywhere by anyone with whom you want to share your account.

ditto. People need to try things before they talk trash. Most of these comments are speculation or just reaffirmation that they made the right choice with their chosen software. It they weren't so close minded they would see how useful this thing is. If of course, they actually help out around the house! :-)

So I got an email saying I should update the version I just bought yesterday(1.0.7) to version 1.0.10. so I try to do it and send it to my phone and when I try to download it under version it says 1.0.7 ... is anyone else having this problem? Also.. If I can get one that actually says 1.0.10 do I need to delete the old one first and do the whole process that I did yesterday over again?

I purchased this app this morning. I followed the instructions and purchased a quantity of "2" one for my BB and one for my wife's BB. I loaded it on my BB and entered the registration code and is working great. I went to set it up on my wife's BB but it does not recognize the registration code. I attempted to get a new code by followng the instructions but could not get the support system to accept my initial registration code or my BB PIN or my purchase number.
I sent an e-mail with all my info to the support address and have not heard anything back yet.
I like the idea of the app but if it isn't going to work between two BB's it isn't worth adding another app to my BB.
I purchased Splash Shopper two days ago but it is just way to involved.
This seemed perfect for us but if I can't get the other BB set up I will probably remove it all together and go back to Splash Shopper.

Well for the time being, run it in the trial version which gives you 30 days to test it. Than try the registration thing at your convenience. It really does work great!

When stories like this hit on crackberry and the like I get inundated with a lot of emails all at once. Compounding the issue is that HoneyDew's only been out for about 8 days now, so I'm still working out all the registration quirks.

Another user helped me earlier today by pointing out that when ordering via Crackberry the number I see from my end is the "Software" number that shows up in parenthesis in the subject from the order from crackberry, not the Order number. If you enter that when looking it up it should find it. (I'm working on updating the site to reflect that)

At any rate, if you haven't heard back from me yet via email you definitely will shortly.

Sorry for the delay, thanks for hanging in there.


I wanted to leave a foloow up to my previous post. I heard back from support and the problem was quickly resolved. I am glad to report the app is working great. Thanks for your help Marcus!

It was causing issues with my BBM and Led but after using it today it seems to be fine now. Its actually pretty cool.

I'm a habitual list maker, and have tried a couple list apps that were glitchy. So far so good on HDew! I like that this little non-intrusive, non-memory hogging app will let me keep my lists in an easy to find/read format. Probably don't need or won't use sync feature (unless I could sync with PC). Thanks to developers!

I put it on my wife's BB and mine and it works very easily and does exactly what it says. If you don't like the description of what it does, don't install it... simple. I think it's a good app, and at $1.49 it's worth it.