Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich Launchers running on BlackBerry PlayBook

By Jared DiPane on 24 Oct 2011 12:28 pm EDT

Last week we learned how to convert Android APK's into files that can be used on the BlackBerry PlayBook, and folks have been hard at work converting and testing while keeping us updated in the forums. In the above video you can see that they have converted the Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher as well as the Honeycomb Launcher to work on the BlackBerry PlayBook, giving an ever closer to Android feeling while running all these great Android apps on the PlayBook. Check out the video above and be sure to hop in the forums to check out how to do it for yourself.

More discussion in the forums 

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Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich Launchers running on BlackBerry PlayBook


This is good and I have used it, but doesn't give much advantage until we get the market working... Either the market or just a way of installing .apks from other sources.

Is it possible to put apps on the home screen or are they only on the app bar at the bottom in the new update?

I think if its not RIM should make that available or allow widgets on the home screen.

Same, although I want to just jump right to 64GB. I downloaded a game now that so many great ones are out, and realized that at 500MB I can fill up my 16GB very quickly. To be fair, I've always wanted that (the 16GB was the free one as a dev so I wasn't complaining) but especially now that the app count is starting to ramp up fast.

All I can say is WOW!!! Can't wait to get this on my PlayBook. This platform rocks! I think we can expect a quad-core PlayBook in 2012 with 2 GB RAM... and hopefully with a microSD flash slot!

If I wanted Android, I would have purchased Android. Nevertheless, this is an interesting use on the PB.

Why do I keep seeing comments like this? I agree, I have the same mindset (I purchased a playbook, not a android tablet), but having some apps that are already made for Android is nothing but beneficial. You can't tell me you're going to be upset with a native dropbox and gmail app.

The issue has nothing to do with the apps being "android." The issue has to do with alot of these apps are not going to work or work well in the first place. you mention dropbox and gmail. I'm pretty sure that native gmail may be one of the things that RIM won't let go through. I don't know why because people want these functions on the playbook but for some reason I guess they are worried that we are going to jump ship.

Just dunno.

To everyone wondering why this is awesome, It isn't. To you at least.

To me, being able to run an OS on the wrong hardware is hilarious. I was so happy when Android was ported to iPhone and showed everyone how awesome it was.

Anyways. Where do we obtain such launcher?

QNX is so impressive, they can do so much with it, RIM needs to step aside and let creative people do some magic.

This is the FIRST web video I've encountered, that will not play on my PlayBook. Anyone else run into this issue? I get an exclamation point in a circle. I had to watch it on my Mac.

I was used to this on my iPad, which blows at web browsing, but not my PlayBook.


Never mind, it was a bug with the Beta OS. I just had to quit the browser and restart it again... Bleh.

Wow this def blows any tablet out of the water, the PlayBook is truly amazing! I can't wait till OS 2.0 comes out. Hopefully they add Native Email, Native BBM, UBS hosting, auto spell, auto punctuation, file manager, Bluetooth A2DP support, etc...