Honey, I shrunk the picture - AutoResize for BlackBerry

By Ryan Blundell on 19 Jan 2011 01:48 pm EST


ToySoft Development recently released an application to aid the shutter bugs of the BlackBerry world. One of the biggest problems with taking pictures on the BlackBerry is the size of the image. As weird as it sounds, even as I type it, but size does matter. Snickering aside, the only power we have over the images on our BlackBerrys is setting their size before they are captured. On my Torch, I can choose between 2592 x 1944 and 640 x 480. The images are stuck at the same size until you upload them to your computer. Hang on, I’m going to throw out a cheesy “or are they” out there…

ToySoft’s AutoResize application allows you to create a resized image of existing images, as well as images you are in the process of taking. It then saves the resized image on your SD card, without removing or replacing the original image. Now you have a smaller sized image handy that can be emailed without having to worry about data usage. Depending how incriminating the image is, the recipient may be thankful for the smaller image popping up on their screen.


  • Automatically resize picture when you take a picture with the Camera
  • Set different resize from 1024x768 to 320x240
  • Save in JPG with different compression setting or PNG format
  • Notify you when the picture is saved
  • Can enable and disable resizing pictures taken with the Camera app
  • Integrates with the Media and Files applications for manual resize. You can select a predefine size or enter a custom size to resize
  • Resized pictures are saved into a different folder on the SDCard. Original picture is never deleted
  • Compatible with BlackBerry OS5 and OS6

You can pick up AutoResize for $0.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

More information/download AutoResize for BlackBerry

Reader comments

Honey, I shrunk the picture - AutoResize for BlackBerry


Seems like a nice little app. However, I just cannot figure out why I would want to store a second (albeit smaller) image on my phone for sending when I can compress images on the fly when I attach them to an email that I am composing???

because sending 1.5meg takes long time and eats your data plan. when you send pics and files via email they are NOT compressed. they are uuencode into ascii text. so if you have a 500K JPG pic and you send it via email it will almost double in size because the pic is converted into uuencoding before it is sent. also jpg files are already compressed.

Why isn't there a single app for rotating images? Why is that SUCH a challenging operation that neither RIM nor a third party developer can tackle it? It's utterly maddening.