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Spice up your BlackBerry with Homescreen Themes Shelf Wallpapers

By James Richardson on 19 Sep 2013 02:41 am EDT

We all know how easy it is to pretty much use any image as our wallpaper on BlackBerry 10. However, I discovered a sweet app called Homescreen Theme Shelf Wallpapers that adds some real kick to your BlackBerry icons. 

As you'll see from the above video the app has a big selection of wallpapers and once you find the one you like the look of it's just a case of pressing the 'Set as Wallpaper' tab and you're done. All of the wallpapers on offer either give the appearance that your app icons are either on a shelf or are incased in some kind of graphic - and they are all really great. 

The app doesn't have to be open once you have chosen your wallpaper, however, if you want to use the slideshow option - which will change your wallpaper at set intervals - you'll need the app to be open in an Active Frame. 

Although using the app makes your BlackBerry icon pages look amazing, you may want to change your lock screen wallpaper to something else as the apps ones look odd as they are designed to have icons on them. If you missed our post on how to do this you can catch it here.

For a couple of bucks this app really does make your BlackBerry look and feel unique. I for one will be keeping it on my device for sure. 

Full features include: 

  • Over 50 HD wallpapers included in the app, no download required! - use them to create a beautiful slideshow! 
  • The wallpapers can be previewed in a grid 
  • Click one picture from the grid to preview it in fullscreen (to close click the image again) 
  • You can also set only one wallpaper, not slideshow 
  • Sequential or Random playback 
  • Slideshow intervals from 1 minute to 1 day 
  • Low system resources usage 
  • No monthly payments
  • Free updates for life 
  • Free unlimited support by email, 24/7

More information/Download Homescreen Themes Shelf Wallpapers for BlackBerry 10


Khalid Osman

It's dumb

Posted via CB10


Pretty nice, but I prefer having a nice simple photo as a background. Sometimes I'll go for a simple design similar to the default BlackBerry wallpaper or an appealing image. Check out the CrackBerry forums for some great wallpapers (search for wallpaper).

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on


Crappy app, Z themes's better

Posted via CB10

damien kupuku

Original BlackBerry stock theme look great,simple and clean

Posted via CB10



SILENCE!!! For I have spoken...

Sayumi Whisp

Nice but I like my personal beautiful Wallpapers without to many icons in front of it...
And the web is full with cool graphics... and an app only for slideshows? Maybe good for another.. I don't need it. :)

Posted via CB10


The parental control workaround to have two wallpaper doesn't work on 10.2 :(

Posted via CB10


Yes it does. I've been using it since the article was written. I'm on

Posted one-handed via BlackBerry Z10


Hey James please, not that! :(
If you are looking for apps very well made (even native cascades) and usefull with active dev on CB forums, look at RSS HUB or CascaRun for examples!

Bikram Kochar

Its dumb...I hav already downloaded these wallpapers from the internet

Posted via CB10


Ya I made the mistake of downloading this steaming pail of shizer already early on in my BB10 experience.

I don't recommend the app at all, most of the images look the same with little to no differences.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!


Hi, I am the developer of this app. I made this app to show my support for BB10 in the early days. If you don't like the app, nobody is forcing you to get it. The description and screenshots are not deceptive and clearly show what you can expect from this app. There is no need to be so "evil" when you express your opinions... A lot of people truly enjoy using this app.
Thank you James for the review!



And thank you for your support for BB10.


Thanks for your efforts. Nice app, just purchased it.

Posted via CB10


Hi, Raluca! I like the app a lot. Keep up the good work! A big hug from Romania.


Hi, It's great to see Romanian people enjoying my work. Thanks a lot!


I like it... :-)

Posted via CB10


The dev made it because BlackBerry put those ugly borders around the icons.

Posted via CB10 on Z10


The only problem I have is there is not over 50 like it says! Where are they all. I would be happy if there was over 50 but not.

Posted via CB10


Yes, initially there were over 50 but I removed a few of them in my last update. There are slightly less now but I will make sure to add a lot more in my next update.


I'm surprised at some of the comments here. The reviews of it in app world are all really positive. Although I still miss thèmes, I'm all for apps like this one that help us customize our devices. Thanks to James for the review, and thanks to the developer for releasing a crative app for BB10!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!


Thank you all for the kind words!


I like this App a lot very simple yet creative please let us know when you predict your next update will be available

Posted via CB10


Got it 5 months ago and like the water beads on the aqua toned background the best.

Posted via CB10