Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express app for BlackBerry now available

By Adam Zeis on 2 Mar 2011 09:16 am EST

Holiday Inn BlackBerryHoliday Inn BlackBerry

If you're a road warrior and Holiday Inn or Holiday Inn Express is your hotel of choice, you'll be happy to know that apps for both have just been released for BlackBerry smartphones. The apps are your travel companion, giving you hotel details and locations worldwide. View and cancel reservations, find locations, view Priority Club Rewards and much more. The apps are both 100% free and great to have when on the road. Grab them from the links below.

More information/download of Holiday Inn app
More information/download of Holiday Inn Express app

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Reader comments

Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express app for BlackBerry now available


I think the term "app" is overused... this is a website launcher, and nothing more than that. I could simply type in the address once into QuickLaunch and have the same thing with a smaller footprint even.

For what it is... it's lacking when you get into your account details, but glad to see they are attempting support for BB.

Launcher - so 2010... The only good thing is that now the mobile site actually displays properly on the Torch, something it was not doing before this.

This is a great addition, but they should have just created a Priority Club app that handled all the hotels in the chain rather than an app for each chain.

Gotta say I'm pretty disappointed in you Adam, foisting some stupid web site launchers on us as "apps". I expect better from Crackberry.