Hockey Scores for BlackBerry Updated To Version 1.5

By Bla1ze on 16 Dec 2009 02:24 pm EST
Hockey Scores Updated To Version 1.5

A little while back we posted about Hockey Scores, a free application that offered hockey score upates right on your BlackBerry smartphone. Shortly after, I got a few emails from some folks asking where the app had gone as it no longer worked and was no longer available in BlackBerry App World. I reached out to Ebscer, to inquire what had happened to the awesome app and was advised it was no longer working and an update was well under way.

After a very short time, glad to say Ebscer has got the newly updated version (1.5) up and running  and in BlackBerry App World. Quite a few changes have been made such as the following:

  • Improved Battery Life
  • Face Off Percentage
  • Hits
  • Corsi Number
  • List of Goal Scorers
  • French Language Support
  • Font and Colour options 

Awesome work by Ebscer, great updates. As before, Hockey Scores is supported on all devices OS 4.6 and higher but a special note for Pearl flip owners can be found in the CrackBerry forums as well as further details about the update.

Reader comments

Hockey Scores for BlackBerry Updated To Version 1.5


im so happy this got updated. i was about to uninstall & forget about the previous vers, which stopped working :)

I uninstalled the previous version yesterday since it stopped working. It's a great, simple way of checking scores and I'm glad it's back!

Just installed and it gives me a NO CONNECTION message on the screen. Options Menu doesn't help at all (Language, Font, Color)

I live in Tampa Bay and I wish Gary Bettman would expand into southern sunny states instead of canada. If we got a team her in Tampa, I would likely attend a game every 10 years or so, and definitely download this app.... wait... what... oh I guess we have had a team here for a few years, and according to wikipedia it even won the superbowl one year.
-Bobby Ray from Tampa