HMV bringing their digital music download app to BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 16 Feb 2014 06:25 pm EST

A couple of weeks ago HMV hit up our Twitter account teasing the fact they had something in the works for BlackBerry 10 customers. Since then, we've been wondering what they had planned but figured it was something most certainly music based. Taking to their Twitter account once again, HMV has confirmed our suspicions and have now shown off their digital music download app for BlackBerry 10.

Through the app, you will be able to purchase millions of high quality, DRM-free tracks directly from your device and also have access to them through HMV's web storefront as well as on your computer through the download manager app for PC and Mac. On top of all that, the HMV music app also includes a sound search service similar to that of Shazam or SoundHound. Play a piece of music, it will identify it and then offer up a preview and the option to purchase said music.

To be clear though the app is actually powered by 7Digital, the same service that powers music downloads from BlackBerry World, but for those who don't like the fact that downloads from BlackBerry World can't be viewed on the 7Digital storefront, this might be a better solution for purchasing music on the go. In any case, the app hasn't gone live as of yet but we'll be sure to let you all know when it does or you can stay tuned to the HMV BBM Channels they have going as they'll be sure to announce the availability there as well.



Good to see that

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not good much more than good! BB World lacks this basic demand and HMV can become the iTunes for BB10OS if they are smart. There's a much gap to be filled and I hope HMV plays the right cards!


Great addition, sometimes BlackBerry World doesn't have a specific song I'm looking for.

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I wonder it the songs are cheaper in HMV too. Lol

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I would like to see that as well. So far, it is still cheaper to buy from iTunes from what I have seen.

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I am happy to see this! They also have been offering a channel in BBM so this will definitely tie in well.

Would love to get some stay updates on some of the channels now that IOS and android are accessing it!

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Stat updates.. Damn auto correct. Yes it's a Z30, but it is not reading my mind yet.

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This is good news for BlackBerry, good well known brands hitting up with them.

Keep spreading the BlackBerry love

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I prefer to support BlackBerry and give them my $$ than iTunes or HMV. That's just me though.


In the end, both BlackBerry and HMV use 7Digital, so you're paying 7Digital.


Wouldn't BlackBerrry get a portion of the sale?


Like they do with an app purchase. Obviously the developer takes a cut as well.


Exactly, I got to BlackBerry World for music!

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They still get a small cut


i support BlackBerry al the way, i live in honduras so for the dumb legal restrictions i cannot download movies nor music from app world.


I'm with you. No idea what % BlackBerry gets from the downloads, but I'd rather it be going to them.

Good on HMV, though. I'll definitely keep their app on my phone, and no doubt grab some titles from them that BB World doesn't have.

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awesome! thanks!

i'd much rather buy music from 7digital than bb world.

it's not that i don't want to support bb, it's because i want my music accessible on my Windows 8.1 PC and tablets


You could just copy the files over...just saying...

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Nice. I will give it go when available.


Native, right?

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Anything to bring revenue to BlackBerry so they keep making awesome phones, well I'm down with that.

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Awesome. I love it!

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Just wondering, is this app exclusive to BlackBerry or is it available on other platforms?

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I currently buy albums through BlackBerry World or directly through 7digital. I like HMV though so looking forward to trying this.

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Is this service only for UK?

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Surprised they're still barely in business

Paul Callahan

This is great.. native app. Otherwise, there is always MOG. : )

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Great job hmv

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Nice. Thanks HMV!

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I like what you offer and it is always great fun, thanks. |


Anything has BlackBerry names on it I buy.
BlackBerry forever.

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Looks like a port xD

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Looking forward to getting the app. :)


The BIG QUESTION is, will this app also be available for those who don't live in the US or UK? I have been waiting to have the ability to download music from BlackBerry World but a year after the BlackBerry 10 release, i still can't because music and movies aren't available for us in the Philippines. How annoying.

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Prem WatsApp

Cannot find in Australia.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


Awesome stuff :)

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I was looking an alternative for shazam ill give it a try though I'm not sure from my experience sound hound never seems to work! Have any of you guys experienced a similar situation

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More FLAC please!!!!

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This is awesome news. HMV has been my go to for digital music for a while now. Great selection and DRM free. I use it for all the household music players.
Having a BlackBerry App will be much nicer to get music on my Z30.

I am in Canada and the choices for legal music purchasing are pretty slim. I refuse to use iTunes even though we have many idevices.

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This is nice. BlackBerry world sometimes has weird stuff so this should be a nice filtering system to get what I want without having to spend lots of time digging for "gold"

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I don't have options in BlackBerry World to download music and videos, only options for existing downloads or purchases. Is this limited to North America, or could it be turned off by company policy even in the personal area?
Any suggestions? I have the music store on my private PlayBook even though it's also included in the company's network if devices.

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