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Do you shop at H&M? Check out their native BlackBerry 10 application

By James Richardson on 27 May 2013 04:51 pm EDT

If you like to buy your clothes at H&M then you will love the new native BlackBerry 10 application which will allow you to go from browsing items to actually ordering them. Once you open the app for the first time you will be asked to choose your country - which is a nice touch. There's nothing worse than wanting something that isn't available in your region.

The home screen is divided into different sections, such as Men, Women, Children, Sale items etc. Just touch the one you want to browse and you are given the whole shop right in the palm of your hand. Once you find an item you want to purchase, you confirm the size and add it to your basket - simple.

You will need to set up an online account with H&M in order to complete the purchase, but I can't imagine that taking more than a couple of minutes.

Features of the H&M app include:

  • Browse the latest fashion.
  • Receive exclusive promotions and offers.
  • Experience the latest trends, news and videos.
  • Get inspired by thousands of product and fashion images.
  • Share your favorite items with your friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • Use GPS to find your nearest store, wherever you are in the world.

The H&M application is free to download so if it's one of the places you shop go and grab it from the link below - what have you got to lose?

Download the H&M app for BlackBerry 10



I love me some H&M!

Posted via CB10


The app world needs to not let stuff like this be published as a "great app when Ln it only works in some c

Posted via CB10


Had this before and re downloaded it thinking it got better after reading this. I can't seem to access anything with ease on this app. I'm in Canada and tried switching to different regions, and still had the same issues. How do I even view pictures of products? Based on the BlackBerry World reviews, I don't think I'm alone in this...

Posted via CB10


Nope. The app is poorly designed and developed. It is far from a good BlackBerry app.


What's worse is that it gets featured app status in BlackBerry World. This isn't the first time crappy apps get this status, imo it makes BlackBerry look bad.

Posted via CB10 on my kickass media-consuming Z10


In some countries and not in others. When I say work, I mean provides some actual use for the end user. I don't care where your store is if I can't see a sample of what you are trying to get me to buy in the first place.

Posted via CB10


I made it a point to buy from my app so I can show my appreciation for the native app.

Posted via CB10


Patagonia would be FAB.


Works great on my z10 and it's a native app....nice

Posted via CB10


I don't consider that a native app.. it's the site imported into a webview.. visiting the mobile site works so much better. Deleted, waste of time /:

Posted via CB10


Finally! The previous version was rubbish.

Posted via CB10


How can you post this article Crackberry when so many users are having such troubles with this non functioning application?

Posted via CB10


They are only interested in reviewing games and this sort of shopping stuff.

They're going to get to the productivity tools soon. I hope. Anyone?

Posted via CB10


My gf would like this

Posted via CB10


Aren't you a girl yourself? :p asmooh = asma? Or am I mistaken...

Posted via CB10


Great, just what my wife DOESN'T need to see.

Posted from the CB App on my White Zed 10


Useless app, poor review

Posted via CB10


I love H&M!

Posted via CB10


Glad to see H&M supporting BB 10. Not everyone here likes the idea, but on the bright side, a major retailer *is* supporting it some way regardless. Never shopped at H&M, but now they get my business. Thanks, CB! :-)


I see you still exist. You and "coach" showing up in the same time span... hmmm. jk. Wb


Does not work in Canada. Am I the only one?


No. You're not. This app is straight garbage. It does absolutely nothing when I open it. Don't know how BlackBerry keeps letting things like this fall through the cracks. I know third parties build most apps, but this is a real failure... at least in British Columbia.


It is rubbish just about everywhere. I agree with your comment


Can you shop online in Canada? Because the website doesn't have on line shopping from Canada.

Posted via CB10


Junk app what a bogus review. Deleted.

Posted via CB10


Downloaded. Went to set region. Set Canada English. It goes back to choose region screen then it turned into Chinese characters. If this is a native app it is garbage.

Posted via CB10

Just Me

You are not the only one.

James you might want to put some caveates in your article. The Canadian experience with the app is not nearly as good as the UK one. As are getting flamed in appworld.


App works in Canada. At least when I placed my order.

Posted via CB10


My bad. I was thinking of the Zara app. Never used this one. :D

Posted via CB10


Native app?? Shame you CrackBerry. This is just the mobile website in a html wrapper. We don't need 'apps' like this, we already can place links to websites in the menu.

Posted via CB10


I agree the website works better I can't even get past set my region what a poorly executed app

From the Zed of Rockivy


I hope the app is better than the quality of their clothes. Here in NYC we call H&M "Hit or Miss". Sometimes you get lucky, oft times you miss.


The App sucks big time. It takes you to their mobile website. Like a URL forwarder.

Posted via CB10


Can not access anything.

Posted via CB10


So good enough for h&m but not netflix. Hmmmmm

Posted with BlackBerry Z10


And all this time I thought Swedes were prejudiced against Blackberry devices. Good to know that it's not entirely true -- not to mention that the Crackberry app was developed by a Swede too. Bra jobbat!


They are smart. They know anyone who would buy a z10 will pretty much buy anything out there. Zing

Posted via CB10


This is not a native app. It's a Web works app, or whatever they call packaged apps programmed in html and js.

Posted via CB10



"There's nothing worse than wanting something that isn't available in your region"

Posted via CB10


LMAO ... so H&M a retail chain considers Z10 worthy enough to create an application to ... "entice" users on BB10 to purchase products - its NOT a gauranteed sale for each user that downloads the application ... but they CREATED a BB10 app. Yet even for the USA BB10 users ... Netflix cannot?! LMAO ... somebody pinch me I think I have my common sense on wrong.


Normally Mr Richardson does his due diligence when reporting on an app. This was not one of those times.

Posted via CB10


I love this app, keeps me up to date... keep on rockin BlackBerry.... hope u can develop financial apps like chase, Bank of America, capital one, and etc. all we men want is a wife, money, and toys. Lol

Posted via CB10


@supa_fly no offense, to hell with Netflix. I don't know about u... i got my _z10 for practical use... not to watch movies... but goodluck with Netflix.. Their service is not that great anyways... If I were you hit up www.justin.tv go to setting turn on above flash player on... enjoy the latest movies and it's free... follow me @fritz_bautista twitter.

Posted via CB10


No I'm good I'll stick with netflix

Posted via CB10


I saw you going into the lingerie James! :p


99.99% of Apps are a waste. Retailer apps are on the top of the rubbish heap.

Posted via CB10


App is rubbish, texts not clearly readable. Basically just a website redirect app, better to access it directly from the browser.

Posted via CB10


I would shop at H &M simply for having a native BB10 app. Shame all their clothes are for tiny, skinny people

Posted via CB10


This App does not work in Germany as well. You have no access to the virtual shop. At the moment this app is useless.. I'm still waiting for an update...

Posted via CB10


Can not understand why CB is recommending this trash, especially as you can see it from the comments in the BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10


My sentiments exactly.