HiWiFi by i-Mentalist - A powerful wireless network manager for your BlackBerry!

By Michelle Haag on 30 Apr 2011 05:53 pm EDT
HiWiFi by i-Mentalist

You know Hedone Design for their awesome themes, and now you get to see a different side of their creativity. Their newest venture is app development under the name i-Mentalist, and their first offering is HiWiFi which was designed to save you money and make connecting to wifi hotspots easy and automatic. HiWiFi is a powerful wireless network manager. It provides automatic WLAN connection and informs you about available WLANs. With HiWiFi you can avoid using your data plan to help save money while roaming. You can save your favorite hotspots for automatic connection and be alerted by LED indicator when you are connected to a hotspot.

HiWiFi has two operating modes – Connect mode, which is default, and Watch mode which can be chosen in the Options menu. While in Connect mode, you will be automatically connected to any available hotspots, with preference given to the one with the strongest signal if there are multiple available.  Watch mode simply scans the area for hotspots, but it won't automatically connect to open ones. Depending on the type of hotspots found, they will be marked with a green circle (open and available hotspot), yellow circle (blocked hotspot that requires log in), or red circle (protected and unavailable hotspot). Untested hotspots are ones that have been found but HiWiFi has not yet determined the type, and are marked with a grey circle.

If you travel frequently, use roaming, or even just around town, this can be a very valuable tool for your BlackBerry. Wouldn't it be nice to worry less about how much data you have left for the month, and spend less time searching for wifi when you're out? Let HiWiFi do the work for you. HiWiFi is available for $8.99 and is compatible with BlackBerry 8220/30, 8330, 8350i, 8520/30, 89xx, 9000, 9300/30, 9520/50, 9650/70, 97xx, and 9800.

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Reader comments

HiWiFi by i-Mentalist - A powerful wireless network manager for your BlackBerry!


i'm looking to buy a wireless router but i'm a newebie in networking field, i think this is not the best place to look for help but a newebie doesn't do usually the perfect thing

I'm sorry if i come off as cheap but thats kinda expensive for me... are there any free alternatives which is this good or even better?

Might be worth it if it let me add proxy servers for wireless networks. Am I missing something? I've never been able to figure out how to use a network that requires a proxy login without a BES. Is there an app for that? (Ironic question since Apple apps on my iPod touch won't connect through a secure proxy but Safari will lol)

90% of the sales for this thing will come from design geeks like me who find that UI design gorgeous and really don't even care what the app does.

Just saying.

Hmm, i would get it right now if it was a couple/few $$'s versus $8.99. I guess I'm just gonna see how it does until I can later next week.

I'm sure it's a sick app, Hedone Design makes sick BB Theme's, for real!

Oh well. Maybe there will be a 50% off sale or a Contest/Giveaway at some point between now and then ;)

I don't get it, if my phone already is WiFi capable, then can't I already open network connections, and find a wireless network? How is this program different?

Bought it! That's a good app, but there's something I really don't like:
1. If I'm at home with my WiFi, I can't select it... This app only allows connecting to hotspots!
2. If I've mi WiFi on and I reboot, I find mi WiFi off...

For deserving its price, it really would have to add SmartWiFi features, with a complete WiFi control!!

If I might come back, I wouldn't buy it since it has some extra features as stated above!

I fully agree. It should be able to connect to each free wifi, not only to hotspots. Otherwise it is wortless.