Hive for BlackBerry 10 to help businesses save on taxi expenses

By Simon Sage on 3 Dec 2012 04:31 pm EST

Another finalist in the BlackBerry JamHack competition was Hive. Hive is basically a corporate ridesharing application, enabling businesses to save money on taxi costs. Employees set up social network-style profiles and start booking rides through the app. Hive then determines if other employees have already booked travel along the same route, and if so, schedules multiple pick-ups and drop-offs along the way. To ease any trepidation about riding with strangers, users have full profiles which describe their positions, displays reviews from previous ride partners, and even showcases badges earned through travel achievements.

As for their revenue model, Hive figures out just how much money it saves companies by carpooling, and charges them 5% of that amount. Businesses could also opt in to a subscription which would provides detailed metrics and activate a handful of other features. Not only would Hive save companies money, reduce car emissions, and introduce workers to other employees they might not otherwise meet, it would also cut down on expense paperwork for everybody involved.

Though the devs are focused on Australia for the time being and think they could make a healthy living addressing Sydney and Melbourne alone due to their extremely expensive local travel costs, it's easy to imagine Hive spreading to other regions or even the consumer market. On the other hand, established services like Uber are facing regulatory hurdles which may also stunt expansion for Hive beyond enterprise.

I was really impressed by Hive's concept, and the app itself is extremely well polished. Business travellers, how much time do you spend in cabs? Do you think your company could save money with a system like this? Any Australians (or investors) can find more information about Hive over here

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Hive for BlackBerry 10 to help businesses save on taxi expenses


good app, but i think that's a bad business model. unless there are actually server costs involved for the developers, uses are gonna be annoyed at the fact that these apps are constantly costing them (yet saving them) money.

i think it'd be better to charge a few bucks an app instead. perhaps give users a free month to try first to get them hooked?

Love the app quality! BB 10. High def display and the creativity option given to devs ushers in a beautiful new era in BlackBerry apps.

If that app is a finalist it really worries me, as it really doesn't seem either a massively useful idea or really that good quality, looks very bare and boring

Im not sure if it was difficult to hit the right place on the touch screen from the angle the phone was of if it was just me, but there was a little hesitation for the phone to response. Maybe the quality of the app is not 100% :/