Hit Me On My BlackBurry Video Contest Winner!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jul 2008 02:39 am EDT

And the winner of the The Hit Me On My BlackBurry Song Needs a Video Montage Contest is... drum roll please... NamelessLiar! He's won himself $200 in BlackBerry Accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com thanks to the hilarious and awesome video he created. Congrats!! If you haven't taken 3 minutes to watch it yet, do so now

Winners in the CrackBerry.com has 200,000 Members Contest tba later today!

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Hit Me On My BlackBurry Video Contest Winner!


how do i unlock my bb 8830 purchased out right from telecom new zealand.
want o use other sim overseas for data can anyone help?

I am laughing so hard right now it hurts. What a great video, especially the part where Steve Jobs is holding a Blackberry while rapping to the song. Wow. This video should be seen on television. Great job NamelessLiar!!!!!!

hahaha...yeah i knew from the beginning that steve jobs and the guy from 'hit me on my iphone' would be making appearances in the video lol =) Hey if you send the link around to enough friends then it could be featured on Viral Videos. I think that's on MTV, VH1, or Spike...not sure. I'm trying to get ebaumsworld to pick it up right now. That way we'll spread our crackberry love to more people...

This video doesn't represent your largest user group, business people. There is nothing wrong with rap (other than the need for remedial English, medication, and a lot of therapy), but that type of music is not for most BlackBerry/CrackBerry users.

Hey, I'm not asking for Lawrence Welk, but maybe a little country music / NASCAR thing might be fun.