Hippopost Update: Send Up To 10 Free Postcards Per Day and Now With 40% More Photo

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Oct 2009 07:50 pm EDT

Hippopost Update

* Update: My bad. I received a mailer from Hippopost with the info and immediately assumed it was for the BlackBerry App. FOR NOW the 10 free postcards/day limit is for the online service only (BB app is at 2/day), but the BlackBerry limit will be going up soon too. Also, if you read the comments to this post, you'll see that the Storm version is high on the list of priorities and cards start shipping to the US soon - maybe prior than the October 15th target initially stated. *

We dropped word of Hippopost for BlackBerry on the blogs back on September 23rd, and the app was met with a lot of excitment from the CrackBerry community and generated a ton of downloads. Today, Hippopost released word of some great news for those who have been using (or plan to take advantage of) their free postcard service:

Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to share their feedback over the past few weeks! We've received some great suggestions about adding new features and making Hippopost even easier to use. We do listen to your feedback and are working as fast as we can to continue to evolve Hippopost.

This week we're pleased to announce that we're allowing www.hippopost.com users to send up to 10 FREE postcards per day , and we've ramped up production so your postcards will arrive MUCH sooner!

We're also very pleased to announce that we've dedicated almost 40% more area on the front of each postcard for YOUR photos!

If you missed our first post on Hippopost (that's a mouthful), be sure to check it out for a bunch more info. And if you don't have it yet you can download Hippopost for BlackBerry from mobile.hippopost.com.

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Hippopost Update: Send Up To 10 Free Postcards Per Day and Now With 40% More Photo


Call me anal, call me a proofreader; Postcards is spelled incorrectly in the article title. For your reference.

I actually prefer the bigger border from the old pic.. haha!
Either way, quite excited! Waiting for delivery of my first post cards sent out last week.

Nothing about supported devices on hippopost.com but I seem to recall this is NOT Storm compatible ... works fine on my wife's 8330 Curve though.

I have it for the Storm and am still waiting for my first postcards (almost two weeks later)

Are you in the U.S? As I recall they are not sending the U.S. cards until the 15th. Right now only Canada is operating.

If so they won't start mailing cards until Oct 15th so you've still got about a week before it's even mailed.

OK, I just registered online and I am getting 10 free per day, but the mobile app is only showing 2.

Has any one (Canada?) received a postcard yet? Still waiting here(California), if anyone has then how is the quality?

Hi guys

Donal from Hippopost here... First off, thanks to Kevin, and everyone on this and the other thread for sharing their comments and POV. Good or bad, it's very much appreciated. And while we can't answer everything, we're reading it all.

Wanted to help clarify limits (not sure our email was as clear as it could have been).

- now 10x per day when sending from Online app
- still 2x per day from BlackBerry

BlackBerry limit will also be increasing soon! When it does you'll automatically see this update in your daily free credits - you won't have to do anything. Apologies if this is somewhat confusing, it's the unfortunate part of bringing the business together as we coordinate with our advertisers (who we love). Goal is to completely align as quickly as we can.


- Larger images will be on all cards!
- US cards will likely start dropping sooner than 10/15
- Storm support is high on our list (sigh, it's a long list)
- Love feedback on what everyone thinks on the quality

Want to reach out direct, email me at dbyrne@hippopost.com

Co-founder & CEO | Hippopost Inc.

I downloaded this app and there is no icon for it on my app page. However, it is in my applications list. How do I get it onto the app page so that I may use it? Could someone please help me out here?

Hopefully Donal will answer this one...

I browsed the Hippopost web site trying to understand how the company generates revenue sufficient to offer this 'free' service. I didn't find anything explicit. I did see that that they reserve the option to use the recipient for "geo-targeted advertisements", which worries me a lot. Does anyone know how this company makes it's money?

We place sponsor advertisements on each card.

By Geo-targeted we mean - if you're sending a postcard to a recipient in Canada, you can select from advertisements that are relevant for his/her geo region.

You said that "all cards" will have the larger images, does this include the postcards already queued up for delivery in the US, or just all postcards generated from here on out?

Most, asked my guys to maximize existing US cards in the queue - minus those that have sponsors and where already created. But I think we got most of them regenerated with the new spec.

Hi Everyone

Very excited to announce that HippoMobile is now available for download in BlackBerry App World. If you like the App we'd appreciate the thumbs up!

Donal & Team @ Hippopost.

I keep getting a message that says "SOAP body of SOAP envelope missing" when I'm trying to log in...please help! App was working fine b4 today..

Alex G