Hippopost Lets You Snap Photos On Your BlackBerry And Send as Real Physical Postcards For Free!!

Hippopost for BlackBerry Smartphones - Send Postcards for Free!
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Sep 2009 06:28 pm EDT

This app has me pretty damn excited. I travel a lot and never in my life have taken the time to mail a postcard (I know my mom has always been disappointed in her son on the postcard front). But that's going to change now though thanks to HippoMobile's Hippopost!

Hippopost was actually started by a couple of ex-RIM employees and is a new mobile service that allows you to snap a photo on your smartphone, add a personalized note and submit it to hippopost via their on-device app. From there, hippopost prints out the physical postcard and mails it to the recipient, which they receive 7 to 10 days later. It's a painless process, and best of all, it's FREE. Hippost supports the free service by placing a sponsored ad on each card it sends out (front frame and small one on the back). You can actually choose the sponsor from a list of ones provided so you're showing the recipient something that'll jive for them (see image below for an example). You can send up to two free postcards per day, each and every day, and if you want to send more than two per day, you can purchase additional credits. Hippopost plans to up the daily free limit as more sponsors come on board, but two free per day is more than solid to begin with.

* Take Note: Hippopost let us know that while Canadian cards are being processed daily, US delivery from the mobile app begins October 15th (or hopefully sooner - they're just inking some final sponsor deals to cover freight). Users can go ahead and create their US destined postcards anyway and they'll queue them up for mailing in a few weeks. And International delivery will also begin this fall (limitation is not delivery, it's sponsors - they need to line them up so they can can keep this free to consumers). *

Offering a service like this that's advertising revenue supported is pure awesome. Keeping it free of charge for the sender makes using it a no-brainer, and I doubt the recipients will mind an ad in the least bit. For the advertiser, it's a pretty compelling opportunity as well... as I'm typing this I just snapped a photo and sent it to my mom as a postcard and you just know she'll be hanging onto that for years to come (if you read this and decide to approach hippopost about advertising, be sure to tell them you heard about hippopost on CrackBerry!). Being RIM guys they started with what they know - a BlackBerry app, but with time you'll see them push hippopost out to more platforms. Download it and give it a try and be sure to report back in the comments with who you sent your first BlackBerry postcard too!

Download: It should be available from App World soon, but in the meantime you can download Hippopost for your BlackBerry by visiting http://mobile.hippopost.com on your BlackBerry's web browser. 

Example Hippopost Postcard (front, back)

Hippopost Postcard

Hippopost Postcard Message

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Hippopost Lets You Snap Photos On Your BlackBerry And Send as Real Physical Postcards For Free!!


I am getting a "Server cannot handle the message because of some temporary condition" message. Will continue to try downloading it.

Been trying since I posted the message. I deleted it from my phone and then went and redownloaded it and it still gives the exact same error.

We're keeping a close eye on things. If you continue experiencing issues, please fire us an email at info@hippopost.com and we'll be happy to help you get your device going.

Thanx Kevin for the write up!


Download and installed the app without difficulty on my BlackBerry Storm, but I get a SOAP exception error when I tried to Register.

registered online and that worked out pretty well. However, when trying to log in on my phone, it was saying my username or password is incorrect.

Trying to register the post card app for my Blackberry, but keep getting registration error....faultcode: soap: Server faultstring: system.web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request....etc....


Online and Mobile dB's aren't tied together just yet. To use the mobile app you need to register at first launch. Not sure why some are having difficulties - looking at that now. Apologies.

Also - US shouldn't be a problem.

Sit tight...

i get a different error message (on Rogers in Canada)

at the registration screen, i enter all my info, and when i hit enter i get the following error message:

java.io.IOException: could not find a service book entry for IPPP

I could not register through the mobile app and got the same error message others have reported above.

I did register via the web site, but the account information I entered was not accepted through the mobile app.

YOu are telling me there is no way to tie that to the mobile app? I really hope you fix this soon, because now it looks like i have to create a separate account, which is not of use to me.

Am I missing something...
Can you not preview the postcard first?
Will it automatically rotate a pic...or will it be cropped?

Photos are rotated automatically. Portrait photos end up on portrait frames...

Preview is coming in future rev (currently supported on online app).

This sounds fabulous..I would pay to be able to do this on my phone and not have advertisements.

...and send more than 2 per day. Currently we queue your free ones first but we've got lots of tricks up our sleeves.

Now with PayPal to top up. This is not a free app, so why now are the ads there, so the developers can make a ton of money. $1.99 per postcard is pretty high, I can make them at the drug store for .15 and then stick a stamp on it myself.

You can send 2 free cards per day. If you want to send more, then we charge. We're pretty clear about it up front...

We plan on making a ton of money off advertisers and giving this to you for free :-)

I don't want anyone on this thread to buy cards.

This is a free app, with pay for top up.

and really $1.99 isn't much, my time is easily worth $2, and the time it would take to go to the drug store and apply a stamp is way more than the 2 minutes to snap pick and send away.

I think it is a great app,

My Mother actually doesn't have e-mail so she misses out on seeing pics of her grandson, this is the Perfect weekly mail to grandma, she'll have regular pics and no extra work for me!

Ok I got the situation now (2 per day is awesome)

Maybe this app is worth my time and promotion within my wireless store.

May become a Verizon Standard...

says im only allowed 2 postcards, then i have to pay, is this true?

sorry didnt see the other comments ( isnt really that clear thogh to be honest, i would change so people don't get discouraged)

That's actually a really good point. Looking at the site now and we could do this better... Check back tomorrow - my marketing guys have all gone home (bankers hours).

the 2-free-per-day, add-supported model was not only clearly explained in the CB writeup, it's equally clearly stated on the product site.

great idea and a great app....just registered from U.S. no issues...hope you guys secure sponsors here asap!!!!
thanks for keeping it free too!!!

Worked fine for me - installation on my BB, registration, and I sent 1 of my 2 free daily postcards. Lets hope it shows up :)

Is anyone else not being able to create an acct from your mobile phone?

I tried creating an acct from my BB after downloading the app and it keeps on giving me errors then i went to the site and created one there, but when i try and login from my phone it says that the User name doesn't exist or the password is incorrect...

Any ideas?

The download and registration went just fine for me. I think this is going to be fun-- can't wait to try it. I'm going to send the first one to myself so I know when US deliveries have started.

I got it loaded, registered and sent a postcard. The only thing it didn't let me do was choose a contact on my phone. If that worked it would be perfect.

I downloaded and installed this app. At the end of the registration process, it told me I was issued 2 credits for postcards, the offers to let me buy more. In my book that's not free.

I downloaded it and registered without any problems, then I noticed the credit issue as well. Reading through the posts you'll see that they give you two free postcards per day, then they charge you. Tomorrow you'll get two more free ones.

Thanks for the great app guys, and I hope you can get us more freebies every day, and US sponsors, soon.

Goal is to nuke the limits once we bring on the sponsors, but need to make sure nobody abuses - or we don't create value for our sponsors.

Should also mention this is FULLY MODERATED so offensive material won't make it through - sorry to all my college buddies...

New build on it's way in the coming weeks.
Rocks on Bold, Curve 8900 and 8300, and Pearl & Pearl Flip
OS 4.3+

Yeah, unfortunately I'm having some major issues using this on my Storm to the point it's virtually unusable.

Touches aren't registering in remotely the right places, and it's keeping the KB stuck onscreen with no way of hiding it.

Is simply amazing. I can't wait to use it! 2 free credits, which refreshes daily, is more than enough freeness! Thanks Hippopost!

Great app guys, worked like a charm. There are a few bugs to work out though. One is that I did not get an error message when trying to enter my user name and password on the "buy points" option (even though I only entered my email address and no password). The other minor issue is with the confirmation email. Check the variable that should insert the sponsor name into the text. It's just a blank space followed by a period. Otherwise I love this app!

downloaded fine and let me send one prety easy. I'll check when it gets to the destination. Looks very promising. Great app

This isn't advertising revenue supported. You get 2 free postcards to send then at that point you have to pay for more credits. How do you figure this is advertising revenue supported or am I missing something?

I suppose the app isn't bad if you like sending out post cards with advertising on them (even after you've paid your fee for more credits), but this isn't for me.

I keep getting java.io.IOException:invalid url parameter when I try to register. I hope it is fixed soon so I can give this app a try.

Sorry, some people don't know that you aren't suppose to look a gift horse in the mouth - meaning don't complain about something that is FREE. My mom is in a nursing home and while I talk to her by phone almost daily, I know she will greatly enjoy receiving the postcards.

This is a brilliant idea, and I can't wait to try it out! Unfortunately, I'm having trouble registering through my phone. I know there was a problem earlier, and it's supposed to be fixed now but no go for me. I tried 2x with no luck. The specific error message is "java.io.IOException: Invalid url parameter." If it makes a difference I'm using OS 4.5 on the 8120.

just to make sure it's clear... we refresh every user and make sure that every user is intitled to send 2 credits every day and this is just a starting point. We hope to provide 5, 10 or more cards a day in the near future.


Wanted to make sure we're totally clear re; privacy. This is an area we take very seriously. We only use recipient address to send cards. We keep it on file for a period of time so you can clone cards etc...

The only way we connect with the recipient is if they come back, sign up and send postcards of their own.

No problems downloading or registering from my BB. But, when trying to click on "choose from contacts", it wouldn't pull anything up. Seems to be the only problem. Using a storm 9530 w/ OS .167. Otherwise this is awesome, will be sending out postcards just intime for my trip to Mexico!

Just downloaded the app and did not have a problem sent my husband a card. Can't wait to see it If it really work and is free to this will be my fav

It says I have 2 free postcards credits and I can buy more, so how is it free after I send the 2 free credits if I need to purchase more via PayPal in order to send. I'm confused.

Yes *it is* free for up to 2 postacrd per DAY. If you want to send more than 2 postacrds per day then you can pay for it (or wait until they sign up more sponsors apparently).
2 free cards per day is pretty cool as that would cost you a couple of dollars each day AND you'd have to mail the postacrds your'self AND they wouldnt be personalized - this is great!

the privacy policy which you must accept to install the app sez (a) they will never sell your info and (b) they will not store or reuse the destination addresses. (They will only use the destination address to select a regionally-appropriate ad sponsor, if any sponsors join with regional limitations.)

Of course, this means you must trust that they will abide by their privacy policy, so make your own evaluation there based on your own level of comfort/knowledge/paranoia.

Before anybody bothers to post again without reading: it IS ad supported and you CAN continue to get FREE postcards. But it is limited to 2 free cards per DAY. Thats pretty darn good when you consider that you'd have to pay at least a couple of bucks to buy and mail 2 postcards! And did I mentyion that it is 2 free DAILY? lol.

we are not in the business of selling addresses and respect privacy. We need an address to send the mail... simple as that.

OK so we have just made a quick adjustment and released a version 1.0.8 of HippoMobile to allow for registration outside of Canada and the US.

You can now register with HippoMobile from any country world-wide.

Download, instal and send all worked great for me. Sending process a bit slow, but overall a really fanstastic app. Congratulations on coming up with the concept. I hope you make a killing and keep this service up for a very long time.

P.S. All this is subject to my recipient actually receiving the postcard! ;-)

It was a bit unclear what the username was supposed to be. I guessed it was the email and was correct. Loaded on storm 9530 with and got no errors. I like that it will use either stored photos or allow you to take one on the fly.
I can see the future being stuff like holiday cards, birthday cards, wish you were here cards. I know I will tell everyone about this app. Too bad nothing available for Halloween.

Your customer service score is at 100% i know once the app is out for about a month things will change please don't fall below 60%. i love the idea and was trying to do something of the same sort, thanks for letting me know my idea will fly. and get ready to hire more staff to help with the mailing of the thousands of cards your about get.lol

going to have to shut down for a few hours but will be back to answer any questions you may have in the morning. Appreciate all the support and comments - good and bad - its fantastic that we have this feedback. If you need to reach out direct, mail us at info@hippopost.com.

Don't forget you can also download our Facebook app http://apps.facebook.com/hippopost/ as well as send cards from our website. Same deal - 2 free cards every day.

WAIT - on Facebook you can send as many as you want.

If we have users, we can find the advertisers so please pass the word and keep the thread going!

Thanks a ton.

This looks like a really cool app...definitely something I had no problem downloading! Best wishes of success to the Hippo team and thank you!

This seems like it would be a lot of fun! However, is there an app that can do the exact same thing without sending a postcard physically? i.e. an electronic postcard via e-mail?

Hey guys love the idea and congrats on getting everything setup. I hope this works out for end users and everyone because I love it. I sent myself one just to test the services and we'll see once I receive. I'm thinking this would work out nicely for the grandpa's and grandma's whom just aren't into the digital age yet.... Again I digress to think LOL.

This is easily my favorite application already and it just began. You guys are geniuses for coming up with this! Thank you soo much!

App refuses to connect on 9500

Registered through their site, but still unable to logon.
connection error invalid url

I love this! And I love the suggestion someone else had - sending grandma pictures of grandkids even.

This is just a great surprise way to stay in touch with people during this mobile day in age. I really like it!

Did anyone read there terms? It says they have the right to sell any and all info provided to 3rd party! including your information and the recipient.
Just what you need is more spam phone calls,Mail,email,etc..from someone selling your info.

the terms of service make no mention of any kind about the use of personally-identifiable information, and the privacy policy expressly states that they will not sell your or the recipient's information. Nor will they build a database of recipient addresses.

Yeah. Agreed. You need to opt-in at registration and they also clearly state the recipient information is only used to create and send the product, etc.

I could see using this when with my family at Disney and the like and sending to other fam members.

Come to think of it, you guys should try and work advertising deals with destination resorts. Though, I can't imagine the folks at Disney would want to as it might take away from their other fee services at the parks like the picture services they offer....etc. But still might be worth a try.

I LOVE this app...Thank you soo much for making it!!! I have a few questions if you have the time..nothing urgent..How long does delivery usually take (i'm in Canada) and will there be an online site for some unlucky people who DONT have blackberrys :-) My husband would love this ..but alas he has a "dumb" phone LOL...

I used an old pic stored on my phone. I might have to turn off my "itookthisonmyphone" app to make sure my pics stay on the camera instead of auto deleting.

I will support advertisers who support this, in fact, the post card I sent, I chose the Halloween ad....we need to get a costume or two anyway.

im all about this!
installation and registration were painless, very user friendly, and it even enters a "." if hit space bar twice and capitalizes the first letter. it also sends a confirmation email.
i see myself using this alot. thanks

I downloaded and installed on 9530 w/ .167. Sent a test postcard to myself, everything ran smoothly except I couldn't click on the contact option. After I downloaded, I disabled compatability because it would let me scroll down. Is this maybe why I can't click on contact? Otherwise, superb app you all. My wife and I send postcards like crazy wherever we go. A+++

I don't have a data plan on my 8120 and the JAD does not install. Could Hippo, or some nice person here, make a JAR or ALX/COD available?


If you don't have a data plan then you cant use the app - you need to have a data plan so that the app can send the postcard info (the photo and recipients address info).

Are you sure it won't work without a data plan? There are lots of apps that work fine over WiFi without a data plan. Opera Mini 4, for example.

Has anyone tried this app over WiFi?

AFAIK, the ability for an app to connect to an internet resource over wifi versus GSM/CDMA is not automatically brokered by the OS (as it might be if this were Windows), but instead the appropriate wifi APIs must be called by the app itself.

Of course I could be wrong. Often am.

I'd send an email to info@hippopost.com and ask them; sounds like a question for their dev team (of two guys).

Thanks for the explanation.

I am not going to bother them about the WiFi, since it is a moot point if I cannot get the JAD installed.

installed fine on my Verizon Tour. Sent a test card to myself.

One thought for possible upgrades.....integrate with the camera app so when you snap a picture with the camera you have a menu option there to send a postcard.....

It is already an option on the menu if you click on the picture in your Pics folder. But would definitely be cool to send it directly from the camera app as well. +1

Just downloaded this to my 8900 and loaded straight in, was going to try and send myself a card to see what they look like but when I fill in the details it only allows US or Canada, any news on when/if you'll be rolling this out to the UK?

Ah i have answered my own question. NO.. shame this is not international posting, and only US and Canada.

Great idea tho

Yeah but just wait, they mentioned international ones in this post even. Make sure you read everything. If I remember correctly, they said they are looking to bring international ones in the future, and that the issues is sponsors for them.

This sounds and looks like it's going to be one of the best, most useful and even fun apps available on the blackberry platform, ESPECIALLY for those of us who travel!! I'm going to Japan in December this year, and I can't wait to test this out then!! :D

A big THANK-YOU to Hippopost for all of their work!

Love it!!!!! have used Hippopost in the past from my lap top and I am excited it is now available on my mobi.

I was able to get registered and all, but when I tried to get a picture from my phone, this is the message I get: "The application Hippo Mobile has attempted to open a connection to a location inside the firewall which is IT policy." Does anyone know what this means and how I can get thru it so I can send a post? Thank you!

this is soo cool and 2 is enough for free to start with.
I ready it the first time it says 2 free then a charge.
thanks for this cool app.

Just installed Hippopost last night. I sent out a card to a friend, my fiance and myself as tests. I know they haven't started shipping to Canada, so I'm curious how long it's going to take.

An awesome idea and an excellently executed app.

I wish Hippopost all the best!

I am happy to see that registration is not only working from the mobile app, it is also tied in to the online registration database. Good work.

Downloaded smoothly, sent a card out yesterday and today with no issues, so far so good. Looking forward to seeing the cards in person. Great idea!

Is anyone else (using 9530) unable to click the choose contact option? I have to enter the addresses in manually for some reason. Help?

Just downloaded with no problems at all. I have not tried using a credit just yet. This could be a very handy and fun app!!! Thanks Kevin and Hippopost!!

Hmmm... By any chance does the recipient's name and address get placed on the advertiser's mailing list?

Because like free checking or free healthcare, nothing's really free.

Recipient info is only used to process cards and for address validation.

This is available free. Our job is made easier if you be sure to select the advertisement most relevant to the recipient!

Received the confirmation email saying "click to install", but there is nothing to click. Checked in my apps & downloads for something & nothing is there.

Can anyone help?

Was excited @ 1st but then saw it didn't work on my storm and it ate up my app memory...maybe they'll fix it...

The app is free, and they get to put there ads on the back of them, but you still have to buy the postcards? I'll use the 2 free ones, and then delete the app from my BB.

I just sent my first card. I'll have to check back in a week to see if it goes through. But this app holds promise, especially on vacation weeks! I'll be willing to spend the money to send a bunch out to family of the kids or whatever.

love the app. already began sending in my cards for when they send them out in us. only issue is for storm i cannot pick a contact from my phone. i have to manually type them in which is a pain. im prettu sure its storm issue cause my girls tour works just fine for the contact portion of the app. any suggestions?

I too was confused about the 2 free cards and almost deleted it. Glad I didn't. Great idea, hope you make a ton of money. Wish I Thought of it. Hope the ads on front are small, the Coke example is pretty big in size.

anyone else not able to use the 'choose contact' function of the app? i am running the app on my 9530, and it won't let me choose a contact - have to retype it.

having a ton of trouble getting my info entered on my storm. it doesnt want to scroll to the fields to enter my info.

finally got it all figured out and got my info entered. Choose contacts worked for me with my 9530. Great app. Cant wait to get more use out of this while I am in Amsterdam.

I'm having the same issue with my Storm too. I caqn't choose contact either. :(

I hope they fix it soon as it's easier then typing in the info manually.

I have the Storm and was unable to select the Choose Contact button while in Compatability mode. However when I disabled Compatability mode I was able to choose contact. But it made the overall usability difficult because you have to swipe the screen to choose an option when compatability mode is disabled. Other than that I love this app. Would be better if able to choose contact while in compatibility mode on the Storm 9530.

What a superb idea...i already downloaded the app and can't wait to get started. 2 free per day everyday is fine by me. Love it!!!

When you download BB apps they are placed in the Downloads folder on your device. To move to your desktop (main page) go to the Downloads folder highlight the App, press the BB key and select "Move to Folder", select "home" then it will appear on your main/home page.

Hope this helps

Hi Everyone

Very excited to announce that HippoMobile is now available for download in BlackBerry App World. If you like the App we'd appreciate the thumbs up!

Donal & Team @ Hippopost.

I like this app. It worked as expected in the UI on my Storm, but the first two cards i sent out NEVER MADE IT TO THE RECIPIENTS. Please advise, hippopost, if you're reading these comments still. I have already emailed you directly regarding this and still no response. Thanks!

I like this app. It worked as expected in the UI on my Storm, but the first two cards i sent out NEVER MADE IT TO THE RECIPIENTS. Please advise, hippopost, if you're reading these comments still. I have already emailed you directly regarding this and still no response. Thanks!

So I tried this app when it 1st came out. I just got my post card today, a little over a month after I ordered it. But the picture quality is good....... Can't really complain when its free!

Over the weekend, Hippopost cards began coming in at home, the office and I'm waiting to hear from family if anything's arrived.

Thanks Hippopost for this free and great service.


I decided to try out Hippopost. Took a picture and sent it via Hippopost on October 22, 2009 from NYC and it arrived here in New Jersey today, 11/29/09. I think we should call it "Turtlepost" instead.