Highlights from the opening of RIM's Tech Centers in Brazil

By DJ Reyes on 26 Jan 2013 04:12 pm EST

Back in December RIM opened a Tech Center in Brazil. The tech center is part of the BlackBerry Academic Program and while we posted on the launch of one tech center opening, two centers at two universities were actually launched in the country - Federal University of Algaos (UFAL) and Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE).

You'll remember that RIM also opened a Tech Center in the U.K. at their U.K. Headquarters however the centers differ in a way that the sessions and support are not provided by RIM employees. What was done in Brazil was they gave out 10 scholarships, trained students and professors alike and they in-turn became BlackBerry experts so they could provided the technical support for the Tech Center.

Check out the video highlights from the opening of both Tech Centers. The video above is from the UFAL opening, the video below is from the UFPE launch. Perhaps one day, I'll make some time to pop-up in RIM U.K. headquarters for some app developing technical support. You can certainly feel the enthusiam of both the developers and experts alike.

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Highlights from the opening of RIM's Tech Centers in Brazil


Kinda reminds me of the room from the live footage of the CB team. The ones that have been going on for the past few days. Macbook city. Lol

The very fact RIM opened up Technology Centre's is amazing. BlackBerry 10 is going to be the best mobile platform in existence. Taking innovation and vision to the next level.
BlackBerry 10 is the future.

Both Android and iOS have hit a wall and have been lacking vision and innovation for some time now. They've been going backwards, slowing mobile technology progress with stagnation.

Go BB10 Go.

Amazing initiative! I know many people were involved on this project but I always see one guy in front of it all: Demian Borba! Huge congratulations and thanks to you for bringing this opportunity to Alagoas.
All the best!