Highlights from the BlackBerry 10 Developer Appreciation Event in Brazil

By DJ Reyes on 21 Mar 2013 08:07 am EDT

On January 30th 2013, BlackBerry had their BlackBerry 10 Launch event, which was held simultaneously around eight countries around the world. In other regions and for those who weren't able to go to an event, there was also a live stream. in other countries BlackBerry held a developer gathering. Brazil was one of those countries. More than 200 developers gathered together on January 30th to celebrate the launch of BlackBerry 10 at the Red Bull House in Recife, Brazil.

Check out the video above to see highlights of the developer appreciation event in Brazil. 



Vamos South America! Hopefully, BB regains their foothold there and in other emerging markets! Muito Legal!

Louis Belshaw

Looks amazing like a concert!! BlackBerry? Back in the game and everyone knows it!!

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Good video, looked like fun

Stefan Blum

A developer brought up something very important about blackberry 10. Blackberry INNOVATED. They did not follow android, apple, or microsoft. I hate how all these american Analysts give themselves a "tech reviewer" badge and pick out everything that the blackberry doesn't have in comparison to the iPhone. They really need to stop making these comparisons because BB10 is radically different and shouldn't be compared to a technology as primitive as ios. Its like comparing a bicycle to a motorcycle.


That was amazing! I loved the music and the demonstrations of everything too. Great video! GO BRAZIL!


At previous Dev Jam sessions they gave out Pre-Release Z10. Now that the device has been officially launched in the US, will they be giving out unlocked production models of Z10 or Q10 @ future Jam sessions?