Quick Tip: Hiding icons in just one or all panels in BlackBerry 7

By Jared DiPane on 24 Aug 2011 09:00 am EDT

Recently we took a look at how users are now able to hide various panels in BlackBerry 7 if they wish, so they no longer have to scroll through all of them, and now we can take that one step further. One thing that has annoyed me with the various panels is that icons show up in more than one of them, making it a bit confusing, and looking somewhat cluttered.

With BlackBerry 7 users are now presented the option to hide icons in a single panel, or throughout all of the panels, which helps remove some of the clutter, and keep the device nice and organized. Take a look above at how to accomplish this, and stick around as we continue to dig through all the smaller changes of BlackBerry 7 in comparison to other OS versions.

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Quick Tip: Hiding icons in just one or all panels in BlackBerry 7


In OS6 all I wanted to do was hide other panels because I would accidentally move over to them and it was laggy. In OS7, I find its not as bad because its a nice smooth transition with the Liquid Graphics.

I agree, definitely so much smoother. I love the added customization, definitely something that many will enjoy and see added benefits from.

This might be a dumb question, but i'm having trouble only getting one row on the home screen as shown in the video. My phone was set default on two. With my bold all i did was edit the amount of rows that appear but i can't seem to find it on OS 7. Can any explain to me how to do this? thanks for the help!

There isn't an option, just "touch" the bar and drag up or down until you have the desired number of rows - 0,1,2...

thanks for that its really helped clear my screen up. by the way where did you get your wallpaper from? cheers

GOT IT !!!!

I don't get it.... why so many people hate the panels system? I love it and I don't know why so much hate against it.

I have an OS7 question that does not apply to this. I have auto on and off set up, but when I want to turn it off manually is asks "Turn Off" or "Full Power Off"
Which one do I select so that it turns on automatically?