Quick Tip: Hide those pesky carrier bloatware icons once and for all

BlackBerry Bloatware Icons
By Adam Zeis on 26 Aug 2011 02:09 pm EDT

It's been called spam, bloatware, crap, carrier garbage, junk icons and much more. They are those pesky little icons you get when you first fire up a new device or load a new OS. Your carrier pushes various shortcuts that link to downloads for games, apps and other carrier junk. On my BlackBerry Bold 9900 I have icons for Bejweled, Need for Speed Shift, PAC-MAN, AT&T Code Scanner, The Weather Channel and others that all landed on my device when the service books were sent when first installing my OS.

Now normally you can simply hide these icons (highlight the icon, choose Menu then Hide Icon) and they won't show again -- however on the latest leaked OS I installed ( the icons magically reappear at will. I've never had this happen before and it's nothing less than frustrating, but there is a simple solution. Since you can't fully remove the icons, the best bet is to create a junk folder for all of them and then hide the entire folder. This will keep the icons out of sight and out of mind regardless of whether they are individually hidden or not. To do this, follow these simple steps (keep in mind the menu items may vary by OS)

  • Press Menu then choose Add Folder
  • Name your folder Junk (or whatever you choose)
  • Highlight the bloatware icon, press Menu then Move to Folder
  • Choose your Junk folder
  • After you do this for all of your bloatware, highlight the Junk folder then press Menu and choose Hide Icon

That's it! Your junk folder is now hidden as well as all of the items it contains, so while they'll technically still be there, they are now hidden so you won't have to see them and they won't get in the way.

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Quick Tip: Hide those pesky carrier bloatware icons once and for all


we need to remind RIM that such "junk" sort of ruins the user experience... and RIM should push on carriers to allow users to delete those suggested shortcuts... useless is useless!

I've always moved crapware icons to a "crapware" folder and hidden it, so in case I have to Show All, this crap doesn't reappear. Maybe a bit anal, but I'm funny that way.

So annoying. My folder is called "useless crap". Hey Adam Zies... Any way to hide/change/get rid of those pesky carrier bookmarks in the browser???

Duh! Why didn't I think of that? I've spent countless time trying to delete the browser configurations for those icons only to see them reappear after I restart the device..

I did this for long time ago and i showed to a couple of friends the same thing, make a folder "Hide" put all the junk i the folder then Hide it.
Clean Home screen and more space for better Apps Like 6tools,QL,BeBuzd and so on.

Some times the push content from provide you cant delete them and they will be pushed to you back and reappear on the Home screen, the only way to get rid of them is to delete some of the Keys, but i dont suggest to do that if you dont know what to delete.

I've been doing this for a couple of years now. My junk folder has more icons in it than what shows up on my app screen.

I did the same thing ever since i was able to create a folder, i made a "crap" folder and anything annoying that would let me get rid of it i just dump it in the "crap" folder and hide it. Mainly cause i do show all everyonce in a while and i dont want to see all those stupid pre-loaded icons, just my other folders that i hide to keep out of the way. Kinda surprised this is one of the first times this issue has been talked about really.

Im' a little less vicious and call my folder "seldom used." Not only are the spam DL links in there, but also the icons I don't use, like the manage connections, all my individual email folders, the phone app icon, power off, Sounds, and more.

I have all my icons/folders take up only one screen's worth of space. Keeps things nice and tidy not having to scroll around on the main screen.

Thanks. Why do the carriers think that if we went to the effort to hide those icons, we would actually like them to reappear?

Good tip. I went on a minor rampage with my 9930 this morning and uninstalled a bunch of crap that came preloaded...Google Talk, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger. It required me to reboot a few times, but so worth it...I got annoyed when App World started bugging me to update this crap that I don't use...I text/email with friends/family, and I'm on Facebook, and that's more than enough.

:o bbm isn't crap! Its awsome so is messanger. Most stuff you taken off is awsome, the thing you've taken off is crap!!!

Ok, rant over. Good day.

I just hide those icons. In some cases you can delete them. I like to keep my All screen minimal, even w/ the Torch.

Great advice. I kinda figured this out on my own when I got my Torch 9800 back in January. I created a folder and labeled it "unwanted apps", then I hid the folder.

Its a pain though that the icons can't be deleted.

I've been doing this for a while on my 9700 - but my folder is called 'Recycle Bin'. I think I'll rename it to junk :-)

LOL!!! I've named my crap folder "Junk" since my 8110 :D
Now if AT&T would just release the 9900 so I can do it to a new Berry :(

I have been doing this exact method for years. I make one called email and put all my email account icons in it and then hide that folder, since I just use the message folder to view all my emails. I then create other folders called Junk, Verizon, etc. and put all junk icons in the junk folder and all the icons from verizon like VZW Music, VZW Navigator, Visual Voice Mail in the folder and then hide it.

Been doing this for a while, but my hidden folder is pointedly called "AT&T Crap." This folder should come standard containing the bloatware on all AT&T BBs, so you can immediately hide it.

I've been doing this for my previous BB's too! I call my folder "Useless Crap" it would be great to pick a folder style that had a garbage can on it or something though lol.

Been doing this for awhile now but I named my hidden folder "Crap", a more accurate description IMHO!