CrackBerry Humor: Hey Vodafone ... get your own damn screen shots!

Vodafone BlackBerry 6 Screencap
By Adam Zeis on 24 Aug 2011 10:25 am EDT

While I was just about shutting down for the day last night, our good friend @tomagreen dropped me a mention on Twitter. He sent along a link along with "check this out" and told me where to look on the page. I clicked the link, scrolled a bit, and sure enough saw something that was both creepy and funny at the same time. What you see in the image above is just what I saw on the page. A white BlackBerry Bold 9780 with a zoomed in image of Universal Search. Only it wasn't some generic John Doe on the message list - it was Adam Zeis and Bla1ze. So curious as to where exactly the image came from and how it ended up on a Vodafone device page, we did a little digging and realized it came from Kevin's post on BlackBerry 6 (scroll to Universal Search).

So I do indeed find it amusing that Vodafone liked the image enough to use it on their page (flattered really). I guess RIM doesn't provide images like this for carriers and they must have not wanted to take some on their own? Who knows. If you look closely you can see they even cropped out the AT&T banner from the image, though it still shows (a bit blurry) on the device image. So we just thought we'd pass this along as a bit of CrackBerry humor. If you come across anything like this and want to let us know, drop us a line at tips(at)

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CrackBerry Humor: Hey Vodafone ... get your own damn screen shots!


Specially because the 9780 does not have that bar at the bottom... the 9800 (from whom the screenshot was taken and later photoshopped) does...

Is there crackberry branded sand yet? If not I know a great sand guy ....I'm surprised you guys haven't started to sell t-shirts and other novelties yet...

That is blatant copyright infringement. I would sue. Or maybe they will settle out of court for some accessories (which of course you could pass on to readers!)

Now, we all know that Vodafone UK are the best… but even that's gone a bit too far in my opinion. At least ASK CrackBerry Kevin for their use! Still though, this is funny :P

this os like when the creators of okami the video game used ign the video games sites screen shot for their box cover and forget to remove the ign watermark so now if you look closely its on every one of their games, the wii version anyways

It looks to me as if the Vodafone guys came to THE source for BlackBerry knowledge.

Personally, I'd take this as a huge compliment.