Hey New York Times: Get a clue

By Team CrackBerry on 1 May 2012 12:23 pm EDT

* Update: It looks like NYTimes is updating their story to make it more accurate - they've already updated the headline. *

It's one thing for a journalist, analyst, or investor to have an opinion on something. But it's unacceptable for a writer to completely miss basic facts and pollute a story so badly, as the New York Times did with respect to the BlackBerry World news today.

Check out this opening paragraph and try not to laugh or cry. 

Research in Motion unveiled Tuesday morning the new BlackBerry 10 phone and operating system that the company hopes will be its salvation, in a form that looked quite rough around the edges. Among the features missing on the prototype phones given to software developers was the ability to actually make phone calls or access wireless networks.

Hello? McFly? Is there anyone home? How can a news source that is supposed to be as credible and authoritative as the New York Times completely miss the concept behind a developer alpha unit?

RIM was very careful to repeatedly and consistently use the nomenclature "developer alpha device". In fact, here is what Alec Saunders, RIM's VP of Developer Relations said at the time of the announcement:

The purpose of this seeding is to give BlackBerry 10 Jam developer attendees a testing device to create excitement as they start to develop BlackBerry 10 applications alongside us. 

To be clear, this is not a BlackBerry 10 device. It's the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha. It includes a modified version of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS which shows the path to the BlackBerry 10 OS, which has been customized to a phone. This device will allow developers to test the applications they are building with our BlackBerry 10 toolsets. 

So, New York Times ... it's time to clean up this kind of garbage. Don't put writers on stories who clearly have no clue what they are talking about.

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Hey New York Times: Get a clue


It's just more proof that the media has been paid to bash RIM. Without question this is an obvious attack to spread misinformation. I wonder how much money apple pays writers?

it must be a huge number anyone has an idea how big it has to be for something like this????

because it has to appear in somewhere. . .

an if we know how big we have to think we could look for it. . .
and apple would be stupid to pay directly - there has to be a PR / marketing firm in between

Then reality hits and you realize that Apple doesn't have to pay anybody to spread this crap, because writers are people, with their own Biases.

Its today's pathetic culture, you see it everywhere, not just RIM vs Apple vs Droid vs ???

Actually, the NYT has been bashing Apple as well, from publishing unverified (and proven to be untrue) stories about worker conditions in China, to publishing wrong tax rates. They are no longer an Apple darling.

So no, Apple is paying them nothing. No need to hate.

It's not proof of that (remember they did the completely stupid story about Apple's taxes over the weekend.) It's proof that some people either (a) are stupid, (b) don't pay attention or (c) both.
I'm guessing the correct answer is c.

I don't think they are paid. It's just that they are fan boys and girls. It's too bad but RIM will just have to put head down and work hard, no other solution.

Same goes to BGR, have you read what they posted? Completely rude, biased, visceral and absolutely disgusting.

I was about to comment on this...I think Jonathan Geller is from NYC as well, must be a lot of FAIL water streaming through the water system today

I think it was BGR that posted about the death of RIM at the last earnings call and it accidentally went live before the earnings were even announced. I just checked that article from today, and yeah, it is pretty disgusting. How does anybody justify that as journalism?

BGR is by far the worst news outlet to date, and NY comes in second. RIM should do another "Wake Up" to get people to boycott these useless human beings and the companies they work for. On another note, all of Crackberry's sister sites are terrible when it comes to the forums. Crackberry by far, has the most personable, helpful members.

Keep it up people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read the BGR post. Really sad and disgusting. I think Geller was raped by a BlackBerry in his childhood or something. Nothing else can explain his visceral hate for the brand. Unless, of course, someone is paying him good coin to slam Rim.

Incidentally, he is quite influential in financial analyst circles. I often see his reports cited by analysts. His moronic tweets during the keynote might explain the dip in Rim's stock price today.

Good Post. Tired of the super biased doom and gloom reporting coming out of North American media about RIM.

I don't identify myself with the "Media hates RIM" conspiracy theorists, but this is making me more and more of a believer. RIM can do no right in some people's eyes. How many times does RIM have to explicitly say something before people understand?

Toronto Star posted the same garbage, basically not saying its a develpoer phone to skew the public into thinking this is a bad device. I posted on the comments section of their article that its a developer device and the moderator deleated my comment! North American media needs to get their act together. They are the number one down fall for this company, no matter what they do the media hates. I feel this is RIM's number one priority before bb10 comes out!

This should be an eye-opener for all the other stupid blogs out there who dont have a clue what RIM is up to and the potential of BB10. Sack all these bloody journalists and analysts who are paid by google or apple to trash on RIM without knowing the facts.

I cannot believe this trash. I read the rest of the article and it's no better. I thought NY times was reliable. Keyword: thought.

I'd like to know how it came to pass that many in the Media love to trash RIM/Blackberry AND they don't mind spouting off complete BS while doing it. Just what happened there anyway ....

Greed. Controversial articles make more money.

I am sure even Crackberry itself is reaping the spotlight RIM is in, even in its negative form.. just from added traffic alone.

Unfortunately, the Times wasn't the only media outlet to have poor information. I saw a fairly reputable website refer to TAT as The Amazing Tribe earlier. :( I think we are going to see a lot of this. RIM may have to pull a Microsoft marketing push like they did with the Lumia 900 and AT&T to really get consumers using the devices. I'm hoping that if you put an Iphone, Android, Windows phone and Blackberry 10 handheld in a consumers hand, it will be no question as to the user interface which one they'll want to use.

I don't understand why are so many of this writers so clueless about RIMM even though BB10 is so exciting right now and they don't even show all the features just yet. According to my understanding, they(writers) must get paid a lot of money from RIMM competitors to trash RIMM BB10 no matter how superb RIMM BB10 is.

I am certainly no fan of the NYT, but their headline is:
"New BlackBerry Prototype Is Given to Developers", which clearly indicates that it is a 'prototype'.

Now their opening paragraph seems to miss this point, but later they came back to the point and wrote: "Although the new phone is clearly a work in progress, the company is handing out about 2,000 of what it calls “alpha” versions to developers attending a company-sponsored conference in Orlando, Fla. "

It does seem like two different people wrote this article.

Now they are trying to cover up the obvious fact they were bashing RIM on lies. The article makes no sense at all as they add in their cover up lines. The fact is the media is getting paid to bash RIM. It's just to obvious now.

Apparently reading is a lost art. The writer needed to rewrite the entire article with a different tone, after being smacked in the face

Just shows how really good RIM is. If RIM is so bad why continue to write stories that bash RIM. I know that RIM will do quite well in the coming months. Like my parents told me growing up, people will find something to say negative no matter how much good you try to do.

This is why the NY Times is something I pass up on reading... Intellectual Osmosis would kick in and drain my cranium...

Clearly a case of lazy cut-and-paste journalism followed by more cut-and-paste editing. No conspiracy required

I wonder how many of you have read the article?

Not the best way to start an article but the facts are all there. There is too much bias undertone in the article though.

I emailed the guy and told him I was surprised how he even reviewed (negatively) this incredibly prototypical product. Demented to say the least...

This does seem to be specific to US reporting- as a Brit im curious, do you think there is a pro apple anti Rim bias in a similar fashion to the auto industry 'buy american' ethos?

Yes, I have been considering the possibility and given that Apple, Google and Microsoft are all American companies, it doesn't seem too far fetched either. It would be ironic if the defenders of competition and free enterprise had to stoop to such a low level in order to compete with a small Canadian firm like RIM.

Did you guys read BGR complaining that they didn't get a dev alpha unit to test? I mean really, that's some chutzpah.

I have two stores here in switzerland and i try allways to learn to my sales stuff , dont sale allways what the customers whant but try to sale also other good stuff... And blackberry is good stuff... So nytimes writers weakup and be creative....but the new world is like that if one screaming out 1billion screaming the same......

I have to agree with other posters...there isn't a conspiracy its just lazy, common denominator journalism. It happens all the time on various subject. There is a famous one when a British newspaper made up a whole pile of crap after a disaster at a football stadium. Their logic, oh it must just be hooligans, we can dump on them.

I assume this was found on their web version of the NYTIMES?

Bloggers/News writers on the internet have been giving out mis-information about Blackberry for a while now. It's a shame really.

its like a huge arse copy paste job.

Looks like the update doesn't apply to the author's overview:

"Research in Motion’s BlackBerry 10 Is Unveiled

The BlackBerry 10 is critical to the revival of Research in Motion, but early models given to app developers were missing features, like the ability to make calls.
May 1, 2012"

NYT: It's just sad really!

On the sister sites note: I'm a long time crackberry fan. I watched bunch of Motion Nations' webcasts and the all the guys from andriodcentral, iMore, wpCentral, and webOS Nation are very respectful with one another. Let's not bash others and focus on the good news. Remember we not just crackberry fans. We are the people of the mobile nations. Cheers.

Perception is reality and if these "credible" news outlets continue to bash RIM like this (which they will) the only hope for a RIM turnaround is some badass Blackberry 10 devices. If the product is awesome, people will buy it. But it sucks that the NY Times feels the need to squash any optimism the general public may be feeling - not to mention that they need to spread lies to do it.

O.K. There is no question that there are several key papers that publish trash on RIM. You may say that is just reporting the facts but that is not the case.
It is a given that RIM has to continue to opperate professionally in a very unprofessional enviroment.
These articles are targetting each and every critical launch or event in order to hurt RIM. Think of who would like to see RIM go down. 75 million users? sure, what do we need to do to get them? Oh, we can do that! This attacks are having an impact but will not be able to deal the fatal blow to RIM. Why? Because of me and millions and millions of loyal BlackBerry users.

From the low-life trolls to the NYT Reporters and CNBC there is a real effort to hurt RIM.

I like my Bold and Playbook and no two bit liar is going to get me to switch to an inferior device. EVER. I've gotten 29 people to get Playbooks in the last year and this just gets me more determined to keep doing it.

We are going to expose these liars with a RIM victory!

I am so excited about RIMs new marketing strategy WAKE UP! It will definitely grab peoples short attention span.

The message isn't sinking in with attendees, either. Was just at a Q&A after a session at BB World and someone was asking why there was no phone on the alpha and had to be told that it was an alpha and was not the end user hardware. She then asked when the alpha would be available for sale and had to be told again. So, I don't blame RIM for explaining it over and over.

RIM should have taken her alpha device away from her; shown her the door; and told her that sorry, the alpha device is for people with a shred of intelligence - obviously you have none. Her, and the writers/bloggers/tweeters that are criticizing the alpha device as being incomplete because it doesn't make phone calls are simply idiots.

Greed can change people far easier than I would ever anticipat. People want to fit in no matter what. The media is corrupt, aways has been, always will be as long as the government is controlling them. I don't know what's to happen with RIM or the economy in general but if we all go went out and replaced our BlackBerry with an iphone then the human race would end up being a bunch of brain washed slaves. BlackBerry users are far more intellecotual than that, let's not let any negativity hold us back.

This is truly ridiculous. I dont get whats so hard to understand that the alpha is not a bb10 phone but a device for developers to make apps for bb10.

I find it odd how no matter what RIM does they get bashed. From the look at the new OS and the sample apps on the alpha I saw this morning I was blown away.

I am sooooo excited for the new BB!

How many sleeps until the new BB?

OMG, I almost fell out of my chair after reading this "How can a news source that is supposed to be as credible and authoritative as the New York Times completely miss the concept behind a developer alpha unit?" Are you serious??????? the NYT hasn't had a shred of credibility since the late 60's and regularly employs so-called journalists who routinely make stuff up to fit their agenda.

It's not surprising. Handing out devices that aren't the REAL devices is a pretty unconventional thing to do. You don't see Apple handing out some device and saying this isn't the real thing, but we suck so bad that we felt like we need to give people something today...

Do you have any reading comprehension whatsoever? Clearly this device is intended for developers to test thier apps and not so people can have "something today" to appease them. BlackBerry is giving out the device so BB10 has a substantial app selection when the devices launch not so the public can quit thier bitching..

Hmm now I guess I have the real story on why the stock tanked, but the real news has to come out.

Really, though the media needs RIM to give them a stern talking to, they behave like Children they need to be treated like children.

Very disappointed in the NYT.


RIM should have called it "Blackberry 9 Dev Alpha" so analysts can read that it is not a Blackberry 10 device. Some of them are really stupid you know!

Apple demands obedience from the press and they are the only ones to be praised, otherwise they won't be allowed into the next apple event.

So Crackberry, when do you go after BGR?

I was floored when I read it.
It was so off the mark....

We need to tweet the hell out of the myt and IAN AUSTEN

Apology much?

It's not just New York Times. Even CNN (money.cnn.com) has some articles appearing from "TheStreet.com" which is so BIASED and HATEFUL of RIM, it is not even funny! Take a look at the following excerpt from half way down this page:


And I quote:

"Microsoft is executing a strategic coup with Nokia. They're not teaming up for "one last caper." In fact, if you're going to get cute with words, you should refer to the Lumia launch as the pilot. RIM needed a partner. That partner could have been Sprint, but it would have made more sense for the company to pursue the rumor that it would power Amazon's apparently forthcoming smartphone.

Instead, RIM went ahead with plans for BlackBerry 10 or whatever they're calling it. The second the company's new CEO (with a name you never heard of and really do not need to know) unveiled the new phones, RIMM stock took off to new lows.

Expect this lack of vision to push RIM into the single digits alongside Sprint. Because companies such as Microsoft think of everything and then some, watch Microsoft flirt with $40 sooner rather than later. While I am not pouring my life savings into Nokia, it's a nice speculative derivative play on the moves Microsoft has yet to make."

So does THAT "reporting / hate" make you want to PUKE or what?

The author, Rocco Pendola, states at the bottom of the article (in italicized letters in a tiny font)....

"The author is long NOK and plans to buy MSFT this month."

WHAT THE F*&CK !!!!!
Who the heck allows people to write this SH!T! This guy is so obviously in a position to PROFIT directly from BASHING Sprint/RIM because he is invested in NOKIA and wants to buy Microsoft. And this is NEWS??????

NO it is people who are trying to manipulate the market to increase their profit on nothing more than speculative buying and spreading rumours and garbage!!!!

PUKE PUKE PUKE to American Wall Street 1% a$$e$