Hey Marissa Mayer - We don't want you anyway

Marissa Mayer
By Team CrackBerry on 28 Nov 2012 05:02 pm EST

Marissa Mayer apparently doesn't care for BlackBerry. This was evident back in September when she announced that Yahoo! employees had to kick their BlackBerry to the curb and opt for an iPhone 5, Lumia 920 or Galaxy S3 instead. Mayer took another jab at RIM during an interview with Fortune last night, inferring that a BlackBerry isn't even considered a smartphone.

"One of the really important things for Yahoo's strategy moving forward is mobile," she said. "So it was really important that our engineers, our salespeople, really everyone throughout our whole organization really understand Android, iPhones, and, you know, Windows 8 and really get a sense of what's happening there and how to create an amazing experience... so we decided we wanted to get everyone upgraded to smartphones." 

They are called BlackBerry Smartphones for crying out loud. We get that there are things going on with all of these platforms, but make no mistake Miss Mayer - BlackBerry can't be counted out. BlackBerry 10 is just the "amazing experience" you're referring to, and it's most definitely a smartphone -- or better yet -- a mobile computing platform. Not to mention the thousands of people that are still easily using Yahoo! through BIS thanks to their BlackBerry. And for the record, everything you mentioned in your interview can be done just fine on a BlackBerry, and soon even better on BlackBerry 10.

We really don't think that what device your employees are using should be at the top of your to-do list either. Yahoo! has quite a long road to plow if there are hopes of ever being relevant again. 

Stop jumping on the BlackBerry Bashing Bandwagon just to get your name in a story and focus on your product before it becomes even more forgetable.

Somehow, Marissa, I think we'll find the strength to go on living.  

Oh, and nice dress.

Feel free to Tweet Marissa Mayer and let her know just how relevant BlackBerry is!

Source: Fortune 

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Hey Marissa Mayer - We don't want you anyway


Not calling blackberry SMARTPHONES smartphones, is ridiculous. Blackberrys are extremely capable and can do so much and even now some platforms don't even come close to what bbos can do. And bb10 more so. No wonder she runs yahoo...

Who cares.

There are like, what, thousands of people still using Yahoo?

"Yahoo!" ?

more like:

I hardly used Yahoo any more anyway (can't recall the last time), but I'm now officially removing their app from my Torch and deleting my Account. I suggest loyal BB users do the same. She has done herself well to alienate 80M current and possibly new subscribers in one fell swoop.
RIM should stop supporting YahooIM as well. Discontinue anything to do with that garbage.

id wager there are more people with dev alpha`s than there are yahoo users lol.

i kindly fixed her quote for her:

"One of the really important things for Yahoo is to attempt to look relevant even though we`re well past it"

And a ford escort is still faster than the fastest cyclist on the best bike in the world - WTF is your point?

She wants her people to understand viewing/using Yahoo! on mobile. So she is having everyone switch to those mobile platforms on which people view Yahoo!.
I use a 9900, and don't use Yahoo!, so she was right on target for me.

(is there a "." after the "!"?)

Hey she does not consider a Blackberry a Smartphone JUST LIKE I DON'T CONSIDER YAHOO A SEARCH ENGINE, Shows u how far behind they really are behind

I just voted "No Way". 81% of votes agree with me! I personally hope she sees this CrackBerry post. Heck, someone should tweet it at her! Maybe she'll be a bit more educated about BB10 and see that changing platforms was a costly and unnecessary decision.

yup, she`s less popular than the higgs boson, which has gotta be frustrating when its `person` of the year lol.

also noteworthy is tim cook is sat at 89% `no way` currently!

I went to twitter and got her handle of @marissamayer. Her (current) first tweet has the Time Mag link, then just click the "No Way" dot. The No's are still at 81%.

Just voted no from my Blackberry 9800 smartphone. Went back and voted no for a second time from my Blackberry Playbook. Good luck Marissa!

So, basically what you're saying is Marissa is wrong because BB will _eventually_ get there? In other words, she's 100% right that at the moment the BlackBerry phone platform can't be compared to other mobile operating systems?

No one's doubting that BB10 is going to be great. But she's not wrong - BB devices at the moment are _not_ modern smartphones. Maybe in 2013, but not today. Funny thing is you're saying the same thing and are, essentially, agreeing what she has to say.

Stop acting like a victim when you know the issue at hand.

She asked what the top things people do on their phones are: email, weather, check stocks, check sports, watch videos, share photos, check the news. BlackBerry does all of those things.

She wants her employees to "understand smartphones" so she can build her Yahoo mobile experience.. yet has purposefully excluded BlackBerry smartphones, and the 80 million people that use them. 

Thank you!!! How can a CFO be that shortsighted?! How can you just exclude 80 million potential customers? You took the words right out of my mouth.

A Nokia Asha could do all that. Maybe she was simply targeting the phones/OS's with the largest user bases?
It's not so surprising that she's excluding 80 million people, and it might be because RIM is excluding them as well. Maybe it's just not worth the time developing apps for both OS7 AND BB10... Or maybe she feels her employees won't learn much from using OS7. And I tend to agree with her. It's worse than the other 3 OS's in pretty much every way you can think of.

*leaves before waaaah FIPS waah!*

iOS can't even add a set of files from the phone's filesystem (not that there's one to access anyways) as an email attachment. iOS is a nice toy, but it's hardly smart or computer-like.

It isn't that they do them, the fact is they do them as good if not better than other devices.

Just got an message (email, Twitter, SMS, etc), press the "m" and boom you are there. "t" to go to top, "b" to bottom, "q" for a quick vibrate/normal toggle, "r" to reply, a two way convienence key on the side and many more things that make these devices some of the best in the world.

Sorry to rant like an old man at 36 but some people are just lost. BB haters can have your angry birds or whatever you may be complaining about. I'll keep my physical keyboard, on-screen keyboard (landscape and portrait), two-way convienence key, removable battery, expandable storage and "unified" inbox. If having a webpage open in 2.3 seconds instead of 2.31 seconds is worth sacraficing all of these great features not sure you can be helped.

Ttry getting a search result from mail on your remote exchange server for a 2 year old email on IOS. Or one finger/touch copy and paste. shortcut keys. Shortcut words. Anyone who thinks a box that is essentially a iPod w/ a phone attached is really a full on replacement for an enterprise level business device is not in touch w/ what Blackberry can do NOW. Even ignoring BB10. We could all go on and on but it's apparent there is an infatuation w/ IOS that reminds me of the Disco craze. One day the world woke up and realized we'd all make fools of ourselves for years and without ever acknowledging it we just let it die.

It's just more of the same. There is a loosely concerted effort to marginalize BlackBerry -- just to help along it's "demise".

Hopefully BlackBerry 10 stays on track and kicks some major butt.


Mayer is the CEO of a company offering its services globally. But by focusing on platforms currently popular in one region, she is choosing to ignore that growing, mobile potential globally. Even after BB10 devices launch, BBOS7.x isn't going away anytime soon. I would have thought that the CEO of a company seeking relevance itself, could see that.

Fans of Mayer (and other mobile platforms) should remember that she isn't always correct. When deciding which job offer to take after graduating from Stanford, she gave Google a 98% chance of failure (theverge.com), but she took the job anyway, and the rest is history. I sincerely hope that she is just as wrong about BlackBerry, as she was about the company that raised her to such heights in the tech world.

I'd also like to say that the comment "Oh, and nice dress" at the end of the article, seems tasteless, tacky, and immature. I think we should be better than that.

BlackBerry by choice.

Are you serious, current bb's aren't modern smartphones!?! So a lack of apps is stone age to you. What, are you from the future where phones can walk and talk for you to? A bb can do ANYTHING other phones can. Get real bro!

Actually, that's not true. With a BlackBerry you cannot print directly to a printer. Nor can you scan directly to a BlackBerry from a scanner.

With iOS and Android you can.

I'm not dumping on BB, just correcting a fact.

Quote from that link Posted by Zildjian71 Friday, Jul 20, 2012

"Oniberry thanks for pointing out that this app is only for commercial printer/copiers not for what's connected to your PC at home. Kind of makes this announcement useless."

So technically, yes a BB can print/scan to a particular commercial printer/scanner, but not for everyone so it can't be considered as such.

That's exactly why Yahoo! is going down the pooper. You need to think ahead and not what was current yesterday or is now.

My thoughts exactly lol. I was going to post that but you beat me to it. Yahoo has always be me-too and hasn't brought anything new to the table. That's probably why the only thing it's relevant for now is Fantasy sports

She's leading Yahoo to do what RIM did a couple of years ago: be blind to what is coming down the pipeline and what will be revolutionary (referring to RIM's past view of Apple's iPhone). Bury your head in the sand and tell yourself you're on top of things.

Please define what modern smartphone is before writing blackberry is not one (apart from apps,because smartphones aren't defined by apps). In fact, to me you're only half right. Blackberry is not JUST a smartphone. No other platforms provides what blackberry give along with BIS. Blackberry is smartphone++.

About yahoo, yesterday I read about yahoo got easily hacked in by someone. Makes me wonder, is security not important to yahoo? Then I should move my yahoo emails to other service ASAP. *off to move my emails*

Btw I don't use yahoo search engine anymore. It's outdated and not modern anymore.

I would be surprised if there isn't already at least one BlackBerry DEV device in Yahoo's possession unless they totally ignore several DEV events that RIM put out the past couple of months. In any case, when the time is right, RIM should definitely reach out and show Yahoo's upper management the potentials of BB10.


If you want to talk obsolescence, then she certainly doesn't have to look very far. After all, who the heck still uses Yahoo for anything these days?

Funny... Since she's in charge of a company that is struggling (even harder than RIM at that...), I would expect a little less attitude.

Her point is valid, but like many others, completely ignoring 80 million users just shows how brilliant she is.

Agree on the attitude.

Though she pretty much is brilliant. She helped develop Google from the start... Given time, she may be able to save Yahoo. She hasn't been been their CEO that long, so we have yet to see how she'll manage it.

I wonder how long it will be before the revolving CEO door at Yahoo kicks her out on her ass. If you read up on coworker experiences with her while she was at Google you will see that she is horrible to work with and the only reason she was around at Google for as long as she was is because she was there during Google's infancy.

She's a moron and the world will know soon enough how useless she really is.

huh! what?! what's Yahoo..?? do ppl still use that??, oh man, that is soooooo..... yesterday, hahaha...

... and she became part of Yahoo!'s excecutive team? No wonder the company is where it is.

Now is is clear why I chose Yahoo! For simply junk mail. =0)

I wouldn't even give the satisfaction of them receiving my Junk mail. That would just provide them with a user stat..

"Nice Dress" Haha, CrackBerry is awesome! And damn her laugh ws weird in that video talking about maps. Sounded like she was gagging... kinda hilarious actually.

I'm sorry but her saying that BlackBerry isn't a smart phone and is irrelevant is the pot calling the kettle black. If your heading up a company struggling to get traction, the last thing you want to do is exclude anything or anyone that could potentially be a customer. One should never alienate users of that brand unless your business doesn't need those people. Best practice regardless of what your thoughts are about that product, say nothing and move on.

I haven't used Yahoo for years but as a Blackberry user and supporter, I can dam well assure you that while she's heading up the business I won't ever use Yahoo for anything.. And Ms. Mayer you can take that to the BANK!


What does she need a smartphone for?

Oh, and BTW the dress is what my granny wears. Just as out of fashion as Yahoo. And don't go into public if you have a bad hair day. Go and see a proper hair stylist.

Honestly does anyone care what she has to say? Most people don't consider Yahoo! a search engine anymore, but someone obviously forgot to tell her that...lol

I say it again, why does this moron encourage her employees to invest in devices from direct competitors of Yahoo? Apple, Microsoft, Google? Does she not comprehend that she is padding her competitors bank accounts? Brilliant!

So her feelings to blackberry is my feelings to yahoo. She doesn't consider them a smartphone and I don't consider yahoo a search engine! But I am sure people will wake up and realize blackberry is a smartphone WAY before people will ever rightfully use yahoo as a search engine.

And as for credible news, it is about as useful and informative as CNN. Yes I was smiling when typing that. Lol.

Also nice to see the company named after her as she seems to be the biggest yahoo of them all!

i don´t care what she say... i'm just a blackberry smartphone really happy user, and one less yahoo user... plus remember a person is as smart, like the phone they use :)... no wonder why they what all those iToys :)

Do you think she made these idiotic comments while PMSing with raging hormones? Because no informed person would say something so idiotic about Blackberry.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

I'll give her a piece of my mind with a video AND a few tweets from kdentica, where google will pick it up, unlike twitter. SHAME on her.

This chick is a dumbass, plain and simple.

No disrespect at all who the hell still uses Yahoo???????

Google Or Bing.... thats it for most folks I talk to.... Yahoo was dead in 2003

I think she need to take lessons from other smart, savvy and sophisticated women who use BlackBerry devices and rock the scene - Rosie Pope, Cheryl Cole, Arianna Huffington and even Beyonce. I remember reading an article and this blasted woman joined office a few days after her pregnancy. Any self respecting mother would take weeks and even doctors advise rest for 5-6 weeks to recover.

"I think she need to take lessons from other smart, savvy and sophisticated women who use BlackBerry devices and rock the scene"

And that guy at Google, Eric Schmidt :-D

I like her, she is doing a great job at Yahoo, I'll be shorting Yahoo stock soon and hope to make a ton of money from her great work. You go girl!!!

Directv sent out a flyer that shows an Android/iPhone looking device under Smartphones, and showed a BlackBerry (could read the name on the phone) under other web enabled Mobile devices. It seemed to indicate that BlackBerry was not a smartphone, so this isn't just an opinion held by one person.

But you have to remember that the majority of BB's out there are pre OS7, and give the fact that early BB browsers SUCK and that almost no one writes commercial apps for Blackberry. It leave BB as a 2nd class smartphone.

Ok, so you're CEO of a platform that's struggling to survive and you insult 80 million potential users of your platform? Maybe she's not as bright as we were told...

Common sense is not that common, as is intelligence, and her comments reminds us that it's not what you know or what's in your brain that counts. Sometimes promotions are all about who you know..

It's good to see she's endorsing phones that, by default, use Yahoo's rivals as their default search engine. i can just imagine all their employees using Bing for their searches. I realize that BB does not use yahoo by default, but they are not in the portal/search engine business.

I guess we not gonna get yahoo messenger... my world is ending now.....crying like a baby.... wait, I don't use yahoo messenger, I use BBM and MSN so I guess im not going to miss it... I actually deleted yahoo messenger from my phone, it was just taking up valuable space... Marrissa and to suck an egg...

About the only use I have for Yahoo! is as an email account for stuff that I know will result in a ton of spam.

BlackBerry will still be around long after she is unceremoniously canned from Yahoo!

Wonder if she had applied for a job at RIM and got turned away so now she's got a wee grudge going on.
Or perhaps an ex or fling loved BB's sooooooo we're all feeling the pain now.

We alllllll know how spiteful women can get.......

I used to yahoo a lot but only use my yahoo email as a spam filter for sites that 'need' and email address.

I'll be sure to visit the yahoo main page a lot when BB10 comes out so her webmaster can report the hits coming from a BB10 OS browser. Let her know she was wrong.

Where is RIM CEO on this? Thorsten should rip her part on this. Lets get her in the octagon with Thorsten and b*tch slap her with the alpha unit.

It's pretty funny that she feels BlackBerry's are irrelevant when she is CEO of a company that is now irrelevant. I seriously have not heard of anyone using Yahoo in at least 5 years. Will be interesting to refer back to these comments of her's when she's pleasantly surprised by BB10.

Never heard of her I dont even know who she is.A Top CEO or top executives know about blackberry and they would'nt champion W8 phone for starters. I aint been to yahoo since what 2000's.SHe's irrelevant we will accept her concession in future.

#teamblackberry needs to show this ignorant executive the errors of her ways. 80million (+ the people we know) need to learn to get along without yahoo products. Maybe She needs a forced retirement?

The mighty Thor now needs to stand up for #teamblackberry and put M&M in her place!


I think that the appropriate course of action would be to get Alex Saunders in front of her and her team and get them enthusiatically supporting the BB10 platform like so many others have.

Yahoo is a big, visible, and globally recognised player - despite all the negativity on this forum. The comments here about Yahoo are the same silly comments being made about RIM in many cases by other malinformed bloggers and so-called analysts.

Yahoo, more or less, represents the negative mindset of most American consumers regarding BlackBerry, I feel.

For such an entity to change their (very public) opinion is a barometer of what hope RIM has for the American Market in general, it seems to me. If she comes around, then there is solid hope for the rest of the marketplace.

My two cents.

Yahoo. Last time I checked that company was desperate to sell and no one wanted them. Yahoo is on a death spiral anyways. Who wants to pay extra to send mail using a yahoo email on outlook or another client. Their chat is nothing but spam and the portal sucks.

Yahoo is another 90's company that never adapted. Rim sure does not need yahoo for anything. All their portals are bland boring air.

PS Marissa the breaking Amish show needs you back for filming. You look hideous, did you sew that dress yourself?

And speaking of which, guess which Blackberry-slamming website was quick to post about Mayer's interview? Come on, guess!

Edit: I hadn't actually read the BGR article before posting what's above, but have now. What Brad Reed wrote is surprisingly balanced.

It's interesting though how BGR's photo of Ms. Mayer has her all pretty smiles, while Crackberry's photo is...less complimentary.

Well she will definitely have to eat her words and then throw them back up on her pretty dress or wait she may have already done that. I honestly didn't know who this was when I started reading but after all said and done I really could care less what her opinion of BB is, we all love our phone and nobody can say different. Too much negativity going around this holiday season...where's the love at people!

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

How arrogant, if her focus is on mobile why would she exclude any mobile player, if she sold tires would she put off a certain car company? It makes absolutely no business sense. Unless she is truly loving bb10 and wants to throw off the competition, otherwise she is really stupid with absolutely no brain in your head, or A f-en jacka$$.

She's got her bias from working under Google as an executive.

However, not considering a BlackBerry as a smartphone, let alone a modern smartphone is baseless. It's got all the functions phones have needed, even if 9900 can't compare to the flagship models of the other platforms.

My company is removing their BES server and going solely with BYOD for mobile devices. Not sure how my BB works with the GOOD servers.... Sorry, not giving up my BB right now. Also, speaking of BB's not being called "Smartphones", I ran into this at a Sprint kiosk at the mall. I was curious about the Galaxy S3, because two of my buddies just got one, so I wanted to check it out and see what the hype was about. It was a nice phone, had some neat features, and I was complimenting about it. The salesman (big fat slob of a man) said that "All Smartphones have that feature." I said, my Torch2 doesn't do that. Then he had the gall to say to my face "That's because your Blackberry isn't a real smartphone." Completely straight faced! He tried to explain that it was because of the BIS/BES servers. That relying on those made it not be a smartphone. It took me by surprise for a second, and I seriously considered decking him for being so rude, but I carefully placed the phone back in the display mid sentence, and walked away. I didn't need to meet mall security, and have a lawsuit on my hands.

Maybe RIM should reach out to her and make somethign happen. .. until then I'll settler for flaming her on twitter. . .LOL

Three weeks ago, Yahoo's Fantasy Football servers had a big outage on a Sunday. I'm sure Yahoo employees on their iPhone 5, SG3, or Lumia were treated with the same experience as their users on a computer or Blackberry during this outage! Maybe she should focus her company on maintaining its own infrastructure before declaring that their employees need to experience mobile Yahoo like their users.

Guys no fire required, just be cool and collective this is a partnership game. Criticize with facts like when Heins in an interview questioned the sources of the New York Times. Yahoo CEO comments and media bashing just shows us that people want to see the goods they want the BB10


definitely agree RIM should reach out and try to win her back. Why not have the best Yahoo app. She is someone who is driven to make Yahoo successful again just like TH is with BB... she just needs to be made a strong partner. She's a talented lady and highly regarded, once she sees the power of the new BB she'll be an advocate. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying this interview doesn't piss me off lol... but we have to resist the urge to get up and walk away because partnerships on content are actually something BB needs to work hard to earn.

I have never had a yahoo account, also never use Yahoo at all ... Every BB I have, first thing I do is deleting their app.

I read once and article that Yahoo just did on a complicated way what google did easily ... In other words, that they put so many code lines and stuffs on their page, when google just did better on an so easier way ...

So if they like to complicate things, keep letting this woman leading them ...

And I imagine if RIM gives her a BB10 DEV device, she would give to someone else, because she want a smarthphone pfffffff

Lol. How can anyone consider an iPhone a smartphone, when it is incapable of true multitasking.

Oh, and what's a "Yahoo!" ?

She should learn to keep that BIG pie hole in her face shut.
She just cost Yahoo 80 million customers.

Is this someone you want leading your company?


Dear Marissa: what you are saying is that your Company has had a poor mobile experience because your employees have been using BlackBerries? How do you explain the poor experience on the desktop? I believe your problems maybe be larger than you may understand. I stopped using your services years ago. My platform of choice has plenty of alternatives to what you provide. PS I have 80 MILLION mobile friends. Thanks

Since her focus is on mobile, I have a feeling she's hoping to hook up with Apple, to replace Google as Apple's partner.

Well, when I read the headline I got my hackles up and quickly log in to leave my two cents worth. You guys have mostly said it all. I swear I got some good laughter therapy out of some of your posts.

The real deal is that she made a grossly uninformed comment but she came by that type of thinking honestly . It is just amazing to me what some media "tech experts" write and get away with.

So how do high-minded BlackBerry people who "do" need to react? By giving the impression we love a good barroom brawl on a Friday night? I stand with those that say RIM should put a little effort into converting this woman. She can't help but ending up not only drooling after a BB10 phone, but admiring what RIM is doing to turn around.

Bottom line: what she is saying is either true or not true, and the future will prove it out. I am voting for RIM.

Yahoo is garbage. I literally use it to have something to enter into a Required Field of an online form that I know will send me spam.

Yahoo is nothing more than a spam dumpster.

1st thing I do when I get a new device is delete anything to do with Yahoo. There are so many better options. Yahoo is comparable to AOL something that should have gone away 15 years ago.

So childish of Crackberry to basically urge their users to start a war on twitter with someone who could care less. Just because someone likes different things doesn't mean you have to attack them. If you people had real lives, maybe your parents could have taught you that if you don't like what someone is doing, you leave them alone. But then again I'm talking to people who have been on the my strange obsession tv show who have sex with their Blackberrys.

I looked at her twitter account and voted her down in the Time 2012 person of the year vote she is in.

Lets just vote her down so she is worse then Tim Cook who surprisingly is down near the bottom already.


She's a whore who cares what she says. She was probably passed on as a CEO option and is pissed off now because Thor is way better

Can't tell smartphone from a smartphone fail.
can't tell the different between business phone from a toy/entertainment phone fail.

funny that she would make such a comment...considering that she is running a company that is about as relevant as wired corsets.

There is nothing offensive in what she is saying. She's not attacking RIMM, so people need to relax. Mayer sees growth in mobile, and she wants her employees to use what her customer base is using: iPhone, Android, WP. Yahoo's main customer base is in the US, where BB only has 1.6% market share. How do you expect your employees to innovate for the mobile market (read: iPhone & Android) when your employees are forced to carry a phone that only 1.6% of your customer base uses?

When (not if) BB10 grabs more market share BBs will be included in the choice of phones, so again, relax.

BTW, I am a shareholder in both YHOO and RIMM. Mayer is to YHOO as BB10 is to RIMM.

Hey AristoFtw

where do you get your facts, since when is RIM mobile market share in the USA 1.6% ? Since you read the latest media bashing stats. That was 1.6% of current mobile sales in the USA are BB. That's not a surprise heck some corporations are using outdated BB6 phones. They can upgrade to BB7 Bold 9900 with updated software BB7 software, and be productive. There are more then 1.6% users of RIM phones in the USA. Get your facts right. Cantech says 20% of USA mobile users are BB.
BB10 will be a powerhouse platform offering versus iOS , S3 , HTC.

Regardless, Mayer has other things to worry about besides shelling out outdated cell phones , maybe she should look at the new BB10 Balance and be productive.


> where do you get your facts, since when is RIM mobile market
> share in the USA 1.6% ?

I wouldn't be so hard on AristoFtw, that stat is misused by everybody on the internets.

I suspect Ms. Mayer is trying to use Blackberry's unfortunate fallen reputation in the U.S. as a metaphor for the change she's attempting to foster in Yahoo: get rid of the old so as to bring on the new.

Should BB10 be successful I bet she starts singing its praises as an example of what she'll make happen for Yahoo.

I whole heartedly agree with your metaphor statement. However, I disagree with the majority of posters here that Mayer is kicking RIMM while it's down. The move she made was well reasoned and logical. She wants her employees to innovate in high growth mobile.

YHOO is trying to make its properties (finance, sports, fantasy, etc) more mobile friendly. It makes more sense for them to use the products (iphone, Android) that they are trying to build for.

Again, just to clarify, I own a significant amount of both YHOO and RIMM shares.

Market share means current mobile sales. That stat does not refer to installed base. At this point I would expect that most BB sales are to Enterprise users. Their share of the consumer market is probably less than 1%. BTW there are still plenty of BB OS 4 devices in use in enterprises.

The installed base may still be 20% but I expect that it is falling as 2yr contracts expire and corporations switch to BYOD or Android/Apple. BB OS 7 is effectively dead in the US. The question is how quickly will BB OS 10 gain market share.

You're correct. 1.6% is the piece of the pie that RIMM currently has of new sales. I use that number to illustrate my point though; there is no reason for Mayer to force YHOO employees to carry, by your own words, an "outdated cell phone."

Nothing suggests that Mayer will not adopt the BB10 once it arrives. When BB10 grabs meaningful market share she will include it on the list of available phones. She would be stupid not to.

My point is, everyone here is getting mad because Mayer decided to drop an OS that is irrelavant. By RIMM's own admission, BB10 doesn't carry over a SINGLE LINE OF CODE from old OS. Why would Mayer waste YHOO money purchasing phones based on an OS that's going out the door?

EDIT - post meant for JC

Why would she want her employees using an obsolete version of the BB OS? She wants her employees to use smartphones their customers are using so they can understand how they navigate etc. when developing things and understanding how the OS7 OS does navigation is not a good thing looking forward 6 months.
Let's see what she says in 4 or 5 months.

Thank you, someone that realizes Mayer's decision was based on logic and reason, and not out of BBhate.

People calling her a whore, dumb b****, clueless need to step back and take a breath.

Hearing someone in a position of authority such as Ms. Mayer slam Blackberry yet again gets my hackles up too. We're just all tired of the Blackberry put-downs.

Who is slamming BB? She decided that arming her employees with an outdated OS was not in the companies best interests. Is that Mayer's fault or RIMM's? I'm a RIMM shareholder and I applauded Mayer's move...I didn't like hearing it, but I recognized it for a smart move.

Following the logic of the majority of commenters here we should look up the address of every developer that ditched RIMM for iPhone/Android and go burn down there house.

Soon as BB10 launches i am ditching my POS iphone5. The old 8520 just couldn't make it a few more months. So sick and tired of hitting the home button, double clicking home to bring up the multitask apps than hold a icon to delete them. Take So long to do the simple things. Fark you apple, your phone sucks!

She's not been quote saying the currently Blackberry's are old, but that they're not smartphones. That is an untruth, and thus something I do consider a slam.

82 million Blackberry subscribers.....Can Yahoo say that.....and what the hell is a "Yahoo".....Do they have a cure for that...........

So here is an example of a large slow moving corporate entity that no doubt left most of their employees equipped with OS5 for the last 5 years. If not, and most were OS7, this is a fine example of the perception problem that RIM is faced with when BB10 launches; e.g: BB's aren't for apps, BB's can't do much of anything, etc...

RIM's marketing plan needs to include non-traditional methods of setting the record straight. Thus far they have been engaging directly with the media, and I hope Thorsten does reply to this Marissa's comments. She talks about partnering where necessary, but only mentioned giving money to her competitors smartphone segments, LOL.

Well, consider this....if yahoo's technology in mobile, was as far behind as Blackberry's was the last 2-3 years, their change is late. On the other hand, I have a strong feeling that if OS10 is well received in the marketplace, Marissa won't be far behind supporting it. And, I think Waterloo will have some input on that also.

i a lot of what has been said by some already. especially from the ones that say that her comments are uninformed. Being that she feels yahoo should have a greater mobile presence, blackberry should've have been the logical choice in my opinion. Windows phones have bing, Android has google. Apple has to do some soul searching after the passing of Steve Jobs. The best bet would've been to go with blackberry.

Blackberry has been playing catch up for some time now and they've been making changes with leaps and bounds. It would be in Yahoo's best interests to have their developers work with blackberry. At least send Yahoo developers to Devcon and see the buzz and excitement generated from other developers.

Another thing, that I would've done if I was Marissa, was to at least speak to Thorsten Heins to see what his thought process is. If you're serious about having a mobile presence, you don't ignore 80 million subscribers.

It's not childish for Crackberry to ask it's user base to send Marissa feedback. If done in a proper and positive manner, feedback can be very informative. Crackberry nation is a very powerful force. We're all united in seeing Blackberry do well.

Why would they even offer Lumias unless they were getting kickbacks for doing so in the first place...

Mindset of employees can't be changed by giving iphone. They will end up playing games all the time. Instead she should learn from Thorsten Heins how to survive a company. He never said his employees to dump yahoo email address but focused on RIM's strengths and weakness. He sailed RIM from the bitter strome sucessfully and BB10 is knoking our doors..

I have watched Ms Mayer for some time and to be forthright she is not CEO material. She appears to believe that bravado is a substitute for sound planning and a reasoned methodical approach. While one could argue that Yahoo and RIM have suffered similar fates over the last few years, It is my belief that only RIM is positioned to reemerge as a leader in the mobile communications field. This is due to RIM's management team which tackled their problems head on and established a long term strategic plan. Unfortunately, Ms Mayer has no such plan and has surrounded herself with equally visionless people. She will last less than 2 years in her current position.

Wow that's just wrong for her to say. i'm shock that yahoo is still around blackberry is more relevant than yahoo

Seriously, YaWHO? Who really cares about Yahoo today I might ask. If I have to think about Yahoo, I'd have to think back a few years ago. When there was Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and of course AOL.
Instead of throwing with stones of her glass housing, Ms. Yahoo!? should get her own things together before insulting other companies for being outdated.

just voted NO WAY. For one simple reason. Yahoo was good, and bb still remains good. Simple. May her belief in god should really help her in making yahoo the same as it was again. People usually project their belief in god only to gather followers, If you believe in god good, shut up and I don't need to know you do, its a simple fact.(shows what you are).

" No Way " is at 81% right after I voted.

@marissamayer Don't be to quick to dismiss blackberry, quite a few of your customers use BB. Dismissing a group of clients? unprofessional.

What an idiot!!! What possible reason would Marissa Mayer have to slam Blackberry. I will no longer support Yahoo. so now I can say that I will kick Yahoo to the curb!!!!!!! And you call yourself a CEO, what a joke!!!!!

Perhaps her terminology is incorrect, but I can see where she's coming from... After all, BlackBerry has fallen so far from grace that it's hardly worth sniffing at anymore.

BlackBerry App World has hardly any applications (especially when compared to the likes of the Google Play Store and iStore), the browser is slow and outdated, the operating is somewhat outdated and so few companies/Web sites support BlackBerry that it's simply heartbreaking.

Hopefully BlackBerry 10 will change all this, but what we have right now? It's hardly relevant in today's world!

I like BlackBerry just as much as the next guy - probably more so - but there's no point in getting worked-up over a point that is actually correct from a certain point of view...

Current BlackBerry devices and app library is not as big as other competitors', that much is certain, but using that as a basis to completely disregard BlackBerry as not a smartphone is ridiculous. It's like saying that because Mac's hardware specifications and game library is much more limited than Windows, Mac is not even a computer.

I'd also add that current BB OS7 browsers are very capable and not slow at all. Once again, you'er living in that OS5/6 world. Things are very different on OS7.

Yahoo! was good during the early years of internet, now Google has everything Yahoo! had and do them better.

Purposefully excluding BlackBerry in a line of smartphones is not a good move. Although, actually do anyone even use a Yahoo! service on their BlackBerry?

...even the dress looks like made for the belle of the village... if you live in the US Borscht-Belt or may be Corn-Belt...Up to now I associate with "Yahoo" more a text for a synch for a B-movie of the porn-industry... Yaaaa.....Hoooooo.... yaaa hooo ...hooo.hooo..hooo... Cant help...

I Haven't used Yahoo search in 6+ years. Still have a yahoo email but never use it. Just went to checkout yahoo and it looks like my IT department Blocked the yahoo site for my entire company. IT helpdesk just emailed all 900+ employees that everyone should change default search to google or bing as Yahoo will no longer be allowed. LMAO They are hardcore bb and crackberry fans. Gota love it!

I agree with The Lady: BB is losing ground fast in the Smartphone market that it is hardly a player right now. App World has nothing but 'wannabe' Apps in it; the Playbook is dependent on Android Apps for its Oxygen and BB10 is late. It is only BBM that is keeping them alive. Not sure how long for, though

Just my 2 cents!

2 cents mean squat. The nation is 80 million strong and growing. The world is not all about the US market. Last time i checked the country is still in the crapper. I doubt you even own a playbook let alone seen Blackberry World!

2 billion cash on hand plus patents, and a cash flow increase last quarter. They are from from dead. No company could kill them off when they never kept up with the market 2 years ago and had to finally catch up with new devices and a new OS. Apple will now be in the same position as RIM was in. Just wait and see...If you think iphone has been blazing up the innovation trail you're truly blind.

Faster processor, bigger screen, and a lightning port now because accessory makers sales flat lined. Hardly innovation it's all about ripping people off!

Rim is now at a rebirth just like Apple was. But not even close to the shape they were in. What happened there? Why would RIM die now? It's a rebirth and about to kick some ass with BB10!

That precious Apple bubble has burst. Just look at the iphone 4 to 5 no real changes... YAWN

The last time I read the news RIM was losing share fast in markets like Spain and Brazil (http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/11/28/rims-market-share-slips-some-more/) so the 80 million strong BB Nation is a hoax at best.

As for all your other points: they are based on something that is still to come. On the other hand all the points in my post are facts that have actually happened or are happening.

For example, the BB Nation loves to quote the $2B RIM has. From an end user perspective if this $2B is unable to get an Amazon Kindle App on my Bold 9800 then it is worthless paper money.

As for patents, just yesterday Nokia won the injunction against RIM and now RIM will have to pay Nokia for every sale it makes or else the sales of their devices are doomed.

Bottom line: its good to be passionate about something, its better to be realistic

Just my 2 cents!

80 million+ users is no hoax, that's drawn from the current subscriber base. Also, RIM can't force Amazon to make an app nor make one themselves without getting approval from Amazon. As far as the injunction, it's not going to have any immediate ramifications as Nokia's going to have fight quite a few legal battles to get it recognized in other countries. RIM will likely pay royalties anyway to avert any possible sales bans, because, well, they have $2bil to do that with.

Do your homework.

I have been made fun of for using Yahoo as my home page roughly about the same as I have been for still having a BlackBerry. I've had a Yahoo account since the day they offered them and it was the first web page I ever saw.

Anyway. I just cancelled my small web site my band hosted with them and changed my home page. There are plenty of reasons to not support BlackBerry right now, but no reason to be snotty about it.

Who Should Be TIME's Person of the Year 2012?

Won't be Marissa Mayer 13,166 (Yes)/55,632 (No)

You can thank the Crackberry Nation for putting you near the bottom of the pile. Like you ever stood a chance after those remarks. Just like the dress you wore, you're out of touch with fashion and running a 90's web portal that should just die. Do you yahoo? I bet your default search engine is Google..lol

BB by choice, iSheep just whine!

Just voted no way and tweeted her. Cc'ed crackberry and blackberry as well..
Its true. U yourself is in as troubled company as rim and yet being snotty publicly?
Wrong move to belittle a company with 80mill existing bis consumers.

BlackBerry not a smartphone? lets break down the definition of what a smartphone is:
phone: a communication device used to making calls and messages
smart: not Mayer
therefore, BlackBerry is a Smartphone!

Can't...take...my...eyes...off that dress...

Kidding aside, seems more like a Google crony placed into a failing company to finish it off, or a rather desperate attempt by Yawho? (clever, no) to appear hip and in touch with reality. Sorry, but too little too late. Oh and I have a novel idea if you want to draw search traffic, build a functioning search engine!

Just another one of those people who should be more in the know, who obviously is not. It really amazes me when people in relatively high corporate positions are so ill informed. But then again she does work for Yahoo, which really isn't Google is it now? So it's not really a "smart" ...you get the point.

Obviously she touched a very sensitive spot in the hearts of many BB fans. But she is right.
OS 7 is completely outdated. Our only hope is BB10.

These comments are exactly why YAHOO is no longer relevant. It's a shame cause I did like a lot of their stuff back in the day.

They are trying to build a new yahoo and basically RIM is doing the same thing, so they should know better.

Any hope for BB10 you ugly skank?

Am I missing something? She didn't bash RIM or BlackBerry. She simply didn't mention them. An omission is not a bashing. Am I reading the quote wrong?

She's right. BBOS up to version 7 feels even less suited for a smartphone than Symbian. I wouldn't currently (or in the past) buy a BB phone (even less so considering the dated hardware specs and preposterous price tag... in my country you pay almost full price for mobile unless you get extremely expensive monthly plans with your carrier).

I have a PB so my pov is different about BBOS10. The quality of the hardware (build and specs) coupled with cost/quality and content availability will determine if I ever get such a device. For me it would have to at least match or come close to Android devices, OS flexibility and content availability.

BBAW for the PB is the worst app store of any current platform... even more so when it comes to free basic software such as file management, system tools / troubleshooting, office / reading... plus it has a very unfair app update policy if the original license was a giveaway or was at boutght during a sale. When you want to advertise a work product you should offer / give work apps (not games!).

Well I did have a yahoo account until this morning. It felt so good canceling this crap. After hearing Marissa Mayer useless comment , l have totally lost all respect for Yahoo. To me, Yahoo can join AOL and. Netscap/Navigator

I have a Yahoo email account. Works great and has some of the best spam filtering I've come across. Their Games section is really good if you like playing cards. Also, their Finance page is pretty sound (except they include story links for Wall St Cheat Sheet which is a joke). It's too bad this dumbass is going to ruin the company (even worse than it is now)

Just tweeted the following: @marissamayer Haven't used Yahoo for years, will keep my Blackberry thank you, Hitler was also Time Person of the Year.

I love my BlackBerry but I never feel like a step child if my beloved BB is not mentioned. Who cares that she didn't mention the BB I use yahoomail and that's it, the search engine is lame always has been! She should however choose her words carefully the tech market can change at the blink of an eye and there are clearly very many brand sensitive people out there and they will remember such things like not being mentioned! Who cares what anyone says about my beloved BB, I use it because it works for me and I don't need to defend myself or rant about it either!

I just don't get Marissa Mayer's actions. It was a comment meant to be deliberately hurtful unnecessarily towards RIM execs . She could have said we are replacing our blackberries with more modern smartphones. One extra word 'modern' would have made a massive difference. It's one thing for one struggling company to be catty with another struggling company. She went one step further and pissed off a giant by hiring away a top Google exec to be her COO. Google is her recent former employee of just a few months ago and the one which helped her get where she is today. Arrogance can be afforded to Steve Jobs when you are top. Don't alienate through unwarranted arrogance when you are at the bottom.

Really? It wasn't enough to point out where she was wrong without resorting to a "nice dress" sarcasm comment? Like you really had to boil it down to that when you'd done a fine job of pointing out why she was wrong without resorting to that petty sexism? Which in turn seems to have fostered that same petty sexism in many of these commenters who have no right to say when a woman should go back to work after pregnancy or think it's their business what she wears even if you don't think it's "nice" by your standards? Ugh, grow up.

She's 100% right ALL Blackberry's from OS7 go down is crap I await to try BB10 but still the experience I doubt would be as good as my iPhone.