Hey look, a BlackBerry Passport spotted in the wild!

By Bla1ze on 27 Jun 2014 08:55 pm EDT

When it comes to the BlackBerry Passport there hasn't really been a shortage of images of it out there but spotting one on the streets just simply isn't likely to happen to many folks as of yet. However, that doesn't mean they're not out there. The above image was sent to us via the CrackBerry twitter account. I don't really have much to say about it, just look at how glorious it is and enjoy it. Thanks, Halobandit!

Update - Ok, considering there's now more images and even video being shared, there's a bit more info here. As noted by the OP, the BlackBerry Passport has a non-removable 3450mAh battery, 32GB of internal storage, 3GB of RAM and of course, that 1440x1440 display which is noted to be LCD. Top loading SIM and SD Card slot and approximate weight is around 6 ounces. You're likely going to want to stay tuned because it seems the floodgates have now opened.

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Hey look, a BlackBerry Passport spotted in the wild!



Beauty is in eye of the beholder. I have seen it side by side with a Z3 doesn't seem much longer just a tad wider.

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Exactly what I thought when saw it beside the iPhone... wished was beside the Z30. also wish had oled screen

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The problem I see with this device you might not be able to do much with just one hand. I use my Q10 one handed lots of times, I think it could be a major productivity issue.

Second problem is probably way too big to use as a phone, it's awkward to hold it to your hear. Chen mentioned there will be accessories to overcome this issue, I wanna wait and see. Perhaps they will sell it with a Bluetooth headset?

As it stands now those are two reasons I will be upgrading my Q10 to a Classic but I'm curious to try the Passport.

I don't see why not. The only time you'd have trouble is when you have to reach to the other side of the keyboard. Other than that you have flick, swipe up for the symbols, word suggestions. And say you wanted to scroll down a page. You just turn it on its side and boom you have a scroll tool. With this phone they optimized it so that people can use it with one hand as much as much as possible because the width is so wide. And I'm sure there are features we haven't even heard of yet.

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"The only time you'd have trouble is when you'd have trouble is when you have to reach to the other side of the keyboard." That's going to be half the time! I don't think can compromise that much productivity. I don't think this phone is optimized for 1 hand use at all. It looks as wide as a Galaxy Note, and the only person I see using that with 1 hand is Lebron James.

I used to use my note with one hand too... I dont see any problems in that :) im 1.90m so z10 is a bit small for my liking eitherway

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The one handed thing is over rated. It is quicker to just use two hands. What is your other hand doing .........???? The only time I one hand is if i was driving which is what we are not to be doing anyways. I think the focus should be in better word prediction. Most one handed messages are very simple sentences.

Holding something: for example:

now what were you saying about not needing 1 handed operation?

Try to reach the top left app icon while holding the phone with your right hand. Once you can't do that, the phone is no longer meant for use with only 1 hand. I think ultimately, BlackBerry has come out with a product that gives QWERTY users a choice, which is good. Opinions may differ, but it shouldn't render other people's opinion wrong. Just be glad you're not stuck with the "one size and one design is all you get" iphone.

Seriously! Too big? Stay then with your crappy small screen Q10. Who cares about using the phone with one hand?

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The people that use the phone with one hand do care. Just because you want to use two hands and wants a large screen, I could just as easily say who cares about the people who wants huge screen?

Then again I know lots of people are ignorant and not respectful of other's people opinions therefore I'm happy that are not in charge at taking such decisions at BlackBerry and that BlackBerry will have several devices to cater for different people needs. It's a big world with lots of different people with lots of different needs.

+1 to this. I'm kind of glad they did do an odd phone. If nothing else it has people intrigued, even people not interested in the BB brand. Personally I'll stick with a full keyboard with printed symbols, so this phone is not for me, but it's caused more coverage in the media than any other BB10 phone so far since the launch, so I say it's a good thing...

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Oh, and Bla1ze, now you've done it. I'm so used to your late night updates that I'm finding myself refreshing the main page and getting a bit frustrated and I don't see any more new stories, lmao!! :-D

When I first saw the design, especially the 90 degree corners, I thought the phone was ugly(yea I know right, just because of corners). But after seeing the final and overall design a few times in people's hand I must say, that this phone is beautiful. In fact, I not only don't mind the corners any more, I actually love them now. There's something sharp(no pun intended) about them, it also looks solid, classy, it's different and just darn right gorgeous.

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I thought it was ugly, now I'm not sure. If it's good enough I don't care what it looks like. Just not convinced of its advantages.

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The Keyboard in Particular. It acts like a touch screen with swipe gestures and doubles as a track pad for example.

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If half the screen is used to display extra virtual keys why the heck does is need a keyboard anyway? Wasted space...


Still not a pretty device. If course beauty is subjective, but from what I've found, the extreme vast majority of people find it subjectively super-ugly :(

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I think there may be a market for it since it has a (virtual) trackpad, big screen, popular apps (via Amazon), and physical keyboard.

But I don't think the vast majority are going to buy it for its looks.

In fact, I think most people who buy it will do so IN SPITE of looks, simply because it's easy and simple to use.

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So a device you've never used is easy and simple to use? Have you installed apps via Amazon for BB10? The apps are buggy and riddled with ads. This device, like BB10 in general, looks like it has have a big learning curve. Not only for non BB users but also existing BB users because the buttons you have memorized are completely different and some are up on the screen with no tactile feedback.

Every device has learning curve if you want to know how to use it to its full potential. Even iPhone with its double tap home button and PB style cards. And apple is also adding gestures and things of that nature. Windows has gestures as does android. BlackBerry can be used in a simple form. Swipe up out of apps. Swipe down for menus. Swipe up out of an app find another and open it. Swipe up to get to home screen and Swipe to the right to get to hub or left for more apps. Where's the curve for basic function? No phone is as simple as people would have you believe when getting into the things that actually make the phone faster to use and more fluid. And if the basic 4 directions of swiping confuse people, go back to feature phones because I'm not too sure you'd be able to get a handle on how a home button works either.

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The app store is coming in 10.3
You can say it's buggy if it still is when it rolls out officially. I have a feeling the runtime will be ridiculously good by then.

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yeah i'm loving the specs on this beast... looks crazy wide next to iphone but i wanna see z10/z30 comparison before making a judgement but by my rough estimates it's 3.5-4inches wide, which is pushing it a bit..

will have to hold in hand to really see what the deal is..

Not sure about the hideous adjective but the keyboard looks odd. Maybe I'm too familiar with the traditional four-row physical keyboard. Hands-on is the only way to know for certain if BlackBerry Passport is in my future.

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Holy cow!!!

Seeing it beside an iPhone really but it in perspective for me in regards to size. Dam that thing is huge! lol

Iphone is ridiculously small...I see people squinting to read their tiny screens whenever I spot one LOL

Lol no, it's so awkwardly wide no one is going to buy this thing BlackBerry is so crazy man thank god for the classic

Q10 Posted via CB10

Looks like the poll that CraxkBerry did the other day disagrees with you.

Then there is also Mr. Jobs that never could understand why anyone would ever want a phone bigger than the iSmall. Looks like he was wrong.

The Passport is a bold move and it will pay off. Bottom line is that there is a huge market for big phones, and growing bigger every day.

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True, except that the 1:1 ratio is completely idiotic. People definitely want big screens, but not when its a square. The passport will not sell well because of it.

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Agreed on the stupid 1:1 ratio. If they took the time to eliminate a row of keys, why not make it taller instead of wider?!? I'm assuming it's a management decision from people who don't know what they're doing and the actual designers are shaking their heads. Maybe it's part of their plan to eliminate staff through attrition instead of having to give them a package. Give people what they really want already. If they were to release a 16:9 screen with a keyboard it would sell.

It makes the perfect Instagram interface. Square pics, seen in hi Def vividness!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

What about the top and bottom menus? That reduces the screen to a shorter rectangle so a square pic doesnt fit. Using instagram, or ANY feed style app even BBM, is so retarded on my Q10s square screen.

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Lol, do me a favor and shoot me. While you're at it, shoot yourself as well. Oh no, only one bullet? Shucks.

Carbon Fiber Z10 w/Leather Holster

How many of those 16:9's do you see out there? Lots. Get a z30 or some other phone then. But his phone is wicked man, especially for the fact that it's a 1:1 ratio device. That's what makes it so awesome. Insane screen realest, I love it. Go big or go home.

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Oops sorry I didn't realize the Z30 and the other 100 5"+ screen devices with insane screen real estate had a physical keyboard.

Someone had to of tried making a Z30 with a keyboard I hope, and after testing this was better. I am not against the Passport but if they skipped doing a Z30 with a keyboard and went straight to this I worry whether this is the best big screen/keyboard form factor.

I think the 1:1 ratio is fantastic, no need to keep rotating my phone back and forth depending on what I am doing.

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It's not that bad i took out my US passport and measured it beside the dimensions of the BlackBerry passport and i realized i can type on it :D

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Way too wide. The black bars on top and bottom would drive me mad when watching videos

Posted via CB10

A few months ago, when it was a nameless unidentified leaked concept it was the ugliest thing this community has seen.. some specs get released along with more pics and it's suddenly magnificent ! Lol.. funny how a lil insight and info changes everyone's opinion including my own.. can't wait to go out and get one!

It's not a "tumah"

I'm not sure about LCD screen.....

In bedside mode, the black colour is making to kick light and this is very annoying, whereas a OLED screen is not using any energy take black pixels, so no light generated at night......

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really ?!
design sucks !
that is terrible ...
we expect more than this shit from blackberry
but we still love blackberry ...

Sometimes like women you a slim gal with big bones and I tell ya she's looking really good and set bwoy!

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

I definitely would like to try one. I'm with Sprint so forward all positive articles and pictures to Sprint. They need to get on board with this or Classic

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Someone, please use your image processing skill to identify the guy in the reflection so we can hunt him down.

ॐ BBM channeling at C003910CB

Can't be too difficult. Unless I'm seeing things that looks like distinctive hair style to me.

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Still don't know what to think of it. At some angles it looks hideous to me. Have to see one up close.

But I do like the shape and the keyboard features. Also the fact that it will run BB Os10.3.

All in all, thanks BlackBerry for really moving forward.

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Looking at the Q10 and just thinking how great that Passport will be in white.

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Just not sure about it. Doesn't look very comfortable to use. Sure it has amazing features though.

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User could be in Scandinavia. Or what's more likely is that since there's no SIM in the phone, it hasn't pulled down the right date and time (and the user hasn't manually set it.)

Very interesting. Something looks off. Based on the direction of the light, shouldn't the top edge have more reflection than the sides? The more I look at it the more I think it's a picture of a phone, perhaps fitted with a screen protector to add realism.

if you have all the options as otg z30, hdmi, dual antenna 2.4. to 5 ghz, miracast, I would be more than happy with a bug that, the only thing i miss the q10 otg

Just PM him, if you apologize he will answer you if he thinks it's sincere. I empathize with you and sometimes things get heated on both sides of the fence. Sorry that you were banned. Hopefully he let's you back in.

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It looks ridiculously wide. I am trying my hardest to like the phone but just can't. I really hope this phone doesn't hurt BlackBerry's reputation even more than it is now. Other than CrackBerry fans and BlackBerry fans, I don't see the general public liking this phone at all.

Quote my words. The Passport will be the most popular BlackBerry 10 device to date. It will get plenty of coverage in the main stream media and pull back a large number of ex BlackBerry users.

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I've tried to like it's looks as well, but I just can't LOL

I can understand people who want one because of it ease-of-use etc... but I simply can't understand people who like (even love) its looks.

It's a fat, squat, stubby, phone. How is that aesthetically pleasing? To each their own though... I guess (confused)

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There is such a thing called "paradigm shift." Have it, and the Passport becomes a beauty. ;)

Posted from my Z30

Well said on 'paradigm shift'. This is most definitely gonna bring BlackBerry back to where it was in terms of interest in the product. I am looking forward to experiencing the real feel of this beast. Also I hope they can fix the carrier issues of the past in the US, and sealing of the earpiece so that it doesn't get clogged and damaged with metal filings for those of us in the metal trades.

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Will the phone fit in a shirt or coat pocket easily? If not, although it looks cool, it will not be very functional for me. Plus, it may look really weird in a holster. Will companies make holsters and cases for this device? We will see.

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There was a post a while back showing cases that were already produced for the passport (the windermere) form factor. So I could imagine there will be.

Pimp slappin iGeeks and Droinerds with my Q10

This is the one thing I'm finding I'm a little concerned about. It looks like it will fit nicely in a breast pocket, but I'll admit I wonder how well it will work in a holster as well.

I still think that the sheer distinctiveness of the shape and the touch-sensitive keyboard are going to attract attention. I'm intrigued...

I suspect that may depend on whether you buy clothes from the large section of the big and tall store or not. For the slim, I think you could probably use this as a breastplate.

Actually, looking at it again, I don't think it's going to be that big - is be surprised if it's taller then the majority of Android smartphones, and it probably won't be hugely wider.

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This is a concern. For work, I wear a suit jacket - so that would be perfect. But I can't see the Passport fitting into a trouser pocket. Even my Z30 is notably less comfortable in a jeans pocket than the Z10 was. Also just a bit too heavy for some casual shirt pockets. Which leaves belt holsters... ugh.

Z10, Z30, PB64

Dress slacks and Dockers should have no problem carrying this. Even smaller jeans. I routinely carry a Z30 + Z10 in my jeans pockets, and on occasion an iPhone 4 in addition to the BBs. My Dockers and dress slacks have nearly twice the pocket my jeans do.

There is a video on YouTube that tells the story of a cop somewhere in South America whose BlackBerry in his breast pocket saved him from a bullet.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I think this is as close as we'll get to striking the balance between screen real estate and a qwerty keyboard (without it being a slider). I still find the Q10 screen a bit small, but I could never go back to the 9900 size screen.

Pimp slappin iGeeks and Droinerds with my Q10

Not liking the dimensions... I might go for the classic next year when my contract is up, but for now the Q10 is here to stay.

After reading all the posts I'm I the only who doesn't like the new passport.

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I can't get my brain to figure out how to type on the thing without dropping it. Just looks out of balance......
Can't wait to see the keyboard features in action though

I was thinking that same thing, but I will be getting it regardless I am sure that all of this has been thought of beforehand.


I agree it will be challenging to hold it comfortably with the sharp corners and type on the keyboard which is the bottom of the device.

Don't know if Verizon will carry this or not due to not having anywhere on the front for putting there logo.

I don't think CB owns this image. They got it first, sure, but they don't own it. If other blogs have a single degree of...journalistic integrity, they will credit CB for it.

Just cause one blog got the picture first means nothing. If another blog posts an entry with the same picture who's to argue without any proof that their source is not the same?!

Lots of assumption in your post!!

Journalistic Credibility lol - this site is more than your a typical blog I'll grant that but the majority of entries posting LOTs of opinions, not to mention spelling errors (I've never have nor claim to be a writer in any way shape or form), in my humble opinion doesn't equate forum posts or title page entries as literary equivalent to articles that require their writers to have journalistic credibility. This is by nature and by force a fan site first and foremost. You want literary journalistic credibility goto the financial times or the new yorker.

CB keep doing what you do!

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

No assumptions. Notice the ending to the first paragraph? That's source referencing. And any other blog can claim the same source, but they'd have to prove it. I can go to CB's twitter right now and see that they were in fact tweeted with that picture. If I can't do that with the other blog's post, they plagiarized.

"If other blogs have a single degree of...journalistic integrity, they will credit CB for it."
^ that is a statement, hard end. There is no leaving to any presumption; so yes I did notice the ending of your paragraph (you only had one btw, lol).

Your making another assumption on Twitter stating the source should be found out by only one medium, lol. common man this isn't gr4 homework here. The "source" could've gotten it via a shared file cloud source or directly via media card ... that is my point .. the source has to be irrefutable. You're staking a claim on literary journalistic credibility based on one simple check on of all things Twitter?!

Not my paragraph, Bla1ze's. Where he clearly lists his source. Now whether or not that is the original source you're correct we may not know, but at least Bla1ze is not say "hey look what I found here," or "I got a Passport!!1" He's crediting where/who HE got the information from. That's all I ask of the other blogs.

?? How can you dislike something you don't know the reason for doing so?? Lol. Call it a feeling but N4BB does their part to help BlackBerry and the fan base in their own way, no need to discredit them ;)

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

Ok that settles it. This is the BB10 phone I want. Hopefully around launch time we aren't teased with something even better "just around the corner' which would put me back to square one...

O.K., I looked at it a little too long....can I have a cigarette, now? Was it good for you? HEHEHE

O.K. I'll put it in the BlackBerry App Store. $0.99 US, normally $19.95! I wanna see that in the app round up for the week!

I like the touch sensitive keyboard, but removing the standard set of symbols from the keys strikes me as the kind of needless "progress" that saw the company scrambling to reintroduce the belt and the classic. (New Coke, anyone?) There's real progress, then there's figgety-jigging. I hope this is the former!

Posted via CB10

That's what I'm thinking as well. Can't wait to see the demo to determine if this is the case.

Posted via CB10

How do you know that that was the reason for making the classic? The last time I checked Passport hasn't been sold to the public yet ; I believe coke wasn't well received by the public hence the switch back.
The lest you can do is hold your horse until you see how the market reacts to the phone.
Hope you are not surprised that your views may not be universal.

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Hi Wincy. 1. Because John Chen said so. 2. I don't expect my views to be universally held. That doesn't invalidate them - and quite clearly I expressed them speculatively. Enjoy your trolling!

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Exactly what I was thinking, they removed the forth row of keys then robbed the phone for almost half the screen! Doesn't make much sense to me, plus everyone here saying this phone will be a hit, don't be so sure, I mean the design is controversial and whether you like it or not you gotta consider things us blackberry users expect like one hand use, ease of typing, plus things like how it fits in a pocket and what it looks like while held to your ear. As much as I would like to have blackberry's latest phone, I have to say that I'm worried about functionality, the design is not beautiful (remember 9900), it isn't even unique since LG introduced it before (LG intuition) and it didn't do so well. Let's wait and see until we actually have the phone, personally im not so optimistic.

Yeah I hope they've done something great but there are enough question marks to make me uneasy. By all means keep inventing good new stuff.. it's the removal of the tried and true stuff that nobody is complaining about, is part of their identity, and costs them nothing to leave in, that has me scratching my head. Why mess with a good thing? The device is large enough that I have a hard time imagining reaching for symbols and numbers is MORE convenient and faster than having them under your thumbs at all times. I hope I'm missing something but on the face of it this strikes me as apple-esque form over function.

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Hopefully hard symbols return in the commercial release version, or the touch sensitive keyboard lets you select the one you want from the screen without having to stretch...

Posted via CB10

Looked goofy at first, but it is starting to grow on me. My 10 year old son just smacks his head in disbelief :)

I wonder what os it's running, cause the icons are different than 700 but docs to go is the original icon. I don't know what's going on with these icons anymore.

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This device is really growing on me and honestly I like the sharp look, I see a lot of people saying that it won't fit in their pockets, but why? I've never wanted my phone in my pocket always had a holster lol and that screen pops!!!!

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Something about that keyboard screams mock display device to me. Like those Q10's that the fake that you see on display. Kinda cheapens the look of the phone IMHO.

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If blackberry going to release this phone for price around 550$ --600$--650$ it will be the best phone ever made in smartphones history..

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I'm hoping the have a lower price point for faster adoption like 499 maybe?

Pimp slappin iGeeks and Droinerds with my Q10

Knowing history, BlackBerry will price it at some random point and then bring it down to a more acceptable point in a month or so after launch...

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Let's be realistic now. There is practically no phone on the market with these specs, released at that price. And on top of that, this is a BlackBerry.

I want one. I hope it is comes in stainless steel. So I can use it as a ninja throwing star if I get mugged. Jk

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You know... it's starting to actually look hot, that Passport.

Remember when wide screen monitors came into style? We were told the format was a better match for our field of vision and offered better desktop productivity and multimedia viewing.

While I do enjoy my Z30, I have come to realise that I lose screen real estate to the keyboard wherever I start typing and only turn it sideways when I'm watching a long video. For most quick clips I just leave it in portrait stance.

Now I'm thinking.... The passport keyboard has just three lines, 4:3 ratio is still the default image capturing ratio for high res images and productivity on a smartphone does seem to be tied to dedicated input space so now the Passport is making me appreciate the productivity of devices with a built in keyboard even more.

4x3 is also the standard for professional photography (the kind where the cameras cost as much as a BMW).

and you're right, I almost never viewed youtube videos on my iPhone 5 in anything other than portrait.

Posted via CB10

I still think it's ugly, also looks smaller in this pic. Maybe Zdeno Chara is holding it. Will wait till I see it and hold it in my own hand before completely writing it off but I think I will wait til November for the "Next One" :)

Q10 with Telus on

This phone looks retarded, but I guess you need a college degree to design cell phones. I have so many useful ideas for BlackBerry that would actually work, and I guarantee will up sales in the US and across the world. Oh well guess it will never happen since "natural talent" comes from having a college degree.

Can't teach everything in school, open your eyes and your mind BlackBerry!!

Posted via CB10

If you are that talented maybe you should show us some renderings or descriptions of your "so many useful ideas" that's guaranteed to up sales in the US. :) Silence those who don't believe you.

You know honestly I don't really care about my ideals being stolen, I'd just like to see them in a device some day SOON! I've been a bit busy as of late so as soon as I get time I'll draw something up. we'll see how far it goes...

Also here's another one. They always say, it's not what you know but who you know. Well I don't know anyone in BlackBerry. So people like me that have natural talent there ideals never get seen. However if apple takes one of my ideals I'm gonna be pissed, so I'm gonna try contact the right people before I put it out there.

I'd show you directly but you could be trolling for apple ;)

Posted via CB10

I think most reasonable people would be interested in any phone that was really trying to do something different.

Yes, the comments of others here about this Passport owner's use of a 'crappy' iPhone really bears out your point - and puts it into perspective in relation to the average CB reader (rolls eyes).

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

SAMSUNG and Apple stopped doing anything different a long time back.. accept it, this is different, and BlackBerry got the balls to do it..

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Well, no. But those two companies spy on us and/or steal billions (via tax avoidance) (not to mention, they make, in my opinion, inferior products).

Do ethics not matter to you?

All other phones out there have a similar form factor only blackberry dare to be different...Damn gotta love blackberry, the os is amazing the hardware is beautiful and the specs is up there with the rest, no more app gap...smdh!!! bb4life...

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Here's a rear view.

Go to your bathroom, face away from your mirror. Pull down your pants and take a selfie. There's your rear view straight a$$!

Posted via CB10

I want to love this phone but seriously WTF is BlackBerry thinking with the design? It's really unattractive.

Posted via CB10

I think it's brilliant, and for all who those who don't like it I'd like to suggest a second about it .

I bought a car once I absolutely disliked on outward appearances, but my wife liked it overall , so we bought it. . I found out, over time, what she saw in it all along. It turned out to be THE DREAM MACHINE ,....yes it was our minivan.

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Hes using an iPhone in a case to take the picture... cool looking phone though, can't wait to handle one in person

Posted via CB10

Unless that guy has tiny hands, that thing is a monster. And ugly to boot.

Should've been a slider.

Posted via CB10

That doesn't matter what does matter is if it can get the job done and if it's functional

Posted via CB10

Just curious, how many sliders do you own? What's the big deal about Sliders and how billions did Sliders make for BlackBerry?

I am cautiously optimistic. I like the idea of the keyboard being a giant trackpad.

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It would be nicer if the person taking the pic didn't use a crapple phone

Waiting on the Z50 with 32gb of internal memory

You definitely want to see the end of BlackBerry don't you? Do you think it even cost as low as that to make the device?

No we know why the separation on the back - sim & storage.

Looks like a sealed battery to get the most capacity and I highly doubt it's serviceable like lime the Z30. So so we'll whattagwaan

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

^ Water Resistance ... that would be a MUST BUY and a BlackBerry first!

Wonder when BB will have this ... maybe the ultimate touch device running quad-core that's rumored?! Hmmm. Salivating.

Happy Canada Day Weekend Everybody ... lovin my Z30!

That device is squared away. (that's Army vocabulary for "properly done") I'm very impressed w/ how it doesn't comply w/ traditional mobile devices in its form. I enjoy the1/1 ratio on my Q10. I very much look forward to it on the 30 as well.

And Bla1ze, your work has always been appreciated. I'm glad we are getting to see more of it.


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Is the back leather? It doesn't look like the glass weave.

I hope it's a real nice leather material and not like the cheap kind on the Note 3.

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The space between the V and the B; and the fact that the keys no longer have the alternate letters is a bit alien, and not in line with other BlackBerries.
TOO different?


Every time I see this phone I go from ewwww, to droooool in a span of about 30 seconds. I can't figure it out. And no, I'm not drunk.

I'm in the same boat as you. And since I am on AT&T I will never see one in real life. Just like the Z30 I wanted.

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It looks very nice, but how about user-friendly? It is a quite wide to put in pocket, how to sit when it in pocket,..etc.
with current Q10, I can use one jst my hand.

will try when device released :D