"Hey Kevin, WHAT IF (insert company name here) buys BlackBerry?!"

Stay tuned for CrackBerry's upcoming "WHAT IF XXXXXXXX Buys BlackBerry?" Series! 

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Aug 2013 04:37 pm EDT

Seriously. If I had a dollar for every time in the past two weeks I've been asked the questions, What if (insert company name here) buys BlackBerry?, Will BlackBerry die or will they live? and What's going to happen to BlackBerry?, I'd probably have enough money to buy an off-contract BlackBerry Z30 when it's released. Heck, these questions have even gone to the point of being beatboxed into music to stand the test of time (check out the new longer version above, if you missed the shorter original debut be sure to watch it).

Speaking of time, it's kind of a weird time to be a BlackBerry enthusiast. On the product side, we have more to be excited about than ever before. BlackBerry 10 is here and we're just around the corner from getting an update to BlackBerry 10.2 that we're really looking forward to. BB10 is a new platform and we knew things would take a while to fill out around the OS and ecosystem, but things are coming together. Sure, there will always be room for improvement, and we will always want more features and want them NAO (CrackBerry people tend to be a little impatient and hate waiting - it's in our nature of being hyper-connected communicators), but overall there ARE a LOT of happy BB10 owners in the CrackBerry community.

In contrast, activities on the BBRY business end of things are creating a lot of uncertainty and angst for not only BlackBerry fans, but pretty much all stakeholders in the BlackBerry universe (developers, employees, etc.). When the company issues a press release saying they're exploring all strategic options, including the potential sale of the company, it's taken by the media, Wall Street, the fans, etc. as an indicator that things are not quite going according to Plan A.

In the case of Plan A for BlackBerry, that was to bring BB10 to market, get support from carriers, market the heck out of it and upgrade a BIG % of the existing BB user base to BB10 and attract switchers back to the platform or onto it for the first time. All of that *is* happening of course, but apparently not at the necessary speed and level needed given the company's size and operating footprint.

In looking for strategic partners, I don't believe BlackBerry is looking for a way to get out of business, but rather a means to scale up on what they're doing even faster. In BB10 they've built a great technology platform, and they want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible. As an outside observer, I definitely don't get the impression that any of the folks at BlackBerry haven given up. If anything, it's quite the opposite - they are *hustling*.

That said, when BlackBerry says they're looking at all alternatives, including a potential sale, we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we ignored it. And since so many of you are asking us these questions, we're going to methodically work through answering them. On our latest podcast (above) we spoke on it a bit, but over the next few weeks were going to explore these strategic alternatives one at a time in more detail.

We're going to look at the WHAT IF scenarios. WHAT IF Samsung bought BlackBerry? WHAT IF Cisco bought BlackBerry? WHAT IF Sony bought BlackBerry? WHAT IF IBM bought BlackBerry? WHAT IF Apple bought BlackBerry? WHAT IF Microsoft bought BlackBerry? That's a lot of WHAT IFs and there are many more than that. Some are feasible. Some are plausible. Some may be laughable. But we're going to jump through them in an honest and open manner. We're not going to fret on this stuff - we can all continue to love our BlackBerry phones and even the company while exploring the WHAT IF scenarios that are in a lot of people's minds at the moment. We'll look at the rationale of why it could make sense. We'll look at the feasibility (could the company afford to do it?) and whether we like the idea or not of that company being associated with BB. We'll ponder what these types of potential acquisitions could mean for the future of our beloved BlackBerry products and the company.

Back in July 2011 I wrote an article titled 10 Reasons Why Google Will Buy BlackBerry. Coming from me -- BlackBerry Champion #1 -- that article got a LOT of attention. It wasn't that I had given up any faith in BlackBerry and wanted to see a sale happen - I just saw a lot of logical reasons of why there could be a good fit there. Ultimately my premise was right. Google not too long after did make a major acquisition in mobile, but I got the company wrong. They ended up buying Motorola. 

And so, two years later, we'll continue this discussion. Stay tuned for our upcoming series of "WHAT IF XXXXXXX Buys BlackBerry" stories.

Just remember, and as always, we'll be rooting for you #TEAMBLACKBERRY to pull it off on your own. And, as much as we'll work through this series looking at some strategic alternatives if that doesn't happen, we're also cooking up some AWESOME ideas on how to get the CrackBerry community rallying even more behind you. Stay tuned for that too!


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"Hey Kevin, WHAT IF (insert company name here) buys BlackBerry?!"


It won't happen.

That said, the U.S. government is actually very efficient at delivering public services... it's been operating Social Security, Medicare, the National Parks, etc. for decades. Congress may be broken and dysfunctional, but that's because we have not reined in money in politics.

Profit is not what the public sector is about. Government is not a business, but unfortunately big corporations are increasingly like *private* governments - making decisions that affect our lives, but which we have no control over. (Even if you're a shareholder in a company like BlackBerry, you don't really have a say in the running of that company, unless you're also a boardmember. As a voter, however, you have a vote that politicians and special interests are willing to chase).

Social Security spent $768 billion dollars last year to support roughly 56 million people. It's a troubled program. The US government must currently borrow 40 cents of every dollar spent...hence the reason one of Hillary's first trips as Second of State was to China to beg them to keep loading us money. The government is inefficient at everything it does.

Posted via CB10

What amazes me about discussions of the "government efficiencies" is the pure lack of factual context in the discussion. Yes SS spent $768B last year to support approx. 56M retirees, elderly widows/ers, disabled workers and the children of deceased workers. SS is not a money grab...it is a pension and life insurance plan for workers...for workers WHO WORKED and PAID INTO the system. What part of that fact do you guys don't understand each time one of you spouts off against SS? In 2012, the average monthly pension check was $1234 or $14,800 per year! Of those 56M, 6M children live in household that receive income from SS. That includes 3M children that receive their own checks as the children of deceased workers. To note efficiencies:
"Since the mid-1980s, however, Social Security has collected more in taxes and other income each year than it pays out in benefits and has amassed combined trust funds of $2.7 trillion, invested in interest-bearing Treasury securities.[30] The trust funds will enable Social Security to keep paying full benefits through 2033 without any changes in the program, even though."

Further: "One of the two funds, the Disability Insurance (DI) trust fund, faces exhaustion in 2016. (The much bigger Old-Age and Survivors Insurance trust fund would last until 2035. Combined, the two funds would be exhausted in 2033.)... Alarmists who claim that Social Security won’t be around when today’s young workers retire either misunderstand or misrepresent the projections."

What makes the US a wonderful example for the world is the right and ability to be free to have discourse without harm. Everyone doesn't have to agree or even like each other's points, but the discussions that surround how to solve challenges must be based in FACT! The discussions themselves have to be based in FACTS! Not radio political jargon and rhetoric...party slogan lines and non-answers. At the end of the discussion, hopefully the best laid argument based upon FACTS as to how to proceed should prevail. Government is no less efficient than business, nor is it any better efficient. Please stop regurgitating that what you hear on radio or tv and read in "your" paper. Think for yourself and do the research, no matter what side of the aisle your on.

Thanks for sharing that information.

To rfshields: Social Security has been working for America for nearly eighty years. How many companies do you know that have been stable and well run for that period of time? Face it, the public and private sectors are very different. The goal of the public sector is not to generate a profit, it's to serve people. How you measure efficiency in the public sector is different from how you measure efficiency at a for-profit company.

For profit enterprises come and go. Companies go through boom and bust cycles. Public services are always there - well, at least they're always there as long as we pay our dues to each other. The National Park Service was around long before Microsoft, Intel, BlackBerry, Nokia, Apple, and Google were - and it will be around long after all of those companies have gone to pieces or transformed into something else.

Social Security is only in trouble if we all believe there's something wrong with it. From a dollars and sense perspective, keeping Social Security healthy is easy to do.

Yeah, Kevin, I would really like to see facebook and Nintendo included.

I think Nintendo would be more of a partnership. Even though Nintendo would not be able to purchase BlackBerry, I would LOVE you writing an article explaining what *could* happen if they jumped into a deep partnership.
A partnership with Nintendo would be a dream come true for tens of millions. Some people have abandoned Nintendo, not because of bad products, but because there is no real viable option to use in today's ultra portable world. Another reason is because it can't compete easily against Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's XBOX. BlackBerry seems to be trying to get a foothold in the gaming arena. Partnering with Nintendo would catapult it ahead of Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC, Google. Only leaving Windows Phone and Sony products with a chance. Too bad PlayStation and Xbox games are for consoles and Nintendo games are for small devices (see the big puzzle pieces waiting to be put together!?!?!?!?).

Also, I'm not sure if facebook would purchase, or partner, but the two companies are not shy when talking about their 'wonderful relationship'. Facebook should also be discussed as it is one of the biggest tech companies of 2013.

My Tech-Fleet: Q10; Z10; PlayBook; Surface Pro; Xbox 360; HP TouchPad; iPod Touch 5

It really does feel like 10.2 is around the corner. $10 says T-Mobile gets it first.

Signed via my weapon of choice, Z10.

No, Verizon is definitely going to get it first.

Hahahahaha I love using sarcasm.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

Sprint will get it first. C'mon! Sorry I could type that without laughing

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

My five year old niece keeps singing "Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Michaluk"... lol. I think her parents hate you. But... i Love you! :)

LOL...that's cute!!

And seriously, thank you for putting my song on the blog. That's really awesome of you and Adam.

CrackBerry Love!

~STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

I love a good "What If." Even if the scenarios are far fetched it can be really cool to look at what strengths and weaknesses some matches have.

Last time I got to do that was with Palm.

Ruh roh.

Thanks for posting. Lots of speculation on this very relevant topic going around. Personally I like the bit around exploring synergies to make the company stronger. Call me naive but selling, breaking up, disintegration and de-listing not the type of things I would like to see. Stronger, faster, growth opportunity and increased market share: now those are words I like.

Posted via CB10

Yes exactly. I want to see posts written on "What if xx xx xx partnered with BlackBerry". I'd much rather see partnerships to expand the reach of BlackBerry 10 than the company being bought up.

BlackBerry 10 in cars, tablets, TVs, and more. That's the future I want to see with BlackBerry so let's talk about that too.

Posted via CB10

ExxonMobil. Provides a non related diverse portfolio. And serious mula to pay developers to crank the crack (serious/popular apps) and blast the marketing effort to exponential proportions. Even workout a program -here's a BB10. If you don't like it, bring it back within a month for full refund. I bet just the touch typing will draw the stark contrast to others' and that's just the beginning!

Posted via CB10

Amazon. They have the Web infrastructure to be able to use the enterprise portfolio and wouldn't have to use Google anymore for their stuff. Can you imagine a billion dollar amazon ad campaign for a Kindle phone running Bb10? Microsoft is way more limited in their options at this point.

Posted via CB10

Well, that's one. Too bad they have like 4 apps. All of the others are available for Apple and Android, but not BB10... I had to sideload the Android version of the normal Amazon shopping app on my Q10...

Ya know what would be cool?

Instead of all these "what if" scenarios, we got a little deeper into "what is mobile computing", "what is m2m", specifically, what is BlackBerry's vision of these buzz words.

I have faith that BlackBerry has the know-how to build something compelling, but I'd like to know what they believe it is!

Resurrect some of those aspirational videos and show us how BlackBerry 10, QNX, bbnoc, etc get us there!

Focus on the future of BlackBerry, not some gloomy What if future..


This is exactly why I want BlackBerry to stay in the game. I think getting a partner like Cisco to bring BB10 to their plethora of M2M services. They have the base, and BB10 could provide the platform.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

IF BlackBerry gets bought, it wont be as a whole. The market is moving away from Keyboards and BlackBerry's biggest strength has and will always be security. If a company buys BlackBerry its will be solely for its Security at this point. BB10 is amazing but NO ONE outside of BB fan forums knows about it; to know's fault BUT BlackBerry.

Nokia has done some amazing marketing for its Lumia lines. It, much like BlackBerry has an app problem. However, they market their strength... Their Camera. And that alone has been working very well for them. They have all but sped up their traction in the European market. BlackBerry has many top key features. MUCH more than Windows phones. A separate commercial should be made for the BlackBerry HUB, The TimeShift feature, The flick typing feature, BlackBerry remember, and even the fact the BlackBerry is no longer your daddy's BlackBerry.
There should be a BlackBerry vs BlackBerry campaign where they have a before and after. Like a BlackBerry make over commercial. A showcase of a PAST BB user who has left the platform and runs into some with an Android, iPhone and even Windows phone where they see NEW features like the flick typing and feel silly for switching. "Keep Moving" doesn't do it for people. They don't have a CLUE on what you're talking about. You don't need to over market the Q10, we know who will buy that phone; BlackBerry loyalists. You need to push the Z10 and Z30 features as its the FUTURE of the BB10 platform.
Furthermore, let me once and for all address how much of a FAIL Alicia Keys has been. You wanna talk about a TRUE BB celeb fan?.... DIPLO!!! The guy's twitter and instagram is over-saturated with BB paraphernalia. The guy posts all the time about how amazing his Q10 is and how much he loves BB10. You had him on board already for the BB7 campaign. WHY THE F*** wouldn't you reach out to him for this?!... As a fan, I just can't help but be annoyed at the direction BlackBerry is going because, sadly, it spells curtains. I hope i'm wrong, but TRUE fans know that our time is surely numbered. Here's to me being wrong.


Drif dream you absolutely right alicia Keys was the worst choice BlackBerry have made bad decision for their promotion I'm still with BlackBerry but if they don't improve this will be my last written with a z10

Posted via CB10

I belief the Z10 and Q10 are great devices on their own. Sadly, much like The Palm Pre, it may just be too little too late. At this point, they are looking to the Z30 as the savior device for BB10 and I've gotta say, that scares me. The Z30 is too much of an Android look, given the size and BB10 is STILL lacking in major apps 8 months later. Those kind of number plus BlackBerry's historic track record of overpricing their phones; this device may very well be DOA before even hitting the stores. The should role out 10.2 NOW before this device hits shelves. Its pointless to wait.

You're totally right! I have friends who are ultra paranoid of how secure their phone is. Well, BlackBerry is security but they'd rather deal with Android or some open platforms because others are doing the same. One would think with all the publicity concerning privacy both private (stolen cell photos, contacts, etc) and the government that BlackBerry would seize the opportunity and capitalize on a feature that the others can't compete with! Oh well, I'm just a consumer, not a tech guy or into marketing so I'm guessing they know what they're doing - - - right?

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!


BlackBerry's biggest strengths, not "a" strength is:
NOC - Network Operations Centre and how it works with switches, internet and providers' GGSN's!!

All of these combined we all see them as Security ... NOC works in the background (previously with BIS as well as) for BES, along with the providers GGSN's (e.i. goam.com/internet.com from Rogers Wireless) - built by Nortel, Nokia (now Nokia-Siemens and soon to be just Nokia again), Erickson LB, Motorola, and Lucent Technologies. Also we see most of their patents on the handsets and the networks they work with - NOC does license NTP's patents as well as the handsets.

But BB will be split if any 2 major manufacturers or providers want a piece of their pie. I can honestly see Rogers stepping in to take a HUGE bite - especially when the Canadian Gov steps in to embargo or veto foreign interests it deems as dangerous.

Phones are very personal. They’re like cars once were. Chevy vs Ford vs Dodge. I've always had a soft spot for American Motors cars like the Javelin or Gremlin. Point is, we can't be blamed if BlackBerry fans get overly upset at the idea of their favorite brand in trouble. I'd be more concerned if no on gave a rats a**.

Posted via CB10

Yup, let Ford partner up with BB and let Alan Mulally run the show, watch it turn around in a hurry.

I'm a big fan of Allan since his Boeing years. He can take a pile of junk and make it a fortune 500 company in no time. Too bad he is 100 years old and getting ready to retire.

Posted via CB10

What if blackberry actually updated my playbook to bb10? Well the house would be full of bb10 phones and I would be telling everyone I know how awesome blackberry 10 is... What if...

The PlayBook is almost 3years old at this point. Its time to just let that talk die. IF a NEW BB10 Tablet was to be released, that would make much more sense. But given the fact that the ONLY market making a real dent in the Tablet world being iOS and the Kindles taking over to entry market, there's simply no room to ever make a BlackBerry tablet profitable. What they should've done from the beginning was to price it to compete. Say maybe, 299.99 for 16GB, 399.99 for 32 and 499.99 for 64GB. Currently, you can buy a 64gb PB for as little as 149.99. Its just very poor planning and marketing on BB's part.

My two-year old 32GB HP TouchPad runs Android 4.2.2 just fine. But with BlackBerry now not even supporting PBOS2 updates to the PlayBook I am spectacularly unimpressed with BlackBerry. Not even Bridge for the BB10 phone people out there. Sure a lot of people are using the PlayBooks despite all this but sorry Thorsten: the future is phablets/tablets. So BB: unlock the bootloader, provide code for the cameras/radio/hardware and let XDA/CyanogenMod/UbuntuTouch work on the PlayBook.

Looks like Instagram and some other big name app launches, OS 10.2, cross platform BBM w/bbm channels, and the BlackBerry A10 (Z30) is the big guns BlackBerry has for Q4 to battle iphone 5s and Note 3. Hopefully it's enough to gain traction, market share and mind share

Windows Phone - Blackberry Merger would be nice.

Doubt Apple or Google will buy Blackberry. Tooo much stress unless its a Blackberry Phone with there OS or an Iphone with BBOS

Posted via CB10

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Cisco and BlackBerry were practically made for each other.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

Im all #TeamBlackberry but how many mistakes will it take for them to realize that they are screwing up!!

Posted via CB10

I'd say they are plagued to continue making these mistakes. From BB5 they've been playing behind the lines now that they're playing catch up, they cant afford anymore mistakes. And yet, here we are again... Scrambling and hearing talks of death. Except, this time, it feels real.

Nobody really thinks anybody wants to buy BlackBerry. It doesn't make any sort of sense.

It would be more interesting to look at synergies. What sort of partner should BlackBerry be really looking at?
I've been wanting them to partner with a phone manufacturer for 7 years. They were getting better at software and had some unique features in BBOS, but were always behind in terms of hardware.
With that side of things off their hands, they could focus on improving their software which is still caught in between the old days and some improved way of using a smartphone. They need to live with the times and deliver features available on Android now that they have a decent OS.

I'd like to see a manufacturer build a strategic partnership with BBRY. One who's made a lot of money installing Android and are now probably starting to realize that the green droid may not be as friendly as they once thought (especially now that Google is building their own devices and installing the latest runtimes within them). Samsung would be awesome. They obviously have the manufacturing, marketing and distribution down pat. Sony wouldn't be bad either. It's not BBRY devices that they covet, but the chance to own a top notch OS that can be leverage in other non-phone devices and the chance to move away from Android dependency. Not to mention the boatload of patents that comes with it.

OMG... did I wander into the webOS site?  These headlines and discussions are the exact same we had when Palm was suffering - and the comments are duplicates too.  Sad deja-vu.  Totally feel the pain of the BB fans and am definitely rooting for you!

I'm not one to post replies on here. I just couldn't pass this by. I totally agree with you kevin. Everyone that knows me knows that I'm #TeamBlackBerry till the death of me. So I get lames who have no understanding of this at all and ask me. "Ooh did you hear BB is selling their company?!" What you said is pretty much what I believe too. They're Hustling. They wouldn't come out with such an amazing platform just to give up. I'll be patiently waiting on the outcome and excited to see your break the 'What IF's" down.

Much Success,

All those who own a BlackBerry should do a reverse buyout and join the employees and own BlackBerry. FTW. That way we can ensure the features we need get in and faster and have better control over what happens. That's my rant. And yes it is doable

Posted via CB10

I think windows and blackberry partnership would be ideal, I mean come on the way the blackberry browser works, that's how windows browser should have been.

Posted via CB10

I will buy BlackBerry and launch a new BlackBerry Z50 with Snapdragon 800, 440 ppi display, 6 GB RAM, 256 GB storage and 4000 mAh Battery. Sell it for 400$. BlackBerry is back

Posted z5

If blackberry is really up for sales, i hope that whatever company wont scrap off bb10 os, i really love it and hope they can improve on it.

Posted via CB10

I hope 10.2 gets released soon I want it and don't want to update it myself. BlackBerry is still the shit though

Sent from HTC One /BlackBerry Q10

That would be cool if android bought it, I understand Samsung would be pissed but look at it this way they could have their keyboard, the security and the awesomeness of the Android and have the high battery life that you see with their phones.
I hate apple and if BlackBerry does sell its self I want to see android reach the top and kick apple to the curb.
Even better if blackberry just went as a dual with Android that would be great still have the blackberry and the qnx and android gets the security and keyboard it would be like the greatest thing on earth

Posted via CB10

'In the case of Plan A for BlackBerry, that was to bring BB10 to market, get support from carriers, market the heck out of it and upgrade a BIG % of the existing BB user base to BB10 and attract switchers back to the platform or onto it for the first time.'

Yep, we all knew the plan. They created an OS to die for and then failed to market it in any proper way at all at a time when the smartphone market is showing serious signs of saturation and is begging for what they have produced. If you put BB10 in an iPhone or Samsung phone the world would go nuts.

That said, you can't! So, BB10 is in it's infancy, whilst iOS is getting to the end of it's life and Samsung are simply adding more processing power to phones that can't do what a BB phone can do.

Top and bottom of it is that if BB can. for want of a better phrase, 'keep moving' with the possibilities at their fingertips then yes, BB10 can clean up.

As long as the company can keep itself together in the meantime...

Although some big companies might consider buying Blackberry, to mean it seems that a strategic partnership with a Sony, Cisco, or IBM is more likely.

Hopefully these options get explored in the "what if" series.

I still really like the idea of android and BlackBerry together

Sent from HTC One /BlackBerry Q10

That idea sailed away 4 years ago... The should've had a BES and Android platform. They missed out and Samsung has been capitalizing ever since

Denial of reality is poor form for an engineer. These are challenging times for BlackBerry arising from years of poor communication, fractured product releases, and atrocious mismanagement.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

I definitely want to thank #TeamBlackberry for all of their hard work. The Z10 is my first BlackBerry phone and I absolutely love it. I hope all of the employees know how much they're appreciated by their customer's and I hope all of them continue to do great things at BlackBerry. Personally I still hope they have the fight in them to get BlackBerry back in the game. I think a partnership would be great, as long as the iconic name remains.

Posted via CB10

I'm buying all the BlackBerry 10 devices as a collection. I have the current 3 models and will be acquiring the Z30 when it is available. I use all of them in rotation. I'm not keeping them in their boxes or anything like that, just want them all and to keep them.

Posted via CB10

Hoping IBM will associate with BlackBerry. To extend their security portfolio. They know a security gem, when they see one.

BlackBerry will prevail. They're awesome. They make the best mobile computing devices on Earth. I've said that many times and will always believe that because it's true.

Posted via CB10

I don't understand something and perhaps someone can clarify...

Blackberry has about 2.5 billion in liquid assets and no debt. With this sort of cash flow going bankrupt shouldn't even be in the equation...so why is it???

Only answer I can come up with is Heins and his management team are driving Blackberry into the ground. Maybe on purpose to get his 55 million dollar payday? I don't know. But seriously Heins has made one bad decision after another. Prematurely killing our Playbooks, endlessly postponing BBM and numerous other updates. A bad app lineup, and terrible advertising. All these are the responsibillity of a competent CEO. That says alot about Heins and where his priorities are.

If the company does get sold I'd like to see either Samsung or Sony buy it. They both have a massive infrastructure and could easily make the company great again. HOWEVER if either of these companies bought Blackberry it would go Android. Perhaps not such a bad thing as everything Android touches turns to gold. Blackberry could use a gold medal rather than one covered in rust.

I think you are uninformed. How is the app lineup his fault? Can he force companies to develop apps for the BB10 environment?
I don't think BBM has been endlessly postponed, maybe you meant BB10. That had to be delayed until a stable version with enough functionality existed.
I agree that advertising has been lacking but I think the main issue is how to get retailers and carriers to not dissuade people in the US from buying BB10 products. From what I understand, some of these carriers have contracts that they have to sell a certain amount of iPhones and so that might explain part of the problem.

Hey Timmy. Well its my understanding when a new OS is introduced it is the CEO's responsibillity to have a good set of apps lined up. His team negotiates the contracts with the devs. There are many more apps now true, but when BB10 was introduced they didn't even have a working version of Skype which is strange to say the least. And when they did get Skype, it was a buggy Android port. Apps are king and without them any OS will fail.

BBM cross platform was supposed to be introduced in June and is postponed till September. Thats a HUGE time difference and companies just don't do that. Heins is really missing the mark on too many things here.

Still my main question remains unanswered...

Blackberry has about 2.5 billion in liquid assets and no debt. With this sort of cash flow going bankrupt or being sold shouldn't even be in the equation...so why is this happening???

Yes. So how do you do that? Do you call up a company and demand they write a version of their app for your OS? Do you think BBRY did not do everything in its power to get Netflix, short of giving them tens of millions of dollars?
Many people were doubting that BBRY was even going to get BB10 to market and so they weren't going to develop apps.

The issue here isn't whether or not BB10 made it to market because its here, but how to support the OS with a lot of apps. I and millions of others invested a lot of money in the Z10 and Playbook to have the Playbook pre-maturly killed with Z10 not far behind.

When you hear a CEO gets 55 million when the company fails it makes you think just really how hard Heins worked on getting us Netflix, Skype etc. Maybe if he wasnt so concerned with his own monster retirement fund, some of that money could have been invested to the devs so we'd have the apps we needed to make BB10 a success instead of company thats up for sale.

If Blackberry bought the devs with huge compensation packages they'd have succeeded. Wouldn't be the first time this happened. How do you think Android and IOS got to where they are?? It's they way capitalism works.

Mass media and mass consumption are the problem, not the products or the company. BlackBerry rocks and again, they make the best smartphones on the planet.

Posted via CB10

Why don't you do some what ifs about something like the NOCs and how they can be repurposed to generate other sources of income.
That is what is needed, not this continual debate about the same thing.

Guess you have to cater to your strong contingent of bashers. They are gonna love this. But didn't they say BB was dead? BB10 was vaporware? Why would anyone buy them? Aren't they a horrible company with nothing of value? One things for sure. No one is buying them for anywhere near as low as their current market cap is. Just look at motorola (oh ya, it was for the patents, moto x is just a myth)

You are just adding to the list of being wrong about stuff, just like you were wrong about Google buying BB.

The bashing is looking more and more out of place. They used to at least try to back up what they said with some points, now they just make negative comments without anything to back it up. People should just get over it, BB10 rules. Its only going to get better. Its time to wake up!

BB10 is not going anywhere - it is too good of an OS. I want BlackBerry to succeed, but the hardware is less important than the OS. iOS is horrible and Google, I mean Android, is a privacy and security nightmare.

Posted via CB10

Here are my possible (crazy?) what if ideas:

Canadian Tire
An Arab prince
Tim Hortons
A consortium of Rogers, Telus and Taco Bell

Posted via CB10

I suspect all those who want BB to be sold for peanuts, are the ones who want BB for CERTICOM,and not for their hardware .It's all smoke and mirriorsThere are trillions of $'s in tranactions done every year,if BB could get.01% of 1%that equates to billions in fees for CERTICOM every year.This is where the real money is going to start rolling in.BB has already partnered with VISA ,and they are the largest CC Co.in the world.Sh*t head anaylsts, who work for big banks, want to keep these fees in the USA.If BB was to go private, it would be because pension funds in Canada could stand up to these big banks,they have billions in assets and could turn a nice profit just with Certicom.BB should go private,it would be good for Canada.But don't screw the shareholders.

Plan B happen when they underestimate the purchasing power of the biggest economy and bet on the rest of the world to move BB10 to a greater height. The fact is I still see the good old 9700 rocking in this market and for the Z10, only STL 100-1 is available for the same price of other variances. Feel cheated, because we have 4G LTE here. As for the Playbook promise, you know the rest of the story. I suppose the die hard fan would argue about the billion the company have, but money will run out. I don't see any hope for BBRY. The damage has been done. Sad to say I wouldn't wanna be BBRY after my last BB, the Z10.

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What if TaTa Industries bought BB? Not so hard to imagine as they will have the cash and pull the whole company apart like spaghetti....

BlackBerry doesn't need to be sold. They need the public to know that it's not their parents BlackBerry of 2007.

The keep moving campaign is a bust. It doesn't resonate with the 18 to 25 demographic. The BB10 OS has many capabilities that the general public and even the mall sales people know about. This is solely a marketing issue.

When people (outside of this forum) don't know about swipe typing, the camera capabilities, the ability for see files from your computer from a any where in the world, use the BlackBerry as a networked drive and simply drag and drop files from your computer. And so on.........

This is marketing. I know they have a twitter campaign going but you need to be following BlackBerry to read them. The super Bowl commercial was just a massive waist of a million dollars. They should have just donated the money to hungry kids in Africa. The publicity alone on that would get the BlackBerry name out more than the commercial and it would have done more for those kids.

In short, BlackBerry OS can stand up to and beat the best of them, BUT if no one knows what it can do.....

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A couple corrections: the "Keep Moving" campaign doesn't resonate with anyone. And at least a few million dollars were spent on the Super Bowl commercial initiative.

BBM cross platform will act like a sampler to many smart phone users on iPhone and Android platforms. Brand recognition can only improve and eventually help with gaining market share, PROVIDED that BBM cross platform works the way it does on Blackberry phones......and not just messaging, but all the other BBM features that should follow.

I had a dream.... Samsung will partner with Blackberry to create the Samsung Galaxy Z. Impeccable hardware meets brilliantly powerful software. This was the omega super-phone. Sorry Blackberry is not for sale folks.

All this dreaming is interesting but not too productive unless one of the options is that the crackberry nation buys blackberry! We should rather put our creative talent together to keep improving BlackBerry or expanding its reach. Help market the product etc. What kind of ad campaign is needed? How to use Internet to advertise etc. For example everyone with a blackberry id should get the message "BlackBerry is back" when the Z30 is announced, with some promotional incentive to up grade or invite a friend to join the nation! Stop speculation. Get moving.

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What if NASA bought BlackBerry?

Wow think of all that space BlackBerry would have to fill up with never ending promises and broken promises.

This would make logistical sense for NASA to buy BlackBerry.

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Dollars to doughnuts BlackBerry goes to a private equity firm or a consortium of private equity firms and remains independent. They'll shut down or sell the parts of the company that have little value, then invest in the rest and grow until they can IPO again.

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They'd really need to get their act in order first. Private equity firms are in the business of making money. If that happens, all of their non moneymaking components like hardware manufacturing will be out the window. Software and services only.

Old phrase, if you can't beat them, buy them, and then kill them ....
But who's willing to toss away billions of $$$??? :)

What about Nestlé? Profit Euro in 2012... Principal office in Switzerland- a french speaking baguette named Boulben is already on bord and he has the ability to create advertising for powdered soups...!

I guess if people keep asking this question Kevin can one day revise the first sentence of the post to "If I had a dollar for every time (...) I've been asked (...), I'd probably have enough money to buy the company myself" ;-)

I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a part of the klingon empire ... earth would be screwed. It would take another Canadian to save us, William Shatner...

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BlackBerry is still the best phone iPhone users other phone software to get to where they are today copycat

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Daamm ... MSFT is the last of your list ... Is that a sign or do you know something we don't and keep the best for the very end to avoid anticipated announcement ?
(lol, of course).
P.S : I bet on MSFT (joint venture NOT take over) - Enterprise division). I'd Love Sony (joint venture M2M and digital products) ... oops, I'm doing it, again ... just dreamin' (?)

WHAT IF Samsung or Cisco bought BlackBerry? WHAT IF Cisco bought BlackBerry? WHAT IF Sony bought BlackBerry? WHAT IF IBM bought BlackBerry? WHAT IF Apple bought BlackBerry? WHAT IF Microsoft bought BlackBerry?

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WHAT IF scenarios. WHAT IF Samsung or Cisco bought BlackBerry is still a cool scenario.

WHAT IF IBM, Sony or Apple bought BlackBerry? That for sure scared the shit outta me.

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The still-unnoticed what-ifs: Honeywell AIDC and Motorola Solutions. They both roll mobile devices to giant fleets of business users -- ruggedized, purpose-built, scan-capable, compact handheld computers that are slowly going over to Android. Take the Honeywell Dolphin Black or Motorola MC40; now imagine them being ported from Jelly Bean to QNX.

BlackBerry is a perfect fit for the mobility market segment that is the epitome of "getting things done". Moving all those fleets over to QNX-based devices would, in turn, massively build out the BlackBerry ecosystem. Why can't some VC bring Motorola Solutions and BlackBerry together into a business-mobility juggernaut (and add Nintendo to the mix to round out a full-fledged ecosystem)?

Blackberry would come back if the app world could have the five most popular apps. Everyone I know loves my BlackBerry Z10 it's only the apps that hold them back.

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I am a happy owner of a beautiful, performant Q10. I am new into BlackBerry and my enthusiasm started seeing my husband BlackBerry phones over time,from a Curve, to a Bold and now a Z10. I pondered over a Q10 or Q5 and had no patient to wait the time to market in Canada. So here am I, happy blackberrying and not afraid. It's a robust elegant phone and we can only expect good things from the future

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"we will always want more features and want them NAO (CrackBerry people tend to be a little impatient and hate waiting - it's in our nature of being hyper-connected communicators), "
Uh sorry kev but the reason we hate waiting is because WE ARE ALWAYS WAITING. Being a BlackBerry fan MEANS waiting. It's in our blood by force.

It doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. I like my Z10, like Blackberry. Yes I would like to see BB go on and succeed but if they don't, it is what it is. Mike L has his money so he's all set. It sucks to have to possibly see your idea and company you founded come to extinction or need bail out but hey, that's the game. He and the others took a gamble by not stepping it up at the right time and letting Apple take over the huge portion of sales and marketing, then Google and now Windows Mobile. They gambled, call other Smartphone giant's bluff and lost. Plain and Simple but it happens.