Hey Instagram - Android is done, next up is BlackBerry!

Instagram for BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 3 Apr 2012 12:56 pm EDT

Hey Instagram! You're done with the Android app, so next up is BlackBerry!

The popular social photo sharing app Instagram has had a long solo run on iOS, but today it finally made its way to Android as well. Excitement ensued all around, and a few faithful CrackBerry members quickly converted the APK to a BAR file for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Unfortunately after sideloading the app, we found it doesn't run at all, so PlayBook users are out of luck for the time being. It's possible it might work down the road, but we'll have to wait it out and see.

We ran a poll just a few weeks back and out of over 10,000 votes, nearly 79% of users said they want Instagram on BlackBerry. But the reality here is that if it were made available, 100% of BlackBerry users would download it. So now that both the iOS and Android versions are out of the way, BlackBerry is the next step. We'll take it on phones or even on the PlayBook so it's ready for BlackBerry 10. You're missing out big time if you leave the BlackBerry users in the dust, so let's see it!!

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Hey Instagram - Android is done, next up is BlackBerry!


Insta... yaaawwning..... What's the big deal with this app anyways?

Taking pics and uploading to FB from my 9900 works just fine to me.

Just because iOS and Android have this, doesn't mean its a must have app imo.

Next rant: Twitter :) Seriously, wtf???

Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

That shows you are effectively living in a age before smartphone...which is perfectly fine...
but that's really no reason to say that other users who actually lives in 2012 shouldn't have it...

android and ios phone are way too far from a blackberry god i hate blackberry and still have to use it cause of the bbm need blackberry 10 qnx

Smell that stank...? I do, smells like a nasty troll.

OMG it is! Someone through some air freshener on that biznatch.

I don't need another spam on my Facebook or Twitter showing their intagram pics!
From iOS and Android is already enough,
But well, that's me :D

I agree - I'm tired of seeing crappy photos with a vintage filter on my news feed. Just because they look unique doesn't mean they look good! And they don't even look unique anymore.

as much as I dont care about Instagram, this is not a good look for Blackberry.

constantly popular apps are made available for iPhone and Android.

people want to be popular and fit in.

So why would they think to choose a phone that doesnt have all of the popular apps?

Im just being honest.

Im still happy with my 9930 though, wouldn't trade it for anything :)

I think its quite sad now that a blackberry version of many apps is not even being considered- many of these apps are great for intereacting with friends- I'll be leaving blackberry if it continues :-(

This blows chunks... We're not even considered... Even crackberry has to make a pitch in order to get a freaken app... I'm tired of the sideload bootleg crap... Sorry, just frustrated...

I noticed all the comments about blackberry been left out of all the popular apps and I agree but I think Blackberry 10 Jam could solve this issue but I doubt I would leave #teamblackberry as of yet

Shouldn't RIM take some initiative in this?

If Blackberry had the apps, the people would come. Its as simple as that.

They should be the ones begging developers for apps.

Dont they have a marketing team to pitch to the developers of why they should make apps for our platform?

If Instagram doesn't think over 77 million user base is big enough, then they can go you know what themselves.

but obviously this approach is not working.

People want apps.

Why not give the people what they want?

RIM should go out and get them.

Windows phone will be next. BlackBerry is a dying platform - everyone knows it, and not a single developer ever targets BlackBerry first. Ever.

I don't think most BlackBerry users are even remotely aware how little interest there is when it comes to this platform amongst developers. As someone who attends developer events regularly, speaks with devs a lot, etc...let me tell you that in the last 6 months I haven't even heard a single developer say the word "BlackBerry". It's not even in their vocabulary - and for very good reasons.

You're right. I mean why the heck waste your time developing on a platform with a measly 77 million user base?

Spoken like someone who is not a developer and has no idea what they're talking about. Amazing how many BB fans love to throw that number around like it means something. Now, can you do the following for me:

From 77M, subtract:
1) All the users on BIS-Lite and BIS-Social/Messaging plans that do not have data and have not installed any applications (hint: this number is massive).

2) The majority of users outside of North America where #apps/user is extremely low, especially for paid apps. In many parts of Asia, that # is practically zero.

3) The number of users who are rocking cheap shitty BlackBerries they brought because it has a keyboard, and are practically useless for running apps.

Now consider as well how terrible developing for BlackBerry - this has been extremely well documented. So it's going to cost a lot to develop the app. And why bother on a platform that's losing numbers, using a technology (BB/Java) that RIM isn't even supporting any more going forward (wasted investment).

There's a whole bunch of other metrics I could throw at you, but you get the point.

BlackBerry is dead to developers. Dead.

Well said! It's just a matter of time before the blind masses especially in here finally get it.

and add the fact that developers actually want their apps to be used; they want their apps on a sustainable platform not a dying one...

What about future downloads? Consider the fact that the smartphone market is growing dramatically and a certain platform's user base growth is so small that's effectively coming to a halt...would you really want to spend the time to develop your app on that platform? You can always spend the time on improving the app on other platforms...

I think you are over complicating the matter based on a few opinions of some small time developers who really know nothing more than the average blogger. There is probably a lot more going on behind the scenes than thinking a cash rich, proven company like RIM is just "a dying platform" I mean, there are some popular apps (or games) that came to RIM before Android (Machinarium), and yet there are other apps that RIM makes themselves that are highly desirable (BB Travel, Protect, Traffic) that renders 3rd parties moot.

Add to that fact that many are just waiting for RIM to consolidate their devices which the who world knows is coming, so many important developers may have been told to just hold off a sec.

Despite all the whining, RIM still has their corporate base (I see it at work everyday) going strong and these people could care less about Instagram. That is FAR from a dying company. It is rather one with a unique (mostly non-teenager) user base that is going through a transition to keep up with a growing smart phone market.

Relax your nerves and do your own research on all sides, not just what you "hear" people say.

I bet 100% of BlackBerry users want Instagram. The ones who didn't vote for it here maybe just didn't realize they wanted it yet. But once they have it, they'll want it.

Come on Instagram! Do up Instagram for BlackBerry!

Devs are straight helping the blackberry platform die. They don't even know how much power they have at the moment to help rim survive but instead they choose not to. This is what really pisses me off on how blind they are. Most are confined in their little box and never look outside of the box of all the other possibilities and opportunities for them.

With great power comes with great responsibilties!

Please bring instagram for blackberry!!!

I so agree. BlackBerry has been so reluctant in bringing the so called "first step" products/apps/etc to the market. With this one on instagram, people are expecting RIM to take the third step, (second from android's step) in taking instagram to our devices.

But for me, it's better late than never. RIM should act now even if my loyalty remains in them. I hope they won't act only when I am already shifting from BB to android or iphone. LOL!

filman santiago

Really, to be fair I've got to wonder why any company would start work on a BB version of anything right now. With RIM's future uncertain and with the retirement of the current OS just around the corner, why would anyone put serious effort into a BB port? The audience isn't going to be growing and indeed shortly will start receding as BB 10 gets released. Then you've got to make another port.

RIM's in a damned-if-you-do and damned-if-you-don't position, and that paralyzes developers too.

I really enjoy the Scrapbook application on my Playbook but I fail to understand the reasoning and craze behind using Instagram. I enjoy taking pictures when with family, but at job it is more work-related and using it with Evernote to store & refer to at a later time.

I'm sure the Instagram-like applications available on the BB6/7 platform are just as good. I did give Photo Studio filters a try but didn't see how adding filters to your pictures could be such a big deal.

I'd kill for Instagram on my PlayBook, i understand it is useless for current BlackBerry devices but i'd love to have it on my PlayBook! Please instagram!!!

It used to be funny to see the defensive rim fanboys defend their blackberries, but its starting to get sad. U can only throw out the "developing countries", "77million user base" or "2 billion in the bank" excuses for so long before they become moot. The fact is of those 77million users, how many of them are using a bb7 device? Not many. The fact of the matter isnt that developers dont wanna develop for the "77million users", its the fact that its so damn challenging and limited when programming in the ancient OS. I have a 9930 and like anyone else who owns one and isnt in denial about its shortcomings, will know that the 1ghz processor can barely chug thru bb7 without locking up. Now imagine an app like instagram which is dealing with a huge amount of data from an enormous user base, trying to sort all of it thru the RIM servers, before delivering it to your slow ass blackberry. Now imagine that experience on the even leaser specced BB curve which is the most popular model in RIMS lineup. That sounds like a match destined for failure. Do you RIM defenders honestly think instagram, who is striving to make a seamless ui cross platforms is going to waste the time developing their app for a bunch of underpowered crap devices with even crappier cameras? Not bloody likely. My bet is WP7 will see it next and blackberry never will.

Very concise. Your post should be a must read for everyone on crackberry. It's not hating. It's the truth.
I still enjoy my 9860 and playbook for the same reason I always did. They're very economical. And they still have a place.
Until rim gets its crap together and creates a solid platform, people need a little perspective here.

I admit that I really enjoy the Scrapbook on my Playbook but while others fail to understand the reasoning and craze behind using Instagram...its brings in competition.
Bring it!
BB users a thurst for apps and the Devs need to know...we are ready!

So can we sideload this thing or what?? I'm pretty sure they blocked it though..

I was on instagram's facebook page and every iphone user was disappointed that android has instagram now. Pretty funny stuff on what people were saying lol

Developers don't care about BB so don't hold your breath.

Remember kids any new cool app is only "available for iPhone or Android" Bwah haha hahah

There have been some Instagram-like apps out there for us BlackBerry users like PicStory which is also a BBM connected app. However I don't find it as smooth and as easy to use as Instagram. The big limitation right now is our current OS, although if we can get a native Instagram on PlayBook that would set things up for BB10. I'm a Instagram user on my iPod, but I think if Rim could start making these apps themselves in-house (like the Scrapbook app) and have them integrated with BBM I personally think they would help there own cause big time.

I have it on Android right now. I just ordered a 8520 and it would be great to have it there too :D.
Count me in as part of the 79%

I'd love to see it but I'd imagine knowing blackberry is about to switch operating systems makes it harder to justify going to too much effort for a sinking platform. Saying that hopefully they'll hey working on something to be out by the time 10 launches.

Mobli is a good app to use. Sure it's not instagram but I'm not going to run and buy an iphone or android phone just for one app. BlackBerry,android or Apple doesn't have the perfect phone yet no one does and never will. There's always gonna be something they could of done better.

Click.. Food share Click..places share Click...cb trolls...share... Rim please tell the instagram creator to port their app.. Blackberrys are perfect phone for social networking. Instagram is like fb in mobile devices and must have for bb.

This app has been matched on the PlayBook already. LensBoost, pic shop, and many others have similar features to instagram.

Sadly, the thing is, App world needs it in its repository simply because its popular. I have no clue how on earth it got so popular, because I was under the impression you could do this stuff with smartphone cameras for years before it's spike in popularity.

Its just trending now... and go with the trend is the cool thing to do now. Back in my day, standing up for what you believe in was cool, against the socially accepted norm... but sadly those days are long gone.

I lost faith in humanity when skinny jeans became a thing on males.

I also carry Android (don't hate....still love Blackberry too) and tried it. To tell you the truth it's a crappy app. Yeah you can apply filters (so can many Blackberry apps), but the places you can share to is limited and it's a pain getting your photos out of the phone (doesn't save them to the normal camera directory). They have no web portal to view and download your photos so the whole social thing exists solely in the app itself. There are far better apps for manipulating photos with a finer degree that are just as easy to use. So don't bother screaming for your Instagram......it's not all it's cracked up to be. And just so you know.....that Android has a ton of photo editing apps and right now Instagram falls in last place for me.

That said....if you are trolling for duck faced whores showing cleavage, by all means enjoy the stalking, er social part of Instagram!

BlackBerry is not dying. There are apps that people want on a BlackBerry but I wouldn't stress about it. Most are going to want to wait for BB10. What that could mean is you will have to upgrade to a BB 10 phone to use those apps if and when they come and/or use a Playbook.

It's good and bad for the people using any BlackBerry now that wants to see more apps for BlackBerry. They might see it but not on thief current phone.

But this could be good for RIM. If they can get the right apps on BB10, it could get a lot of people to upgrade.

The people that want to see the support need to wait for BB10.

The people that thing BlackBerry is dying need to give me the lotto numbers for this weekend. Nobody really knows what is going to happen till BB10 has been out for a bit.

The big thing is getting BB10 phones to replace the Curves I. Other countries. That along with the high end BB10 phones should mean a good percentage of BlackBerry users will be on one OS. It will take a while to get some users because of contracts that were just started this year.

there are literally no good apps for blackberry, i can't wait for my contract to expire in 4 months i'll be one of the millions leaving bb for good

Actually my thing is, #Blackberry should have more FREE APPs, Like AngryBirds Space why do we have to pay for it 4.99 and for iOS and Android its FREE, thats another reason ppl leave Blackberry, Blackberry should let Famous developers know how the QNX OS is set up, so they can make the apps compatible , because side loading is kind of corny, we need TRULY NATIVE apps for the Playbook. as far as instagram, you cant miss something you never had. i have no idea how to use it, it i had it. WE NEED MORE FREE APPS!!!!!!!

The one thing putting me off BB has been the lack of instagram, as long as facebook twitter and other basic services work i couldn't care less. But android doesn't have keyboard, so i hate those devices. I have now ordered a pearl and will be using a huawei android just for instagram. Seriously though, Blackberry isn't such a small user base so they should remember us.

No clue why people care about instagram. It's not new, innovative, nor original. You can post pics to every social networking site. Is it the photo editing crap? Also, not new, innovative, nor original. I really don't want to have to log into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blah, blah, blah.

I switched from Android to blackberry. All the haters, including BB users on here bitching (wtf are you doing here?), are brainwashed. Where are we trying to go with 'phones'? They will never replace laptops and the new 7" tablets are infinitely better for most of the apps they are trying to SQUEEZE onto a phone. IMO, a phone needs clear calling, secure ACCURATE emailing, ACCURATE texting, decent camera, some basic music apps, social apps.

All the idiots staring at their phones trying to hit the correct virtual keys, squinting to see the 500 apps they downloaded (of which they use 10-15). I've shaved 15 minutes of correcting-the-auto-correct utter frustration per day out of my life and gave up Instagram? Instagram is worthless.

I guess people will keep buying every new phone so they can get their 'bro-stache' and 'musical fart' apps. Like I said, Instagram is worthless, but, it seems like BB needs it to attract the sheep. Simply not enough consumers left who aren't brainwashed.

While I agree there is a large percentage of BlackBerry users who would like to have Instagram available for BB, I am positive that the statement "100% of BlackBerry users would download it" is not true. I am a BB user and I would not download it.

That doesn't mean I wouldn't like to see it ported over to BB. The more apps, the better.

Hey everyone!

I agree with many of your comments here and I am certainly included in that 79% who would like to see or have seen Instagram on BB. I'm BlackBerry Team all the way and I'm a marketer and social media strategist and you wouldn't believe the spike in the level of engagement that my clients have witnessed by using Instagram. Integrating this social platform into their marketing has really helped them launch brand ambassador programs that have increased brand loyalty Whether or not you like the app, the fact is that people are sharing content there and as a marketer I just can't ignore a platform where people are communicating, sharing and consuming media. And we all know that BB users, whether it's for business or for play, we love doing all those things. It's why we own smartphones.

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