Hey Best Buy - you're doing it wrong

By Adam Zeis on 13 Sep 2013 12:36 pm EDT

It's not the first time we've seen a screwed up ad from a big retailer and certainly won't be the last. This one quickly jumped to the top of our "What the ... " list however.

As discovered by forums member AnimalPak200, a Best Buy store in Maryland is showing off a banner that seemed to sneak by more than a few checks before it hit the printer. The banner in question can be seen above and not only does it show off the BlackBerry Z10 on an ad for "Free Android Smartphones" but it goes so far as to mislabel the Z10 as the BlackBerry X10 as well. Talk about crazy.

We're not sure who is ultimately responsible but I'd say they should find someone to replace that someone .. or something.

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A good advertising for BlackBerry ! LOL

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Agreed. It can't be a bad thing if it gets people in the store enquiring about the BlackBerry 10.

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Yes off course, customers can be interested and ask questions about the Z10 (& BB10) ... if it's really an Android how it's work :)

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Bacon Munchers

Shhhhh! Don't say anything!


I hope they are actually honoring the advertised 'free' price plus gift card on Z10's since it's pictured !

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They wont honor it because the offer was for a BB X10 not a Z10.


Two mistakes ! I don't know what happens to Best Buy

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As it says "free android smartphones," though, does it matter what the picture shows? X or Z, clearly the branding says BlackBerry which is obviously(?) not android, right?

posted by me


You had one job!!

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+1 haha!

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Introducing the new blackberry X10, all the great features of the Z10 now with a crummy OS!.... yeah id give it away too...

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Oh my goodness. That was funny as hell! Thank you.

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LOL where's the like button....
My joke was BB needs to come out with the X100 now.


Post of the day! Thanks man..


Lololololol. That was hilarious

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Finally our American friends get the newest BlackBerry 10 device first!


Lol, maybe help sell some Z10s

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Agreed, Lily. Error or not, the ad gets the phone out in front of people so they'll actually notice it.

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I was thinking just that but people are going to go ask for the x10... which doesn't exist... unless best buy employees start recognising/referring to the Z10 as the X10 and that would just be Humm I don't know amusing I guess lol

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I'm thinking the same thing.



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They can sell more with this.


I know it has happened to other devices, but this is where BlackBerry needs to take the bull by the horns and make some waves. Unacceptable.

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I wondered how long it would be before someone blamed BlackBerry for something that BEST BUY clearly didn't actually give to BlackBerry for signoff.


I'm blaming BlackBerry. I want BlackBerry to yell scream and throw things at best buy for their terrible marketing.

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I'm Not blaming BlackBerry. I'm also apparently not looking at what I write. XD

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Make up your mind. Geesh. Jk Btw.

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Who ever this guy is who messed up should be set on fire and feed to the cows then kill the cow so that the people of new York can eat him. Or we can just fire him.

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So you think it's his SPELLING that needs correction?


LOL +1

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X10 is a pretty sweet name... hopefully it becomes the name for the BB10 Slider device (if they ever make one)


Unfortunately, the X10 stirs mixed feelings for users. The X10 was (in my opinion) the first GOOD Android phone, made by Sony. Fantastic phone when released and I still see a few kicking about these days (I own two, just for testing). However, many people had issues as time went on and Apps were no longer useable on Gingerbread. So, some may have a stigma.

I do agree; it is a decent name... but perhaps not for now.

Jerale Hoard

Well they do have a new slider patent.

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All the more reason to not trust the opinions of the workers there. Buyer beware!

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nick canada


I also like X10 for a name of a phone

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Where was this?

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". . . a Best Buy store in Maryland . . ."

(suppressing snide remark about reading comprehension . . .)

Tomas Carrillo

Made my day

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still better advertising than BlackBerry themselves


sadly, you have a point. at least some people now will look at the wrongly titled ad and say... wtf is a BlackBerry X10? lemme check it out...

Jerale Hoard

Or "OMG BlackBerry has an Android device?!!!".

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omg, BlackBerry is not making good on their promise to bring an Android X10 to BestBuy!


when I worked at Best Buy my department was responsible for changing all the new promotion materials, EVERY week there would be a list of errors in the printing and the signs had to be thrown out. The fact this is still going on 8 years later leaves little surprise as to why the company is going down.


X10 doesn't sound bad if you ask me... lol

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With as many side loaded apps ad I have, may as well be Android.

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That's what I was thinking. BBRY might want to leave the ad as-is and throw mucho dev dollars to some sideloading app.

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....and BlackBerry rests it's case....(clearly not a BlackBerry user).

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Totally unreal.

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Tomas Carrillo

Well at least ppl will be able to run Android apps.

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Might help sales! Lol

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No respect. And more proof of Best Buy's knowledge of its inventory.

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I want the x10

Batberry Z10


Mega fail. Just goes to show you how ignorant and stupid people are. At least that z10 is in the center.

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Yeah, instead of the 3 1/2 year old Droid Incredible on the right being in the center instead. Great company being kept. Kind of damning with faint praise to be offered for free along with a tired old half-assed Android device that runs on Gingerbread.


Haha^^ white idiot!

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Better advertising for BlackBerry than anything out of their marketing department since the launch of BB10.

Frank Boulben Must Go....


sadly, you have a point. at least some people now will look at the wrongly titled ad and say... wtf is a BlackBerry X10? lemme check it out...


Doesn't matter what people "call it" the sales reps at ATT and Verizon will push them away from the BlackBerry phones quicker than a mom pushing her kid out of the way of an oncoming train....

Frank Boulben Must Go....


Or, is the X10 the "Android Version of Z10" which will be announced at the "Big Double Secret Probation Announcement in Malaysia" later this month?...... Hmmmmm...

Frank Boulben Still Needs to Go...


They are morons. I never buy from them.


If I come across and add like that in a store, 1. I will not be buying anything form there 2. I would recommend firing the culprit and all who he/she answers to and finally, that store should be closed for just the sheer lack of anything called respect for the poor customers.

ohh btw, This post was sent from my Andriod blackberry X10 smartphone from BestBuy


Hey at least of all the phones in the ad, the BlackBerry is front and center!

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You know I can't help but wonder if the sign maker isn't actually a BlackBerry fan. The Z10 is proudly placed in front of the 2 Android devices and the X would make it seem like an Android name. However you look at it, I'm sure people asked about the phone. Lol

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True that! Clever and sneaky. A CB member working undercover?

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Rodney Wilder

Sadly they probably don't even have any in stock. I have a friend down in the US trying to find a Q10 to test and buy but Bestbuy around her doesn't have, and neither do sprint, at&t or verizon.


Your friend can get the Q10 from At&T and Verizon online in the US if she can't find in the store.

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Rodney Wilder

It's not just about buying, it's about holding it in her hands to test the keyboard before she does. How does no one around Grand Rapids Michigan have stock?? Can only hope it's due to them being popular and sold out


They have demo models(connected to the Internet) on the sales floor at Verizon company stores. I physically checked out the Q10 and BB10 before my purchase.

The independent Verizon stores might not have demo models.

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Not only is the android designation a fail, and the x10 designation a fail, but look what its pictured with . . a droid incredible and a photon Q - devices long since sent to pasture :-(


Typical ... "... if there was a mistake..." Jeesh!

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That's incredible... WTF ?!

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Good to see they're on the ^&^ ....


haha maybe BlackBerry is taking the 'Apple' approach to launching new devices...

"We meticulously designed this phone from the ground up to look exactly the same as the last one but with a different letter in the name..... brilliant!"

R Field

I want the BlackBerry X10 please. Oh we don't carry that...

CB10- BlackBerry Z10 -


Believe it or not, I've had my Z10 since may, yesterday at lunch in the office, talking about Apple new phones it came up and for all this long everybody in my office thought that my phone was a Samsung, they couldn't believe it was a Blackberry, it took me around a couple of minutes to convince them that it was a Blackberry even seen the brand on the phone. So maybe that happened with the one that made the design for the banner.


Who cares, as long as it's part of the promotion, and it's kinda an android sorta phone too, as long as it's in our favour :)

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More advertising by Android for BlackBerry than BlackBerry did then selves.

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Lol android X10

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Maybe an X10 will come out that runs android? I hope not. Lol.

Didn't Costco get sued by Michael Kors for something similar regarding their handbags being in advertisements which was a bait-and-switch scheme?

- aBBuser seeing squircles on CB10


That's just insulting.

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I'd say Leave it as is, Android is famous & hot today, let that person buy the Z10, fall in love with it, then eventually find our website...



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It is amazing it could be sooo wrong.


Makes about as much sense as politics lol.

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Haha too funny...at least we got free coverage right up front. Also some poor person is gonna feel really stupid now.

Viva La BlackBerry!


Hey. Maybe this a good way to sell some BB's. The duuuhroidies will think they're getting an Android phone.

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At least BlackBerry is getting advertised! Granted it's the wrong name...but still you don't see that kind of marketing in stores! It's always apple and Android being pushed out the door. It might get more people to switch to BlackBerry lol!

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biggest BlackBerry fan

I love it.... android has like 80 % market share... let people buy it thinking it's android and by the time they realize it's not.... bam the power of BlackBerry 10 will have them hooked... mmmwahah


Maybe it will sell better marked as an Android.. lol.

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@ 14 - "No Kidding" maybe when people ask for the Android X10 - the representative should say they are "free" because Samsung accidently printed BlackBerry on the phones.... Hot Damn!!!


Some days I use more of my Android side load Apps than the Z10 native apps, in my mind the truth is not far off the pace.


Anyone else notice that they have Sprint as the maker name for the "Motorola Photon Q"?


There are right in fact.
They would like to tell ppl:
There are free android
There are fre SMARTPHONES (BlackBerry)
There are free gifts card and so on...

The x is there for 'whatever'
Whatever BlackBerry model you get you get the smartphone one.

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All the Z and X talk is bringing back memories of my 1st Computer..... the ZX81 ! Yes I am That old!


^ ^ ^ THIS

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X10 sounds very badass though


That's ridiculous but honestly if they sell a few phones with people saying"hey I want that x10" then great, as the buyer will be much happier anyway ;)!

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I like the " I apologize if there was a mistake" lol "if" he says


Madness! X10? WoW!!!

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What? You crackberrians never seen the awesome incredible and inspiring X10 yet by BlackBerry. This is unacceptable. The X10 is available everywhere, it's similar to the Z10 except it's an X10! Ok the differences are all internal really. It's got quad processors as well as a 100 mp camera with ultra fast 1.4 Carl Ziess lens as well as all the top apps built into it and a 3500mah battery. It's just everything a smart phone should be. Heck it even makes coffee. Yep that's the X10. Only at BestBuy

Only a fool thinks they know me.


Embarrassing but this might be beneficial.

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Ahhh the ever elusive, top secret x10! Kinda looks like the z10 imho.


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Trick ppl into thinking it's a DROID

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This better not be deliberate.

I just think people are giving up their privacy for the sake of what?......


The celebrity would always choose BlackBerry.

In a crazy world, the sane person is always seen as crazy for pointing out the obvious.

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Just looked at Best Buy website and unless you're a T-Mo customer you can't even buy a Z10 from Best Buy; they don't offer it for AT&T, Sprint, or VZW.


Why would they? Nobody wants one.


Only way they can sell BB phones I guess..


It would have been awesome if someone bought an "X10" thinking it was Android, took it home, loved it, and realized it wasn't Android but liked it and kept it anyways.

But good social experiments. Pretend Z10 is Android or Apple and see if customers then become more interested in it.


I think this would work.


Conspiracy at its best!

BB Z10 Rocks!


OMG! Of course BlackBerry has a portion of the cake since there gotta be someone in charge of the POP materials, distribution and somebody in marketing who takes care of the appropriate displaying of the product at any top selling store like Best Buy. It's obviously unrespectfull and sabotage and a wake up call to BlackBerry that something is not properly going to increase sales.

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I think all news is good news. Most people I know don't know blackberry have a touch screen :s

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Unacceptable!!! If only printers could talk!

stooy leown

Makes me want to go check out a best buy and see if they got same one lol



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Shhhtt!!! Don't say anything! Let them thing it's Android and buy more of it! :)

And in that case BestBuy is doing great! :D


This is nothing, well, it is.

I remember a girl in an AT&T store that told me that "The new BlackBerry is like you can put Android apps in it so it's like Android. I asked her what's the OS and she said.... Yeah, Android. So it's not uncommon

Marketing is everything



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Every single one of us should go in to Best Buy and ask to trade in our Blackberry Z10 for a new a Blackberry X10!... lol...

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Everyone can make mistake
Best buy, next time be careful
I will call you better buy not best buy


Daryll Davis

I live in Philadelphia and other than on the bus stop the z10 isn't really advertised anywhere

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Jeeeeeesus! And the funny thing is they got payed for it...

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Imagine if they mislabeled the iPhone as the xPhone, people would go ballistic.


At least it's on there though, and front and centre. Better than nothing.

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"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
Albert Einstein


Hmm, interesting that Best Buy writes this. When I was looking to get my Q10 last week I went there 23rd/5th ave (NYC) and was told they had one Z10 left and that that the Q10 'had been discontinued' but they would be getting new Z10s in!

Then again, just as someone said good advertising for Blackberry still, but that's still a pretty big oversight that something as such made it through design/implementation/typesetting etc to print.

I doubt there was just one person doing this from inception to print!

side note: Finally got my new Q10 last Friday!! wooo



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At least it's getting visibility.

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Jerale Hoard

Well didn't they have it advertised as BlackBerry before? Did it sale much? If deception helps with sales then leave it as it is. Let's make this an experiment. It's only a half lie. BlackBerry still runs Android even though it's not it's stock OS. More people will start getting into the habit of sideloading apps. Once it's in their hands and they get into using it they may fall in love with the OS.

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My problem with this is that if someone were to say "I'd like that one" and they are told "sorry, it's in error it's gonna cost...". the salespeople can then refer to another brand that is free.

You can see the gaff and who will really be made to look foolish, BlackBerry

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I like the name X10 to use for the new upcoming device, instead of Z30 or A10.

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Parthiv Shah

Hey Adam check this cool video of Android 4.2.2 side loaded:


Crackberry guys should do a similar indepth one.


No NO keep the X10 AD get more people thru the door


I think this will be the name for upcoming Z30... X10... the "XL" size of Z10. Somehow Best Buy already knew it and printed it :-)


Well regardless of the huge fail here on Best Buy's part, I've been looking into getting the kids Z10's. So I'll be looking into this promo. Nothing wrong with a free Z10 and a gift card to boot!

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At least the Z10 or "X10" is on top, lol.

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It had to be on purpose or unless that person is leaving on another planet. How come he put blackberry in an ad for Android phones and where the hell he got that blackberry X10 from? This has to be a joke

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Epic facepalm x_x x_x x_x.x_x x_x

Kris Simundson

Poor X10 having to be clumped in with a Z10 (:


Well, there are two kinds of phones in the world, right? Android and iPhones. That sure isn't an iPhone. I mean, duh.

Loving my Q10


Blackberry needs to send promo banners to all stores that sell their products, exclusive Blackberry promo lol I know they're not cheap but they really need to advertise. There's only so much as BlackBerry enthusiasts can do! :)



IMO, that is a good thing for Blackberry - it in a way conveys that any (X = Z/Q) is an Android phone as well! At least a message is being communicated to the customers that Blackberry phones allow one to run Android apps as well.

I have a leaked version of and wow! the Android apps including Netflix load so quickly! The OS is truly shaping up really well. Oh! the initial boot up time after powering up the device has now been cut down by almost 65%! The backup and restore after upgrading to was smooth as well.

All in all, I think this ad has come out in the nick of time. For the first time I think Best Buy is doing something that would very likely help Blackberry :)


I don't blame them. With 0 (zero) marketing effort from BB, this is expected on my side. BB officials must be happy at least they are showing the product..


Maybe he meant that many BlackBerry applications are still on android :d

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And...,btw,where is advertising from BlackBerry?

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So the marketing folks at Best Buy don't recognize a BlackBerry. Why are we surprised? Their sales staff apparently doesn't either. The guy I bought my Z from (yes, at Best Buy) had never had one out of the box. He and the staff get the new hot devices from the company or the reps when they are released, but nobody at any of his stores has ever been given a BlackBerry. Go figure.


Pathetic miss! That said it might make someone ask about 'that' phone. Then again, they would then likely (and unfortunately) be steered to the Android options. Another example of poor partnership support.

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If this is new promotion I wouldn't be surprised if the promotional flyers in this Sunday's papers and mailboxes are wrong as they tend to put the in-store display pieces up a day or two before.

I used to work with the BBY marketing folks here in Minneapolis HQ, must give the director a call (if he is still there) and give him an earful from my Q10 :)


It's so wrong that it becomes funny.


Ya I want that BlackBerry X10 and I want 50 of them NOW! What you dont have them in stock, WTF, who do I need to talk to to get my BB X10's. LMAO


I want that top secret X10

BBM CHANNEL C000EF854 < bbry stocks*C0004ABC9


Funny? this is embarrassing how BlackBerry dont train the staff in stores and when you ask for the device they just tell you theres a new BlackBerry wiothout the knowledge of the new OS.


This is crazy, it's funny how a lot of big companies have a person, or persons, working in their offices who is (are) in charge of their marketing and making big money. Absolutely right, someone MUST be fired or at least DEMOTED!!!



Think a company like Apple would allow something like this? Enough said.

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Redroom Media

Some people, wow!

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I worked for Best Buy here in Victoria, B.C. For many years, up until they abruptly closed 16 stores overnight with no warning. These kinds of errors were the norm however the warehouse boys were always putting out little fires like this. But I have to say that's pretty bad! So down with Best Buy and up with Visions Electronics a Canadian company that values thier employees.

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Probably the most advertising Best Buy USA has done for BlackBerry

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Pete The Penguin

In the UK,they'd have to honour it as we have the "as advertised" rule. The onus is on the seller to ensure their promotional material is correct.


BlackBerry X10! What? Now BB10 is a light dimmer too?



It's an interesting point another blogger brought up about this being a covert way of attracting attention to the Z10 at Android's expense. I'm certain many of us would to see them taken down a couple of notches.

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Nobody is going to ask about the BlackBerry x10 if this is a Best Buy in the USA. People avoid blackberry like the plague here. Carriers also try to steer you away from it. I don't know how you don't realize it's not an Android. It says "Blackberry" on it. Best Buy is a joke of a company.

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Best Buy-San, GOODAH JOBAH! You very good...make Nharzhool-Sensei very proud...


Best Buy-San, GOODAH JOBAH! You very good...make Nharzhool-Sensei very proud...


Best Buy-San, GOODAH JOBAH! You very good...make Nharzhool-Sensei very proud...


This might have actually sparked some interest in the Z10.


Hey Blaize... Will that 10.2 "Leak" work on my X10????

I am going to start calling my Z10 an "X10" and tell people that it runs Android and you can get it for free at Best Buy...


Frank Boulben Must Go....


Last time I saw something like this from bestbuy they were showing off Macbooks running windows before boot camp or anyone was running windows on a mac.

So maybe Blackberry is coming out with an X10 which looks like a Z10 except it runs android? :O


It's a conspiracy.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.


There really is a BlackBerry X10 running Android 4.2.2. They just put the wrong picture up.


maybe maybe they are doing it on purpose to clear out existing inventory...by fooling people that it's an android

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Long time ago I saw Lumia 800 running Harmattan at offical O2 shop ;-). N9 rulez!

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"This mistake is made by intermship clerk, and this individual has been fired" - If it happen in China, This will be the official statement.

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I think it's time for another CrackBerry giveaway, maybe the new X10.


If they buy it then who cares lol

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CsBrandon Moore

Wow. So, large companies seem to make a habit of wasting money. When I worked on the construction of a Samsung Microprocessor Plant's water purification facility. Every morning for at least a good two weeks I would walk past a crane and it's twelve member crew. One morning I stopped by and struck up a conversation. Since everyday, all day, they just sat around that spot smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. I asked them what they were waiting for? ( it was a common joke at this plant) They explained they were waiting for a bigger crane so they could move the little crane over a few yards. With my instant look of confusion the guy explained they had to wait for samsung to decide whether or not it would be worth the money. So in the mean time there were twelve guys all on six digit salary collecting money. Samsung pockets must be deep. Was one of the other jokes around that plant.

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That so crazy. I wonder if they're hiring?? :-)

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Uhhh....I'll take the Android BlackBerry X10....and Uhhh... where is your uhhh shoe section?

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1, shows how under qualified Best Buy employees are, even the Geek Sqaud showed up on News occasionally for their creepiness.
2, Shows how much people in general don't know/care about BlackBerry here in the US.
The later made me sad.


Whatever, do what it takes to sell some damn phones.

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My local Best Buy said they were no longer stocking the BlackBerry Z10! I demo'd one only a week before! I bought mine from Walmart; it was cheaper anyway! I'm so done with Best Buy...

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I got my z10@ best buy in the ad for. 99 I got 2 blackberry z10's. Screen protectors , 2 cases with holsters. It only cost me .52 when they took the 2 $50.00 best buy gift cards off the total cost

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Well, with he release of 10.2 and the updated android runtime, BB10 phones will be able to run more android apps than some android phones (the ones that won't be updated to jb). So I say close enough.

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It's all part of the belittling of BlackBerry. marketing scheme.

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Hey, when ALL the other things haven't worked to sell them (and not like Monsieur Boulben has done anything - at all ... !!!), then "try the ONE thing" that just might work because it's SOOOOOO far-out and crazy.

So, YES, Adam, crazy: "crazy LIKE A FOX!"

Maybe them-that X10s (nudge nudge, wink, wink) WILL start flying off the shelves IF BestBuy can get people to start believing it's a Droid phone (like most of them would even understand the difference anyhow; just tell them it's a "Brand New" & more secure version of the Droid O/S).

When is a Chevy not a Chevy?? ... when it's a Cadillac, of course! When is a BlackBerry not a Blackberry ... when it's a Droid phone!


That must be embarrassing!

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It pretty much demonstrates the circumstance that BlackBerry is in now. Drowned among so many Android phones that people can hardly discover what's the difference. Mourning for BlackBerry.

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LMFAO that's hilarious. The new BlackBerry X10 on Android. Lol

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Dave Johnson

Totally incompetent, and not only disrespectful of BlackBerry, but also all their consumers coming to shop for any phone...

What kind of degree do you need to get to become this incompetent...

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Theo Groenevelt

Pretty Sad really. The issue is that most retail sales personell will have their favorite + 1 back up...with the other manufacturers being left in the dust.

I worked 10 yrs for a global Manufacturer and saw this played out continually. Even though our products were demonstrably superior + competitively priced, we were for the most part dissed by the distributors in favour of others. (ESAB Welding & Cutting Products). Sad indeed.

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

Theo Groenevelt

..not saying that "everything" we had at the time was superior..simply that many times we just weren't given an equal shot or the distributor would simply "sell" our competitors product - never mentioning our product.

(glad to be gone from the sales game!!). It never paid squat anyway!

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??


I have been convinced for many years that best buy does not give a F about BlackBerry. I don't shop their for these reasons

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Late comment. But I must say, I like how it's in front of the other phones at least lol

Signed via my weapon of choice, Z10.

Winston Loh

Hope it has been corrected by now...


Some Creatures mistake BlackBerry Z10 as an Android device.

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