Hey AT&T! Where is our BlackBerry Bold 9900?!

By Adam Zeis on 17 Sep 2011 02:53 pm EDT

Adam sets out to picket an AT&T store in the name of the Bold 9900 and the CrackBerry Nation!

Soooo ... it's September 17th today, and if you remember from our 2nd to last podcast we declared today AT&T picket day if the BlackBerry Bold 9900 didn't show up. Following up on our petition to AT&T, I took matters into my own hands and blocked my day off to do my CrackBerry duty. With my Verizon Bold 9930 and Rogers Bold 9900 in hand and the power of the CrackBerry nation behind me, I set out for my local AT&T store to get my picket on. As you can see in the video above, the store was totally dead (because they don't have the Bold 9900 .. duh) and unfortunately they wouldn't let me film inside. I did do some solo picketing for as long as I could though. I don't know if it helped our cause or not, but regardless ... come on AT&T ... give us the BlackBerry Bold 9900!!!

Did you head out to your local store and picket today? Did you rally the troops? If not you still have time! Let us know in the comments -- and if you haven't signed our petition yet, what are you waiting for?!

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Hey AT&T! Where is our BlackBerry Bold 9900?!


First... just kidding. Ya'll need to stop posting that, it's lame.

Big *hi5* to Adam for really sticking it to the man today!! 

Your kidding right? Where did you hear anybody from RIM say they promise AT&T will have the bold 9900? They could sell it tomorrow if they wanted to, but unfortunately for all you AT&T customers I think AT&T only likes selling cheaper & mostly older BBs. Seriously think everyone should picket RIM & say we demand you make AT&T sell the Bold 9900! Pretty funny to me-+-BLD$HD+189-+-

Adam, you needed a picket sign. You have to let those turkeys know that the Crackberry Nation means business.

Btw, where was our fearless leader Kevin, today ? After all, he was the one who set this date up.

I think that some people fail to see this situation in a certain light. The Crackberry nation is somewhat of a union/army for the Blackberry customer/user. To be apart of it, is to be part of something greater than just than just ones self. At some point we need to rally the the full force of the of the Crackberry Nation(or at least as much as possible, since AT&T is only here in the States), and they can't hold out on us. We demand what is rightfully ours, and that is the Blackberry Bold 9900.

Perhaps AT&T has exclusive release rights to the QNX phone that will be out "later this year?" Let's hope! They obviously have some ace in the hole as they always had the best BBs in the past AND they were the 1st to exclusively offer the original Bold 9000. Trust me, AT&T is prepping for a MAJOR release! Don't give up yet.

Wow!! What imaginations some people have.. AT&T to have the QNX blackberry exclusively when its released? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! Why would RIM, especially in this day & age limit themselves like that? It was a bad idea for RIM to let them do that with the torch. Why do you think apple is spreading out to different carriers? RIMs QNX superphone is gonna be the next best thing to bring them up to speed (or maybe ahead) everyone else. Limit their sales to only one carrier means limiting to only those customers. Really bad idea -+-BLD$HD+189-+-

Scroat, what left over BlackBerry? The local AT&T store reps confirmed for me that they don't even carry the Torch 9800s at all. They've already been replaced with the 9810s.

This is more likely an agreement made with RIM to give them two months or so with the 9810 as their sole BlackBerry7 phone. Hopefully some exclusives that bring all QNX variations to their shelves.

hey scroat! you're forgetting something.. " nobody wants to type on a keyboard rim will be dead in 2 years! true story!" lol big fan of scroat's rim bashing

AT&T doesnt want to have anything to do with RIM or Blackberry since they still have stock left from the bold 9700 lol.... No one wants the bb phone... Wake up zombies.....

Same here Adam. I left when Verizon turned down the Storm 9570. Once it was official that os 6 wouldn't be coming to the Storm2, I ended my contracts with them and picked up the 9800. A year later, added a line to get a BB7 model.

I'm gonna visit my local store today and see what their damage is. Granted, I call them every day and hope for a different result... I guess that is the definition of insanity. However, i know there will be a change eventually. It's just a matter of knowing when.

The lack of people in this video is a little depressing, but still a good video :) Perhaps no one there cares about AT&T, or at least in that store lol. Oh well, I'm on sprint and we have the 9930 anyway with way better (unlimited) data plans anyways. Now to just afford it and I'll be a happy camper!

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Hey now, I loved my 9670 and my oldest daughter is over the moon that she got it after I upgraded to the 9930. That phone is way better than people think.

Btw, the Boks is saweeeeet!

I hope anyone saying there is a possibility of a QNX phone this year is just leveling people.

Zero percent chance of QNX in 2011. If they have QNX at Devcon, the RIM standard of 12-14 months to release post-devcon showcasing will def apply. I would venture to guess in regards to the QNX phones you will see the "Devcon showcasing to release" timeline grow to about 16-18 months.

If this was a few years back, I would agree with you. However, it's not. RIM knows that they don't have a year and a half more to get the QNX phones out. They need to get them out as soon as possible without them being half baked. They need to keep what large investors that they have left. Plus, they need to hold on to to their U.S. marketshare and gain more.

I think that we will see them before July 2012. Hopefully, by April or May, but we will wait and see.

hate to say this but the carriers are getting ready for the iphone 5, lets be realistic here for a moment, why are the carriers not advertising the BB 7s? w8 til apple announce the ip5 and u will see people lining/camping at stores weeks b4 the release of ip5, cant w8 to ditch this laggy torch 9800 for the ip5, hope att get 9900 for u guyz ;) peace out

Epic fail! That was one of the lamest things i have ever seen. First off, thats not even a real at&t store. Its some mom and pop 3rd party retailer. You stood like 50 feet away from the door, off to the side. Can you explain how sitting on a bench at the end of the shopping center with no sign or anything can be considered picketing? Very lame Adam, very lame indeed.

You guys are ruthless. Obviously this is a tongue-in-cheek fun video, a way of releasing some frustrations over AT&T's delays in releasing the 9900, and a not so subtle reminder to the Death Star to get with the program. I enjoyed it; thanks for posting. :)

Agreed. I understand that this is intended as BlackBerry Humour but it wasn't funny. It was sad, in fact.

Cheers to that, but still did love this one, I still got some gratification seeing an AT&T store with nothing going on. It almost looked like a "oh yeah AT&T, look at you with no 9900 and no customers when others are selling out" I'm sure I'm not right here, but I'm gonna keep telling myself that... Feel-good-feeling...

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I jut want to know if anyone else did any picketing! At least Adam went out to a store. I went into one in Phoenix and messed with them :) So dont complain if you sat on your couch doing nothing. I say right on Adam!

Here is a way to get AT&T to get the Bold out and fast!

Tell them that if they don't get it by next month, we are all going to send a letter to the Justice Department supporting their suit against their merger with T-Mobile because they are obviously going against consumer wishes so they can be in bed with the iPhone dudes that totally don't want the better phone to compete against them.

Apple sucks! They are also suing HTC to try to get them to stop selling their android phones in the U.S. HTC controls about 30% of the droids sold here.

Apple is the new Microsoft.

By the time ATT gets the 9900, the true new up-to-date QNX phones will be released. May as well as wait another 6 months and go that route :)

No it won't be 4G and yeah....the Bold has problems people, maybe it is best to wait. Besides, I don't want it to be 300 dollars...that is too much

Screen is way too small on new bold, Torch FTW. I was messing around with new bold at sprint store and wanted to like it but size matters. Once you go Torch you won't go back... I have the original torch and cannot go back to the smaller screen.

this is not picket.he chose a deserted spot to show how customers have defected to other carriers from at&t.and for at&t this is becoming their truth.thats what happens when you don't deliver devices on time.nobody wants to picket at at&t because they have accepted at&t is adamant carrier.they won't care about consumers voicing their madness.so consumers move on to other carriers.

Didn't know that today was picket day but my sister and I went into an ATT store and she berated the poor guy for not having any info about a release date. Hopefully everytime someone asks for one the ATT geek can push a button that notifies corp ATT about another sale lost

Um, to picket somewhere you have to walk up and down with a SIGN. Not sit outside the store and do nothing!

And what's with all the rap wrist movements, Adam? Damn, that was weak.

I'm an aspiring rapper didn't you hear? And the picket store was out of signs so i had to wing it empty handed :) 

I agree. Sitting in a bench 2 units over without a sign or anything isn't a picket. It is some guy getting away from his wife on a Saturday morning.

So im a terrible person for noticing this but did anyone else see in the shot before the the "Several Hours Later" that there were 5 cars, two reflected in the glass, 2 in the parking lot next to the building and a red one in the driveway in the background that did not move during the entire time he was there as well as he did move an inch on the bench, rearrange his body parts and the lighting didnt change during the "several hours" he was picketing??

Jesus are you joking? Way to over analyze. It was obviously meant to be funny. I'm sure he wasn't really there for hours. Was probably just put in there for a laugh lighten up.

I have been a VZW customer since 2003. I did my part I went into an AT&T store and said that I didnt have a contract with anyone and wanted a new phone and a 2 yr contract. they went thru the credit check thing and said i could have what ever i wanted. I said I wanted the BB Bold 9900 or nothing! The guy about SH**. He said they didnt have it but had the torch. I said no thank you I will go get a 9930 and walked out . My protest!

How fitting. Today, 17-Sep-2011, was the day I finally left AT&T. I dumped my four month old Atrix 4G to get a Verizon Blackberry 9930.

By coincidence I was at an ATT store today. I asked the rep when they would be getting the 9900 and he said that, while he didnt know for sure, it should be in the next month or two (I know, he is only a sales rep so take that with a large grain of salt). But one thing he did mention was that he has had a lot of people come by and ask about the Bold. Clearly, they know people want them, I guess it will just be a matter of time.

Thank you Kevin and Adam for fighting the good fight on our behalf! I cannot believe that this phone is not out yet?! I have been with AT&T since the Cingular days and this is their biggest customer care disaster to date. When companies ignore the requests of a substantial( and vocal) section of their customer base it shows that profitability is really their only goal. I needed a phone in July, my 9000 was malfunctioning. I was eligible for an upgrade and due to the 9900 not being available bought an iPhone 4. I hate that phone! Apple makes great computers, but their phone drops calls, sucks at email, and is designed for women or effeminate men= my opinion. I am using my 2008 Bold 9000, waiting to pay full price for the AT&T version. If this was a network compatibility issue AT&T would be throwing RIM under the bus! This is all about moving units of product! The 9810 is not a replacement phone for the Bold 9000! I am sorry for ranting, but after defending AT&T's service for years this is the last straw!
Thanks again Kevin and Adam!

AT&T aside, the carriers that are supposed to have the 99xx series, don't. The Sprint 9930, for example, has been out online for two plus weeks and their 9350s are being delayed. I think there might be something else going on. Do you think RIM has delayed production in order to re-release, or in AT&T's case, release devices with QNX compatible specs?

adam, im sorry for being so rough on you earlier today. i watched your video again and saw the humor in what you were trying to do. i was having a bad day at work and i took some of my aggression out on you...lol. next time just do it in front of an actual corporate store. buying a phone at a 3rd party store is like buying your food from a gas station.

I love the idea but I don't "get" it. I never have understood why people get up in arms about xyz carrier not having a certain handset... Why not just jump ship to one that has?

I love the idea but I don't "get" it. I never have understood why people get up in arms about xyz carrier not having a certain handset... Why not just jump ship to one that has?

Because I'm grandfathered into a plan from the Cingular days that no one can come close to matching. My whole family is on the plan so to go to Verizon or Sprint would double my monthly cost. Att has really pissed me off with this move.

LOL, Step it up a notch Adam. A picketing sign in the shape of a 9900 would be the icing on the cake here and would draw some attention :)

I'd be a happy man if only ATl&T would release the BOLD 9900....I guess a white version would be out of the question

yeah it does kinda suck that at&t in the states they are not gettin the bold 9900/9930.. dunno why but it is the same with fido in canada.. dont really get the greatest phones that all the other carriers have like rogers, telus etc.. why is that? i always wonder like right now the latest blackberry that fido have is the 9300 or whatever..

Thank you for keeping the heat on AT&T. I picked last week when I called my AT&T representative and complained.

I wanted to let everyone know - I have done 2 things..
1. I contacted RIM about the release of the BOLD, they instructed me that AT&T , though this phone is being released to all carriers, at the present moment in time AT&T has not shown interest in the BOLD 9900 as far as carring it. They tend to be focused more on the torch currently.

2. I contacted AT&T corporate here in Dallas, office of the president to see why they were not showing signs of interest (according to RIM) of carrying such a great looking phone, of all carriers you would think AT&T would be FIRST to have it, not in this case, the lady in the office of the president did not know what the 9900 even was (I guess that proves the no interest or she personally has not seen it) Regardless there was no mentioning of it, though she would work with me and get in touch with some people to see what could be done to get the phone in my hand. (as a phone tester or whatever). I still need to follow up with them on this. In addition I actually sent an email to CEO Randall Stephenson, to get the word out that AT&T needs to carry this phone, its a gourgeous/powerful phone and AT&T would be stupid not to carry it (an email I need to follow up with as well) Ill keep you all posted!

One last thing.... In the video above.. why is he outside a AUTHORIZED RESELLER? He needs to be asking questions at a actual AT&T store (corporate store).. Those are the ones that don't have reseller, authorized retalier etc, to their name. You can always ask if they are a reseller or a actual AT&T store. GO TO AN ACTUAL AT&T STORE and get the word out. not a reseller..

I think everybody at crackberry better start looking for a new job. RIM is dying. Traffic to this website is probably dying as well. Advertisers will start pulling their ads. The Blackberry dynasty is over. Blackberry = Palm

Bad choice of theme music, that is meant to be spy music with a big ending. Obviously there was no big finish on this video, more like "Screw it! I give up".

On the day that RIM's stock took a nosedive, this is pretty reflective of their position in the marketplace. Kind of alone in the world, the outcast so to speak.

I just got my BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 from Rogers last night. Renewed a three year contract with them... The only BB I owned was an 8700g and I didn't even have BIS for it so this is my first real BB and you know what?...

Life's good. They'll say what they want about BlackBerry & RIM but this is a pretty luxurious phone. The reps at Rogers thought I lost my mind switching to this from an iPhone 4 but I'm tired of the same UI year after year with marginal improvements. RIM had push first, RIM has BBM, RIM has the greatest keyboard I have ever seen on a smartphone ... ever.

The last time I had a phone of this form factor was the T-Mobile Dash / HTC S621 so you can see why I had to try this out one last time.

Anyways, I'm loving it so far. Sad thing is I'm slow at typing cause I'm getting used to it and I have NO clue how to do keyboard shortcuts, repetitive number typing and Caps Lock. Oh well, I'm sure i'll figure it out. Long live RIM and I hope they stay Canadian forever!

Hey Adam,

Real picketer here. I ditched my $160/mo AT&T plan for T-Mobile last month after getting sick of the death star's reluctance to understand it's best customer. I paid the $100 early termination fee, and am going to save $80/mo on my T-Mobile plan. Scary eh? Not only did I drop em like a sack of potatoes, but then I gave their perspective take over victim their business, growing their lagging market share! No more pickets or signs! Drop your service, and get the same plan for less! Unlimited talk, text, 2gig of data, 4G speeds, BB enterprise, $80 a month. Enough said.

For what is is worth, our corporate rep from AT&T said there were rumors that they were looking at a Black Friday release date for the 9900. I don't think he would have bet his paycheck on it but he said it was definitely one of the dates that was bounced around at AT&T.

WTF Adam,
Get a life...you have 2 phones on you..and if you want tp protest go to the ATT headquarters...these store people dont know anything!...just a spoilt...good for nothing Ignorant North American you are...devote your time to some needy /homeless/orphans...rather than sitting in that bench.

Wow that was harsh. The video was meant to be funny - sorry if it wasn't. Just trying to lighten things up over the weekend.

Let me see if I understand the logic here. You guys want AT&T to carry to the Bold 9900 when they already carry the new Torch 9810 which almost has the same specs (i.e. same processor, same memory, same camera, same screen resolution) except a slightly different form factor with a larger screen for $49 with a 2 year contract. Meanwhile the Bold 99xx on other carriers is priced between $199 (Sprint) and $299 (T-Mobile) with a 2 year contract so unless AT&T can get a great deal from RIM for the Bold 9900 (which I highly doubt) you want them to sell a $199+ Bold 9900 side by side with a $49 Torch 9810 with the hope that it will sell well? Do you really believe average AT&T customers (not the people here on Crackberry) will actually pay at least $150 more for the Bold 9900 over the Torch 9810? What are you guys smoking?

Umm those who want the bold 9900 like the styling better over the torch. I am an AT&T customer and will pay $200 to get the bold now rather than $50 in 2 months.

FYI I'm not smoking anything.

I get that people want the Bold 9900 over the Torch 9810 because of the styling and the form factor. But I was referring to average consumers who tend to look at the price of the phone first not hard core Blackberry addicts like you and I who are here posting on Crackberry.com. I said "Do you really believe average AT&T customers (not the people here on Crackberry) will actually pay at least $150 more for the Bold 9900 over the Torch 9810?" IMHO I don't believe an AVERAGE CONSUMER walking into an AT&T store would pay $150+ more for a Bold 9900 over the Torch 9810. And how is AT&T supposed to convince people via marketing that they should pay $199+ for the Bold 9900 instead of $49 for the Torch 9810? We're not talking about a phone like the iPhone where price doesn't matter to people because they must have the latest iPhone (and no I don't own an iPhone nor am I an Apple fanboy). Go ask someone who works in a mobile phone store what the most common question they get asked. From what I've been told by several people the most commonly asked question is "where are the free phones?" so I think it's a stretch to expect the average consumer to spend at least 4x as much (at least $199 vs $49) for the Bold 9900 when the specs are almost identical to the Torch 9810.

It's $150 difference. I make that in a day -- why wouldn't I buy a better, slimmer, faster, sexier phone with a bigger, easier to use keyboard? Gee, I dunno. Because 2 tanks of gas that will last me 2 weeks is insurmountably more important than getting something I will enjoy for 1-2 years. Sometimes it's not all about specs, even thought the 9900 wins in every category. Form factor actually counts, from what I've been told by several people, commonly.

Stupid opinions. So annoying. Don't like expensive phones because they're seemingly out of reach? Work harder. Don't want to be a part of the argument? Go ask for a free phone and join the Huawei forums with your cheap 4G-more-like-2G service.

Of course the "commonly asked question" in a store is where are the free phones. It's also where are your cases, where are the iPhones, where are the BlackBerry phones, where is your bathroom, will an Android get me laid, and why does your carpet have confetti sewn into it. It's a retail store full of people who shop retail for retail prices because retail makes them feel instant, exaggerated, expensive gratification.

People are sheep. You can buy online for the same price, or less (quick point:selling phones from a warehouse online mutes brick & mortar reducing everything from power bills to pay checks and thus instantly saving you money by asking for a 3-5 business day patience windows), or the same price with accessory bundles for less, and have it mailed to your house. Why don't you subjectively ask USPS who asks for Torches or Bolds more? Why don't you query your local carrier's stock boy on which model they have in excess? Why don't you pee on your hands in the bathroom and then wipe your nose?


I love guys like you get overly sarcastic and start flaming people from behind a computer. You write things online that you'd never have the balls to say to someone's face and if you did you'd look like a complete a$$hole. You’re entitled to dismiss my anecdotal evidence from people that work in retail stores that customers generally ask about the free phones or that customers tend to look for the cheapest phone but you’re being ridiculous when you compare my point to all the other sarcastic questions that you asked.
You also have a reading comprehension problem. In my previous 2 comments I was explaining why IMHO AT&T will have a hard time selling the Bold 9900 at a relatively much higher price than the Torch 9810 to the AVERAGE CONSUMER because their specs are almost identical. While I agree that there are some people that will pay more for a form factor that they want (such as crackberry.com readers), I don't believe many average consumers will pay $199 for the 9900 instead of $49 the 9810 when they see them side by side in a store or they learn their specs are almost identical. If they want a touch screen Blackberry and the salesman shows them the 9810 with a larger screen for $49 versus the 9900 for $199 or more, in my opinion they will chose the 9810 because it's cheaper.
I never said that I don't like expensive phones or I can't afford them. And I wasn't defending the way people shop or the purchasing decisions that they make. And whether or not you agree with how people shop or where they shop is an irrelevant argument against my point. It is the way it is whether you like it or not, whether you agree or not and whether it's smart or not (and I happen to agree with you that many people shop in stupid ways). Many people choose one phone over another simply based on price and not which one is better, faster, etc even though they'll be stuck with that phone for 2 years and the cost of the phone is only a fraction of the total cost that they'll pay for the phone and service over 2 years. For example the Curve series and the Bold 97xx models have the same form factor but many people choose the Curve over the Bold 97xx because it's cheaper even though the Bold 97xx is a better phone. At least if people pay more for the Bold 97xx, they know they are getting a better phone but that's not the case with the 9900 over the 9810.
As far as "stupid opinions" go why don't we look at the things you said and see how stupid they are. You said "the 9900 wins in every category" and you also said it's "better" and "faster". Maybe because of your reading comprehension issues you didn't notice that I was comparing the Bold 9900 to the Torch 2 9810 not the original Torch 9800. Or maybe you never bothered comparing the specs of the 9900 and the 9810 to see that they're almost identical. They have the same processor, same amount of RAM, same amount eMMC memory, same camera specs, same screen resolution and almost the same battery life. So for you to say the 9900 "wins in every category" is simply a dumb statement. In fact the 9810 has a bigger screen than the 9900 so the 9810 wins in screen size category so no the 9900 doesn't win in every category. So what exactly makes the 9900 "better" than the 9810? As far as the 9900 being "faster" than the 9810, why would it be any faster when they both have the same 1.2 GHz processor, 768mb of RAM and support HSPA+ networks? Another stupid statement by you. So paying more for a 9900 does not get you a "better" or "faster" phone.

We're still waiting for BlackBerry 7 to be available for sale in Mexico city. I am frustrated, I really don't get it, it seems that RIM is sleeping, this is a huge and growing market that is running away from the platform.
The Samsung SII is available here, as well as the newest LG smartphones, and other Android powered like HTC also available, there are lots of Nokia phones and the Windows phone, but when will RIM release BB7 in Mexico?
The iPhone 5 is set to be released here a week later than in the US. Please RIM wake up! we can't compete anymore with the old BB models. Bold 9900, Torch 9810 are desperately needed. Hopefully you will announce a release date for the new models in Latin America.

Ok, so that was a bit sad. Only one person picketing? And yeah, that means I too was absent. As an excuse, I can say that I wasted a solid half hour bothering some AT&T rep on the phone about the absence of the Bold 9900 from their lineup. I've had a Bold 9000 for three years now, love the phone, and didn't want to upgrade until something comparable came along. Well, it's here, but not here. I'm now on my third trackball, but the keyboard is going strong. Anyway, I want my new Bold 9900 on AT&T so I can still do simultaneous data and voice, and I want to keep my rollover minutes and my grandfathered unlimited data plan. So I've been captured by the machine, and have no alternative but to wait. And complain.

Anyway, our complaining about it here is just venting. If you want the AT&T's attention, post on their Facebook. AT&T has both their own facebook account, and within it a forum to discuss the Bold 9900 release. As of two days ago, there were seven comments on that forum. Seven. Considering how many people are coming here to vent, I'd say there's some seriously pent up frustration that could be better used to exert real pressure on the company in a public forum. You see, they don't have to pay attention to anything we write here, but when it's on their facebook page, and people see it both on their wall and on yours - that's the kind of public exposure they'd rather avoid.

So go forth and multiply those comments. And remember, you don't need to "like" AT&T to post on their wall, or in their forums.