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Hexage releases two games for the BlackBerry PlayBook with more to come for BlackBerry 10

Radiant Defense by Hexage
By Michelle Haag on 3 Jun 2012 06:05 pm EDT
Hexage has just announced that they will be bringing their entire catalog of games to the Blackberry 10 platform! If you're not familiar with their games, Hexage has several titles that are already popular on other platforms including Radiant Defense, Robotek (my favorite), Radiant, EVAC, Totemo, Everlands and Buka. The developer team at Hexage is working with RIM to optimize their games using the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK.

While you're waiting for those games to be available for BlackBerry 10, you can go ahead and pick up Radiant Defense or Radiant for your BlackBerry PlayBook in App World. Radiant Defense is a free tower defense game set in the Radiant Universe. Defend against over 300 waves of aliens over 10 missions with upgradeable weapons and the ability to  make in-app purchases for even more upgrades. Radiant is a classic arcade space shooter with 100+ levels, 10+ boss fights, upgradeable weapons, power-ups, and more. This one will set you back just $1.99. Both games have Hexage's signature style with bright, crisp graphics and custom music track. You can check the games out at the links below.

More information/download Radiant Defense
More information/purchase Radiant
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mis-type " over 1 missions" . im thinking there should be a bigger number in there : )

Michelle Haag

lol yeah, over 10. I was still technically correct :P



I'm going to buy these straight away in support of a developer that is supporting Blackberry through this tough transition period!


Bought it!............Just because I can!


Radiant is a great game. PlayBook is a great size for it.


Slow and steady wins the race. This is how we will succeed….one developer at a time. Watch and see, once we starting getting the big names over, the rest will jump on the bandwagon and come to BB in droves. There were probably able to convert it over for free. It was a no brainer.


I don't get why developers just choose to not support a device when you get some of the profit and it's free to port! Just spend some time porting it! Why is it that companies only choose to have there game ported to android and ios then leave us for last, literally we are getting the oldest games (But there so freaking awesome, but still!) :(
Thanks for reading!


sweet, playbook could use some tower defence games, these games are the only reason I wish I has an ipad or an android :)


This is the best game I've played on the playbook. I can't play these other games with gamepad controls on a touchscreen.

If you like monsters by pixlejunk, this is right up your alley.

Smart and funny too. Hours of play from what I can see. A must download imo


Oh yeah, Ron Paul 2012 and blackberry 4life!


Go Ron Paul! Hey, have you noticed one of the levels in Radiant Defense is named 'End the Feed' ? I wonder if that's random....


No I haven't but I'm only on the third mission. I'll keep my eyes posted. is the spot I got for liberty related paul news Btw..

I'm a canadian and I want this guy to win. Go figure.


I've played Radiant Defense on my Android Phone and is an excellent game ... Now I will have it in the playbook and will be spectacular, I was dying to play it there ....


Thanks Hexage! Keep your apps coming. Blackberry playbook and future blackberry 10 security is very essential against piracy, apps program when copied will be fully encrypted and associated with blackberry id. This is a win for developers and RIM, even Fishlabs had realized this, for they are victims of piracy from other platforms and I can't wait for their galaxy on fire to be release. Blackberry 10 FTW!


Great news. Guys, also keep an eye on Union. They have already started bringing their best games on to PB. I just bought rope rescue. Cool game.
Will try out radiant as well.


Is anyone encountering error 30242 when trying to purchase upgrades?


Thank Hexa for bringing this game to PB!

Love tower defense games, and 'Radiant Defense' has such a GREAT twist of strategy to it :-)


They must have detected my multiple attempts to convert their games. Obviously. Thanks, Hexage! Do Robotek next!