HeroCraft releases Kikoriki and Dragon & Dracula for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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By Michelle Haag on 28 Jul 2012 08:10 pm EDT

Popular game developer HeroCraft has just released two more games from their catalog for the BlackBerry PlayBook! The first is Kikoriki, an arcade style adventure game. Join with your favorite Kikoriki and work together over 3 chapters to solve all the puzzles and defeat all the bosses. In Dragon and Dracula you start as a baby dragon being threatened by Dracula. By completing levels and collecting artifacts you grow into different forms, unlock mini-games, earn coins and enhanced abilities, and more!

You can pick up either (or both!) of these games for your PlayBook for just $1.99 each in BlackBerry App World.

More information/purchase Kikoriki
More information/purchase Dragon and Dracula

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HeroCraft releases Kikoriki and Dragon & Dracula for the BlackBerry PlayBook


I'm really glad RIM is developing a new platform. Even though these are games, it is great to have them for BlackBerry. With the current OS, we wouldn't see these. Bring on BB10!!!

these games rim has coming out with on the playbook is a joke.. Try getting the new spiderman or batman game, those are games..

Unfortunately the problem with your logic is that RIM doesn't come up with these games. Devs do. Please try again.

i never said rim comes up with them. Its rim's choice to put these games on blackberry app world. please try again