Here are the new features in the works for BlackBerry OS 10.3

By Adam Zeis on 15 May 2014 09:21 am EDT

Last week Michael Clewley dropped a bunch of upcoming OS 10.3 features into his BBM channel and we rounded them all up here. In case you missed them, or like to wait until things are officially official, Inside BlackBerry has posted up a list of 18 new features that we can expect to see in OS 10.3. The OS itself is still a ways off, but it's always good to have something to look forward to, right?

Here's what's coming in OS 10.3:

New UI

  • 'Signature Action': The action bar at the bottom of the screen has been updated for a simpler, cleaner experience. The most commonly used action is in the center of the bar and highlighted with blue color to give it focus. The secondary actions flank the primary or 'signature action' for functionality. The main action is static for each app/screen. For all you developers out there keep an eye out for how to take advantage of this feature in your app!
  • Updated Icons: While the SDK doesn't include all the updated icons for the new 10.3 look, all apps will receive a fresh new treatment. We listened to your feedback to remove the box around the icons in BlackBerry 10. I'm happy to let you know we are doing this to give icons a clean, new look.

Home Screen

  • Endless Folders: That's right, now you can jam more apps into a single folder, as you can have pages and pages of applications. For those of you who have multiple folders that you want to combine into one . . . we've thought of that! Just drag and drop a folder onto another and it will merge the apps into a single folder. Sorry, no folders within folders for this release.
  • Empty Home Screen: One of the changes made to the home screen is making the "running apps grid" always there even if you close your last application. Less confusion, more predictability for end users. Also, it's a great way to show off your wallpaper! A new two-finger-swipe gesture has been added to BlackBerry OS 10.3
  • Fast Quick Settings Access: Changing system settings from anywhere is only a two-finger-swipe away. From within any application a two-finger-swipe from the top will pull down the systems quick settings menu. Why two fingers rather than one? Well, simple, one-finger-swipe is already in use. To make that work would require all third-party applications being re-written. Don't worry, you can still use one-finger-swipe from the home screen itself.
  • Blog Bonus — More Apps on Screen: You noticed that the screenshots provided had some more icons than you are used to. The BlackBerry Z3, Z10 & Z30 now get an extra row of apps. For my QWERTY friends rocking out on a Q5 or Q10, you get an extra column of apps.

BlackBerry Hub

  • Download All Attachments: We've added a button to the email screen that allows you to quickly download all email attachments. This is handy when you're heading offline onto, say, an airplane and want to have all your attachments on your device.
  • Delete Original Text: When replying to an email, you can now delete all of the original text.
  • Remote IMAP Search: Even if e-mail items are no longer on your BlackBerry they are still always available for you to find and view! Just customize your account sync window.
  • File Sent Messages: Allows you to file sent messages into specific folders defined in the mail box.
  • BlackBerry Hub "Reset": The BlackBerry Hub will now close / auto-save open content and default to the list after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Calendar & Remember

  • Weekly Agenda: We've had many comments about wanting an "endless" agenda view. We've taken a step in that direction today and have added a weekly agenda view. The weeks are outlined at the top and you have a total agenda view for that week below. As this is still in beta you'll notice the color is slightly different, so don't mind that for now.
  • Tasks in Calendar: Pretty simple addition that lets you create a task from within the calendar app itself, and of course see those tasks listed in the calendar. Tasks created in Remember will show in the calendar. Calendar-created tasks are also listed in Remember.
  • Notifications Meeting Mode: Ever been in a meeting and had your phone go off when it shouldn't have? Well here's a neat feature that should allow you to save face. The notification profile will be tweaked automatically based on your calendar. This, of course, is an opt-in feature, so don't worry that you'll start missing desired notifications.
  • Remember Updates: Are you a Tasks person or a Notes person? Well, we've made Remember easier to use for those who really like to organize. The tasks and notes are separated by a tab and as a user you'll have the ability to set what your default view is.


  • Camera: An updated UI makes it simpler to take a picture, switch between cameras and toggle certain features.
  • Filer Picker Album View: When sending a picture from the file manager in BlackBerry 10.3, there's now an album view, just like within the Pictures app.
  • Settings List Re-arrange: In BlackBerry 10.3 you'll be able to re-arrange the order of the Settings menu, allowing you to move your most frequently-used items to the top.
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Reader comments

Here are the new features in the works for BlackBerry OS 10.3


All great news...but I want battery %age as a permanent choice and more colours for email accounts...please.

Authored on the Q10


Sweet ... but sounds more like a 10.2.2 and not 10.3

The only feature I'm looking forward to is the Hub "Reset". The Remember app needs a lot more work: The ability to attach emails to a task - later and not only by flagging them (so you can keep track of a process), locking attached emails in the hub, so that they don't disappear from the task after a certain time, moving tasks between all remember folders, configure to which folder a flagged email goes (or only rename it to 'flagged mail' instead of 'unfiled'), cleanup of the UI: Too much wasted space, automatic moving of overdue tasks in the calendar, so that you still see them...

The closer integration with the calendar sounds good.

1- Please consider giving us the ability to customise the notifications volume separately! Changing the led colours would be amazing too!

2- Maybe it's just me but I always struggle with moving the cursor to edit test. Usually end up deleting text to get the cursor to where I want it to be. Any improvements would be much appreciated.

Posted via CB10

Better voice dialing. With hands-free becoming the law in alot of places, this is a must. The current voice dialer does a crappy job in recognizing who you are asking to dial.

Any update for music player..playing songs from a particular folder would have been a useful option...

Posted via CB10

How about fixing contacts...
1. The space between each other needs to self-adjusting (to compensate for font size)
2. Double and triple entry contacts entries (local contact, SIM, and different email accounts, etc...)

This would truly be awesome. I can't count how much time I spend cleaning my contact list (not huge but I have over 300); it's frustrating to say the least

I'm sure I'm not the only one...

Still love blackberry!

Posted via CrackBerry on my Z10 BlackBerry

I would like the OPTION To customize the action bar and to choose whether we want two finger swipe to access quick settings within apps or corner swipe to access it, like the good ol PlayBook.

Posted via CB10

It's SO refreshing to hear about updates directly from BlackBerry on a regular basis - and now that Empty Home Screen is explained, I definitely am looking forward to the feature.

Hello, Service indicator led. Been talked about and requested numerous times. Easy to just make it user selectable. Some people liked it. Please add it back and make it standard on all devices as before. Just have an option to use it or not for people that do not want it. Tnx

I know it seems minor but I am use a Q10 and it would be nice to have the hub screen with the dark option

Posted via CB10

What's the chances of having the contacts go back to the front contact page. After you find the person that you are wanting. When you go back to search contacts again it's never usually that same letter. I hope everyone understands.

After searching for a contact, once you close out contacts, and if you need to search for another contact, the contacts app should be back to the front page. Not the last contact searched. It gets annoying.

Posted via CB10

Since we're not getting BlackBerry OS 10.3 until version 10.3.1 the "feature list" is immaterial as it will probably change significantly. It would have been a nic spring surprise to receive 10.3. Oh well, the more BlackBerry changes the more BlackBerry remains the same.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

OMG!! Creating tasks from the calendar was the biggest loss for me coming from the 9900. I often considered going back for that one feature and now, yes! Here on the os10. It's about time but in not bitter , just excited. Bring it soon please.

Posted via CB10

If possible I'd like to see some improvements in the native BB10 Browser in 10.3 or 10.3.1. Switching between tabs should be one swipe away from right to left or left to right, just like navigating between pages on the home screen. This would be much more efficient than the current way of tapping the tab box THEN selecting whichever page the user would like to go to.

Posted via CB10

I see potential problems with this suggestion, namely that trying to pan around on a Web page will inadvertently cause the browser to switch tabs.

Via CB10, Z10 rocking official 10.2.1

What I really miss it auto-resize picture and movie size when attached to MMS. Please don't forget to address this as well in the future.

They are. This is just teasers. More to come that's not disclosed yet. Hope they can keep this a better secret than usual. :-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Since y'all bring out the black berry z10 this should of been the starting software but please hurry and give us 10.3

Posted via CB10

I agree with an earlier statement about data compression.. I loved that about BlackBerry before cost me more money now...

Posted via BlackBerry z10!

How about "Find" in Remember for crissake?? And take me directly to the location of the search term, not just to the note that happens to contain it and ask me to manually scan all of the text until I find what i'm looking for. "Find on Page" also please, or does this present some kind of massive technical challenge, given it's 2014 and it's still a chore to find things in my notes....

Posted via CB10

Let's not forget a more robust Blackberry Protect, with data backup like in old OS7, that was quite a loss....

Posted via CB10

Hey, I heard, and it was in the first 10.3 leak as well, the panaroma finally made way to BlackBerry right?
There was a panaroma and white balance adjusting functions?
So have they ditched the idea or what?

Zeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^_^

Still no call blocker. My s3 had it. Really miss having it. Was great at stopping junk calls. Come on BlackBerry bout time this was sorted.

Posted via CB10

View Text - bring that back from OS7 great for reading text in a PDF

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

No more panoramic images in camera? And what really matters is when is it expected to be released!

Posted via CB10

Looking forward to seeing the new OS update if only more people would stop and look they would see how awesome BlackBerry 10 has become and that BlackBerry are serious contenders in the smartphone market so they could start getting the sales they deserve!

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

Greetings to all, I bet everyone is excited to see the 10.3. It would be lovely as well to add some other features:
. Possibility to change fonts type
. Changing the icons to more futuristic look losing skeumorphism.
. Adding panoramic shooting mode in the camera.
. Ability to lock the main screen of the calculator in order to stay fix while typing on the numbers.

Posted via CB10

Costomisable reminder(s) in the calendar? It would be good if we can set up 2 reminders!

Posted via my BlackBerry*Q10, Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS

Good news, but where are the "sound profile" like old OS we asked from the first version of OS10?
Not only for a meeting, but soud different between home and work. Not the same email account will be notify or vibe.
I cross my fingers!

Is there an update about the Emoji? I get irritated with all the question marks that i see in my text messages.

Posted via CB10

did proximity sensor also include a huge fixed in upcoming 10.3 update????????????????

Posted via CB10

Too bad for those of who actually like the icon boxes and the current toolbar functionality, eh? Screw us, we don't matter?

How about making fundamental theme changes optional. Why alienate ANY of your already abysmally small user base by forcing YOUR preferences on them...

Hope you're listening, "BlackBerry ".

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10!

Two fingers for quick settings in an app and one finger on the home. I like it.

Sent from the best touch keyboard, the Z.

In native browser I would like to have ability to preview link on a Web page as was possible in BBOS. Also the buttons for closing individual tabs are still very unreliable.

Via CB10, Z10 rocking official 10.2.1

Kinda hope the empty home screen thing will be an option and not a necessity. I like the fact that when I have no apps running the phone skips the empty screen and goes from icons straight to email.

Posted via CB10

...and what would be one of the most useful features still remains to be seen. That would be the ability to adjust the ring tone volume with the volume rocker. It is totally stupid that it only controls media/app volume. "Main Volume" does not even control ring tone volume, either. To adjust ring tone volume you have to go into Notifications. Totally stupid.

Posted via CB10

I'm about to buy another z10 today. How come? I have one already, why do I need to buy another one? I love it too much! LoLzz

Black berry z10

I don't want goofy Google on my BlackBerry! That's why I got two phones one Z 10 and an Android. I have tried my best to run away from Google advertising by buying a new BlackBerry and if and when I can stomach the ads that's when I use my HTC and allow Google to look over my shoulder.
If you want Google go buy a Google phone just leave my BlackBerry out of it. Tracking cookies and all that junk makes ms mad. I couldn't even read my mail without Google reading along with me and then advertising what I just read about all over again.
I'm sick of Google!

Posted via CB10

What about the CONTACTS???? Man there better be some improvements to the Contacts and Linking!!

Posted via CB10

Please add the option to automatically Bcc all the emails sent out from the BB handset. The emails I send/reply from my BB phone dont get synced to the email client in the office PC.

Posted via CB10

From within any application a two-finger-swipe from the top will pull down the systems quick settings menu. Why two fingers rather than one? Well, simple, one-finger-swipe is already in use. To make that work would require all third-party applications being re-written.


I think he was referring to the swiping from top. There was already a one-finger swipe from top which displays the app settings.

BlackBerry introduced the two-finger swipe so as not to cause a conflict.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10 running

I hope they will give the developers what they need so we can finally block certain numbers from calling.

Ok I installed the 10.3, can see there is a huge improvement but this leak is too unstable and too many bugs.

Can anyone tell me how I can go back to 10.2.1. I know I can reload the OS in blackberry link, but would that take me back to 10.2.1 or just reload back to 10.3? Please help.


Posted via CB10

In the past when i did reload OS in blackberry link for the leaks, it stayed on the same OS, just wiping everything and not going back to the previous version, hence why I am asking of I did reload OS in blackberry link would it go back to 10.2.1

Posted via CB10

Blackberry has dragged their feet for far too long, I've been a fan from day 1. But due to the fact the they offer limited apps, and charge far too much for the crap that they do have, I'm done... HTC M8 my new choice, later whackberry!

They need to add the 2 finger multi-select tool to select everything in between like in the 9900.

Posted via CB10

10.3 is really different! Its like having a whole new phone! I love it!!! But I'm still learning!!!

Posted via CB10

Do you have any idea about issues with Encryption in BES enabled phones? I am facing one issue, which BlackBerry support suggest to update this new version.

If you guys have any idea about this, please let me know.


Posted via CB10

One of the great applications is maps,better to update and fix the bugs... Google maps is so far better than BlackBerry maps, it would be a great idea if you could include google maps in this update.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry really needs to give us customized notifications profiles like in OS7. Or at least an office profile. I am sick of messing around with the volume buttons all the time. I'd love to be able to tap my phone on a NFC tag once I get to the office to toggle me in an office profile.

Posted via CB10

I didn't have a problem with the box around the icons and I'm not too sure I'm looking forward to its removal. Guess I'll wait and see what the new icons look like before I can really say if they're an improvement or not.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10 running

Also the ability to integrate/add new swipe actions for other/additional commands, like that app, which didn't work well, as it had to be opened all the time and could not be used in apps.

Swipes like evolution swipe left and right. Maybe, swipe a circle to refresh. As mentioned, use of the one/two/three fingers for different commands. Perhaps, some of those gestures used by Cruise in Minority Report, drag left/right, turn things. That would be cool. Now that I think about it Google Maps kind of got it right with the gesture manipulation.

Posted via CB10

How about true fullscreen in portrait mode on the Web browser which is the way most reading is done let the bar at the bottom disappear after to seconds,thats the only reason I've paid for other Web browsers I want that clean fullscreen look with no distractions

I just installed 10.3. Im only a few hours in, but it is quite slick, although unresponsive on my Z10.
It takes more than 1 try to click the x and close an app. Also, my music, picture, and video icon are missing, along with every other BB app I had. Logging into my BB account did not help either.

Let the applications launch without the screen zooming to the app stack, but when minimizing the app it can snap together with the other running apps.

here are the 3 points i wanted the most:
1. search contacts using initials such as "MJ" for Michael Jacson"
2. keep all emails received or with an option, even when original messages are deleted from POP server
3. It will be nice is Android Apps can be freely installed on my Q10.