Here are the new features in the works for BlackBerry OS 10.3

By Adam Zeis on 15 May 2014 09:21 am EDT

Last week Michael Clewley dropped a bunch of upcoming OS 10.3 features into his BBM channel and we rounded them all up here. In case you missed them, or like to wait until things are officially official, Inside BlackBerry has posted up a list of 18 new features that we can expect to see in OS 10.3. The OS itself is still a ways off, but it's always good to have something to look forward to, right?

Here's what's coming in OS 10.3:

New UI

  • 'Signature Action': The action bar at the bottom of the screen has been updated for a simpler, cleaner experience. The most commonly used action is in the center of the bar and highlighted with blue color to give it focus. The secondary actions flank the primary or 'signature action' for functionality. The main action is static for each app/screen. For all you developers out there keep an eye out for how to take advantage of this feature in your app!
  • Updated Icons: While the SDK doesn't include all the updated icons for the new 10.3 look, all apps will receive a fresh new treatment. We listened to your feedback to remove the box around the icons in BlackBerry 10. I'm happy to let you know we are doing this to give icons a clean, new look.

Home Screen

  • Endless Folders: That's right, now you can jam more apps into a single folder, as you can have pages and pages of applications. For those of you who have multiple folders that you want to combine into one . . . we've thought of that! Just drag and drop a folder onto another and it will merge the apps into a single folder. Sorry, no folders within folders for this release.
  • Empty Home Screen: One of the changes made to the home screen is making the "running apps grid" always there even if you close your last application. Less confusion, more predictability for end users. Also, it's a great way to show off your wallpaper! A new two-finger-swipe gesture has been added to BlackBerry OS 10.3
  • Fast Quick Settings Access: Changing system settings from anywhere is only a two-finger-swipe away. From within any application a two-finger-swipe from the top will pull down the systems quick settings menu. Why two fingers rather than one? Well, simple, one-finger-swipe is already in use. To make that work would require all third-party applications being re-written. Don't worry, you can still use one-finger-swipe from the home screen itself.
  • Blog Bonus — More Apps on Screen: You noticed that the screenshots provided had some more icons than you are used to. The BlackBerry Z3, Z10 & Z30 now get an extra row of apps. For my QWERTY friends rocking out on a Q5 or Q10, you get an extra column of apps.

BlackBerry Hub

  • Download All Attachments: We've added a button to the email screen that allows you to quickly download all email attachments. This is handy when you're heading offline onto, say, an airplane and want to have all your attachments on your device.
  • Delete Original Text: When replying to an email, you can now delete all of the original text.
  • Remote IMAP Search: Even if e-mail items are no longer on your BlackBerry they are still always available for you to find and view! Just customize your account sync window.
  • File Sent Messages: Allows you to file sent messages into specific folders defined in the mail box.
  • BlackBerry Hub "Reset": The BlackBerry Hub will now close / auto-save open content and default to the list after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Calendar & Remember

  • Weekly Agenda: We've had many comments about wanting an "endless" agenda view. We've taken a step in that direction today and have added a weekly agenda view. The weeks are outlined at the top and you have a total agenda view for that week below. As this is still in beta you'll notice the color is slightly different, so don't mind that for now.
  • Tasks in Calendar: Pretty simple addition that lets you create a task from within the calendar app itself, and of course see those tasks listed in the calendar. Tasks created in Remember will show in the calendar. Calendar-created tasks are also listed in Remember.
  • Notifications Meeting Mode: Ever been in a meeting and had your phone go off when it shouldn't have? Well here's a neat feature that should allow you to save face. The notification profile will be tweaked automatically based on your calendar. This, of course, is an opt-in feature, so don't worry that you'll start missing desired notifications.
  • Remember Updates: Are you a Tasks person or a Notes person? Well, we've made Remember easier to use for those who really like to organize. The tasks and notes are separated by a tab and as a user you'll have the ability to set what your default view is.


  • Camera: An updated UI makes it simpler to take a picture, switch between cameras and toggle certain features.
  • Filer Picker Album View: When sending a picture from the file manager in BlackBerry 10.3, there's now an album view, just like within the Pictures app.
  • Settings List Re-arrange: In BlackBerry 10.3 you'll be able to re-arrange the order of the Settings menu, allowing you to move your most frequently-used items to the top.
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Here are the new features in the works for BlackBerry OS 10.3



Has any detail on intelligent assistant been posted anywhere? All I can find are mentions that it will be included in 10.3. I have no idea what it does - other than presumably assist intelligently.

Not sure why we are seeing any of these details. Wish BB management didn't leak all this info for something that won't be available for 6+ months :(

If you're talking about Siri-like crap I don't know a single person who ever gave a shit about it after trying it for a day or two...

I kind of agree, but I think Google got it right with the MotoX. If doesn't require you to press a button, is always on, and works well. I don't think any of them are accurate enough or speedy enough to replace a more traditional interface when you really need results, though.

I'm hoping that the intelligent assistant will be an upgrade to the search results already provided in BB10, which I use regularly... with instant actions and some app integration, it's handy.

Posted via CB10

I've never seen a Moto X so I cannot comment on that, however in most circumstances it is simply awkward to speak out loud (I have kids at home, use subway to commute, at work I have my office but I am a lot faster on my PC etc), I think it very rarely would make sense to rely on it.
I don't really see it as a real differentiators or even as a main new feature, it's really just a gimmick for me, nothing more.

I agree... and my son has the Moto X and the voice is not all it should be either. When it's connected to BT in the car, and he sends a text message using voice, it does not read the message back to him to confirm the content before sending; makes that totally impractical. But BB10 does.

I can comment using the Moto X as my backup device. With the latest updates it leaves much to be desired from Voice Assistance by the competition. I can nearly completely manipulate my device from damn near across the room. I'm extremely satisfied with the hands free "Touchless Control" services.

Touchless is the way to go. Can you tell me; does the Touchless use more battery because it is constantly listening?

Powered by BB10

I disagree very much with you. I came from using a Galaxy Note 2 and Google Now was not only cool, but it was useful. I started using it to make phone calls, text message, and look up content on the internet in which Google now was accurate and fast in providing your results. Google Now is honestly an adjustment to live without now that I'm on Blackberry. I love Blackberry and my Z30 is just awesome as ever. But it could have been just a little more awesome if Voice control were half of what Google Now is. Just my opinion. Thought I should share that there are people in this world that use it and love it. Lets not disregard it completely is all.

Google Now is kind of a big deal though. My favorite thing to do on it was just speak my destination and say take me to it, and like magic, poof, I was on my way. The process might have taken 8 seconds. Loved it

Yes! I am really waiting on this as I need to be hands-free when driving!!!!! This is a must so I hope they get it done.

Yes.. and anyway, good job BlackBerry!

I bought another Z10 yesterday and it came with the stock 10.0.1 and seriously wow!! Huge progress been made between 10.0.1 and 10.2.1 and 10.3 is going to kick as*! I can't wait to see 10.6 for example!! :-)

Thumped by the awesome BlackBerry 10 keyboard

Drummmm roll ... press release:

TMobile is proud to announce the arrival of the BEST Blackberry Operating System ever ... that paired with the newest ground-breaking smart phones, including models with world famous real keyboards!
Exclusive! You can now get these great smart phones and operating system at only $ya-da-ya-da ready to be delivered in every store.

(Now that will be goood news!)

10.3.1...on my BlackBerry Z30...woo-hoo woot woot...bring it, bring it... :-)

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

Looking forward to the calendar and remember update!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones! Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! LOL!

According to the 10.3 roadmap with 10.3 we will getting something called "Blackberry 10 Account Integration" and according to the description is intended to support android applications that require an android account.

Maybe is some kind of saying that google services will be supported?

I really like to see contacts revamped. Lots of duplicate contacts.

Posted from my BlackBerry Q10 smartphone

There's an app for that.

Hehe heh

But seriously, contactx works great for me.

But I'd rather have it baked into the OS for sure.

Posted via CB10

I agree with all of the comments on the Contact apps. It is a royal pain in the butt. And I agree its weaknesses should be given a blog post.

Agreed. This has always been a problem with BlackBerry. They need to fix it.

Posted via CB10

I had lots of merged contacts that shouldn't be merged. My emails, phone number, social media info, etc. got merged in with all the contact info for my parents and one of my siblings. I pulled it all apart, changed settings and thought I fixed it but when I rechecked it everything was all jumbled right back together. (Grrrr...) Hope the changes help.

 Lovin' my Z10! 

Looking forward to calendar tasks and new Remember integrations.
I wonder if it'll make it onto my z10 before Christmas.

Posted via CB10

This will be an awesome all the whiners: these updates were made because of customer feedback/complaints. So please don't say how, "if only BlackBerry had this is on ALL BB10 phones when they first were released..." this is an improvement based on in the field use over time, point blank

CrackBerrians: We stay on our Z's & Q's

You're right about new features, but completely wrong about it when it comes to functionality features we lost when going from BBOS7.1 to OS10

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

And if they hadn't made those compromises, who knows if BB10 would have made it to market.... or if any of us would have new blackberries...

Posted via CB10

The fault doesn't lie in the compromises made to get BB10 out quicker, the fault lies in how long it took RIM to start working on BB10. They started 2 years later than they needed to. A year or two after iOS and Android came out, BlackBerry should have realized that they were going to need to start fresh with a modern OS.

We have to remember that RIM essentially tried build a new OS twice. The first was with the PlayBook OS and then BlackBerry 10 OS. In my opinion they should have went ahead with getting the PlayBook OS on a phone and used that as a transition to BB10. Scratching those plans forced RIM / consumers to have BB7 longer than it should have while waiting 1+years for a modernized BB10 to come around.

I'm using the latest leak and I can rearrange active frames, but once you open something else, it is automatically sent to upper left corner as before. Am I missing something because if I'm not don't see the point, if you can make them stay in a certain spot I would love that.

Yeah, I guess the behavior there would get very confusing. To "pin" an Active Frame relative to other Frames that are open, but then you have a "Most Recent Active Frame" position and not to mention when you close Active Frames and reopen them I'm guessing it doesn't remember where it was "pinned" because you could technically "pin" another Active Frame in that very same position! Ahhhhh

Does anyone know (perhaps someone who uses the leaked version) whether the empty home screen and that ‘signature action’ can be disabled? I actually don’t think either of them are something I find useful.

Home screen can be, not sure about action but I doubt it as its the large buttons added in the middle bottom (I think what referring to).

Yes, I mean the blue button. I’ve seen it on several screenshots now and the fact that it’s static and determined by the developer, will undoubtedly mean that in some situations there will be that annoying and distracting blue bubble for an action that doesn’t even need highlighting for me. For instance: the reply-all button, whereas that happens to be a very context-specific action.

Thanks for your information about the home screen.

I know they don't "sound" very helpful, but it can psychologically and subtly be very helpful in the long run for not just current users but also new users adapting.

Absolutely, I don’t want to criticise BlackBerry for experimenting with this. But I don’t find them useful for my purposes, especially the signature action seems very distracting to me.

I do not like the size of the signature action. Now it is intrusive, especially in some cases. If kept it would be more useful if it were customizable. For example "reply all" is a troublesome action to be so prominent?

Posted via CB10

I agree. I also don’t understand why that bubble has to be so big and float above part of the screen. Couldn’t they have simply made it a bit smaller?

Would the hub reset help save battery life? I was thinking it would, but not too sure.

Posted via CB10

I hate the empty home screen idea. I see no real reason to have a full page with nothing on it, maybe I'm alone in that though...


I usually keep my most used as active frames to help hide the folders and icons. As much as I like this feature I think it would be better to have something along the lines of a today view - weather, events, etc.- rather than just blank. Maybe that can be added soon.

emPowered by 

I must say I was surprised to see it but at the same time happy. I quite like the idea of only having my wallpaper up.

Perhaps in later versions of 10.3 BlackBerry will give you the option under settings to have it or not...

Posted via CB10

Wallpaper page allows you to grab the phone so you won't accidentally open a folder or app the idea....wish they had a sensitivity for the phone, search, camera avoid pocket calls etc

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

Personally, I like the idea of not having my wallpaper always covered with icons. Mostly because I keep one of my favorite pics of my dog as the wallpaper, and it is easy to show him off when someone wants to see his pic. nuff said :-) yay team

I'm sure it's purely for aesthetics. I like. The way it's handled on the playbook. If no apps are open, you can hide. Or minimize the app tray so that your background or wallpaper is clearly displayed.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

If you're talking about an FM Radio, then all devices except the Z10 have it. It's in the music app but you need to plug in headphones as they act like an antenna

Posted via CB10

I need a mark all read option for the hub like BlackBerry OS 7 and the hub needs a dark theme. As previously mentioned the contacts could be improved

Posted with none other than the Zed 10

Dark thème, yes. But there is already the option mark prior read in the hub. Simply press and hold on the date till the action menu pops out.

Damn! Thanks! I have been using the select more option and highlighting everyone to mark all as read. I know that bb10 is getting closer to the function of bb7 when I keep learning about new ways to save time.

To mark all read long press the date at the top of the hub all items will highlight and the sidebar will open select the mark as read option. Then confirm you want items marked as read.

I hope the Contacts app has not been overlooked. The BB Fuse version is suspiciously similar to the existing one.

I'm intrigued by the intelligent assistance. Is this coming? Welcome all updates but the signature key seems useless.

From my z30

Re: Endless Folders
Obviously you can't put an endless folder within an endless folder. Have you ever tried to put a bag of holding in a bag of holding? The results would be disastrous.

If only the world at large knew just how much more amazing BB10 is going to be when 10.3.1 hits!! I want to use the term productive but the majority of smartphone users (aka the consumer) don't associate with this, even as they plough through their 10 social networks, taking selfies, trying to post it everywhere but it's taking so long and all they want to do is get out the house and go have a slurpy.

Everybody is more productive with BB10, doesn't matter if you are using it for business or personal, or like most of us, Both!

Posted via CB10

Just going to answer and say no. The Z10 interior hardware is missing something inside, that doesn't allow for FM radio capability.
Correct me if in wrong someone.

Posted via CB10

If you hold down on today's date at the top of the hub screen it will select everything and you can mark all as read.

Posted via CB10

I just hope this time the software roll out is not delayed in the USA.

And that it doesn't take a long time to update to 10.3.1

Ps. Loving the dark theme on cb 10 app for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser


I am thinking on buying an unlocked Z30 (since AT&T in the USA is not offering it :(. Will an unlocked phone get the updates right away (as soon as Blackberry releases them)?

Nice list but, I hope that's not all that's coming in 10.3. I'd like to see the media player get a makeover and the ability to search contacts by any field, including notes.

Posted via CB10

Remote IMAP Search - are we talking about Gmail too? I remember when I was testing Z10 a year ago it pissed me off that it did not work the way Gmail app works on Android... great addition.

I would love for them to add a feature in which you can save a certain text message responses while deleting the rest. You have to save any texts with a third party app, which is tedious. Even the crappier smartphones have a feature where you can lock the response to save it and prevent it from being deleted. Also an audible notification for missed calls, along with the blinking LED light and missed call icon on the lock screen.

Posted via CB10

As much as I like these most needed features, if rumor has it correctly and this is not released until late in the year, within this time frame how many of these features are going to be omitted as they have in the past when we were shown one thing the by the time the Z10 was released a lot of these features that a lot looked forward to were changed or completely left out

Posted via CB10

Use the diagonal swipe to view settings like on the PlayBook and would love to have the ability to close an app back to the folder or originated from rather that to the app screen.

Need to improve linking contacts so that it works better. No more duplicate unlinked contacts.

Would like to be able to add tasks from a contact directly and while on a call from that contact.

Need a dedicated end button that is always available when on a call, whether the app is minimized or not. It is tough to end a call when the phone app is minimized.

Need to recognize startpage and ixquick as search engines so they can be added to the browser as default search engines.

I will think of more later...

Posted via CB10

Instead of multiple linked contacts I'd like to see the option to hard-merge them into Local Contacts on the phone, instead of this soft-linking that breaks again

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I will keep saying that I do not like the signature format in the recent leak. It is too big..

Posted via CB10

@ChrisFort you can get this feature via Android Port. Download Flash Alerts from Snap and off you go. Currently using the same on My Z10 n Q10 works perfect. Hope this helps...

BlackBerry is way too slow when it comes to delivering OS update
Just imagine we will have to wait till the end of the year till this update come to fruition.

Way too slow? Releasing major updates once a year is standard practice. I don't know many other companies that provide major updates more often. BB10 hasn't been out very long (relatively speaking), and they've released 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, 10.2.1 and working on 10.3. Updates are coming along nicely as far as I'm concerned.

People want Candy from the store have a bag of candy to eat now !?!

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

I wish there was a folder that you could drag and drop current running apps. There isn't much space for the large windows that are on the screen when the app is running, however, I don't like "run in background" apps because they are easy to go unnoticed and eat battery. It would be great if you could drag running apps into a folder, giving the illusion of "running in background", but easily visible and can add or turn off any app at whim without having to fish around and find the feature to disable it. I think this would stick true to BB10 operating concept, plus it would probably wouldn't require any additional programming by app developers.

Posted via CB10

This is all great but what about Android functionality.... Solving the "This app requires Google Play Services" problem would be worth all of the above improvements put together.

I read elsewhere that camera Time Shift shots can be saved and edited later. This is greatly needed for group shots and candid shots. I always take many shots and select the best ones later. Saving Time Shift shots is truly a great improvement. (I also read that there is a new panorama feature.) Something I would like confirmed from prior rumors though, is whether there is a self-timer shutter release and what the settings are. Can someone please check this out and report?

If you have apps running in your active frame and you shutdown your phone, the app will still be in there after the reboot, kind of a "remember last app session".

Would be great for those battery swaps, so you don't have to start over again opening everything...

Hibernate mode for BB10!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I am running 10.3 on my Q10 and almost all the above mentioned functions are working very smoothly. I say almost all as I have not tried all the functions. The only problem I have are watermarks or pin what ever you want to call it. These are permanently displayed on four sides of my screen. If anyone out there can help me getting rid of these please do so. Apart from that all is well, just can't wait for it to come out official very soon. Try the leak it's not bad, fresh experience, fresh start. Way to go #Blackberry

If you can open messages, take a picture and make calls from the lock screen, then what's the point if even having a lock screen? If you have to hold down something for a couple seconds or swipe you jay have well just have swiped up to unlock the phone in the first place...

Posted via CB10

I'm mainly speaking of devices incorporated in an MDM Solution. We require complex passwords. Not the easiest when trying to place a call.

I agree. Having for example, a shortcut to a commonly used contact would be great (makes life easier when you are walking and using your phone). This allows calling them w/o unlocking the screen. I was able to do that on Android 2.X.

Few items I'd love to see:

The call button turn red when you are on call noting that you can tap it to end a call when the phone app is minimized.

Contacts cleaned up so no duplicates.

The time portion of a calendar event be on same screen so I don't have to go to another screen and back.

Search bars all at the bottom like the wisdom of the browser search.

Apps arranged at bottom or the we don't have to try to reach top left with right thumb while using one hand. Kevin talks about this one and I agree.

Glitches with file manager and search functions fixed. It takes so long sometimes or on occasion does nothing. File manager hangs.

Easier way for bbm to find contacts. This is likely one of the biggest impediments to its growth. Whatsapp automatically shows all your contacts (many of which are wrong and we don't want that). But ability to pick and choose. Also on iphone most people tell me they don't know when they have messages...i know get a BlackBerry with hub but they are obviously not interested in efficiency...they have to open app to see them. they need like a headless type version so app doesn't have to be open.

Thanks for for consideration!

Posted via CB10

Some great new features! Here's some thoughts...

Two finger swipe - why stop at two finger swipe from the top to bring up Quick Settings? How about two finger swipe from the left edge opening the Hub? Two finger swipe across the screen to switch apps?

Being a BlackBerry user for almost 14 years, I'm locked on having a keyboard and have a Q10. I love that some functions from the Legacy OS have been brought back - Speed Dial, T for Top, B for Bottom, but I still miss quick keys from the Home screen. They don't have to be the same as they used to be, but I'd love to be able to tap M (or H) for Messages (Hub), B for Browser, D (or C) for aDdress Book (Contacts), L for caLendar etc. It would be nice to be able to program saved searches in the Hub also. I used to be able to use Alt-U to show all Unread messages (I know, pinch...), Alt-F to show all Flagged messages, etc.

I need more room for the Lock Screen message. I used to be able to put my name, email, and address, now only name and email is possible, even though there's plenty of room. (annoyance!)

Also, on my Legacy BlackBerry, if it was locked and I started typing the unlock code, it would accept the typing - even on my 9900 with Touch. Now I have to swipe first - twice if it's asleep! Be true to your legacy - keyboards are great. You've gone too touchy-feely!

Now that you're giving us an empty home screen (YES), will you/developers allow information to be layered over the wallpaper? I like having the time and temperature large and easy to see - without having an app cluttering the screen. There's certainly plenty of other things that could be displayed too.

How about customizable tile size. On my Q10 only 4 tiles can be displayed, but that could easily be 9, and even 12.

And speaking of notifications, I used to get Tweets in Messages from people that I follow. Now, there's no notification unless my ID is mentioned.

That's all for now...


I'd like the weather on my home screen too. Moto X (Android) has some cool options for that on the home screen.

Great thoughts and yes, I miss the support of hotkeys/shortcut to launch apps (You now can assign speed dial, why not select dial someone or launch an app)

Mannn. I like that boxy thing around those icons. Please make it optional, blackberry. I think it looks damn nice and damn hot, especially when we use 'Backberry Peek'. Another thing is that it looks much more professional having that box. Pleaseeeee, I am begging you, give us options :'(

Posted via CB10

The leak is working well on my Q5, I'm happy to see that the changes just aren't mostly cosmetic like iOS7. I do hope there is more news on the 'Intelligent Assistant'. The assistant in the leak version seems to be buggy... But otherwise, looking good!

Posted via CB10

Extra row of icons added to Z10 is very cool, this was another annoying thing during my test a year ago - and when Z30 debuted with the (almost) the same resolution but with an extra row of icons I was baffled why they didn't update the Z10 in 10.2 as well...

I'm just wondering how this will hold up battery wise, love my z10 but the battery is just a tad lackluster.

Posted via CB10

Camera upgrade deserve some more attention then that.
You can take videos and take still while recording.
You can now save TimeShift and edit later/save later or save individual frames later.

Only feature I would like!to se in BBM that's currently available in WhatsApp is the option to save media automatically.


The hub timer would be user cool for me.
I wish BlackBerry could talk or at least a dress this contacts confusion, it's weird because I don't have a single problem with my contacts, some people are reporting this and others (like me) don't seem to have any trouble.
So there must be something going on there.

Posted via CB10

Sad to hear there is no update to the voice assistant....blackberry needs a siri like voice assitant...if I'm looking to find out the weather or a sports score blackberry will give you a page of links to search for it rather than a page with the info wanted...also would be great if we could have a better navigation app
..blackberry navigator would be awesome....not too thrilled with BlackBerry other thing that would be cool is to be able to refresh the browser by pulling down and releasing just like the refresh on the crackberry app

Posted via CB10

There is also panorama mode in camera, equalizer in music application, auto HDR, shoot video at 60 fps, edit time shift at any time.

I guess those they are holding as "big" announcements

Posted via CB10

I have read that in the future update 10.3 you could go to settings from any app by swiping 2 fingers down, is nice to have that fixture, but having to use 2 fingers is ridiculous

Why not make it with a gesture; like the HUB but instead of up and to the right, it could be "up and to the left"

Posted via CB10

Music app needs some love too :) I also feel that the Browser could do a better job at playing and managing YouTube vids. Often, I can't easily scroll backwards to replay a section of the video.

Looks like the update is gonna be pretty great. I wonder when an update will come for the music player.

Posted via CB10

Wait, and extra column for apps on the Qseries? How would that work, the icons are already pretty close together?
I put so much time in ordering my apps, not looking forward to doing that again. ;D

BlackBerry 10 signed.

I would like to see a dark theme throughout particularly in the contacts and e-mail if possible.

Posted via CB10

I will love if the active frames shows the app working, for example, if im playing a game the active frame of the game shows the game still running and no a freeze picture of were i leave it.

Active frames needs to be more useful instead of just be rearrengeable.

Calendar: I wish they could allow you to copy and paste Calendar events from one date to the next. So when
I want to copy my wife's shifts for the next shift schedule I don't have to recreate the whole event but just copy and paste to the new date (the same way I can now do it in Outlook 2010).

Hi Adam !

Do you know if BB plan to release a lock feature for the hub ?Let me explain a bit : an option to lock using a password (like for the whole device) only the hub.

BB10 devices are great for work and for those that cannot have the balance feature, the hub is THE place where it can be stored some critical information (business mail with attachements, private messages...) and not everybody is supposed to have an access to this.

If there any app or option alredy include, please let me know. and forgive me my ignorance.

Just by taking the boxes around the icons.. it frees up a space for a row/column of icons.. that's a pretty good use of the screen real estate..

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Is this article a little premature, or is just e teser for the Windemere coming soon ? They mentioned that the 10.3 will be only for the new handsets but not Classic.

Posted via CB10

With all these tweaks to the calendar in 10.3, how about making birthdays of my contacts appear in my calendar?

Posted via CB10

1.How about a camera timer or shoot a photo with voice activation.

2. BlackBerry had screen shot feature,
How about improving it. Ex: ability to select how much of page, photo, etc to screenshot.

We don't want to be limited to just what is on the screen.

BlackBerry Nation Unite

Let's Hustle these carriers to give us what we want.

10.3 on Time.

If we wait to let them know: they wait.

It's not good for BlackBerry in long run if Carriers keep delaying BlackBerry OS.

Anyone worried about NSA , Google Spying will not want BlackBerry to fade away.

Without security, one day they will be able to spy on you and loved ones right from your house!

BlackBerry Lead

Do Not Follow

Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

Now we need voice activation. Ex. Any sound, or word, and the camera takes a shot.

For video and camera how about motion detection. It will record video or take a shot when something in front of sensor moves.

It's then linked to BlackBerry protect/Link/Box/Dropbox.

BlackBerry Nation could get very creative with these features. Imagination is the limit.


Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

I only would like to know will there be additional Chinese charactor input method included......
I awfully need to use Changjie.

I'm running the new 10.3 for a few days now on my Z30 and It's very stable android app are superfast and smooth now

BlackBerry Z30!!!

I would love to have the option of removing stuff from the hub ie. Facebook and Foursquare or anything else I rarely use.

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I want the camera, search and dial buttons to have a user setting for long press only. That way all the pocket dialing camera opening annoyances can be avoided.

I would have loved the home screen to let us place icons wherever we wanted them, basically a customizable home screen

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The addition of priority contacts for the new meeting function would be great. I used to use that a lot in meetings where I could set my kids school number to override silent.

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Yes, Michael has posted that on his BBM channel. But he doesn't gives any answers about other input languages. :(

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Give us:
1) Virtual trackpad on the touch keyboard. If you have tried the SwipeSelection tweak on a jailbroken iOS device, that's a very very good implementation and most efficient cursor manipulation/selection I have seen so far on a touch keyboard.
2) Consumer VPN. Need it badly here in the Middle East where BBM voice has been blocked.

These are the two main reasons I still keep my iPhone. I hope Blackberry can implement these features on the 10.3 update.

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I downloaded the DEV alpha 10.3 it's as incomplete menu items. Get serious BlackBerry

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Don't have time to search through all of the comments... I believe u heard once that panorama mode might be added to the phone

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Hope they make the native weather app icon to show the current temperature based on your current location. That would be so sweet and not have to open the app every time you want to know the temp. Have no idea if it's even possible.

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Can I move games over 500MB downloaded from BB world to my SD card? 16GB of storage is really not enough

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Just the large game data files. UNIX (and QNX is a variant) offers hard- and soft-linking. Should not be too hard to implement.

Maybe even an encrypted virtual drive or file as a container to hold app data files on the SD card. You'd type that out in two minutes on the Linux / Unix commandline. Create an empty file, make filesystem, mount as loop device, move files, soft-link or hard link to original location.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Just the largest game data files would be helpful. UNIX allows for that (QNX is a variant), just sym-linking them to the original location on the device.

Shouldn't be too hard to do. Great would be an(encrypted) virtual drive or file as a container for app data files on the SD card.
On a Linux / Unix command line you can do that in less than two minutes. Create empty file of desired size, make filesystem, mount as loop device (and optionally set up ecryptfs if you want), enter in fstab, move files over into new location, link back files to original location on the device, enjoy.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Sorry, thought I had lost the original post. :-)

With "shouldn't be too hard to do" I meant, shouldn't be too hard to do for BBRY, because we don't really have root / admin rights on our phones.

Any other ideas?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

What about fixing the small issue of swiping up? Sometimes when I swipe up, screen gets sticky and doesn't unlock properly...can only be fixed by pressing the lock button. Anyone else having same issue as I do on Q10?

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The Empty Home Screen sounds great. I know I'll use that to see my wallpaper better.

Hopefully, I'll be able to select and delete multiple messages from the the Hub only, instead of just one at a time, the way I'm limited to now. I have no idea why some programer decided I can select and delete multiple messages off the server, but only one at a time from the Hub only. I'd also like to directly sync my memos and task lists from Outlook directly to by BBRY without using third-party software.

Yeah, I'm one of the people still complaining about useful features that were not included in OS10. I still feel like a useful tool has been broken.

Cool! Sounds like a sweet update to the OS. Can't say for the software update to come. I hope my carrier won't lag.

Good luck BlackBerry!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

In the video of the early build of 10.3, crackberry has also introduced paranoma feature for camera. I hope this feature would be included in the final build.

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What about native apps or getting better apps, or are we still doing the sideloads apps.

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This above change is useless, we want you to work on app store and apps itself not the home screen and HUB.

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Reorder settings menu? What about introducing a way to handle email aliases for IMAP accounts (eg SMTP only)?

I don't like the idea of the "always there" app grid/home screen. Any time I pick up an Android phone and start swiping I'm confused by all the blank panels I can swipe through.

There's no sense in putting I a blank page. Now swiping right into the hub will require two swipes.

Why the eff is BlackBerry trying to become Android?

I will put some candles to pray for the fix of contacts! Aaaaaaamen!

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...

PLEASE PLEASE, BlackBerry listen to this person and ALL the others that are asking for a Dark Themed Hub.

We want it.... BADLY. :-)

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Well that's my Xmas gift to me all sorted. :-)

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Is the Squircle coming back? I see the BlackBerry Classic as a perfect device to load it on!

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And the equalizer works but only works in the moment u are playing a song but the moment u close the media player and go by into it although what every effect u choose says it's on weather bass or whatever but u have to turn off the equalizer and turn it bk on for the effect to take place u can try it an see what I mean

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I would like to suggest that a third option appear while typing when I press the ?123 button. I would love it if a third selection screen would pop up that looks like the dial pad screen for the phone. It would be extremely helpful for login entries for online banking or security logins for remote access. Just my 2 cents worth.

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Don't fret people. There are more things coming. Michael Clewley stated these are just a few of the changes/additions coming.

Will eventually be posted via CB10 on my Z70

Definitely excited ; panorama for camera is confirmed as well yeah? I have been waiting for this feature for a while and no app seems to be good enough

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So we're getting another column/row of apps on the home screen? Will they just be squished together more? Not sure if I need any more apps on 1 screen.

Please keep this one in mind. Make it possible to not show a meeting (completely, not setting in on private either) on the lock screen. Thanks!

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Will we see real-time account synchronization???? Email, facebook and all the other various accounts that would benefit from up to the second updates.

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

I don't get the excitement over endless folders, because when you start to even get close to the maximum 16 gigs, your phone begins to do wacky things. My Z10 would erase media or maintain deleted media once I hit the 15.7 GB point. Once I cleaned out some things, the phone has worked fine ever since. This issue occurred around last Christmas. So, endless folders. What's the point until BlackBerry increases space for memory and storage?

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How about "delete original" also when forwarding an email??? If you are going through the steps of doing it for replying, do it for forwarding too!

BB10 rocks :)

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What about Android Runtime update? I have a Z30 and the Android Apps are freaking me out with their slowness

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