Here's what RIM's CEO commentary means in plain english...

Thorstein Heins
By Chris Umiastowski on 29 May 2012 04:55 pm EDT

Today RIM released a business update in the form of a press release. CEO Thorsten Heins does a nice job of providing the straight-up goods without a lot of filler.

There were a few bullet points about how successful BlackBerry World was, and some positives on developer engagement. That's the sugar coating. The rest of the news just shows us how tough business is on RIM.

First, and most important, RIM says it probably lost money in Q1. I wrote about this risk plenty, as did others. If RIM lost money in Q1 then things only get worse before they get better.

RIM did say it generated cash in the quarter though, which reflects the fact that there are a lot of non-cash expenses on the income statement. Still, RIM will be darn close to burning cash if they don't go cash flow negative before the launch of BB10. They need to move their butts FAST here.

They said they now have 78 million subscribers. That's up about one million over last quarter. Up is good, but its proof that the USA is a bloodbath for RIM. Nearly all of their global gains are being reversed over here in North America.

Also with respect to cash, they reminded everyone that their "CORE" restructuring program should save them a billion dollars in expenses by year end Fiscal 2013. This is how RIM will try to counter their disappearing profits.

RIM said they hired a couple of banks to act as strategic advisors also. This was something that had been widely leaked already, but its nice for Thorsten to feel comfortable disclosing this to investors. I take it to mean RIM is very serious about exploring any and all possible business strategies, not settling for a pure status quo scenario, waiting for BB10 to save RIM all alone.  

I'll be really interested to see how the market responds to this tomorrow. If the stock stays somewhat flat I'll take it as a good sign of a bottom. But remember what I wrote recently about owning the stock. It ain't for the faint of heart.

This post written entirely on a BlackBerry Bold 9900 :) 

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Here's what RIM's CEO commentary means in plain english...


I am still fairly positive about RIMM. I think BB10 needs to be released soon and it needs to deliver better than OS2 in terms of apps, and the hardware needs to be at par. things will definitely get wayy worse before they get better.

Oh and First!!

Great for RIM to provide an update since they are not giving us any guidance.

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but there has been a lot of news today.



As I have mentioned before, margins on hardware have fallen from 46% to 39% to 34% and now to a possible 20% which has resulted in a NET INCOME LOSS for RIM.

I know it is tough to swallow, but RIM needs to exit the hardware business. I have said this too many times.

I have used RIM hardware for 10 years, and as much as I love it; it's time to file a divorce! It's too expensive to manufacture hardware for Research In Motion! There is too much competition, from the likes of Apple (with FoxConn), Samsung, LG, HTC, Microsoft (with Nokia), Google (with Motorola now). RIM used to make 46 cents off every $1 of hardware now it is possibly making less than half of that!!! It's time to say goodbye to RIM hardware!

Focus is clearly on software, and the services business is bringing them in approx. $1B a quarter which high margins!

Let's sell this hardware business to someone who wants to make their own phone (ie. FaceBook). And let's NOT look back! Let's focus on BB OS 10!

There are many options for RIM if they become a software/services company.

1. They can license their software (to someone like Samsung, LG, HTC, etc)
2. They can use hardware manufacturers and assemblers like Apple does to make their devices for them.

Like I've mentioned before. Hardware costs too much to manufacture these days, with rising input costs (commodities), and cost of labour (worldwide). RIM needs to make a decision in which path they want to go!

Follow me on Twitter (@SurrealCivic) for more analysis of Research In Motion!

I thought RIM was already manufacturing overseas, no? I think RIM just fell asleep at the wheel and got its butt kicked by US companies and Wall St. Watch it get acquired by a US company... Not out of the realm of possibility.

You've posted this in multiple articles already and have been largely rebutted in the replies. Stop posting the same enormous comment to advertise for yourself in every article.

Slowness to change helped get RIM into the situation they're in now. Ill conceived knee-jerk reactions will exacerbate the problem by at least an order of magnitude. I don't see any sound reasoning in your list of possibilities.

As I have said, BB10 and Cascades on Samsung hardware would be a great device. Other than the physical keyboard, which nobody does better than RIM, Samsung builds great hardware. I think it would be a good fit. I would only hope that they would keep in mind the positives of RIM hardware like led notification and the format factor of a BlackBerry that I prefer.

The margins have dropped in cadence with the brand. Nobody is paying full price for RIM products anymore becuase they are outdated even before they are released. The OS peaked three years ago. RIM could decide to focus on software, in which case they will soon cease to exist as the company they have been, which of course is looking likely anyway.

Its good that they are looking into options, but thier only path to regaining thier success of the past is by creating a product that people actually want. Not the people on crackberry nation and not the poor in developing countries. The people who are buying Android, IOS and to a much lesser extent WP.

The problem is that they are most likely a day late and a dollar short. WP was a critically embraced platform that has not yet gained traction two years after release. What does that say about the future of BB10? RIM doesnt have three years.

If RIM would have just dropped all their other phones and started making iphones they probably would be doing better. It wouldn't have been as good of an iphone as Apple's but they'd still be in a better position than they are now.
Now that they have that BBQX software they can MAYBE make one just as good.

If RIM dropped all phone manufacturing to focus on all touch screen phones only they would have no quarter to report on, but also they would be eliminating a very large market outside of North America. I just don't get that idiotic comment on RIM making an iPhone? That's just plain outloud a very dumb comment. They (RIM) are also not in the negative therefore as a company they are still in a great position despite holding marketshare on mobiles globally. Oh, and that's's sorta a big deal! :)

On the last note, you should read the post past and current, CB Chris is doing an excellent job on keeping us readers up-to-date on RIM's current financial state.

In After market trading rim is losing badly...

It all seems like they have reached a point where there is no return, I just don't see how this could get any better. Bb10 is probably gonna be delayed so this means that in two consecutive years rim loses a lot of money...

Fire sale time

The stock has been halted on the Nasdaq according to news stories in Vancouver, BC. News stories just broke at 2:05 pm here.

Climbing back up slowly. Down $0.87 now to $10.36 @ 6:25pm.
Good to hear they're adding to their cash though. BB10 can't come soon enough.

Research In Motion needs to be taken private immediately before the stock holders can force a fire sale. Only as a privately held company can Research In Motion recover.

It's hard to find the words to express how strongly I disagree with that statement.

They're still cash-positive, and the loss they're taking here is likely related to downsizing and inventory hits. They're taking the damage now, and in theory if a fire-sale on handsets goes well they might just be profitable next quarter.

That would be good news, and sets them up well for a turnaround when BB10 is launched.

I wouldn't let go of my shares for less than $20, as long as I had an expectation that RIM could turn things around. Until they start burning cash, I don't even want to talk about selling my shares.

This is really going to be close. RIM is sliding into the red operationally and BB10 won't be out until the end of the year.

RIM won't burn through all of its cash before the end of the year but if BB10 does not get a big following, it is clearly game over.

I still think that RIM is looking for a partner for BB10. That partner could invest a few bucks in RIM and change momentum.

I understand what Thor is saying and I'm still in full support of RIM. QNX is sound, and strong for the mobile industry.

Most of the articles on the internet I read so far are that RIM is for sure dead or put up for sale. The stock down 15% earlier after market. Now it down about 10 - 11% after hour trade. So much news media articles misleading out there. They just want to see Blackberry destroyed.

I don't think the stock will drop...down then up. Thorsten stated the magic words...we added to our cash pool.

Only BB10 is good enough to be popular in the US with the general consumer. It's coming and investors should know this.

The best we can say of this statement is that RIM is showing some transparency. Given the current situation, this is very good; it's the only way they can rebuild trust.

It's at $10.09 in after hours trading. If it goes under $10.00, imho RIMM will never make it to BB10. As many have warned for 3+ years: many, many people who have invested in a BES infrastructure during the last few years maybe left holding a nasty bag. At $10.00 or below and 2 more dissapointing earnings calls before BB10 releases....the meme is set. Sometimes you just can't slow the momentum.

Do you mean they might be acquired if there below $10?

Because I don't see what the relevance is. Nokia is at 2.94 as of today with a 52 week high of 8.22. Last time I checked they're still around.

They also have way more shares outstanding than RIM, so the share price isn't really relevant.

Check out Chris's article from earlier in the week.

Both companies don't have the same financials and not the same size. Apples to oranges. Also don't be surprised to see Microsoft purchase nokia

I would be more interested in a CAD99.00 Research In Motion. Take the company private and focus on secure mobile messaging with QNX (BlackBerry 10) as the foundation. Enterprise management of mobile devices would be streamlined and simplified thereby reducing internal support costs while maintaining service contracts for those customers needing the extra level of paid support. The consumers can flock to Apple et al. and play Angry Birds until their heads explode or mommy calls them for supper.

The fat lady is singing. BB10 is not going to save this company. I hate it, because I really don't like the iPhone or the android devices.

The stock keeps climbing back, remember, they will have $ 5.00/shr in cash at the end of next month due to non cash write offs. This company is worth $ 5.00/shr in assets, too stupid to be true. They are writing down inventory and firing employees like they should. These are one time charges and that means they are FAR from going out of business. Just because the media hates them doesn't mean dick.

This shakeout is perfect to get rid of the dogs holding this thing. Lovin' my purchases so far, and if they take it below $ 10.00 again, I'll be there too. Investors are so dumb when it comes to these things.

First Chris gotta say to this point:

"This post written entirely on a BlackBerry Bold 9900 :) "

Nice! That's a lot of typing on the Bold!

Second, it will go down. Most individuals know RIM will post losses between there BB7 and BB10 release. Chris and Kevin has already stated that. I have reminded others personally that this is the case as you now have any potential BB buyers waiting for BB10's release as it will be released later this year.

The BB fans that would trade up devices as soon as they have launched have already bought there BB7 and are now getting ready to buy BB10.

Users in Canada and US who are considering a BB want to see what BB10 has to offer. Only if you need a device right away, then you'd consider BB7.

RIM is currently IN THE VOID. A product void of only old and no new...

There new BB10 product needs to be launched.

Any chance they would pre-release BB10 on the LTE Playbook during the summer if the software ecosystem is set to go but the phone hardware not quite ready yet as per plan? I know...DO NOT rush an incomplete product out the door, we learned that lesson once before, but, if the phones aren't coming until Nov and the tablets are set to go.....

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Agreed, it needs to be on a volume product. I guess I'm just thinking about the push they are making at the business market,(eg full back Page ad in Globe and Mail's front section today) with the PlayBook being pushed as the perfect business productivity tablet. The sooner its upgraded with BB10 so BBM is fully rolled in etc the sooner it can become a big volume product.
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The after hours trading is the wild, wild west with limited volume. Not the greatest indication. You could see a lower tick down in the first hour of trading, then some stabilization and recovery to about 10-10.25,. There is no reason for people to come in and buy, at this time, shorts can lean on it anytime they want. What I want to hear, is that bb10 will go into carrier testing within the next 60 days. But strictly on a stock story recovery, not going to happen anytime soon with rimm going at it alone. it's tough to watch. Hoping for the best for rimm.

I read someone in the forums saying "in the real world 2 months do not matter". I have kept saying: Yesterday might be too late for BB10.
Just predict your losses, downsize, restructure, take the remainder cash and put it "all in" in an earlier and better launch of BB10. If it works and you need cash afterwards, a bit of leverage is never bad and you will pay back; and if it doesn't... who will care anymore?
How can a company with over 2 billion cash and no debt struggle to deliver like they do?

I wonder I they'll fire those two retarded dj twins. "my phone is not a game". Of course its not a game because nobody plays it. Go ahead and call me a troll, atleast im a troll with a phone comapny thats not in dire need of some help. This is some funny stuff. Where's there jerk that's part of the crackberry board that was deleting my post and saying bb forever.  Want a bite

There is some strange similarities between Facebook and rim shares of late. The push for Facebook to go mobile and Facebooks rushed ipo. Rim guiding down way to early and jp Morgan being involved with both companies.??? I know the rumour has been swirled around but something might be going on in the back ground.

They should really up the manufacturing and stockpile them to get ready.

Companies can't last on wishful thinking.

The guy is an idiot, he has no idea what BB10 will bring, yet he "knows" iPhone 5 and the latest Android will be better. Its attitude like those that killed BB7 and RIM's marketing was pathetic if they don't sing the praise of BB10 prior to its release they are doomed. We need some teasers leading up to the BB10 launch.

He is an idiot with a point. Do you realize that if the launch of BB10 gets delayed a little further and the situation gets much worse we might never see a BB10 device made by RIM? Or even a BB10 device at all?

A BlackBerry 10 smartphone needs to be released this summer because last autumn will be too late. Hell the lack of marketing from Research In Motion is pathetic. And do not even bring up the YouTube video advertisements for the BlackBerry; that is not advertising.

"A BlackBerry 10 smartphone needs to be released this summer because last autumn will be too late."

I'm pretty sure that time flows the other way...

Herb Greenberg is the biggest idiot out there, pretending to know something about tech. He is clueless at this game, Maria runs circles around him and should kick him in the balls if he has any.

They are writing down $ 100 million in inventory from a base of $ 1.08 billion, big freakin deal man.

If you go on Google Finance and chart Nokia and RIM stock they are following a very similar curve in trading. Things that make yoiu go hmm...

Wasn't this expected? It's only going to get worse before it gets better. What is surprising is that cash grew! I hope it was not funded by an increase in accounts payable. I really think this quarter was critical. If they started bleeding cash at this point I would be much more concerned. Now they have the money to get to the BB10 launch.

You made my life a not easier eh. Thanks for the coles note version. I'm also excited to see what will happen within the next couple of months eh. Positive change I hope:)

The absolute latest that BB10 need to be in the hands of consumers is Black Friday. Either that or it is game over for RIM as we know it. It is too early to tell if RIM can make this date. Much depends on what get seeded to the developers over the next two months. If they want killer apps for BB10 ready at launch by November, we need to see more or less the complete API for BlueTooth, USB, and the remaining cascades stuff by August. There isn't really much time left but there is no reason to panic yet.

What I know about stock markets can fit in a thimble, however, I am clearly able to see that most people leaving comments here know absolutely nothing about the subject. Their commentary buttresses my theory that most people are real dumb. I can't hit a homer out of Fenway, but I can tell a great baseball player when I see one. Please, don't give advice when you obviously know sh*t squatzola about stocks and what makes them rise and fall. You people just sit back and watch, no more commenting for you. (I am not talking about Chris, or the half-a-handful of people here who do know what they're talking about, you others know who you are.)
"Also typed completely on my BOLD 9930"

Lots of opinion from arm chair experts. Does anyone actually know what is happening with BB10? Why is it taking so long to produce? Is this the kind of thing that can be addressed by putting some cash into hiring QNX programmers? Have they got anything that is at all close to a product?

ever since RIM started reusing old CPUs for their phones -the 9000 had a top-notch CPU and its all downhill from there - RIm's hardware as been below average at best, terrible at times.

Their hardware division keeps repackaging low-end Curves for a sub low-end segment of the market, after flooding it with medium low-end devices..... (example)

Their hardware division might be losing money, but part of it is their decision to go after a certain type of hardware, not making it itself.

With their 30 different phones form the past 2y, none of them has dualcore and front camera. None of them are upgradalbe to BBX, despite the fact that the technology has been around for almost 2y.

Who makes the hardware direction decisions??????

if their hardware was made in china for dirt cheap, it would still lack AF, front camera and dual-core if they dont decide on the first place to make a phone with such specs.....

Those two probably shorted the stock all the way down. They never admitted they had a problem till dec when the stock hit 12 then they bailed out and left Thor holding the bag. 5 years+ they had to compete and they sat back impoverishing shareholders and employees..mostly canadians who believed in them and gave them the benefit of the doubt...

Rim need to have good apps in general if they wana survive, playbook has no good apps at all it's a shame they have app world, look at apple and google

Apple and Google own the smartphone markets. Apple owns the tablet market.

It would take a miracle for RIM, Nokia, Microsoft, etc. to ever become big players again. This war is pretty much over and done.

The relevant question now becomes: Do you want to buy and Apple or a Samsung?

not true, the smartphone market is expanding towards supersmartphones. lots of growth opportunities. However the one who will will the the one that brings quality, polish and innovation to their platform.

price is not a key factor due to carrier subsidy.

Thank you for finally outing your real reason to be posting your crap here.
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RIM was WAY to slow to react to the iPhone. RIM and most BB fanboys called it a toy and laughed at Jobs. In this industry when u stand still like RIM has done for years u will get passed by. And they did and have never been able to recover from it. Just like Sony. If RIM survives they will be relocated to a niche market that will continue to shrink as time goes by until RIM is no more.

Very sad. Hate to see fewer competitors in the mobile phone industry.

"This post written entirely on a BlackBerry Bold 9900 :) "

I love it. Thanks for the explanation. Always enjoy your articles.

Boldly sent from my 9930

I can see the trolls are out again, not surprising. If a company is still adding cash, then all of the loses are 'paper' losses meaning inventory write downs, etc.. Here's how I think it will play out.....

- RIM will continue to show financial weekness through the end of this year until the new phones are out.
- They will continue to show gains in services and software as they continue the transition to BB10.
- Vic Alboini of Jaguar Financial will finally get dismissed for being a dick (not sure why the media gives attention to this guy
- Government, Law Enforcment and industries where security matters will continue to use BB products - providing a life line until BB10 arrives
- The new 'C' suite guys will do their jobs and fill the void that's been there for a long time
- MicroSoft will make a comeback - Apple will begin to weeken as people get sick of paying a premium dollar for a product that's no longer way ahead of the competition - but the decline will be slow because their infrustructure and user experience is very good - developers still love their platform
- Google/Android will continue to fragment creating a frustrated developer base - this will also happen over a longer periof of time - but the cracks are already there.
- BB will figure out how to make things work in the developing world which will be a huge advantage back at home when it comes to value and price.
- In one year from now BB will be on the upswing as most consumer are fickle, have short memories and don't care about 90% of the things that people on this site care about.

It's not magic, it's not wishful thinking - RIM has woken up, they know the road is long but they have a great vehicle with lots of people, businesses and governments supporting them. Apple's expensive for what you get now, Android is fragmented, MS partners well so you'll see growth from them - RIM will re-establish it's core and partner to grow from there. In the end there will be 4 platforms and RIM will be the one I'll be on because I need to get $hit done.

Is that the best comeback you can come up with? How about some opinions on why RIM will NOT make it?

We're all ears....................

Thor and this company has such a huge uphill battle....BB10 should have been launched years ago, however, whats done is done...but RIM isn't done yet IMHO.

Still optimistic :)

NOW Rims looking to partner?? when amazon approached ... they sent them away. at 1/4 of the price and less then a year later their looking at it...WTF

The future of the BB10 will depend on the availability of the apps, and the innovate UI, judging from the BB Jam seems like its doing quite well, although not suitable for an old man like me, but i believe it will be quite attractive to young people alike.

For users like me one can only hope RIM will retain something as solid as the BB7 OS and develop enterprise version of the blackberry that would attract and retain the corporate business.

I do not believe there any surprises here. The new BB10 operating is dampening System 7 sales. Why would you lock yourself into old technology. The next 3 to 4 quarters will be rough. As long as the cash flow is positive and they are growing the installed base they are OK. The accounting numbers are not that important. However, launching new products are expensive, so RIM has to create some more cash flow space and be capable of making money at lower volumes. That is why you need to reorganise to save a billion. The ironic element here is the greater the excitement and reviews around BB10 the more system sales will fall off. RIM has the right strategy but the pace of execution needs to quicken. Also I disagree with Kevin, I believe RIM needs to launch both a full touch screen BB10 model and a keyboard BB10 model at the same time to make a clean cut with the past. The market will not allow them the luxury of a sequential launch. I do not believe they can go it alone. They need a strategic partner, to give them more time, more creditability, cash flow injection, and missing parts of ecosystem. They best fit is Amazon. Just as Apple needed the investment from Microsoft to turn their company, RIM needs an investment partner of substance.

Lets not over think this. RIM is in transition and for accounting purposes they should take any hits now as they are related to the current OS7 portfolio. BB10 is around the corner and this device should give all those feature seekers what they want.

In the meantime. If you love your BlackBerry like I do, just show it to people and let them decide.

If every BlackBerry user just got one convert BlackBerry would soar. This would allow BlackBerry to reach BB10's launch in style and not huffing and puffing, which seems just as likely at this dark point. So here is my commitment to get TWO converts in the next month.

Simple as that.

Goooo RIM! BlackBerry for life! Now more than ever - BlackBerry.

RIM has had diminishing sales in North America for several years but only recently have they taken inventory write offs.

And given their subscriber base is up year on year, there has to be more to these decisions.

BB OS7 is going to be around for a fair amount of time to come (perhaps longer than most think), so it can't simply be about legacy devices on the shelf. Either that or RIM's manufacturing planning is completely useless.

I believe they're preparing for a big push in device sales at massive discounts to generate buzz in preparation for the BB10 launch. Everyone loves a bargain. Selling a few million phones in the back to school quarter might just give RIM the boost it needs.

It worked for Samsung with Android - can't see why it shouldn't work for RIM.

As an end user who has no clue about financial statements I can tell you for sure that RIM will probably not make a come back from here.
And here is why I think so: I had to spend a month without my Torch 9800 (Company provided) as there were some repairs needed on the keyboard. During this BB 'hiatus' I switched to a Samsung Galaxy Gio. The moment my Torch came back I realized that:

* I cannot run the Kindle App on the Torch 9800
* I cannot run the Linked App on the Torch 9800
* I cannot run the Kobo App on the Torch 9800
* I cannot access the BB App World without incurring data charges as it is not accessible over Wi-Fi

These are only some of the features that I lost when I got back to the BB from Android. Right now I am only receiving Email over my BB but the iPhone also does that.

So, tell me, why should an end-user care about whether RIM survives or not?

Just my 2 cents!

1. If you company provided you with a BlackBerry, why are you wanting to run Kindle or Kobo on it?
2. These are 3rd party apps that are out of RIMs control other than having the tools available to the developer.
3. Although Linkedin doesn't officially support BB7 (and from the sounds of it, BB6), I still have a Linkedin installed on my Bold 9900 and it works great.
4. The Kobo apps and the Android version of the Linkedin app both work on my PlayBook (which is essentially BB10)... so I'm guessing both will work with the new BB10 phones once they are released.
5. Although BB may not suit all of your needs, it works just great for others... plus, why would anyone want a company to go out of business and their workers be unemployed?

Just to clarify, BlackBerry App World IS accessible over Wi-Fi. Is it because I'm using a Torch 9860 running OS 7.1? Perhaps. It could be a feature of newer versions of OS (such as 7.1) or it could be something as simple as you having your Data Services turned off, but I have no trouble getting it with my network connection turned off. :)

Thanks for the replies.
As an end user I do not even have to think about applications like LinkedIn, Kobo, Kindle, etc. not working on my smartphone. They just work.
As for why an end user would like to uses these Apps on their Company phones: this is exactly the thinking that was the cause of Laziridis/Balsillie downfall. They forgot that is the end user that matters, not the platform.

As for the AppWorld issue: maybe RIM can learn something from the Google Playstore where the end user can go using their laptops, select an App to install on their phone and the next time the phone is over a Wi-Fi network the App simply installs itself without bothering the user.

These are the things which make a Company work, not having tonnes of patents and lots of cash

Just my 2 cents!

Trolls be trolling. Haters be hating. The reality is BB10 will kill it. The apple is rotting at the core, and the other so-called operating system is total garbage and over-complicated.

BlackBerry has always stood for security, trust, getting things done, and superior communication.
BB10 is truly cutting edge. Research in Motion is the only company to date that has actually articulated their vision for the future. They are executing and delivering on their promise. The future is bright.

I want to pre-order BB10.

I can't come up with anything more intelligent than the rest of you regarding RIM's chances. However, I do know this: Even Canadian English should be capitalized in the title of an article. Just saying ; D

Thorstein is a horrible communicator. It's terrible how we need an article like this and have someone translate his speeches for us before we can even understand what the heck he's talking about, and then afterwards, he has to go out there again and clarify what he said because people takes his initial comments the wrong way.
I really don't understand what RIM sees in him to give him the CEO position.

You should perhaps list the reasons that he is a horrible communicator. I, for one, understood everything he said just as I did at BlackBerry World Conference 2012 in Orlando. One thing he IS is someone who is not afraid to say what is going on with RIM, whether it be positive or negative. I don't remember hearing too much from Mike and Jim when they were at the wheel.

So please tell us, why is he a horrible communicator?

Seriously, how old are those who post these negativities. I have been around tech since the days of dos and win 3. I have seems lots of tech trends come and go. All I have read all these months about RIM are the regurgitated negatives posted all over the Web. Any monkey can comb the Web for stats quotes and continually repeat it and think he's knows anything. In the end, they are all baseless and speculated so called facts written by schizophrenic bandwagon armchair tech users wannabes whoes loyalties only lies on those own selfish needs. The real users of tech are those who truly understands the principles of these devices and are capable of knowing the challenges of companies who create to satisfy consumer insatiable needs.

Thor's speech was simply to create a sense of transparency of rim, and hence, the two descriptive, technical and for the layman. That's it. We have all types of users here so he gives clarifications to all. How hard is it to understand that, seriously. Is all that hatred towards rim really necessary. Anyone anyone, beaular beaular...........


BTW, Rim knows it only needs to satisfy the loyal users and convince the enterprise sector of its real tangible of qnx and it will have succeeded. As I have said before, who are the enterprise, is also the consumer @ the end of the working day. Convince them and they will help Rim gain traction in the consumer sector. Looking into the future, how long before the general consumer begins to get bored of the same iterations of Android and ios and starts complaining and looking elsewhere of variety not fresh innovations.

My guess is that Rim is in it for the long haul with qnx. Wall Street has always been about immediate foresight, and short term gains. I don't think they had the ability or interest of long term longevity of stock growth. And considering the state of the US economy wall street is even more paranoid. General public perception has always been based of emotion rather than facts.

BTW, not a Rim employee of fanboy just a grateful tech user with my trusty 9900 and playbook.




Caps on purpose. Just quit it already.

I've heard the positive, I've heard the negative. I've been to BlackBerry World Conference and heard Thor speak firsthand. I know what cash RIM has. I know that RIM holds patents worth bilIions of dollars and they've also applied for and been granted a few key patents in the past few weeks. I know that QNX is installed in 60% of the vehicles on the road today. Through it all, I honestly have to say that RIM is going to make it and they're going to make it on their own, without having to sell any part of the company and without having to sell any of their patents. I don't care what the stock market says or how business in North America is working for them presently. The simple fact is that after BB10 is released and RIM has perhaps one to two tough quarters after that, they will once again dominate the wireless market.

I dare you to copy and paste this statement to your Notepad and have a look at it again in May of 2014. Go on, I dare you.