Here's how video playback looks on the BlackBerry Passport

By Bla1ze on 28 Jun 2014 10:37 am EDT

Since the BlackBerry Passport appeared, one key question people have had is how video will look on the arguably wide display. As it turns out, they don't look too bad at all according to this quick 47 second video hands on showing off the device loading YouTube and checking out a clip of the Jimmy Fallon show. You're probably not going to want to stray far from CrackBerry today because apparently the floodgates have been opened for more stuff about the BlackBerry Passport. Source: @Halobandit

More Hands On With The BlackBerry Passport

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Here's how video playback looks on the BlackBerry Passport


Beats the Q10 that's for sure.

Wish they would have shown an iPhone or Z10 playing the video next to it. That way it would be easy to get a good idea of what we are sacrificing (or not) for the 1:1 ratio.

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When I had an iPhone 5, I very rarely turned my phone sideways to watch a video (unless it was like 10mins or longer). Q10 has been a better viewing experience on the whole.

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It definitely stands out because of it s odd shape and size. Ppl in public will definitely take notice of it that's for sure!!! It does have some appeal to it.

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I agree. In that video the Passport definitely has the look of a premium phone. When someone pulls one out it sure will turn heads (in a good way).

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I'm on the other side of the spectrum: I stream ALL the time. Mostly sports and shows on my commute, and this actually is a deal maker or breaker, and it's not looking too good for the passport right now. Unless the 1:1 is at least the same size as my Z10, then it's not worth it for me and I have no choice but to wait for the next all-touch device.

You already have the Z30 and the Z3 :)

That being said, some quick calculations :

For the Z10, it has a 16:10 screen ratio, and 4.2" diagonal so it's width screen is 3.56" @ 355ppi.

For the Z30 it has a 16:9 screen ratio, and 5" diagonal. It's width screen is thus 4.35" @ 295ppi (yes, the Z30 has a lower resolution than the Z10).

For the Passport, the ratio is 1:1 and a 4.5" screen diagonal.
The screen width is 3.18" @ 452ppi.

For the reference, the iPhone5S has a screen definition of only 326ppi.


So for the comparison, moving from Z10 to Passport it is like going from a 19" CRT VGA monitor to a 17" HD LCD screen. What do you choose?

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But, but but...that's like saying that you couldn't be bothered to take the lens cap off your DSLR most of the time, therefore your phone camera provided a much better photo taking experience! There is no logic!!!

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Everything beats the Q10 when it comes to display) except legacy BlackBerry phones).

But here's the thing... I kept hearing people talk about how supposedly THIN the Passport is...

It doesn't look thin at all to me in that video. It actually looks extremely thick.

I wish I could... but I just CAN'T get past the looks of it. It's just too ugly for me (in my subjective opinion).

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Copying the question on thickness from @halobandit's twitter. He is writing a review (first impression), which I believe will soon be in CB.

"@blackberriesru: @halobandit Hi! Thank you for interesting photos, what about thickness?"

"@halobandit: @blackberriesru it’s a tad thicker than that 5s. I have been told very clearly that this is not the final product"

"@halobandit: @Agentjucey this is a prototype. There have been changes to the product already and may be more before release this September"

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Wow. A tad thicker than the 5S??

Does NOT look like that in the video.

Clearly, this is a device that MUST be handled in person to fully understand properly.

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"Extremely thick" is a bit extreme.
Didn't look as thin ad I'd hoped though

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I'm sold on the display, but fear I will not enjoy a one hand typing experience, and afraid I will miss the Z30 typing experience as a whole, however this is the only hardware keyboard experience that I'm tempted to take a chance on. I love the screen size, perfect for videos I think.

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So it has a touchsensetive kb but to Unlocking device u have to use touchscreen???? I would rather have to swype up from kb and scroll in webbrowser aswell
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Maybe this was running a version of the OS that hasn't been fully updated to the touch sensitive kb?

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Lets hope that, my theorie is the kb on that unit is not touch sensetive. It doesnt look like a regular touch sensetive surface , i could be wrong tho
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After using the Q10 this will be a lot better for video playback.

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It might not be showing on the CB10 app. Try opening this article in the browser and you'll see that it's embedded right under the title.

I just played it through the app on my Z30. Click the pic and it should take you to youtube

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Just tried that and it works. Thanks! I guess the lack of a 'play' button on the image fooled me. :P

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I used to think the Passport was ugly and still kind of do, but find myself liking it more and more. BB10 is getting more and more refined (by far the best OS out there, in my opinion) and I love my z10 (was afraid I was going to regret getting an all touch phone, thanks to a brief but bad stint with an iPhone). I'm going to keep following the hype (and eventually the reviews) of the Passport, which initially was something I was just going to skip over. I do worry that the size of the phone may be too big and awkward possibly even uncomfortable after extended use. I'm constantly on my phone, so we shall see. Keep up the good work crackberry!

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I love it! It so sleek. The contents on the wide screen looks like a normal Web page on a tablet. Hope that's Metal around the sides and not brushed plastic. The device is really beautiful.

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I love my Z10 for its form factor and was never sold on the 5" or larger phones. But this Passport has caught my eye as a potential upgrade.

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Insert obligatory "that's what she said" joke here

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Take my money!!

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Is that different than micro hdmi? Will I need a new cable?

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Manufacturers will incorporate SlimPort into existing microUSB connectors. With the result that display output, data and charging can be dealt with by one single connector.

Yeah lol. Yet still using two separate cables with a Y splitter to do both data/charging and display out. Defeats the purpose of having two ports. Engineers man engineers.

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I prefer separate ports so I can charge the device while using it. Sounds like another oversight by the BungleBerry genius engineers. Too bad, I was hoping the BlackBerry Passport would be suitable as a replacement for the computers typically used by many office workers.

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When you turn it sideways the keyboard morphs into the screen so you actually get a 4:3 ratio screen.



Probably awesome. That's one of my main questions about this device, I read a ton of manuals on my phone while on the go.

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Yeah! Let's make it loud =)

Not a huge fan of the screen size for video, but very very curious about how the keyboard will work. Looking forward to the official release!

Next typing on the Passport. My guess is that it will be under wrap until close to the release date.

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere

I'd rather see that than seeing how youtube works. Still cool to see a video of it functioning.

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Same here. I want some specs on it though, has that been posted yet?
For example I just bought a 32G micro SD card for my z10. Does the passport allow for expandable memory? If so can we load and run apps of the SD card?!
I want some specs on this phone. I'm really starting to get Jones'd up for this thing!

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I believe @halobandit mentioned that it has 32GB on board memory and was able to insert 64GB SD card.

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Want 128GB with two partitions....

One encrypted, one NTFS or FAT. No idea if that's gonna work, of if we can resize and create partions on an SDcard for BB.

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I really love my Z30 and I promised my wife do more phones for a while but the more I see the passport the more I want it. That being said, I hated it when I saw the leaked pictures.

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I must confess I love the minimalistic design. Reminds me of Bauhaus style. I will buy thiss thing first day when it is available!

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That's nice, but I want to see keyboard in action. Then, it will make me to buy or not this phone.

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Looks as wide as my Z10 is long. Would love it. No need for turning to landscape mode.

Posted by me. Just now. With my Z10!

That's what I was just thinking too. It is as wide as the Z10 is long, so it's like permanent landscape, no rotation required!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Check that recent comparison with and iPhone 4s side-by-side. This phone practically swallows two of them.

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I've got the Z30 as well and the sound is amazing! I'm curious to know what the sound setup will be like on the Passport (and the Classic). Does anyone know?

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What would an app give you that the full desktop browser experience on BlackBerry 10 can't provide already? As well you can just save a link to your home screen or bookmark the Web page.

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More blackberry junk. If your going to build something that big at least make the screen as big as the device is. I'm happy with the keyboard on my z10. But I want more real estate to look at. Maybe I would be happy with z30 Idk. I been looking at Samsung but I'm spoiled with the gestures and hate home buttons.

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Dude get a Z30 already. I doubt very seriously you'd be calling anything BlackBerry "junk" once you've upgraded to that.

BlackBerry 4Life

@JDP1123... this phone is supposed to be a phone that will accomadate certain professional fields and the software will show off the whole screen,I hope?That doesn't mean us regular guys won't be on the side lines waiting to buy one

Where is their sense of aesthetics...? Looks awful. I wish they bring out a phone the size of Samsung Note 3.

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Ahh CrackBerry... the land of people who thunk their opinions are facts and their personal tastes provide the edict of good and bad taste in general

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Looks like it has the usual blackberry issue, taking its time to start the app/browser/ video

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You mean like my wife's windows phone, my nephews iPhone and my friends Note?

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Ah i see you mean it's what an app is suppose to do when you touch it yes i see the problem...lmao

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Wow that's a big wide phone. Will have to see what it's like in the flesh altho I'm keen on getting one.

Sounds loud enough though.

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How thick is this phone compared to the Z10 / Z30? Looks quite a bit thicker, and that's without the case.

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Agreed. It seems like a big retuning of muscle memory is on the way for a lot of long time BlackBerry users.

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I tried viewing this video on my isheepod device, wasn't able to. Runs fine on my Bold 9900. Damn that phone looks square...

Looking at the video quality and sound is only going to be as good as the device you view it on, though, so let's get em in stores

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Yeah, apparently they did. This is a big bummer for me. Now I have to carry an extra piece of equipment with me always and there is no guarantee that the TV I'm using will even work with it. This is a big minus in my books.
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It' s growing on me more and more with each viewing. The keyboard functionality may tip me over the edge and force me to buy one. BlackBerry has designed a device that stands out from the competition (innovative) , now if it performs well (functionality, speed..etc), they may have a winner.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Canada

Is the bottom bezel for swiping home a good size? Because I remember reading some people didn't like how small the one on the q10 is.

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When you first get a q10, the biggest frustration is it not registering a swipe to home when you try and start the swipe on that tiny bezel, and then you realize that if you start your swipe from the second row of keys, it is flawless. Problem solved.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

From what i've read (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) the world release takes place in London.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Kitchener (Canada)

Looks good, but I hope this isn't indicative of the marketing.

The messaging should not be "look, you can even watch videos on it!"

But instead it needs to be "look at what productivity improvements are available with a screen like this AND this keyboard".

BlackBerry needs to get out of "me too" mode and stick to the core vision to create something that other people aren't.

You guys need to go ti its in spanish but they have 2 videos And like 10 pictures of the Passport side boy side with the Iphone 5 BBQ10 Samsung Phones And their videos are web browsing And auido they comfirm it will have 32GB With 3 of RAM And over 3000mah

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That sound was great! I couldn't hear any distortion.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

Whoever gets this (I have a Z10 but the more I look at it the more I like!!!!!) is going to be like a ROCK STAR..... everybody will want a peek and then with the added productivity OS 10........ooooooo boy!!!!!

Freaking different.... I like!!!!!

Free Marketing, design a product that creates a buzz, smart move BlackBerry.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Kitchener (Canada)

Seems like this guy must be the courier carrying the passport back to BlackBerry HQ after the shareholders meet. Shot it in a secret way in a tunnel or something ;-)

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Ok...what is the point of going into landscape mode on it? it looks like it has the exact same dimensions.

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'Zactly what I was wondering. Why support screen rotation with a square display? Because the charging port is on the bottom?

Via CB10, Z10 rocking official 10.2.1

Rumour is if it's turned sideways, you can use up/down gestures to scroll up and down on a website in the browsers, and/or other apps.

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My guess is the keys act as track pad and you can scroll the web page from right thumb without covering the screen with your finger. Would be ideal for reading long messages or website. Also the body of the device is longer than wider .

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Forget video, the screen is huge, it's obvious that video will look fine, i want to see someone type on that thing, still very curious how it's balanced

Why have they gone for a 'square' screen?? Nothing is square except a square. Phone shows great design but I can't understand why they're going in this direction.

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People are complaining that it seems top heavy already. The people crying about wanting the screen to be longer need to understand that it would be even more top heavy if it weren't a square screen.

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Need to have it for a couple days before a decision. Usually I would've pre ordered but this time I throw caution.

Love the q10 but to small. Love the z30 but miss the keyboard.

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Very good, although I do not see an hdmi port. I admit I do not read every post about everything. Maybe wifi?

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Nice performance on page rendering and video.

Os who here keeps thinking we need a Damn Youtube app again? No thanks no Google services to leach my personal identity. I've blocked that all.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

I must be the only one that thinks this is by far the ugliest BlackBerry to be released. I'm beginning to think that the people that want this device are in a Cult like apple fans lol. Like seriously, am I blind? This thing is hideous and I really doubt anyone in America would buy this. The more attractive BlackBerry 10 devices are struggling in the US and I know for sure this model will Flop even worse. What are they thinking at HQ? They could've rounded the corners off at least

"Once You Go Black You Never Go Back"

I understand what you are saying, but I think it is a great move for BlackBerry to be making something so controversial, it has everybody talking, and quite a few people love it. You either love it or you hate it, but that's better than having another phone like everybody else's where people don't know if they should get a BlackBerry Z30, an Apple 5S or a galaxy S5, because this thing has no competition. I hated it too at first, but I will be surprised if I don't end up buying one.

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Definitely true but Idk. I guess I'd have to see it in person.

"Once You Go Black You Never Go Back"

It haz rotation, but I don't need it. Lol
I'm happy with my Q10, probably will with my classic too, I would obviously need to get to better know the passport if and when it hits the carrier stores.

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Why would they look bad? LOL, I've never heard 'look bad' associated to videos shown on larger screen, LMAO.

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It matters not what anybody thinks of the Passport. All I know is, I think it's awesome, but again, that doesn't matter. They're tons of people who will want something as different and cool as the BlackBerry Passport. So. Who cares what people f#cking think or say.

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I don't mind the video, but that looks so thick and so heavy. I want this to be a dual sim phone. Multi SD card for work and play would be amazing too.

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I'm really looking forward to this device! Every time we get to see more of it, like it more and more!

From my Z10 awesomeness!

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It will be cool to be different. All the phones now look the same. Boring! Commercial should show people with different phones all discussing how great theirs is and on the other side of the street the the passport user getting things done. Can't wait for this device.

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I thought there was supposed to be a ton of posts today about the Passport after this one? I've been checking CB every 30 mins or so, and nothing...? lol

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This definitely a hot phone. Can't wait to see in person. I truly love how this phone is completely different from what's out now , and what will be out on the market when it's available. Big ups to BBry for stepping outside the box.

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Apple and Samsung just making the same slab of glass over and over with different specs. Big square screen will give great browsing experience and be a superb communicator. Innovative keyboard very exciting. Emails, BBM, texts, etc will have better experiences.

I think this device will hit a cord with many that want an ultimate communicator.

Sign me up.

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Big ass phone like that and he's one handing it? I see a smashed passport in his future.

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I still love you BlackBerry Bold 9000 speaker system. If you marry this new phone video display I'm sold.

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Can one of these 'leakers' please actually type on one, so that we can all see the only real question mark with this product, please?

You can't end the video the moment you switch to landscape!
That has to be illegal?

Those of you complaining as to the video not being acceptable, if you look at the newer article titled "Blackberry Passport in the Wild", you'll not the Passport placed next to an iPhone. The length if the screen at its widest points on the iPhone is about the same (or exactly the same) as the Passport. The only thing is that the Passport is the same screen length going both ways. The video playing may look rectangularly small on the big square screen, but if you look closely, it's about the same size as to how it would play on an iPhone anyhow. Now the Samsung 5 is another story.

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Iphone is for children under the age of ten; Blackberrys are for professionals, different market and different customers.

Q10 forever until, hell, I get my fingers over the passport and decide if it is time to move on. What about a 4" Q10 style... with or without belt.

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Just a question around that:
What's the point for the screen to turn portrait to landscape when it is squarred? Bacause of a docking possibility?

A couple of thoughts: Square screen is perfect Instagram and the sharper edges make it easier to grip. I like my z30 but it's a slippery little devil without a case.

I can't get over how ugly that phone is? I must be the only BlackBerry supporter that thinks this way.

Z10 with OS

Ok for the left gesture we have the hub, shouldn't they add something for the right after all the app screens, since it doesn't lead to anywhere??? Maybe for 10.3.2

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I'm still keeping my 9800 Torch for a couple years more, but this BB Passport is awesome!!!

Now, if they only announced a new Playbook 2 to make a perfect companion... (really, can't believe this wonderful Tablet's gonna be the first & last one from BB)

What's the point of the video shifting if the phone is sideways or maybe even upside down? I feel like that feature is semi-pointless if it's a 1:1 ratio screen, but i guess as long as you can lock it, it couldn't hurt to have the option either way

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Turn it and the keypad acts allows swiping to scroll I am guessing. So better for swimming long web pages or documents.

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I have the z10 now and one thing that really helps is having an HDMI port on it. From presentations to streaming shows, i use the hdmi cable quite a bit. After watching this vid, seems we lost the HDMI port on the passport. Anyone know if the Passport will have any capability to connect to a larger screen like a tv or projector?

Seems that will be some kind of MHL connector (all in one video transmission + power cable on the same ~ USB port)

Hate to say it but I think I'll stick with my Q30. While I do miss the physical keyboard on occasion, I'm not really digging the dorm factor of the passport. It's hard enough finding room on my person for the q30 let alone the passport.

Posted from my Z30 on CB10