Here's how to fix the keyboard for Instagram on BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 6 Aug 2013 01:38 am EDT

Have Instagram sideloaded on your BlackBerry 10 device? If so, chances are you've noticed there is a bit of a keyboard bug with the app though that clearly hasn't stopped folks from using it. If you've held off loading it though because you can't appropriately comment, there's actually a fairly easy fix for it.

It does require some prior knowledge of sideloading apps but if you managed to get Instagram loaded already then that shouldn't much of an issue. Check out the video above for a quick run through of it or jump below to read through the written out guide of it all.

You'll need two files to get things going here. One being the Google Keyboard from the Google Play Store and the other being an Android launcher that allows access to the Android settings. I prefer to suggest Apex Launcher because I know it already works. Once you have those two files, convert them for sideloading onto your BlackBerry 10 device and install them.

  • Once installed, open up Apex Launcher and access the Google Settings.
  • Go to the language and input options and disable the BlackBerry keyboard.
  • Once the BlackBerry keyboard has been disabled, enable the Google keyboard and set preferences.
  • Exit out of all the apps and return back to Instagram, you should now find it's using the Google keyboard and typing will work as expected.

From here on out, when you access Instagram on your BlackBerry 10 device it will now use the Google keyboard instead of the BlackBerry one and you'll no longer have those key mapping issues. One side effect though is that most other Android apps will also adopt the Google keyboard. 

If you're not cool with that, then maybe this isn't the best solution for you but if you're not really using any Android apps aside from Instagram then the choice is pretty simple one to make. Additionally, once done you may want to uninstall Apex Launcher as it can interfere with how apps load but that's optional.

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Here's how to fix the keyboard for Instagram on BlackBerry 10


Awesome fix. I've been wondering if it had somehow to do with the Google keyboard actually.

Thanks bla1ze

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Or alternatively, type a word, type your next word and then add spaces by using the selector by dragging it... works for me like that.

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Depends on your OS and Instagram version I think. It wasn't just not inserting spaces, it was not typing letters that were pressed, like Y was a comma, etc. :P

Okk thats awesome but why launcher u can use ghost commander to access android setting and change the keyboard to google keyboard.

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As I said in the post and video, use whatever works for you.. I already use Apex for other things so it was there to use.

On the Ghost Commander homescreen choose Applications (you have to click your way out of the file manager if you launched Ghost Manager for the first time). Than in a long list find an item called Settings, hold your finger on it, select Launch "Settings" and then go to Language & input settings ;)

Wow. This is a definition of "Where There's a Will, There's a Way."

I love 10.2 so far, but Instagram just won't work for me like it always did on 10.1.

I've tried the 10.2 Android Runtime, putting on Instagram v4.0.2, then the old one (3.4 or whatever it is), then deleting and reinstalling 4.0.2... nothing works. I don't even use Instagram often, but now I'm just trying to get it because it bothers me that I'm unable to!

Install the first working IG, open it, sign in, let it tell you that it a not working. Then install the 4.2 version and it should work. It did for me. I tried the installing and deleting but that didn't work.

Just gave up my self for the same reason. Only use once a month maybe. But I can't have it and it bothers me. Hahah

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I finally got mine working! I used the Chrome Extension for the first time, and then went to the forums, under Z10, "Instagram and 10.2," and used the links that "ErinnM" posted on the first page. It works now. Go try it!

Are you converting it yourself, or using pre-converted .bars? I believe if you convert the apk yourself (as shown here: and install you shouldn't have issues.

I'm using the preconverted .bars. I never was able to properly convert and Android APK. Ughhh.

I finally got it working, I was using pre-converted .bars.

Now I'm waiting for the second email from BlackBerry for the signing keys... so I can get the Google keyboard working for Instagram. You and Bla1ze are like the CrackBerry power couple haha

I managed to install it after playing back and forth between the 4.0.2 version and the old one having to eventually sign in through the Facebook forgot password method BUT for as long as I've had instagram (including on 10.1), I have not been able to upload app crashes every time I take a picture so as of right now I post using my ipod

Finding a work around to get instagram working thing is getting little too crazy

Corky Notes and Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10 developer

Mine works fine.. v4.0.2.. uploads images.. All I care about. I don't leave comments anyway lol. Pretty easy if you all you want to do is upload images.

I'm telling you guys, we should just bombard the instagram offices with blackberries(the fruit) so they can get the ball rolling.

Great idea :) that's like the peanuts campaign for that show I can't remember, which gave it an extra season.

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no need to install another app for that... type a word. then press hold space bar of the keyboard. type again. problem solved.

I see you're running 10.2
How's Skype working for you?
And when running IG, does it freeze up on you when trying to record or upload a video?

Dunno, don't use Skype. I hear it isn't working on 10.2 though. And yes, video uploads don't work on 10.2. That's been known.

Not trolling. Try it for yourself. Update to Install a debug token and then instagram. The cinema functions should work although it does occasionally crash on the actual video upload part. Another forum member has the full instagram working also.

Got a 1047 too, you can actually record a video in the new Instagram, but after I tried uploading Instagram crashed and then Z10 rebooted, so I guess I'm gonna get over this feature and keep it static :)

Google keeps crashing on my phone and now keeps asking complete action using apex launcher or QNXAppLauncher,any suggestions? Also,did the recording and uploading video function on IG ever work on BB10 10.1? I'm running 10.2 by the way

Once you install any kind of launcher, Android Runtime will always offer these options when you launch an app. That's why I don't use launchers on my Z10, this pop-up is extremely annoying. To fix this just uninstall the Apex launcher and reboot. You can get to the runtime settings via the Ghost Commander too and it's just an app, so it won't act like this ;)

Crap I got so much to do to my Z10. Update to 10.2, debugg token, update my Instagram before they block the old version then this to get the keyboard working.

Hopefully I get some time tomorrow to sit down at my PC

Hmm, you could long press on the comment input field and a pop-up appears to change your input method. If you have the Google Keyboard sideloaded, I guess it'll appear there.

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Not working for me. Still have the keyboards issue...

By the way Skype is working fine in 10.2

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Hey bla1ze thanks again for the tips man.. finally can fix the bug for this keyboard problem.. but one thing that I want to ask..

If I download this 2 apps, was it only for instagram that using google keyboard / everything? I mean for bbm, whatsapp, text messages, line, etc... those will also using google keyboard / still using blackberry keyboard?

Thanks again bla1ze!

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If you manage to get it working, then you'll be able to use Google keyboard in every Android app and it should pop-up as default, but you can still access the native BB keyboard by swiping up from a bottom bezel with two fingers.

Same here when u sideload the 2 .bar files they load but I get a "failure -12" notice and the app on the phone doesn't open

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I wish I could say I have a problem as well with the keyboard but I can't even load instagram on my phone. :(

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Hit the forums, there are numerous threads about getting Instagram on your BB10 smartphone. This requires patience, but you'll get it working eventually ;)

I just use flick to type. As annoying as this is I'll stick with the BlackBerry keyboard because as soon as I read about this I knew it would effect all other Android apps.

Looks like there is this possibility in keyboard settings, so probably yes. But can't confirm because mine crashes all the time, will try another APK later.

Tried the app launcher and google keyboard method. Anyone else getting, "unfortunately google keyboard has stopped." message? Can't seem to get it activated for use.

I get this error as well... I deleted both apps and loaded them again... still not workingI do not recall what order i did them with though. I will try again later. Running out of time...

Thanks Blaze it worked. Blackberry 10 is something else. With apex launcher I feel like I have two devices. And again 10.2 is just amazing, android apps works too well

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I've just been composing a message in the hub and copy and pasting it into instagram! And it works for the Q10!

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hey blaze i load both of those apps and now i get can not connect to camera do you know what might of went wrong

Is there a way to get Instagram working on my BB Q10 too? The buttons don't show so I can neither comment nor post properly. I would be very happy. Love the idea of throwing fruit by the way :-).

When i made a post regarding the same keyboard issues someone told me to sideload instarepost. It's an instagram client. It works great. If you're going to go through the copy any paste method, you might as well just go through another app

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Why in heavens Instagram is not on BB10 is just beyond me, feels like Russia Pre-Cold War, an absolute joke ! So when somebody says to me " are you on Instagram " I respond: " Whats that " then I show him my bank account !! Lol !!!

also getting the -12 error when sideloading. Why is that?
and in the video, there is the back bottom at the bottom of instagram. How to get that?

Everything works in Instago except for uploading photos or creating a new account because the developer does not have access to Instagram APIs.

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Instead of the user having to go through all this can BB10 support this capability, to switch between Blackberry and Google/Android Keyboard, in the Android Player directly? Probably something for BB10 folks to work on before they launch A10. This might also be generalized to allow user to select any Keyboard of their choice (for either bb10 native or android app) from the App Store (or through a .bar file).

So please excuse my ignorance, this post means that Instagram will continue to work after the announcement from Instagram API update?? Never had a problem with it on my Zed10 but was ready to delete it...

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I recommend Instago if you guys want to comment on Instagram. It's a native app for BB10 for viewing Instagram. It's only crippled in the sense that you will not be able to upload photos (or videos for that matter), but everything else works. You could view photos and videos, posting comments, follow accounts, view popular page, search users or keywords, etc.

No uploading because developer does not have the access to the APIs.

Instagram for uploads, Instago for just viewing.

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Yeah, exactly. I'm not a fan of iOS or something, but don't forget that they have an official regularly updated Instagram app built natively for iOS and don't have to deal with such problems.

I just flick the words up and a space comes automatically.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

is it just me, or the apk file for the google keyboard is not working? i've tried severral times to sideload it, and it gives me error... any help please....

The "solution" i have if you don't feel like sideloading anything is simply open up your browser and sign into the instagram website. You won't have any keyboard problems that can create a homescreen shortcut and it will look like an app if you want the extra convenience.

I can through the 3.4 app that i have which the keyboard works fine when writing on the picture you upload but not at all for commenting, in which case i would open the browser...and something i stumbled on by accident is that viewing through the browser lets you see the videos on instagram where the 3.4 app doesn't.

Hmmm ... so im getting an 2 different issues. At first when opening Instagram, it wanted me to select between APEXLauncher and QNX__Launcher ??? then when i try to sign back in to Instagram... an error pops up with the Google Keyboard not working or responding????

Tried it 5-6 times. Once I brought up IG the keyboard would never come up. Any suggestions, what am I missing? Thanks....

Same issue the apk file linked for both apex launcher, and Google keyboard don't work after side loading.

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I'm wondering if this requires 10.2. On, the BlackBerry keyboard doesn't show up as a keyboard option, so there doesn't seem to be a way to disable it. Having keyboard options for Android apps would be a nice option.

No luck for 10.1.

I have tried with Ghost Commander, as well as GO Launcher EX and EZ Launcher (Apex Launcher is not compatible with 10.1's Android 2.3.3 runtime), but none of them were able to save the Keyboard setting. The BB10 keyboard does not show up under the Android keyboard setting either.

I could install some compatible Android keyboards but can't get them working, so I suspect that the 10.1 Android runtime itself is the culprit.

Hey guys.. yesterday I just downloaded 10.2.. it was flawless.. but the thing is now, when I download again my instagram and I tried to sign in, they said my instagram were out of date and I need to download the latest version of android instagram.

Is there anyone knows how to download the latest version? Couldn't find the latest version though..

Thanks anyway!
Z10 / STL100-1 /

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This error occurs if you're using the 3.x version of Instagram, try searching the local forums, the v4.0.2 APK has been shared multiple times ;)

My instagram doesnt work can somebody help me? It needs a upgrade or something i cant log in :(

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Now days most .bar's can not be shared because they use a dev token that is locked to your device pin. Once you get this setup (check the forums for detailed instructions, its EASY) you can go wild converting every apk you can find.

Not a good solution. This changes settings for Google keyboard for all ported applications. One of the problems this results in is that the input language switching doesn't work in ported apps anymore.

Does this method works on latest leak ( ?
Launched both Apex and Keyboard but Keyboard crashed when inside Instagram....

Google Keyboard keeps crashing on my Z10 (OS But my debug token expired and I didn't create a new one yet, so maybe it's just because I sideloaded w/o the debug token. Does it work OK for the rest of you folks?

How do I get the updated bar file? The one I had is outdated and I cant sign in. Seems like all the bars I find my Z10 tells me my phone is not compatible. Is anyone using IG on their Z10?

How do you side load the instigram app on blackberry 10 follow some steps buy haven't difficulties

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I think this is a great idea, but I am having problems sideloading the Apex app and the Keyboard app, they continue to fail and wont open. Any ideas?? or where did you download these apps from? Ive tried several websites

Hey, I am having a hard time sideloading apex and google keyboard. I am sideloading them through google chrome, anytime I hit install it says failure 12 after a few seconds! HELP I was so excited to get instagram, however I can't type anything that makes sense because of the BB keyboard.

Try to write on other app like bbm then copy and paste, having issues with the keyboard og google no sideloading, try to se perhaps you have the apk files No the bar files there could be the error

Personally I have the amazing "Corky Notes" BB10 app installed and I just take advantage of BB10's "Flow" & Keyboard by typing in it, copy and then paste it into the Instagram app (Because of the swiftness of BB10 it's damn near just as fast). Funny thing, has anyone noticed that typing seems to be fine when uploading a picture?

I'm having the EXACT same problem. I use corky notes to copy and paste stuff :D
But I don't have any luck when uploading pictures though.
At first I was thinking this was caused because I had the swift keyboard installed and I updated to the latest leak. But I can't get the bar for that so I can't reinstall to see if that helps

I use one of the first Bar files that was released. The last 2 updates have not worked for me. Which one are you using?

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Not sure what you mean....
I'm on for the runtime, I'm not sure of the version but its the one from the 10.2.1.xx leak that just came out. And I installed both bar files.

can someone upload the apex and keyboard bar files? i cant get the debug token registered so im unable to convert apks..

Hey, I installed both apex launcher and Ghost Commander, changed it to Google Keyboard but when I get on instagram to type in a comment, there is no keyboard whatsoever, all I get is the comment box, help!