Leaked screenshots show how BlackBerry Blend will connect to your device

By Bla1ze on 7 Aug 2014 07:19 pm EDT

Ever since the BlackBerry Blend rumors began, many folks have been wondering how exactly it all would connect to their device in order to make it work. Would it be through Bluetooth, HDMI, wirelessly? Internally, the BlackBerry 10.3 gold candidate is said to be mere days away and along with it, comes the full release of BlackBerry Blend and now we've managed to get our hands on a bit more screenshots of the actual set up process for Blend.

As noted in the images, you can connect to Blend through either USB, Wi-Fi or even through your carrier's network. You need to download the companion app on your computer or tablet (Remember, it could be launched on iOS and Android as well) and from there, you can access all your work and personal messages, notifications and documents, calendar, contacts and media as shown in the video demo below. Keep in mind, the video was early days and the overall look is expected to of have changed a bit from what is shown there.

Needless to say, there's still the official unveiling of BlackBerry Blend that has to happen yet. As I'm sure most are tired of hearing me say now, BlackBerry has yet to even confirm the existence of BlackBerry Blend in any official capacity but from all the info and feedback I've gathered thus far from folks who have already got their hands on it, it's pretty freaking fantastic, especially the 'tablet' and 'cellular' features but more on that another day.

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Leaked screenshots show how BlackBerry Blend will connect to your device


Yes, I agree, especially seeing that it could be done over the network, so technically this can be done without any effort from the end user. I just hope there's a quick way to activate and deactivate it so I can leave my PC while I have friends over and they don't immediately have access to my phone if I let them use my computer...

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Got a page doesn't exist. Maybe because they haven't made Blend official yet they deleted the thread? Might better post on CB?

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Found it manually, same link. Maybe it was a login issue. Nice idea, in 10.3 flip the phone activates silent or power savings but like the idea of securing it easily. Perhaps an inactivity timeout could be toggled as another option and it automatically disconnects?

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Yep, I thought about that also, but then I remembered the flip options and thought that would be a nice convenient and confident way to do it as well. It would provide you peace of mind that your buddy at your PC isn't snooping into everything all while not making it too much of a hassle for when you do want to use it.

But yes, the timeout function, like your phone locking after a few minutes is a definite must-have option as well.

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+1. Here's hoping they've already thought of it. Certainly it would be an enterprise friendly feature.

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I am glad they came up with this. I was thinking of this very same concept about 3 weeks ago. I see that they had the concept WAY before I did :) keep it moving Blackberry, I can't wait to try it.

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

I'm glad BlackBerry is at least TRYING to keep this a secret. It's always nice to have a few surprises during a release-If not for the hardcore users, at least for the analysts/reporters. Here's hoping there are other surprises coming too!!

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So it is going to require a companion app? Or is the app only for an optimized experience on iOS and Android devices (i.e. will a browser version be available)?

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Yeah, exactly. A lot like bridge,
It pretty much turns a dummy tablet into a larger BlackBerry.

That's perfect!

This is another step closer to the computer in your pocket. Just connect to a dumb terminal and you are right back where you left off, all stored on your BlackBerry that you take with you

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I'm thinking it must be for everyone. Otherwise why not deploy it through BES and companies would have their own Blend Web/ intranet address not a general BlackBerry address. They'll get reamed by users and the media if they don't.

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Everything on the wording of the leaked images reads consumer to me. Perhaps with BES 13 they'll offer a Blend Protected that's super secure like BBM, but this has to be consumer friendly.

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I too get the inclination that this is a consumer experience focused application. Possibly even a replacement of the horrors from Link and BBID.

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A lot of the things you can do you on your BlackBerry, are coming to the desktop and tablets in a fancy UI, negating the need to always pick up for your BlackBerry in order to get stuff done. Everything you need from your BlackBerry, is right there on your desktop or tablet, readily available.

I was just going to ask Bla1ze about the Playbook. This sounds more like the ORIGINAL UNcrippled BRIDGE on a few additional steroid shots!

Damn it Bla1ze.. stop holding out information on me. I NEED to know what the tablet and cellular features are......

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Don't be surprised when they meant "tabket" it is ipad or Android tabs and not Playbook. However, BB10 is required to be connected to these tabs so that BlackBerry Blend will work.

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While I appreciate the sentiment that, "Everything you need from your BlackBerry, is right there on your desktop or tablet"....I've yet to see from any of these "leaks" an implementation of BlackBerry's Remember. For me, Remember needs to be a part of the equation for it to have "everything".

Remember is synced with evernote.. my tablet has evernote.. of all the things I'd like blend to do that's pretty low on the list. What I do see looks awesome so far though!

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I appreciate Evernote's integration with Remember but the BB version of Evernote doesn't support checkable tasks. I want Remember to be my todo/task laptop client that supports dates and timed reminders.
I would think Tasks are as integral to "getting things done" as contacts, calendar, emails etc are.

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Basic PIM Principles established since Palm OS and Covey days.

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Oh yeah. The evernote integration is a joke. It is for this reason I'm waiting for a proper caldav sync for remember. At the very least, a better backup option would be good. BlackBerry link backup doesn't help if I lose my device or if it needs servicing. And no, I don't want to upload my data to some cloud storage.

Doesn't this go completely against BlackBerry's Mobile Computing direction? Unless that was scrapped with the old guard, then it's sounds contradicting to what users actually want/need on their BlackBerry.

I guess I'm trying to wrap my head around an excellent UI on a BlackBerry device to be displayed and interacted on a larger screen. Especially when most people STILL cannot touch type with their 8 fingers + 2 thumbs - more now than it was 25yr ago if you include today's teens in this demographic. Sure I had the 9900+PB and Bridge but the novelty soon wore off. Maybe it was limited, maybe I just didn't jive with it.

I'm looking for connecting my BB10 device to my computer and do everything in IT, just displayed and interacted on my PC screen - sounds the same but even with Blend it is NOT: I don't see nor hear nay mention of using the BB10 devices Browser/Work Browser, various mailboxes.

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Thank you Bla1ze for the article and the clarifications.
Even as a consumer, there could be a lot of possibilities here.
Love the concept!

This is probably the most exciting piece of software that Blackberry has released in years if I understand what it might do. Does this mean I get a Window within my OS where I can read and write emails, BBM messages etc. Miracast and USB Hub are good but you have to run the BB standalone. In this case if I am reading this right, I can use my BB to do BBM, Maybe BBM voice and screenshots on my desktop in addition to native desktop application at the same time. BBM Video? on my desktop?? I see a serious Skype alternative. All I need to do is plug in my BB wirelessly or directly.

Hopefully it will improve the experience. Right now I have my Q10 as a network drive on my Surface and I can access/edit my files from the tablet. My contacts and calendar resides in Outlook.com and it works great with BB10. All these features work without any companion app.

I love the look of the functionality. But not a fan of the dashboard's UI.

This is the difference between apple and BlackBerry. If apple made this, the UI would look good. Function would be below average at launch and then app makers would make it great.

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I'll just cross my fingers wishing the TAT team had an involvement here to make things look REALLY cool!

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Original members were gone, not all of it, and I'm pretty sure a few of the ones left behind t where ready to take on the lead.

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He said WhatsApp not BBM. Let him enjoy the application he likes. WhatsApp is equally as good as BBM. Well ya if you don't care much about privacy, like a lot of people these days don't give a damn about it.

I beleive the dev would need to bhook into a specific api to have their app work through blend..seeing as what's app is an android port I'd be petty surprised if it worked over blend. I do see the 3rd party apps section. . I guess time will tell what that entails. .

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I find it freakin' amazing that some people up to this day have no idea what the difference is between and Android port and a Native Cascades BlackBerry 10 app... Whatsapp may be competition to BBM but they have supported BlackBerry 10 with full native support since day one. In fact, whatsapp is one of the most "native-est" apps out there. Full hub integration, quick replies, full share support framework. Zzz to some people..

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This is so awesome. My only disappointment with BB10 was the loss of Bridge. This is 1,000 times better. Can't wait.

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Great to see a continuing of new products being released, but pls advertise strongly blackberry, you are dying here in aussie land, many retailers won't even carry blackberry anymore

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This is going to be fantastic.

Especially the from a messaging aspect when seated at the computer!

Bring it on.

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So excited! So this is for everyone, by that I mean consumers and enterprise?

So, you can't load it on the playbook? It's a tablet I think? :)

From my z30

Can't wait to leave my BlackBerry in the holster all day at work while still using it!

PROUD to be the 1%! Z10 on T-Mobile USA - Posted via CrackBerry 10

I'm on T Mobile USA with 2 Z10's and a Z30 with my family you're not alone BlackBerry forever.

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Hey I didn't even think of that! you are so right! just get to your office, sit on your place, turn the computer on and voila! connected to you BlackBerry automatically! So awesome!

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I really hope Blend allows us to open links etc from our BlackBerry to an Android tablet. That's my primary use for bridge and a feature I really miss after upgrading from a PlayBook to a 12.2" Galaxy Tab Pro tablet.

I totally agree. I really miss the " open on playbook" feature of the old bridge. If I could get an " open on desktop" or "open on tablet" when I long press a link on my Z10. That would be awesome!

I'm guessing a BlackBerry device is needed. But with their cross platform approach to enterprise, maybe down the road? Or make the cross platform version enterprise only and a paid add on?

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My God, If I can run and access my phone on the desktop it will be awesome. I have been waiting this for years and I am sure many are. Imagine, texting, Whatsapping, BBMing from desktop when you glue to desk and use phone when you are truly mobile.

3rd party apps aren't going to be part of Blend unfortunately so no WhatsApp.

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You can see the 3rd party app section right in the video..

I imagine that's native apps, and only certain ones at that but I guess we will see.

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I'll give you a PlayBook comment. And I'm willing to bet that an application for Blend will be seen for the PlayBook, as Chen has stated a continuing interest in tablets, and the PlayBook would serve, once again, as a beta environment for that initiative.

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Well it looks more exciting than BlackBerry Bridge, at any rate, and frankly, the ability to check my texts and BBM on my PlayBook, as well as use the "Open on Playbook" for pictures and music was one of my main reasons for not upgrading my tablet yet, so this is something I'm very much hoping comes to the consumer side

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It's funny how BlackBerry Blend screen shots can leak but we can't get a leak. Smh.

But overall. I can't wait to try this out. Looks promising.

Toronto is the city that I rep, give respect.

Anything that will take the place of the horribly terrible link software will work for me. I'm on a Verizon z10 running link on the mac and I cannot get link to work so I can access my files. It just won't work at all. Really ridiculous.

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Sorry but on the desktop Blend requires Link to be installed in order to work.

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Why do I need my calendar and contacts from my phone to my desktop both get them already and update simultaneously. The rest is nice

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In my example, I don't think my enterprise email, calendar, contacted configured on my personal laptop. This method would be a 'secure' way to have all this...

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BlackBerry needs to make this happen and cross platform BBM video chat; then market.

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

Nice one! Hopefully it will get good practical usage...and maybe replace the not so user friendly BlackBerry Link...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

When I was given a demo of it back in April by BlackBerry it was just for Enterprise. I hope that has changed.

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Yup, it has. There is no need for blend to be enterprise driven. Doesn't make any sense.

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I like this " Internally, the BlackBerry 10.3 gold candidate is said to be mere days away and along with it, comes the full release of BlackBerry Blend ..."

Come to papa 10.3 leak!

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Yeah....about that...not happening.

Chen has the leak game on lock. The leak well has run dry. The 10.3 from the forums was probably a planned beta test.

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I wonder if the BlackBerry Link features will get integrated into Blend, sync and communication.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Kitchener (Canada)

Nice Feature but the OS10 still lacks very important Security Functions.

More important for me : I hope in 10.3 I am finally able to read PGP/GPG encrypted eMails. Still needing to take an Android Device with me just to do this, make the Z10 totally unusable for me -.-

As a Admin I am sending and receiving tons of encrypted eMails every Day. It's cynical from BlackBerry to call this a "Secure Device" when it's totally unsecure in that Area.

No wonder they will never ever be in the Top 3 again. I wonder if they will still exist at the end of 2015. Possibly not if they keep going the "Standard Features only for BES User even if other OS's have that Function." Come on Chen, get your Butt up and turn on your Brain!

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If this works on the Playbook, it would be awesome! I've got clients still using Bolds and PlayBook.

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It would be nice if there is a browser version plus an optimised desktop, iOS and Android version. Most of use has desktop at work that needs administrative rights to install something

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Great so no more " BB10 was supposed to come to the PLaybook " whine. Why did they not at least just tell us that the concept was going to happen. Why keep it all a secret?

I remember seeing that video early on during bb10's release - it was the thing about mobile computing i think.

So that's mobile computing eh? Pretty nice.

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Hey Blaz1ze, thanks for the information. I didn't realize that Blend may also be meant for I0S and Android. Brilliant move if true. When you really think about it, you can't get better advertising than this. If it turns out to be the experience it looks to be, I can just imagine Apple and Android users at least looking into BlackBerry soon after downloading it.

This is the sort of killer feature that moves BB10 well ahead of the competition. It is functional important and can't be replicated by the competition in the short term. Blend will a must-have app.

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Wondering is this going to have any of the functionality of iOS 8 with handoff? blaze mentioned cellular will be able to get texts and calls on the desktop? That would be absolutely awesome as that is the one rather interesting thing that iOS 8 and OSX 10.10 can do together.

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Blend is so much more than handoff. To be honest, its limited capabilities are a big turnoff. Apple will have to up its game if it wants to keep up to BlackBerry.

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This could be why BlackBerry does not need to make a tablet, and if my current PB can run as a dummy screen for my z30, well then that would be fantastic.

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This whole time I thought that blend would be something that ran off the phone. Just point the browser to the phones IP address via the browser and have access to all the blend features. As a Linux user this would allow me to make use of Blend. I would be nice if since they can make a Android version of the software to do their own port for a Linux version.

Yeah. Hope BlackBerry warms up to Linux. You can't keep ignoring linux especially when you're focusing on the enterprise.

Can not wait, I think Chen wants surprise every one, 10.3, passport, bes12, classic and blend this fall. Chen knows it is the best shot this fall so he will throw everything at it

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Is there a Telephony component to this? I haven't had a chance to research BLEND. If I could see who is calling from my PC while working, and either answer or send to VM, would be wonderful. I used to have this capability in Windows XP using a traditional PC Telephone from AT&T. Talk about Throw Back Thursday. I forgot I still had it.

I guess it's going to BlackBerry 10 strictly. You may want to upgrade asap

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I expect there will be a rendering of the Hub: so any apps that integrate with the Hub will be available on your tablet (which includes WhatsApp to those above who asked). What is the Hub anyway? It's a bunch of buttons and text boxes you can type into and submit. Behind the scenes, something parses that text into a package of data suitable for the target platform (BBM, Email, WhatsApp, etc) and Robert is your father's brother.

This is so not hard I'm surprised it's taking them so long... but the client apps have to be available on iOS and Android to encrypt everything up and down the dunes: an HTTP connection isn't good enough if the data in the tablet isn't totally encrypted in the device.

Or, just design for open standards. HTML5, Firefox would be a good start. And continue with Caldav (tasks too), carddav (that works with open source software and doesn't keep duplicating contacts). And so on. This is one thing Android does well and BlackBerry should take this seriously.

What is blend? Is it for consumer BlackBerry users? Or for business ppl. I've been hearing about blend a lot on crackberry but don't quite understand it

I so need this for my new job. As a Team Leader you do not want to be seen picking up the mobile every time there's a message. BAU right from your desktop.

I love your work BlackBerry. First pay cheque goes to BlackBerry Passport.

I would have preferred to connect via a normal web browser, but maybe I had the wrong impression from all the leaked pictures. :)

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In terms of UI design, BlackBerry don't make the most tantalising looking app. That's why apple and Android apps always looks much more sexy.

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Anyone know if Blend will be compatible with Chromebooks?

I'm super excited by this development from BlackBerry.

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Link is for backing up and managing files on your BB.
Blend is for interacting and using BB resources using computer/tablet like Bridge. Nothing really resides or stays with Blend when you walk away. Blend is pretty much useless.
With Link you can still access all your files etc. even with no BB around but you can't say send message via link or email or BBM or change and interact with calendars.

Keep 'em coming BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Blend promises to be another game changer. I'm eagerly anticipating already.

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Would be great that beside the managing and comunication option to be also a replacement to Blackberry Desktop software.

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If you have used Apple there is something called Airplay brought to Apple customer several years ago. Blackberry Blend is perhaps an improved version for BlackBerry users. Only that it has been delayed so much that it's use hopefully will be seen by all of us BlackBerry users!!!

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I can't wait! It is a hassle to keep looking at your phone for incoming messages. Give other people the wrong signal.
Need this badly!!!

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