First Look: Here's the BlackBerry Passport in white!

By Bla1ze on 22 Jul 2014 01:40 pm EDT

When BlackBerry CEO John Chen announced the BlackBerry Passport, he also made sure to note the device would be arriving in white alongside the standard black. Since then, many folks have been waiting to see the white version and until now, they've been disappointed. The white version has been hard to catch and while many folks like Pootermobile and Dylan Habkirk have created renders of what they think the device might look like, we've managed to grab a shot of what we're pretty positive is the real deal.

Looking at it, I'm a bit conflicted. Back in the Bold 9700 days I really loved white devices but none of the BlackBerry 10 devices that came in white thus far have really stole my heart. The white Passport though might be the one to change that. I'll have to go hands on with one before I decide but I know a lot of folks love white devices regardless, so drop some comments and let us know what you think of the Passport in white.

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First Look: Here's the BlackBerry Passport in white!




Deep blue, red, purple, any color, even gold would look nice but white????

Just ugly (to me)

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Blackberry makes business phones, so we will never see colorful berries from blackberry...

Anyway, white one is tempting me to go for it,

as I have always used black berries...

this time white one for sure....

But my sixth sense says Z3 would look fabulous in Red, blue, Green and Yellow :)

What's wrong with whites in the business world? You sir are a racist.

Joking. Seriously though this will be announced but I highly doubt any stores will carry it and will come out 6 months after launch. Remember the pink q5 that never hit store shelves?

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Won't be six months. Verizon will get the white exclusive like they always do :) At first I wasn't sure but pretty sure I will get white, it looks modern and sleek.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

I'm betting BlackBerry will have a different approach this time with carriers in the US launching the new 2014 models. Since the T-Mobile conflict I am not that sure they are ready to go with "exclusives" or anything similar with carriers. I think they will launch the devices with most of the carriers and will also be selling through their website as in the old times. We haven't heard any backup statements from carriers or anything similar. Let's face it, no one is betting on BlackBerry at all in the states. So that pretty much leaves them at their own handling their business, which to me is the best for Blackberry.

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I'd like to point out that unless the edges are exceptionally rounded/curved up, I'm skeptical with the photo. It looks like it's floating off the surface with the shadow placement. May be a render. Just sayin

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The phone itself is just fine, but it doesn't sell at all. I don't see what the huge problem is with them. A bunch of kids in high school have them

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That white "Accents" though.. at the bottom of the minimized apps (active frame) that white touch to it made it sweet. Although I personally don't like the paspoort it made it look nice...

I hope that add that accent to the BlackBerry 10 OS

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The point is even it is a failure, it still sells well than all the BB add together.

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Actually, I think the point was that someone thought the passport should come in multiple colours.

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I noticed that from the first photos...

Indeed, there is a gap at the edges caused by a edge curve on the back cover. Someone mentioned that it is a feature to ease picking up the device on a flat table.

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A true render from the actual cad file would be somewhat correct though. Also it could be be sitting on something purposely to make edges stand out.

It is a render. You can see the pixel distortion (jagged edges) because of the rotation of the image (phone).

There's a taper to the back cover along the side edges that makes it look like it's "floating".

In that early review posted last week, the writer also said it made the Passport easy to lift off a flat surface, unlike an iPhone.

Posted from CB10 running on my awesome Z30 2B6927F7

Or the fact that it only has either the LED/ Camera but not both on the top right. I say render

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Saw this on AJ's channel long ago. Crackberry needs to step up their game
And ditch that snitch Christopher.

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It matters not if White or Black.

Only sales through the retail store salespeople will bring sales success.
Sales only through the BB Store will be a dud. UN-subsidized price, waiting for delivery, lack of hands on feel are setbacks.

Apple will come out with their iPhone 6, larger models near 6 inch, will be coming out this Fall. BB must do extensive advertising on the Passport well before Apple starts their extensive (and expensive) roll out program. Otherwise Passport will be lost in the ad blitz.

BlackBerry isn't interested in competing with Apple on the consumer front. This is old media thinking that Chen is doing his best to step away from. Will Passport sell anywhere close to iPhone? No, and that isn't the plan.

Throwing millions into advertising in order to generate a marginal bump in sales is pointless. Will advertising convince tons of people to buy BlackBerry? No, not at this time, so it is a waste to dump money into advertising.

I just hope that BlackBerry will sell AT&T and Verizon compatible phones on line and not downgraded versions like the Z30 (4g instead of LTE) .

Any news on when Americans can buy this?

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Throwing millions in a bad ass advertising campaign to promote the classic and Passport when there is 4 billion in the bank makes perfect sense.

The right ad would change the old school image so many people have of BlackBerry. They haven't advertised in soooooooooo long. I don't care if it's 100 million dollars, they should stuff adds everywhere that are awesome and catchy at least for the Passport. It would make it a huge hit.

I know so many people that are so sick of android and Ios and don't follow tech news but if they saw the ad would die for the passport.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

I agree. The first render we saw of the white one I actually liked, but those useless pieces of plastic at the end of the row of keys really stands out with the white variant.


Love the 90s. Just sold my 35k Lexus and bought me a 90s convetrable capri with 30k original miles and I bought me a suzuki x-90 :)

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Nope. Black still sexy. Give us the stealth black one rendered by pootermobile!

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How could you not like the white Q10?? That thing looks awesome. I'll never buy a white phone, I don't think the white ones are very manly, or businessy. They do look sharp tho! Just not for me. I've always purchased black

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The Q10 in white is the only one of the BB10 devices that made me think, ehhhh... maybe I want this.. but I still got a black one. I was digging the Z30 in white but when I saw it, changed my mind.

I do not know why but the bb10 white phones look, plasticy and way too glossy for my liking.

I do however loved the white "brightness?" of the Z10...the q10 was too cream colored.

I wanted the way Pooter's render of the white Passport looked beyond sleek!!

Fat Mexican with a Z10 in CB10

Well maybe if you guys tried putting a black case over white phones, it actually looks really nice on the front, but depending on the case you get, the back may differ.

I loved the pootermobile design but with an LCD display it would clash too much with the black edges.???The LCD shows as grey. The amoled screen blends right in. Maybe passport 2.0 can have a nice dark Amoled/OLED screen cause the pootermobile design was awesome

+1 Amoled screen blends beautifully with the bezels. Thats why Q10 looks fantastic in Black. Z10 is LCD but still blends in nicely, not sure maybe it is because I have a matte screen protecter.

me too going from z10 to z30 tomorrow but from what I hear the price will be I don't know 995.00 us is what read some were.alittle to high for me but im sure I give it a few mounths and ill jump on it too and white ,would be my choice.

If it's out on launch day, at an acceptable price, I'll pick it up in white.

I wanted a white Z30, but no one had it close to launch date, so I got black.

I don't regret it, but j want a white passport if possible.

It's a Gundam!

Looks like an old 70's TI calculator.

Sorry, but it does.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

hehe, doesnt take a lot to piss u off!!

agreed tho, the keys look pretty bunk as is.. no sculpting or anything just flat boring keys with a flat boring font

Is it the same font on BB10? I like that font but I agree on the phone it looks off. Maybe because it is larger than usual and there is usually numbers and symbols on the keyboard as well?

The font is terrible on the keys. Looks to wide and stretched. That is my only complaint. The white Passport with Black bezels by PooterMobile really made me drool!

Not for me.... I've never been a fan of white phones. BLACKBerry for me. The PassPort will definitely be my next phone. Bye Bye #Z10 &Q10

Still want it in black

Loving my Q10 and Z10 and waiting to try out my Z30 when I get home next week

Looks nice and glad it's coming out in white too, but I prefer classic black.

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My wife would so rock this white. BTW, lilke John Chen, Bla1ze has dropped the "Interim" from his title. Good job. At least we didn't have Co-EIC's.

I think they should make them in different colors to match your actual passport as a gimmick.
You know navy blue or red etc etc, .
Personally I like it in black, it looks really nice with those sharp lines and corners.
I think this device will either do very good or it will be the deferentiator for BlackBerry.
Either way it's a welcome (and powerfull) addition to the BlackBerry family

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Very sleek. I'm looking forward to seeing one of these devices up close & personal.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Yuck. The black one is gorgeous the white one is hideous. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

Coloured plastic being cheap and all, they should consider a selection of other colours too. Drop some pink Passports in the hands of a couple celebs and see the media snap to attention real quick.

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Breast Cancer edition, hype it up, donate a share, celebs will jump on bandwagon and BBRY can support a good cause...

Pink Ribbon Edition

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Please make it available in Red! Red, Red, Red, Red, Red, Red, Red, Red, Red! Seriously please! :-D

This person knows what they are talking about! Listen to them!

Hello! I'm on an adventure into the world independent filmmaking. It would be great if you could join me! C00275CD8

I feel both black and white phones will be strong sellers if its priced and advertised and available in stores that will put them in the front and not in the broom closet and the sales people wont say Blackberry they went the way of the dinasors or some dumb as s remarks

I like the pooter renders a lot better...this phone looks a bit gimmicky and I think the black one is a lot better.

Posted from that new Z30

All of my BB's so far have been black...I think my next one is going to be white whether it's the Passport or the unannounced Z50

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I want a Gold BlackBerry Passport.... (as in real Gold) hihihihi i'll ask my friends in Saudi Arabia to come up with a plan!

Posted via a sexy QTEN

I love the look of white phones but I love the soft touch backing that usually accompanies the black ones more. So I end up sticking with black.

No thanks I'll pass lol. Z30 and Z10 are very nice e for me and I love the way the Q10 looks.

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With this design, white looks like a thermostat and red like a fire alarm. Keep it black or even better make it in colors not usually seen in phones.

They should produce different color phones now. I would consider buying a midnight blue one but definitely a black classic is my first choice, unless I can get midnight blue :)

Q10 with Telus on

How about the work with elite car manufacturers and release limited versions in the courier of the latest model porsche, ferrari, Mercedes, etc?

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

This device is pretty sexy, for a white phone :-). Kidding. It is a nice looking device, and I shall be saving up my pennies for either the Passport, or the Classic.

Black all the way
I'm not going replace my full touch screen Z30 with a passport i'll keep enjoying it until a high end full touch device is released

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My choice is now black for sure. The white does nothing but say cheap plastic.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I love sharp corners. But understand your point. Perhaps they can smooth them out a bit.

Posted on my Q5

I don't have anything against white, but it just shows dirt/grime to easily for my taste, but it is quite a good looking phone.

Something is odd with this photo? The keyboard keys look too flat. Also, the letter "T" looks to be sunken compared to the rest of the keys. This is just a guess, but I don't believe this is the real deal. At least I hope not. Doesn't match the quality look of the black Passport.

Also on later releases of the passport the keypad is flipped upside down but here it is normal

This might be my first black phone in a long time. The white looks nice, but I was hoping it'll be more in line with the Pootermobile rendering where the entire glass portion is black, that looks way more modern.

I do really like how my white Z10 looks though, just not how it feels.

I have the Q10 in white and I bought a white Q5 for mz sister. However, the Passport looks better in black and probably the black version will be slightly cheaper as well.

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But black looks sexier on the passport, even tough I always had white BlackBerry since the bold 9780


White gadgets turn yellow after a while, like when your eating and your phone rings or something and u have to handle the phone, greasy, yellow after a while

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If you're going for a BlackBerry with a keyboard go for black. If it's a full touch go for the white ones!

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Who cares what the color is? I want one with a screen that won't break!.... Sapphire Glass! And an all touch high end, replaceable battery, high res camera and 11.1 OS (you know the version with all the fixes for 10.X and those great new features.... )

Looks great!! Will look even better in person just like the black passport! I will be getting it in white.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

Well, idk ... Whatever the color I'm just not warmin' up the Passport yet. Need a hands on first. My Z10 is cool for me at this point.

Bring on the device and a well sorted 10.3 and white or black it looks like an attractive device that may win sales for BlackBerry.

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Frankly would you pay 2000USD for a Porsche passport? We are talking of 700US+ phones. Design is critical, so is the build quality. The q10 was decent but glitches in the keyboard proved me wrong. The z10 is nice to watch but an ugly plastic feel tool to use. The z30 is ok, but I still don't understand the plastic grey bottom and bezel instead of glossy black.

If you want to go minimalistic design go for it, technical design? Go for it. But please, don't mix.

I can't understand the red dot award to date...

I think the iPhone is still, for the build quality, and feel way above. Sorry folks... still I don't have any iPhones.

I truly fear for the design and build quality of the passport when compared to its asked price.

Posted via CB10

definitely agree. That is something I will definitely give to apple. My Q10 is pretty solid although I have heard cases of double typing. Hopefully the Passport surpasses the Q10's quality

This'll make or break BB. @ first I really wanted this, but a 4th Gen Galaxy Note is looking good vs. this 1st Gen "Gamble". tbh.. & the Note'll be released 1st.

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Passport in black, if they offer black / gold, I might go for some bling :-)

Z30 in white looks hmm like a cheap S phone, happy I bought it in black, looks much more quality imo.

My Z10 in white hmm liked it at the beginning, but now, looks cheap to me somehow.

Why the battery doors in white always have been less quality/grippy compared to the black versions?

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I believe a white rubber back would quickly become soiled and brownish eraser-looking texture which would drive many people crazy whereas on black if that happens you never see it. Just a guess.

Z10 10.3 Straight Talk

Sorry to say, but the phone looks ugly! I don't think Passport is gonna do well. Its really wide and looks really thick at least in the hands on videos so far and the sharp edges adds to the ugliness of the phone. If blackberry is planning to make a phone that wide, they need to make sure its super slim if they want people to consider buying it. I love my Z10, but if this is the direction Blackberry is moving forward to then it is bad for the company. They need to come up with a Z50. Classic is the right direction

I disagree. The Passport is not the direction BBRY is taking in terms of devices. Its a type of device that is suppose to give people the WOW Factor.

A device that ended up being the most Innovative Smart Phone ever created. Who has a SQUARE Screen Smart Phone? Nobody but BlackBerry.

So now people have a choice. The standard QWERTY Q5/10, the full touch Rectangle style Z10/Z30 and/or a SQUARE full touch QWERTY.

Soon to come Z50 and Classic with a LTE Z3 availability. ;) John Chen is on a role.

Posted on my Q5

What do you disagree with exactly? While I agree with you that blackberry bringing out new forms factors is a good thing, the better thing is to design it well. This phone is 10mm thick and really wide. While 10mm may not be a big deal for some but it is for a lot of BlackBerry fans. If this thing was like a 7mm thin with slightly rounded edges then I would call it a WOW Phone. Otherwise it's just another ugly *ss phone which didn't do quite well.

Posted via CB10

I disagree, cause rounded corners are really boring, nothing new there. I love the sharp corners of Z3 and Passport.

Nope... this is reinforcing the plastic feel. frankly it's going to be a 700USD minimum phone. Better not looking cheap... and in white I'm sorry but I'll pay already 200USD less for it.

Grey, bronze,... just ask any Italian designer to find an adequate color mix.

I can be effective and having a distinctive tool.

Posted via CB10

I think BlackBerry needs to release their Passport in a range of colours that actually tie in with passports of the world! I think it would look really cool in the UK's blood red (perhaps with gold trim)...

Posted via CB10 on my Z10.2.1

It's a beauty of a phone, I'm posting videos of it in my Facebook page. Everyone seems to like it and hoping to see one live so they can make up their minds whenever their upgrades are up.

Via my Z10 #Ichooseblackberry10

Ugly design, looks cheap. Another reason Android and Apple are winning. They have color options and better appearance at first glance. This coming from a long time a BB user/Z10

BB step it up please. Been saying this for years. The fact no colors are available but white, IF your carrier supports it, than no one will buy it. Esp the younger generation which appeals to them E.G. Apple/Android.

I still never here anyone ask me... Whats you fact I hear more ask me of IG and Kik. Surely BB is doing something wrong. Clearly its marketing. Remember the Super Bowl ad? ...I dont.

at first look I am liking it. But like you I will have to put my hands on it first. I am still wondering if AT&T will sell it

Man walks through TSA screening...

TSA: Sir your Passport please?
Man: Here you are, everything good?
TSA: No Sir, your Passport for verification.
Man: Ohh no!, I left that in the car...SH**. My plane departs in 12minutes. Do I have time to get it?
TSA: Doubt it


I have never been a fan of white phones in general, but especially white BlackBerries. However, I think the Passport looks significantly better in white than in black.

I would prefer if the top of the device was all black like one of the renditions we saw prior. It looked cleaner and the screen looked bigger, naturally.

Posted via CB10

White is just so you can look like an iPhone.

Coloured ones are way nicer, and don't get as dirty!

Red always looks awesome, remember the good old Motorola RED days?

Posted via CB10

White is nice. BlackBerry should come up with some more colors for e.g. Gold is another nice color that I like. It looks good on Q10. Red on Q5 looks good too.

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