Here's another look at how some apps will run on the BlackBerry Passport

By Bla1ze on 16 Aug 2014 10:29 pm EDT

Although we've seen some apps running on the BlackBerry Passport previously, we also know the device recently received an OTA update to improve a few things as well and that apparently included how the Android runtime works on some Android apps and improvements to some of the core BlackBerry 10 apps.

As we mentioned before, @seb997 has his hands on a BlackBerry Passport and after giving it a quick review, he's now found some time to show off some of his favorite Android and BlackBerry 10 apps running on the device along with giving a run down of how each particular one works.

Google Maps, app loads really quickly and it is very responsive, I didn't find any issues using it, seems much better than native BB maps.

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Here's another look at how some apps will run on the BlackBerry Passport


Listen, you should rather be scared of Bla1ze,
he officially asked all CB members to stop it, or he'll stop it...
... if that's still valid...

I personally am indifferent: a well executed, witty first can actually be quite fun...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

It can never be well executed or witty. It's lame and always will be lame. Probably done by people who tell unfunny, stupid jokes. Not even worth a small chuckle.

Bla1ze, please delete all of this distracting garbage above including mine.

@Prem...I'm with you,but let's not forget how much fun Quick is too.Where would we go for a good laugh?Blaz1e don't do anything too drastic,spitting out my coffee,on my screen, when reading some of the responses to first posts is Priceless.

This is true. Tread carefully fellow 1st claimers.

Other than that, the passport is looking pretty good. I will still have to play with one before making any decisions however.

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Congrats!First comment related to article! Sounds like the Android runtime he was using was still in a state of flux. Hopefully that is all nailed down by 10.3 launch, since the strategy leans heavily on a good consumer experience with it!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I think it's the Forth time for me... ;o)
But seriously everything looks really nice.

By the way thanks for this post, I didn't know about "Appy Geek" I like it a lot so far...

Have a good one.

www. carm. org

I hope it's no more than $400 unlocked one than the carrier brand cause i am with T-Mobile and they will absolutely not carry it.

 Z30 / Q10 / / T-Mobile USA

There is almost no chance it will be priced as low as $400 for outright purchase, if that's what you mean.

There's a variety of rumours, all north of $600. Hopefully they surprise everyone with a slightly lower price, but it won't be $400.

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In South Africa I can almost guarantee it will be R8,999 that's what most high end phone prices are with the exception of the iphone.

So expect to see a $699 price tag.

Posted via BlackBerry Q5 SQR100-2

Well, actually, if BlackBerry follows the trend set by other companies in its situation, I wouldn't be surprised to see something along the lines of $450. I was just discussing how an OSes popularity can really factor into the pricing of the devices. In order to get this phone into some consumer hands, they'll need some competitive pricing.

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Why do people think this phone should be priced at 400 bucks or so....its a high end phone....3gb ram....full HD display...Quad Core processor...stereo speakers....32gb internal storage....premium build quality......keyboard with touch sensitive features.....big battery 3450 mah......people it will be in the 600 mark for sure. You need to be realistic and stop dreaming with this 400 price tag.

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Just irritates me man people with Honda Civic money trying to buy a Audi a5...dont be silly. I find it offensive when people put that phone in that price range....

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Wasn't it offensive to customers for BlackBerry to price £500 for z10 and q10 when it launched with midrange specs and with a new incomplete OS until it was updated to 10.2.1. So the least they can do is make up for it. I would say maximum price for passport should be £400.

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There's a difference when the above said $400 and you said £400. Totally different currency

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Yeah because CEO's personally set prices for phones and don't have a team of people that decide on pricing. I hated Heins, but blaming pricing on him is ridiculous.

Yes £400 is in the ballpark. Roughly 720 CAD. Hopefully it ends up being less than that.

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Fully Agree, the Passport is a highly premium device that should be prices as such.

But should not be priced too high. And not as high as the Z30 was when it was released. A good Passport price should be around the $500 to $545 range, not more.

The reason? BlackBerry's Image. They need to rebuild there image from all the years of nonsense and mindless bashing.

This is how Apple gets away with selling it's junk iPhone(s) for a premium. Because they have the image. Once BBRY rebuilds it's image, they too will be able to sell devices for a higher price.

The difference, BBRY devices are all good quality.

Posted on my Q5

The price should be somewhere between $499 to 575. Sorry folks but it is long past time to get over the premium phone crap. BlackBerry MUST go the extra mile to prove themselves. BlackBerry MUST go the extra mile to remove all barriers to entry/purchase. BlackBerry MUST get noticed and grab attention. Whatever it takes BlackBerry MUST do it. Get it bloody done and throw the kitchen sink at it. Stop jacking around

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BlackBerry no longer has the leadership spot in the market from which it can command premium prices for its devices.

If you think they can still charge premium prices, you're living in 2007.

After all that has happened to BlackBerry, it boggles the mind some people are STILL thinking it's just business as usual.

Just incomprehensible.

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Folks, I didn't disagree with you, but $599 is best we can hope for. Decision was made, BlackBerry has to consider price elasticity, would they sell so much more with price of $499?
So there will be / are cheap Blackberry's, just not Passport. Z10 could be purchased for around $200. This autumn Q5 will probably hit this price as well on clearance. Q10 will go down to, let me guess to $350, even Z30 probably will hit $450.
So finally there will be BlackBerry for any price point.

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I could live with $599 as Apple and Samsung will undoubtedly price their phablets north of $800. But not a penny more. BlackBerry can't afford another botched launch.

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They need to price it so every college student can affort buying one, Blackberry cant affort cut throat price or customers will wait until it is at fire sale price.

Thank you. Someone that has actually thought about this properly. BlackBerry is better off selling 2m passports at $599 than selling 2.3m at $499. That is already assuming that if the price was lowered then BlackBerry will sell that much more. There is always a possibility that the amount sold will be practically the same regardless of price. And this is a company try to get back to profitability. Seem like ya'll actually want BlackBerry out of the handset business just for the sake of getting yourself a cheap passport. When apple where not even in the handset business and they launched the first iPhone was it ever cheap?

I tend to disagree.....a customer will pay premium for a phone if it's marketed like a premium phone. it's marketing marketing marketing. Yes the average consumer who knows nothing about bb10 and the OS and what It can do will not pay premium for it but market bb10 properly with clever commercials showcasing the power of bb10 and what it can do and customers will pay whatever the price is for it. Price was never the problem truly it was poor execution on blackberry part with lack of marketing ...negativity around blackberry and apps at the beginning of the bb10 launch. I can guarantee you that tons and tons and tons of people went to stored and wanted a z10....but after they were told about BlackBerry out of business or no instagram or Netflix or candy crush they turned to android and iPhone. The problem won't be the pricing of the Passport.....that will be the least it's how they market it to the consumer and enterprise user to showcase the power and usefulness of the phone.

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I'm hoping for a price tag between 5 and 6 hundred, so in other words $549. If it go's too much higher than that, then those other phones coming out at the same time, *cough* Note 4 *cough cough* Nexus 6, will start looking even more tempting.

I must say I'm getting tempted to give it a try... Time will tell I guess.

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Whenever testers are asked about this, they never reply...must be part of the NDA.

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I'm interested in Voice as well. The picture of the Passport on the sign up page you can see Voice in a active frame. I'm curious if you mutitask with it. Answer email and voice assist at the same time.

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Sweet stuff. :) Anxiously waiting for this "Bad Boy" Passport.

Btw, Bla 1ze you are doing a great job.

I really really hope there is some form of marketing for this phone.. no matter how superior the phone is it will be a flop if they fail to get the word out.. keeping my fingers crossed!!

I agree, but it already looks as if the press is a least open to great expectations this time around. You can't beat that kind of exposure. But yes, marketing will be key no matter what.


You would have to side load Google Maps since it isn't available through BB World or Amazon. The average user will never do this.

I got Google Maps from 1 Mobile Market. I have it on my Z10 and it works good. I deleted 1 Mobile Market app after I Got Google Maps. No side loading here.

www. carm. org

Ya.. the average user is going to install 1 Mobile Market. They might use Amazon store if it comes pre-loaded but even then a lot of the apps are not official and come from a different publisher who is likely stealing your contacts and information. Good luck with that!

You have nothing to worry about. Google Maps will send you in the wrong direction even on an Android. I'm speaking from personal experience. ;)

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Will the alternate keys be available in the final version? So far none of the images I have seen show a version with alternate keys on the keyboard.

Alternate keys will be displayed on the screen directly above the keyboard. A swipe down will bring them us as it does on the all touch devices.

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That's awesome, all this time with my Z10 and I never knew that, lol

 Posted with the brilliance of my Z10 

I think this phone will be a hit so as the classic. I'm sure people will like z3 as well. I just hope they put all new three phones together at the same time.

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Thank you CrackBerry for feeding us with more passport goodness.
Can't wait.

With due diligence from my Astro on Z30STA100-2/

Do you want +1s? Because thats how you get +1s!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

I am getting my wife one! She needs a new phone. I don't know how I am going to handle her having the new phone. While I am using my older, but awesome z30. Especially as I will have to wait for the os update. ?:)

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Haha...same way I will, just "test run" hers for a few months, till the update arrives for my Z30 ;-)

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I just hope 10.3 is out sooner than later! Hopefully the android apps work better than they do now.

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Ha! Didn't even notice the map was from here-ish.
(I'm in Steveston area of Richmond, BC.)

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I love the look of 10.3. I'm going to wait until 10.3 update is released and see how it looks on my Z30 before jumping over to the Passport. I do love the look of this new BlackBerry though.

Not sold on the Passport. Bring on an update to the Z10. Passport isn't the right platform for the mainstream. I would of side bared that platform. Looks great and sounds awesome, but the market is looking for a different platform that mimics the iPhone and Android devices.

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Should we be worried that Instagram doesn't work? I thought there was going to be improved Android performance.

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There is,
but certain bugs can't be ruled out. It will get fixed...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Passport shouldn't be priced higher than $300. Blackberry needs to up its sales so the device needs to go on sale immediately. No one is gonna fork over $600 for the Passport! I will wait until it goes on sale otherwise.

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Seeing how there will probably be a price hike for the Note 4 and Iphone 6 $600 will be bargain.

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Look, I'm A huge BlackBerry fan and I want a passport. At $499, I will run out the door on day one and buy this thing. At $599, I will still buy it but wait 4 months for my upgrade options to kick in. At $699, I will wait till the end of my contact and will think about buying it depending on the other options. So there you go. Now think about all the other customers who are device agnostic. BlackBerry needs to give them multiple compelling reasons to buy the phone and to shift away from Apple and Samsung.

And don't give me this nonsense about the passport being designed for a select group of people with lots of corporate cash. BULL. Companies are just as cheap as consumers and they routinely buy the lowest but most effectively priced option. Come on folks, one of the key reasons companies pushed BYOB was to cost shift the device to the employee. It doesn't get any cheaper than this.

Posted via CB10

Lol!! Maybe BlackBerry should sell it for free because there is no costs and profit margin to factor in. Must everyone be able to afford the Passport? Whatever happened to people cutting their coats according to their sizes, eh? Has BYOD affected Apple's pricing?
BlackBerry (aka John Chen) will do the pricing research thoroughly and price the Passport accordingly. There are always cheaper BB10 phones and all BB10 phones will eventually have same OS 10.3.

Does, BlackBerry have Apple's name cache........ No
Does BlackBerry have Apple's App Store...........No
Does BlackBerry have Apple's marketing budget..........No
Does the public believe that BlackBerry can build a device equal to or better than Apple......No

Sorry but for the average customer(doesn't matter if they are a general consumer or a corporate client) the answer is always No to any comparison. That is reality and we have to accept it.

For BlackBerry, It's not about making profit on devices, it's about selling enough to stay relevant and for people to notice/care. Lower the price, reduce your margins and this removes one of the key barriers of entry. Now you have a selling point that resonates. People will look and start considering BlackBerry an option.

It isn't a question of whether you think it's worth 700 dollars, it's a matter of what the market will tolerate. How many botch launches have we had in a row because of incorrect price. So many that I can't remember. The market has already spoken before and corrective action is now required.

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Do you seriously think that those who still buy BlackBerry devices are not aware of the apps issue? Those who will buy the Passport will do so for different reasons and definitely not otherwise.
BlackBerry Passport IMHO is a premium device and the price should reflect that.
You do know that BlackBerry of 2013 is not the same BlackBerry to date? Would you like me to elaborate? Therefore, simply because the launches last year were not successful doesn't mean that all subsequent launches will fail. For starters, the Z3 launch seems to be holding its own. The OS has matured substantially since launch of Z10 in 2013.
Do you think that we are now smarter than John Chen and his crew? Do you think they will not do thorough due diligence on what to price the Passport or properly determine what the target market ought to be for the Passport?
Again, the Z3 or Z30 or Q5 or Q10 or even Z10 will soon be sporting OS 10.3. They are all BB10 devices that will get the job done at very reasonable prices.
The last I checked, BlackBerry is in business to make profit; profits can be achieved through various methods, volume of units sold being one method.; profit margin being another way. The Passport does not have to sell tons to make BlackBerry money, provided that they make more their Total Operating Costs of manufacturing the Passport.
Let's quit comparing BlackBerry with Apple because they have different business model; John Chen has done so already.
Finally, it's always easy to be an armchair quarterback. The Passport will do just fine IMHO and people should cut their coats according to their sizes. Not everyone can afford a Maserati or would want to buy one even if they can afford it ; same thing applies to the Passport.
:) I will be getting a Passport as soon as it becomes available.

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Listen, I want a passport too and so do 50 other crackberry fans. But that isn't going to keep BlackBerry afloat in the hardware business irrespective of price

At this point, it isn't about making money on hardware. BlackBerry must keep enough hardware in circulation to stay relevant. Like it or not, a lot of poor business decisions put them here and it will take substantive effort to dig out. One of the thing that put them here is poor pricing based on an inflated view of self importance.

Further, you simply can't dismiss the comparison with Apple. The average customer certainly makes the comparison. With Apple is bringing out a phablet, BlackBerry needs to make the comparisons as stark as possible among the two devices. No doubt Apple will overpriced it close to 800 dollars. If BlackBerry prices the passport 200-250 dollars cheaper, they will turn heads and garner attention. That will pull people in and once they see how BB10 works, they will be hooked. But you have to get the ball rolling. BlackBerry MUST go the extra mile.

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Are you really following closely on what John Chen has been saying? The Passport is NOT for the average consumer who is very price sensitive. If the business model for the Passport was to target budget conscious consumers, BlackBerry would have had Foxconn manufacture the phone
Finally, I hate to tell you and others this, "I willing to bet the farm that John Chen and his crew know what they doing much more than any of you armchair quarterbacks".
It's not crime to make mistakes in life or in a business and does mean that the person or business will continue to make the same mistakes in perpetuity.

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Look, this device will fail if their isn't some atleast some broader appeal to the consumer. I know that it's not meant to appeal to a teenager. But you can't build a device for a sliver of the buying public and expect to stay in business long.

Further, where does this idea come from where it is only targeted for business who can pay big bucks. Every business I've worked for is value oriented and they hate, and let me repeat, hate shelling out top dollar for smartphones. Once again, price the passport wrong and companies will look elsewhere. Is this what you want because this is what your going to get. Another trainwreck?

Posted via CB10

I honestly don't know what type of businesses you have worked for or the scale of these businesses but there are many businesses that will not find $699 exorbitant.
I can confidently wager that BlackBerry will do quite fine with the Passport being priced at $699

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I don't mean to be snarky, but the truth is that BlackBerry wouldn't have had to got through 3 years of "restructuring" and massive layoffs if they were adept at making money in today's market.

Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android

Don't bother trying to reason with the hordes of blind flowers on here. It won't end well. Most still believe that Blackberry is at the top of its game and commanding the marketplace. Sadly, they are not helping the situation any, and are in fact active contributors to Blackberry's decline.

On topic, the Passport priced too high will result in next to no sales. The phone will be relegated into obscurity, and we'll just end up with another botched launch of a "device that could". Works for me. Craigslist will be handy.

Posted via CrackBerry App

Time will tell. And always remember you and others are not smarter than John Chen, otherwise you guys would have been offered that job. Lol!

Posted via CB10

Oh, you mean a job like the ones people lost during the three years of "restructuring" BlackBerry just underwent? That doesn't happen when people have been particularly smart in their business decision making.

Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android

I guess Apple didn't have a turbulent period in its life? How quick we forget. By the way, restructuring in companies or organizations is not a new thing and BlackBerry will not be the last company to do it.
Also the job I'm talking about is that of the CEO and executive management. People getting laid off or losing their jobs is an unfortunate but necessary evil.

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Well, let's not forget who this phone is directed towards, nor the new direction of the company. This is not a phone that was developed to compete with the cheap Androids and old iphones that are flooding the market.

This was a phone developed for people with a very specific set of needs. This immediately limits the market for it while at the same time helps justify it's premium price range. Plus knowing this beast is rocking a stainless steel bezel further solidifies the fact that it will not make its way into the price range you're thinking of for a while.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Exactly!! BlackBerry I'm ready to buy a Passport. Take my money.

Some on here need to be realistic. How can BlackBerry make any money if they sell a device for 400 or even 500.

Chris Umi should give us a breakdown of how much the device would have to sell for in order for BlackBerry to make money in the handset business but at a reasonable price point.

I been with BlackBerry for many years. BB10 is just the beginning and it's improving leaps and bounds with every os update.

BlackBerry needs to make the device available on their site at launch for those that want to buy it. We shouldn't have to wait.

Posted via CB10

Is there any info regarding push notifications for Android apps that do not involve Google Services? That's what I'm expecting to decide if I continue with BlackBerry or not :/

Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android because the one for BlackBerry lacks features.

If blackberry can deliver high end specs for mid grade money, they should. Might give doubters a good reason
to take a good close look at BlackBerry devices.

Posted via CB10

Absolutely, thank you for a little bit of common sense. We need more people to think of blackberry devices as a valid choice. If you provide value, people will come.

Posted via CB10

Only games come to mind for me.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

yea loving this phone cant wait till its out.............................I don't know what world some ppl are living in but what high end phone sells for 400 on release..................its not going to happen ever

Price is a huge consideration for individual consumers and corporate clients. Everyone wants a good deal which translated means high end specs at a reasonable price. $400 maybe too low but at $700, you are going to kill sales. Do we need to go through another launch debacle again? BlackBerry MUST do everything in its power to sell this device to a skeptical public. Price it well and this puppy will sell.

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Rad_Book, maybe have a chat with your wife? Would she be willing to let you use the upgrade so you can get the Passport, and she'll use your Z30? I am not sure I want to go back to a KB as I really like my Z30, but i would be thrilled if my partner wanted to try the I would gladly pass along my upgrade for future consideration! You might be surprised where some creative negotiation might get you! ;)

white Z30 STA100-5

I don't see "motor authority" in Google Play via Snap. Is that the exact app name? Where do they have an app, on iOS?

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

So looks like the 1:1 could play havoc with some apps... pinterest was an example on the blog but not here.

Posted via CB10

Yes. This app ratio display issue has been my concern all along. So much so that I might pass on this beast unless it is priced lower than my current estimate of 600-650 or I can get a deal somehow.

From my z30

I think we should have a CB Vancouver get-together and all have a hands-on with it!

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

I cannot wait. My Moto X will soon be collecting dust.

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Off topic Nemory has a problem with snap chat if they won't play nice with him we need to put our heads together to help him out.

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

In reply to playbookster
A Very large amount of games launch in landscape, Mass Effect is just to name one

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

Twitter pick UK £550 is not less in us its around 7 to 800 dollars. Personally i think in USA the passport will be at least $650 probably more. Here in the UK a top range iPhone. Costs the equivalent of around $1200 (£700) it used to average 1.5 dollars to the pound but has reached 2 is think it's about just under 2$ to the 1£ at th moment

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

Your second guess: it's an Android app via Snap, Amazon Appstore, or another Android store.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

£400 is cheap, for the UK works out roughly $667US. Sounds more than reasonable . Whereas $400 US = roughly £240 , which is way too cheap. I'd worry if it was that cheap, price it sensibly I would say £400-500 would be reasonable for a high end phone any more than that, BlackBerry may suffer for too high price.

Weapon of choice Z30 til the passport is here :)

"Google Maps, app loads really quickly and it is very responsive, I didn't find any issues using it, seems much better than native BB maps."
does this mean that an app for google maps is going to be available for os 10.3?

No, he's testing out the Android app for Google Maps for compatibility as an example, since it's not made for a 1:1 screen ratio. It appears to scale itself perfectly bases in the screenshot.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

Well, I am sold, now the key point is going to be the price. If BlackBerry uses their brains and prices the device reasonably, I am all in and will be the first one to buy it.

Unfortunately I am on T Mobile USA who no longer carries BlackBerry devices, I only hope they release and unlocked GSM version on launch day.

Sent from my lovely z30 on T Mobile USA

BBRY doesn't need "fair prices," they need to get more devices into more consumers' hands. Not saying it should be cheap exactly, but there's a happy middle ground.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

I am as well hoping BlackBerry does the same on launch day. I am with T-Mobile USA as well with three BB10 phones with my family. I want to buy one on launch day and hope that happens.

Posted via CB10

OH MY GOD... this passport has solved my last problem, playing some games which only apply on horizontal screens like coc. However, can I completely use all the google services?

I didn't know that raping and pillaging you privacy was now considered a full blown Google service. Sign me up for more victimization. Woot Woot.

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Actually, I just want to recover the progress of coc from my android to the blackberry via google services.
Although blackberry can make the data in my phone save ,how about phone calls?

All I want to know is whether "Rotation" can trigger any special landscape settings Android apps may have. Like the change in UI that Twitch/Netflix gets when playing videos.
Or games that show a slightly different view.

Because 1:1 devices are sorely lacking that possibility and it makes a lot of apps stay at just 50% compatibility.

Channel: C0007CC89 | CB10 signed.

Loving all this passport news! Can't wait to try one out for real. I just hope it isn't so awesome I get really sad not being able to afford one. I've got plenty of life left in my Z30.

If you have a small font size that carries over into an app and that app is designed to dynamically wrap text, then maybe. So, usually not.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

Come on September. Finally seeing more apps and how they function. Great post thanks. The more we see the better. Seems to be a great phone for business and average consumer.

Google Maps has always been my 'go to' navigation app. Great to see if functioning well in OS 10.3
Can't wait to get my hands on it
Subscribe C00270F10

Stupid I know, but as much as I love the phone and want one, I am thinking how is this gonna look on my waist?

I always use seido combo cases and this thing just might be too wide? I am imagining me sitting down and breaking the f##king thing!!

Posted via Digicel Z10

Not all Android apps run on all Android devices. Personally, I think it's a little weird that the post is so focused on the performance of non-native apps. I didn't even know that Google Maps or Google Translate would run without Google Services...

Posted via CB10

This phone looks really nice. I can not wait for this as there is finally a lot of hype and mystery surrounding a BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

I'm using Instagram on my Z30 downloaded from 1MobileMarket. I don't understand why it won't work on the Passport

My bitchin' Z30 BlackBerry

I believe the Passport UI maybe one of the best in the market place after release. Let's hope for developers to warm up to the 1:1 ratio idea so we can see some amazing app for both productivity and personal as well. Cheers to BlackBerry on the Passport.

Posted via CrackBerry App

I just don't see this phone making a big splash in the world of apples and androids.

Posted via CB10

Maybe some of the tens of millions of Android users considering a new device?

Your opinion isn't THE opinion.

And besides, there's nothing to argue about here anyway. Google services won't be on it. This device tester is personally trying out Google Maps. That's all.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

That display will be amazing. Picture those screen shots in the actual 4.5 inch size. Just amazing.

Posted via CB10

Great for games, spreadsheets and maps it seems...
Everything with rows of text in it is a big fail. It's a shame Android devs will never give us the tablet version of apps, as it could work better.
Hopefully, we'll get proper multi-window-tasking next year.

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My guess is it will be higher end, say $700, for a month or so to catch all the early adopters. After that it will depend on how it is received more widely, but it will probably be down to $500 in the New Year sales.

Posted via CB10

You people talking about price point really are thinking about this wrong. Tell me... how much market share does Ferrari have? How about BMW? Do you have any idea how many more cars toyota sells than BMW? Oh no! BMW must be going out of business!

Except they aren't.

Look... Why do people who make 500k a year use the same cell phones that people who make 50k a year use? Does that makes sense to you? Because it doesn't make sense to me.

I don't want a $500 cell phone. I don't want an $800 cell phone. I want a $2000 cell phone. I want to know what kind of cell phone I can get in that kind of price range. Maybe even $4000. Because yes... I can pay that and not bat an eye.




why? Why can't it have 8 gigs of ram? why can't it have a gig of memory? why can't it have the most ridiculous 8 core processor ever? Why can't it come with crazy software that does crap you can't even imagine right now?

See that's how other industries work. For example... GM says, "hey engineers... what kind of awesome new vet can you guys design for a price point of 100k?" and the engineers go to work. If the execs are impressed... they make it.

Tell me why that won't work in the cell phone world. Why aren't there exclusive super high end devices that are something more than just fancy materials.

A Ferrari after all isn't just a toyota camry with gold wheels.

Doubt you'd even get BBOS 10 on a gig of internal memory... You're thinking too small...

I see what you're saying though but at the end of the day most of the flagship phones on their release are the 'Ferrari' of the mobile phone world in comparison to the lower end phones made by the same company. The push the tech fears and the components that go in them at the time are the pinnacle of what technology can offer.. Trouble is with technology things move so fast that 6months down the line there is a newer, faster, 'better' version out, or another company has leapfrogged the competition with something new and innovative that will make their phone the 'Bugatti' (who wants a Ferrari, it's not the nineties) of the mobile phone world.

You're better off buying a new flagship every month and getting some custom jeweller to encase it in platinum and diamond or something if you wanna blow your money... >_<

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I'm curious How it look when you use the Passport to make a phonecall. And as it's a wide device, I don't think it's comfortable to hold..

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Any feedback on the Deezer app? This is the main reason I ditched my Z30 for Android, neither the version on blackberry world or the Android version seemed compatible with BB 10.2.X. If they have sorted out the Android runtime for improved compatibility with certain apps I'd be getting the Passport ASAP.

I can live without Instagram but not music...

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I certainly do look forward to trying out a Passport, but this list isn't that exciting. I have most of these things working fine on my Z10 running 10.3, though my official Instagram works perfect unlike this user's. What would be exciting to hear is that you could log into Google apps, but that's another issue. As it is Google Maps and Translate both work great on the Z10, on both 10.2 and 10.3.

I have had some successes and a few (quite a few) failures installing Android onto my Z10. Google maps does work because it does not need Google Services to be installed. However, it does ask for it (for better performance) and Google Services will not run. Netflix works perfectly and so do other apps. The Amazon installer for BB and Snap make installation very easy. If an Android app does not work simply deleting it has never failed, yet. Support for Google Services would be nice (Uber does not have a BB OS10 app only the old OS 7 and the Android version requires GS), but the bulk of the apps do work.