Here's another BlackBerry L-Series image to remind us it's not yet Q1 2013

By Bla1ze on 1 Nov 2012 06:46 am EDT
BlackBerry L-Series

At this point, I'm sure everyone knows what the BlackBerry L-Series devices look like. They've leaked so many times now that RIM could change the name to the BlackBerry Sieve and no one would question it. Kidding of course but that fact has sparked many a conversations about the device itself.

With BlackBerry 10 going out to more than 50 carriers now for testing, we'll soon be able to put to end the debates over whether or not this is the final hardware that will end up in customers hands or if RIM has just been playing a shell game with everyone.

Also N-Series devices, they'll be getting into more hands and that likely means we'll start to see it pop up again and I know many are waiting get a closer look at those. In the meantime, I'm gonna go cry and cross another day off my calendar because this is just another image of something I can't yet have in my hands. Thanks, ad19!

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Here's another BlackBerry L-Series image to remind us it's not yet Q1 2013


I talked to a guy at Best Buy Mobile who told me they did training for BB10. He seemed excited about selling them.

Also, first.

There's a number on this one too. RIM is probably busy tracking now... But anyway... I want! And curious, is the 4.2 inch screen size counting the bezel for gestures?

Interesting question, one assumes that it does not include the bezel, as it's not the screen, more a touc control surface.

well, let's see in the pb... it says that the screen is 7", does this size include bezel or not? i am not sure...

I like how the L-series looks. Hope it'll be the final one. Just hope that it'll not be super thin.
it has to be at least 10mm so it feels good in hands when you grab it.

I hope the momentum is golden for RIM as hopefully there are people now that are bored with ios which is getting pretty old .

He linked to your BB Forum Post...? That's the credit right there.. Directing the mass users of CB to your forum post to discuss -> e.g. Credit

What's the difference between the L and the N ? Is that how they will be marketed to the consumer as well or is that just a dev alpha thing ?

Well, To answer your 1st question, I believe the N series has a physical keyboard and NO..I don't think it's a dev alpha, it should be the real deal.

Just to confirm also - I read that the keyboard version will be released at the same time ... is that still accurate ?

Plans may have changed, but last time we heard of it, they would release closely together.

That could mean a week apart between releases... Or a month apart. Or plans changed and they'll announce both at the same time and say "Available NOW!!"...

nope, kb version would be released few weeks after the touch version... that was confirmed a while ago (in my understanding)

Looks nice. I'm wondering though whether Apple would sue.. rectangle with rounded edges and all, even if it is total BS

To many phones on the market have a rectangle shape with round edges. Apple doesn't own a patent or trademark on "shapes" for pete sakes. But they would be scummy enough to try I am sure - they think their crap doesn't stink!

I'm still holding out the forlorn hope that there will also be an "M" series (slide-out keyboard)... I don't want to have to choose between going all-touch and going to a smaller screen than I have now on the 9800...

Yes it's exactly the same for me.

Unless we can have a keyboard version (not a slider) with a longer screen! I would love to see that!

+ 1,000 on that one T_C!

But from what I understand. RIM released only 2 sized screen sizes for BB10 for app developers to use a long time ago. 1 full screen and one 1/2 screen..

So it certainly appears we can rule out the possiblitly of having a Bold style phone with a longer screen. Darn it...

I want to see the bb10 bold style device with a physical keyboard. The keyboard is the thing I like most about blackberrys

It appears to be connected to BlackBerry services with wifi - and without a SIM card. Is that a direct contradiction from the rumours a few days ago?

Do I buy this one or wait for the keyboard, or buy both ................... as long as the stock continues to go up, I think I'll get both!! Go RIM!

Ugh so excited for this phone. But I still want my keyboard.
So how does the predictive text work on the N-Series? Just curious. :D

I am so excited about this phone. I am ready to retire my Torch 9850 for this baby right here.

One thing i know for sure , rim's stock even went up 9% today! Seems like more people start to believe that rim will succeed in delivering a awesome , mind changing, superb soft and hardware with BB10 !
Keep up the good work Rim !

I'm pretty sure they will eventually release one considering RIM targets businesses and government agencies and other private agencies

I've been saving my money 20$ every paycheck(i get paid weekly) since May to get the BB10 at full price since my upgrade isn't up till january of 2014 so far ive saved up 420 and by january i'll have 640 hopefully it doesnt cost too much but hey thats life on a college budget haha

Why do the need the camera button in the same spot as the iphone? Come on RIM.

Hurry up with the launch i want to throw my POS iphone 5 in the bush. So tired of hitting the stupid home button.

Somehow I'm hoping this is not the final deal. After seeing all the leaks of this, I started to wonder if this is really the final design. I am hoping for a surprise!

Why are so many people saying someones gettin fired for this? Maybe RIM wants leaks to start "leaking" the forum member even stated who he was. Doesnt seem hes too worried.. Idk jus sayin

Why are so many people saying someones gettin fired for this? Maybe RIM wants leaks to start "leaking" the forum member even stated who he was. Doesnt seem hes too worried.. Idk jus sayin

Hey Everyone...I was just at a Raptors game and I saw some guy with this exact device in his hand. When I asked if it was a dev alpha device he hid it from me and said it was an android. But it was definitely the phone seen above. Very interesting....