Hot: BlackBerry 10 development phone photos! [Update: this is the BlackBerry 10 Developer Alpha device]

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Apr 2012 08:23 pm EDT

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha?!

* Update 2: April 29th, 2012 - Check out HIGHER QUALITY PHOTOS of this Phone! * 

* Update: So we're getting word that this most definitely is the BlackBerry 10 Developer Alpha device that attendees at BlackBerry Jam will receive next week in Orlando. It's not a phone that will ever go on sale, but rather is one that will allow developers to test out their BlackBerry 10 apps in preperation of the launch of BB10 phones later this year *

Oh snap! Look what just popped up in the CrackBerry forums! Posted in the forums by CrackBerry member TRIPPIN, the device in the photos above and below are of an early BlackBerry 10 development device. No, this phone won't be going on sale ever.

The question is, is this the BlackBerry Developer Alpha that will be given to developers next week at BlackBerry Jam 2012 in Orlando? With BlackBerry Jam and BlackBerry World just days away, we'll find out soon. I'm not honestly not quite sure. Prior to BlackBerry 10 and even BBX, we heard the very first RIM internal development phones looked like min-PlayBooks, which is exactly what this phone looks like. We've also heard that the BlackBerry Dev Alpha is essentially the original "BlackBerry Colt" phone. But we never really saw good photos of Colt, so whether this is Colt or an even earlier dev prototype phone we'll soon find out. Two more photos below!

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BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha?!

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha?!

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Hot: BlackBerry 10 development phone photos! [Update: this is the BlackBerry 10 Developer Alpha device]


How does it look any different from every other Android slab phone out there??

(not hating on android since I have a sgs2)

Hopefully it will have the build quality of a PlayBook. The build quality of the Samsung when I handled it felt weak and insubstantial. It seemed as though the screen could be easily broken, like glass embedded in plastic. I was originally drawn to the large screen, until I imagined it shattering. I didn't want to be one of those people I see using a smashed iPhone because their warranty expired ,while their contract didn't.

Hopefully the 10 will have the build of the PB and some extra features that function in tandem with the PB. The Galaxy Note looked promising but in hand it was too big for a phone and too small for a tablet. The combination of an old BlackBerry and a PlayBook looked mismatched. if this is the 10 then it and the PB will be a nice pair. The only thing I would mildly regret is loss of physical keyboard. Maybe BB can jump through hoops like HTC (G1 & G2) and have an interesting hinge but this doesn't seem like BB design principles.

What would differentiate the 10 from other android slabs is the build and UI. All those other android slabs have an cheap aftermarket quality. In hand the PB feels solid and substantial,and is fast and responsive.

I hate when people hate on samsung because its made of plasik. it dosent matter what the phone is made of or even what the back/out side looks like, cause 9 times out of 10 youre gonna throw a case over it anyway. Sammy gets that and focused on the screen. Plus dont drop your phone. What r you, a child?

He may be a child, but he can spell a damned sight better than you haha. Anyway, the thing is - if the quality is good, you don't need a case because dropping it won't break it... I'm pretty sure Samsung Galaxy S 2's are bendable by hand!

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. The back plates on our 9900 (which many consider is the ult BB to get at this point in time) has a fake carbon fiber back door. And we all know carbon fiber is very weak and can break really easily since it is so brittle. Plus, so many of our phones are made of plastic too. Just look at the curve lines. So Rim is guilty too.

Btw, have you guys even held a phone other than a Blackberry? Because if you haven't looked at the competition's product, then you really don't have a full understanding of the quality of their product.

Anyways, Blackberry may do a partnership with Samsung, and I would love to see what all the naysayers will say about Samsung then. Lol! You guys are ragging on a company that may make our future hardware. LMAO!

Everyone wants to compare the iPhone to everything. I have a lot of Friends that have/had cracked iPhone 4/ 4s because for some reason Apple thought it was wise to build a phone make of glass( but it is sexy though). HTC is the the one that uses a little metal for phones, but most of then are plastic with metal like paint. Nokia lumia is made of something I can't think of. And to the other person, it doesn't matter what the phone is made of, I don't like scratches on my phone or screen. And I bet you have a case over your phone as you typed that.

The Nokia Lumia is housed in the material known as Polycarbonate. The material is a form of plastic, extremely lightweight, and allows ease of colouring to substance. It also allows for better antennae reception!

yes, I use the galaxy note as my main phone and 9900 as my secondary now

I never bought cases for any of my BBs because it's just hard to find them in Asia...and all of my BBs have scratches on I don't really see your point

I put a case on my galaxy note as soon as I got it...and it's pocketable just that if you place in your pants pocket, you have to take it out when you sit down if you were wearing jeans...I think that's usually what people do with their BBs least that's what I do...

Samsung's problem is really just the screen which has inconsistent quality...plastic is really a sensible material for phones...I think we've been using plastic phones for quite a long time before iPhone introduced using other materials...and using metal is certainly not for practical reason as smartphones can get quite hot and if the drop is strong enough to break the plastic casing, then the internal shock is probably enough to ruin some of the components inside

I don't know why you have this thing against Samsung, but the note I'm using now runs a lot smoother than any BB I have ever used and I never flashed any ROM on it...I'm just using its stock UI and everything is integrated so well that it's a real time saver for work, especially when annotating/editing documents/pdfs...reducing my BB to only an email device really...

and I don't see why a 7" playbook is a convenient portable device but a 5" note is too big...especially having BB and playbook as my secondary devices (well, the playbook is really just sitting in the dust), there's really nothing that Playbook can do that my note can't...

even the amount of functions added by free apps that I can download on play store and some free apps given by Samsung is something that would have cost me quite a bit on BB/Playbook.

I didn't pay a dime for any apps, and I can freely annotate pdfs, share the annotations with my colleagues, collaborate on documents, free translations on anything seen in the phone or through the phone's camera, video chat anywhere, Google Drive + Evernote + Dropbox which is more storage than I will ever need, free business card recognition and storage that works, call recording, transfer any content on the same wifi network in a sec with something called Kies,
even emails and messages etc integration is much better integrated on the note than any BB or the Playbook

the only flaw is that their native contacts does not allow search by company, which is difficult for me because I contact PRs a lot and I don't remember their names, and have to manually add them to group and I don't feel its sensible to require an additional app for contacts...

the rest of it...I'm sorry but BB is light year away...
the Note is very user friendly and put a lot of considerations into users, e.g., muting the phone by putting the phone display down...alarm clock having a soft pre-wake melody function that makes waking up less harsh...

You have to be pretty absurd to not admit that RIM is behind in almost every aspect at this point...

If you are a fan then you should start realising that something's wrong and they need to work in/with extreme pace and effort to fix it.

Lol. Your post is funny. I can take a key/nails/you name it to the screen on my sgs2, but I would let that touch the screen on my 9900. Samsung uses gorilla glass on their galaxy line phones, which is a hell lot more resistant to scratches and damage compared to our blackberry phones.

Porsche Carrera S 997.2
Porsche Carrera S 991 (Coming soon)

I agree, now it looks like any other dime-a-dozen all touchscreen phone out there... If I wanted that, why would I get a Blackberry and have less options for apps?? DUH, I like the physical buttons and the physical keyboard... Oh, and the Push tech is also really nice, but seriously, if that's the ONLY advantage the BB device will have, while Androids have like 10,000 more apps and more app storage on their phones... Yah, not really a great motivation to stay with BB. I really hope they release a device that has the form factor of the Bold 9900...

This is not the hardware design that will be on retail shelves. This is for developers to get a feel for QNX. BlackBerry Blade and London will be completely new hardware.......Blade is especially cool!

Thie hardware shown in pics above is for developers. It is a simple design based on play book to give developers a feel for SOFTWARE. Why is everyone on this forum missing that? RIM will release new hardware design for retail consumer is August. Arguing the design of hardware that is meant to be a basic host for developers to get a feel for BB10 is futile.

Heres an idea...lets try to make our product look like everyone elses and lets see what happens.


Bland. Boring. I could easily mistake that smartphone for a black Apple iPhone or one of the many Android-based smartphones. Hopefully, the real first BlackBerry 10 smartphone, being all touch apparently, has the form-factor and stylish design of the conceptual Blade. My goodness BlackBerry has become boring. Step it up RIM!

well then, aren't we all glad that colt was scrapped...

this looks nostalgic even...reminds me of first gen smartphones...

and I hope the dev device not having keyboard and trackpad is not suppose to be an indication of anything

Is there any chance you could give it a rest and save us all the trouble of having to ignore your comments?

You can stop spewing your nasty vitriol any time now... :P

♪ Hit the road JACK and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more! Hit the road JACK and don't you come back no more...... ♫

Exactly my thoughts, it looks so very much like my first generation iPod Touch it is not even funny. I truly hope that this doesn't resemble the BB 10 phone we are so eagerly awaiting, I would love an improved design of the Torch slider.

Jeez, I hope not! Having had both the 9800 and 9810 from the beginning, I would be seriously disappointed if I saw another slider. I think RIM made that to appeal to the people that wanted both, a bigger screen, and a keyboard. Let's face it though, the 9900 (form factor) is perfect

Well, I'm certain you're familiar with the adage 'To each his own,' for me the form factor of the 9900 series is reminiscent the Palm Treo, I like it and it has its fans, but I'd much rather have a slider precisely because of the bigger screen and physical keyboard that you mentioned, I consider such a design to be the best of both worlds, I dislike virtual keyboards on any device that's the size of most current smartphones, it works just fine on a tablet such as the awesome PlayBook, but not on the phones, I don't have girly/metrosexual guys *cough* *cough* hands.

WOW...I love it!!!! It's a mini PlayBook can't wait to see the final bb10 and would love to see videos of this in action

Zodiac BBX (BB10)

Looks like a Galaxy 2 that someone Photoshopped a blackberry symbol onto. The side bezel aren't big enough for use for swipes and the bottom where a button would go is blured out. So im taking it as a fake

You're so smart. How did you know that?
That is NOT a reflection, it is the PB in the first picture's screen showing through the white paper he has on top of it.
You're so paranoid any screen looks like an iphone to you.
In other words he is using the front camera to take pictures?

Read the article people!! It is a developer phone,, that will never be for sale.. Not a rumor,, not a fake,, & not photo shopped.
Looks good. Just like a mini PlayBook. I would definitely love to get my hands on one. Would be a awesome match wit my PlayBook..
Now we will see next week if its the alpha dev phone they're handin out to Devs next week.
On a side note.. I just read on twitter they will not be revealing any BlackBerry 10 phones @ BlackBerry World which kinda sucks.

"On a side note.. I just read on twitter they will not be revealing any BlackBerry 10 phones @ BlackBerry World which kinda sucks."

I think this is a good thing; RIM has a known history of jumping the gun far too often in the past. I don't think they should reveal it until it's already being packaged and prepared to ship in ~1-2 weeks. But I'm probably asking for too much.

Agreed. Let it just be unsubstantiated rumours until the very last minute. It's a succesfull strategy for a lot of the competitors.

I think it would be pretty ridiculous to have the large bezel on a phone sized device. on the playbook it works because of how big the device, but on a phone I don't think it would work. they would probably use a gesture area like what palm was doing with webos. Regardless, I really like this design, I just hope they also release a torch like device with a slide out qwerty keyboard.

owns a galaxy note, they managed to use bottom sweeps up gesture with s-pen and full palm screen sweep gesture for screen cap without bezel...and it works well...

so a thick bezel really is unnecessary

but in the end of the day, software matters most...maye if you have great software input then it can make up for some lack of hardware input methods...

I do hope that they can bring something on the table to make me switch back to using the BB as my main device...because right now it sucks as a business device

Take a look at how small the active part of the bezel on the PlayBook is. It is about the size of this phone's bezel. The rest is not touch sensitive.

Side bezel doesn't need to be huge in order to do swipes and gestures, have a look at the "virtual bezels" in the remote control application used with blackberry bridge to see what I mean.

Quick question....does that look like a 4.3" screen? I'm hoping for the final bb10 to be that size or 4.5"screen

Zodiac BBX (BB10)

What're you going on about? The iPhone is known for it's amazing camera (for a phone), and it easily out does all of RIM's offerings. It's one of the best cell phone cameras on the market. I honestly wish RIM would step it up for the BB10 phones, camera-wise.

This picture is probably just shot in bad lighting and at a low resolution or compressed.

Eh, I don't know about that. I have definitely seen some shoddy iphone pics before. The new pad is way better obviously. But my 9900 takes some pretty incredible pictures :D Waaaay better than any BB handheld I have used. At least definition wise

Really looks like a mini playbook. . .also looks like a bunch of other phones. . .nice looking nevertheless. . .

Not bad if you want a full touch phone but where are the qwarty board phones. It resembles every other phone out there. I'm sure it would be a great phone but seriously please put out two devices one full touch and another device that's a hybrid of 99xx and TK Victory.

Has nobody noticed that the back facing camera on this device is identical to the one on the phone from the leaked london slide a few months back?

Is this an early london prototype?

The only reason it resembles every other phone is that the power is not on and you can't see the OS.

It's only a prototype a rumored one @ that but I would love to see what version OS its running

Zodiac BBX (BB10)

How is anybody supposed to make a full touch screen device that doesn't resemble every other full touch screen device.

It is a flat sheet of glass with some electronics behind it.

Just because the iPhone cam first everything else is not a clone, lets see what this baby can do before we start a witch hunt.

other device that's a hybrid of 99xx and TK Victory. OR CONVERT lets not forget that the cascades technology is supposed to give us an awsome touch experience.......

Hey its a beginning of some real implementations coming from RIM, the new guy isn't playing around. I hope they set the tone and expectations for the world, I would love to see the hate from the competiton when they bring in the ideas to shift the game in their favor

RIP Physical QWERTY you will not be missed.

BTW that looks exactly like an iPhone I don't know why so many of you are drooling over it *rolleyes*

It looks like a small playbook that lost its side bezels, I wonder if they will adjust the way swipes work because of that e.g. you could have them focused on the top and bottom of the screen instead, although we won't see new ui stuff on these dev devices judging by the comments they have made previously.

It is a shame there isn't a pic of the other side, if it follows the similarity with the playbook then hopefully there will be a hdmi connector alongside the usb port which would be nice.

I am a loyal bb owner, fan, promoter. I really want them to succeed and hope they can get back on track. In other words, I would be devastated if they become obsolete. The bb is the most robust, solid, secure device I have ever owned. In fact , any 'powered' product cannot compare to bb. It is incredible just how amazing. The photo's bring me hope and excitement.

Lovin' my BB

with todays technology you'd think people would take a better photo with a better camera and not a damn cell camera

other then that prototype looks cool!!!!!

I can't say i love or even like the design, but oh well. I sure hope the final version will support Micro SD cards. No removable battery isn't a deal breaker, but no SD slot sort of is.

Alas, it's a developer phone, so there's no sense in loosing hope... much can still (hopefully) change, but it sets a bad precedence.

& he said Android phones are all the same .. *sigh*...

rapidly losing interest in BB after i sold off my 9900 for poor camera.

RIM should come out with something interesting before my interest in BB phones ultimately dies & never recover.

0hh.. qwerty pls..
i have my s2 (s3 incoming) for full touchscreen xperience)

Very non distinctive other than the BB logo on back. It will be interesting to see how different the real BB10 models end up being.

from what i've heard, Blackberry wants all screen sizes to be the same on phones going forward, or atleast the same aspect ratio; so if these are the developer's alpha units, wouldn't the first retail BB10 phone LIKELY to be the same?

am i mistaken on that assumption?

The important thing to remember is that this is an alpha kit for phone development and will not be the finished product. I'm pretty sure the finished product will have a better design and a lot more polish hardware wise. With that said I really want to see what's under the hood OS wise. I've been itching for a phone upgrade to a new Windows 8 phone but i'm also keeping the option open for the new blackberry.

Funny about 2 years ago its all touch screen is evil we need and love our keys...but make something that looks like an Iphone or everyone is in love...LOL

This will still fail...RIP RIM.

You're right IMO.

The PlayBook does not look like a stretched out iPhone, but you make it smaller and everyone is saying it's an iPhone.

Phones are getting smaller and the form factor is limited to space. It's a smaller PlayBook period for the Dev Alpha device.

I'm itching to see a consumer device, that I hope [fingers crossed] will be even more exciting to see.

How did your super slueth skills arrive to this conculsion? The crappy quality? Or because the third pic has a reflection of icons? Does that mean he is taking those pics with the front camera? Prey tell.

Are you serious? You can easily see that it's either an iPhone or iPod touch. Most likely a white iPhone 4 or 4s.

Are YOU serious? Those icons you think are of the iphone are actually those of the PB underneath the white paper.
Look at the other pictures you will see he has a white paper on a PB.
If he were using an iphone he would be using the front camera? I mean that is the only way a screen reflection would show. How normal is that?

More polished, what the hell does that mean? is the iphoone more polished than this? No, it's a glass slab like this. You can fool yourself into thinking that the iphone is more polished but it isn't.

Now I wish at BB World to get one :) I want CrackBerry will do a review of the BB10 OS on that device so we know where it's at! We need that!

RIM's developer phone looks as good or better than most other full touch screen phones on the market...kinda excited to see what the production unit will look like!

awsm!!! now give me a sec while i go on android central and hear phil whine about how this is a "copy" of some lame android phone...

Oh c'mon, kevin..we all know you already have a bb10...that's why you're gonna give me your porsche design...did i mention how good looking you are?

This is so good I know, but I hope the next BB10 phones won't be like this cuz I really feel I want a new design not a mini PB with the same design again and again … !!

I hope bb10 phones can multitask like the playbook, UI with 3d effects, Alarm clock, GPS navigation, docs to go, HDMI out, bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth mouse, headset, BB traffic. from sunrise to sunset. home and device. sweet!

BB10 will run on the PlayBook too, so it is not a scaled down OS. Just the same thing with some considerations for a smaller screen. With the 3G/4G PlayBook being kicked around, the BB10 devices really does look like a mini-PlayBook! I think this is what RIM imagined a while back, which is why they've always been pushing the PlayBook.

Now I really wanna know how the PlayBook/BB10 eco is doing! I like the games I've been seeing lately, and I think RIM is doing well in attracting new developers, but I want numbers :) Anyone? We're only 6 months away from the earliest possible release date.

BT keyboard and mouse support would be really nice. I can see myself on the subway hammering out memos. I think it would be a great addition for the "physical keyboard" types -- perhaps why RIM pulled the BB10 device with keyboard :) I do like my physical keyboard at times, but I can live with the BB10 device not having physical keys if I have a BT keyboard! Screen size is getting far too important for the sophisticated apps we're starting to see.

Crap, if it does come with HDMI out at 1080p, I'd freak!

Wow,if this is just the Alpha device....imagine what the real BB10 phone will look like come the end of 2012.

So all the money spent on this hardware, design will be wasted. only software testing part will bring some value..not sure why RIM is doing this..what if this is the final or closer to final device

I dunno, I pernally think they should keep the physical keyboard! If the bold 9900 is their last good phone with a physical keyboard its going to be my last blackberry to be honest.

The comments in this post are why I fear for humanity for their lack of reading comprehension and rational thought

Omg! I mentioned it before, seriously. Here in on post " ideal bb10 phone". I gave my list and if RIM cant make it possible. I said just give me a mini playbook phone..oh yeah

Looks good, nice job.
Its just that looking at the THICKNESS of this thing turns me down, why is RIM always a step behind in something .. ?
but it looks so hot, YET i'm missing the QWERTY keyboard which is the main reason for me to get a blackberry, just hoping that the OS will make the difference.

Or maybe they are ahead? Motorola and Apple are now both going thicker rather than thinner. RIM's just ahead of the curve.

cool, but tooo bad it's an iphone with a bb like case! just look at the ear speaker,,,i am pretty positive and that is my opinion...deep down inside I feel like I want to be wrong!!! lol

Is a phone? Is it a tablet? Its blackberry note :p
Wahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaaaa xp
Lookin guud!

Who will open his alpha device within the very first hour of ownership just to find out what chips are making sweet BB love inside ?

Okay , for me they need to make it like this: bold 9900 style with qwerty but the display have to be big starts from cursor going to the top ....they need to use the full space ..the brand on the back and the speaker for the ear very on the top too......then 4 core cpu .... Camera quality like my playbook or more.... Cursor if ou touch the bezel left and right...if they give more space for the display then the bold 9900 will be the next qwerty top phone from rim....and once again android market.....and international music market too........

And and and please blackberry best battery life same many years a go......

And. And and. Marketing marketing.........

A lot of work rim for you.....more quality then quantity....sorry for my englsih

If they can make a perfect ONSCREEN keyboard it would make new and existing BB users happy. RIM is trying to grab US users attention and the US market is dominated by android and iphone keyboards so I don't think many would complain

I swear to god I started dancing in my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wurfuwiejebsdwbsdewseiue it is beyond beautiful but.. It does look like a iphone 4/4S in a case /:) but I would love to use that anyway. The real BB10 must be better =-?

I think the bezel could be bigger but we have to wait for any demos or reviews and wait for the actually BB10 and I think it could be real look it has a barcode so you can scan it in or out :S we have to just wait

I don't see any sign of a front facing camera. How can it be an iPhone or Droid knock off? How can it be a mini playbook? I hope BB10 devices come with dual cameras, even some non smartphones have 2 cameras.

Pipe down people.
A slab/candy bar tends to look like this. When did Apple patent candy bars?
The differentiating factors will be choice of finish, screen aspect ratios, button placement.
With a few tweaks this was almost ready for prime time.
This looks like the London crackberry showed us a few weeks ago.

I really hope all BlackBerrys don't turn into monster mini tablets. The size of some phones is absolutely crazy. I'm sure London or whatever the name of the first BB10 phone will look nothing like this.

The slew of comments flying in is hilarious to me. It's just a sneak peak at the developer model, and the screen isn't even turned on.

Don't get me wrong. It is very cool to see, as it identifies RIM still moving forward. But I wouldn't allow myself to read too much into it. Not at this stage of the game.

Seen this, touched it, used it... So sweet, its like a mini playbook with phone features...

Feels great in hand - solid yet not so heavy - Very thin bezel but does all the swipe gestures, awesome size, this will replace you phone and playbook - just alpha but i love this device!

I hope that this supports 3g, so I can use it for test purpose and real use. It looks it don't have battery cover like playbook...

But seems nice. I can't wait.

Ill post a review just after I get this.

Patience is a VIRTUE!!!!!!! Lets give RIM some time! Remeber the Turtle won the RACE! The Rabbit (iPhone, Android & the such) Lost! RIM has been making some huge changes across the board with, personnel, aquisitions, development, and more.... It takes time to create the device that will set the new standard! I have always been patient, and will this time. For ME, security is a absolute must, and no other product out there except BB has it. Think about what it takes to restructure and put on a new gameface. I have a very strong feeling that RIM is going to change the way the smartphone market is looking!


My guess is they will have deliberately gone for a generic look for the alpha device that looks nothing like the real thing. Hence it looks like every other phone out there (including iPhone).

Personally I think they're nuts. Handing out alpha phones is guaranteed to mess you up.

Too many people with too few brain cells.

I like it, as I like slab phones LOL. I'm sure they're going to make it look better then this, but I'd be cool with this. Do for upgrade in November on Sprint, pray something nice from BB is ready then.

Before every BB fan hated a glass screen ! Now every BB fan LOVES a phone that looks like the "iToy" with a glass screen .?? What happened to the physical keyboard?

What I haven't seen mentioned, but I'm super interested to see, is what the on-screen keyboard is like. I love the PlayBook keyboard in landscape, and find it much easier to use than most phone touch-screen keyboards. If RIM pull off an awesome keyboard and keep the same key-touch noise as the PlayBook (admit it, it's cool) then I think they're onto a winner! Bring on BB10 Jam, see you in Florida. And I'll be sure to enjoy my Alpha device!

Edit: I'll do my best to have a functional and worth-having app running on it within a week.

First of all its a proto-type. Its is not what the final hardware will be. Secondly, what are the most popular phones on the market today? Glass keyboards! RIM better be going for the mass market not a few fan boys.

A physical full size QWERTY keyboard is not just for a "few fan boys" as you so rudely describe everyone who uses a BB so equipped.

For those of us who text and e.mail heavily it is an essential part of why we buy BB's.

No Physical keyboard = no reason to buy an OS 10 BB.

For an alpha prototype test device.....this looks awesome....I love the build quality and look of my playbook, and I would definitely buy a ”mini”version of it!

Hopefully I can buy a test unit on ebay ;)

Anyone know how many of these RIM is going to release? The uber-geek in me really wants one of these! If it is a mini PB with some sort of 3 or 4G radio and proto-BB10 then I definitely want one!!

/Device agnosticism or bust!

Knowing Rim, I would not be surprised if this phone looks very similar to the actual phone that will be released in 2012...assuming a bb10 phone is released in 2012.

In this day and age why are we still looking at photos taken from a 1 mega pixel potato?
This is the one reason and I mean ONLY reason I have a 9790 over a 9900. See how important it is to have focus or even autofocus? These pics are pathetic at best and I really hope BB is not going down the glass slab look. Too many people love the keyboard including me :)

Looks like a iphone blah blah blah! Who really cares if it looks like that toy. If it is designed like a small playbook it will most defintely kick the itoy's ass!!!! Just like the playbook blows the maxipad out of the water! Phone looks great, it is too bad the guy used what looks like a itoy to take the picture. Maybe it is a white version of the prototype by where the camera is as well :). Anyways he would have had a way better picture If he took it with the playbook in the background.

Count me out...I don't want an iPhone/Android/etc refresh. Unless they come out with a physical QWERTY BB10 I won't be buying a new Blackberry.

It looks too much like android and apple phones. Use the same screen but make it slide up for a keyboard!!!
16gb onboard, quad core processor, 12mp camera front and back. basically take the 9850 and give it balls, and ability to run Android apps while keeping the hallmark interface and security.

Having dual capability of touch screen for other things beside typing is great. Having keyboard to is the winner.

If no keyboard or slider BB10 phone I will be swtiching to an android.