It looks like the CrackBerry nation would be happy to see HERE Drive+ come to BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 14 Mar 2014 04:16 am EDT

A short while back we ran a poll asking if BlackBerry users would like to see HERE Drive+ come to BlackBerry 10. The voice guided navigation software which is available for Windows Phones does a great job in comparison to BlackBerry Maps. They both get the job done but HERE Now+ offers more and from experience it's a little more precise when finding a location by road and house number. 

If you missed our original post, the reason for me asking the question was due to Nokia confirming that BBM would be coming to Windows Phones as well as their X platform. This made me think about what other application Nokia and BlackBerry may be willing to share in the future. 

From the below results you'll see that it's quite clear that BlackBerry 10 users would be more than happy to have HERE Now+ on BlackBerry 10 and I'm one of them. Don't get me wrong - I like BlackBerry Maps but if we can have access to something superior then why not. 


If you didn't vote when we ran the poll feel free to air your thoughts in the comments. I certainly can't think of a reason why I wouldn't use it if it was to be made available to us. 

Reader comments

It looks like the CrackBerry nation would be happy to see HERE Drive+ come to BlackBerry 10


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We are starting to seem desperate and gullible as BlackBerry users. we are always wanting someone else's app to be on our platform. First and foremost we should be pressuring BlackBerry to improve their own app to offer the level of functionality that's on other platform. surely it's easier to improve their own than to go out and try to solicit others. Yes it's good to have options but we first need to tidy our house before we invite someone else in.

Posted via CB10

Actually, I'm pretty sure it's much easier to solicit others than improve their own app.

It would take them years and years to get BlackBerry Maps to the level of Google Maps (particularly the data).

Posted via CB10

Over half are from one developer, there's no room to brag about app numbers. It's a sad state of affairs. Getting better though.

Sorry, I don’t understand what your angry about. Too much angst in this world already. Just bring on the apps!

Posted via CB10

We have that. The BlackBerry caches the maps in the memory, it's not specifically labeled as such but it still gets the job done for me when I lose service.

That would be stepping on the toes of devs who have built or want to build a more full-featured map/nav app. It's a fine line to walk, but the current arrangement allows BlackBerry to say that their product contains a built-in map app while not competing with the development community they are courting so desperately.

Hey BlackBerry Maps gets the job done pretty damn good.. if there is an option for something that 'may be better' for people to have a choice, well sure why not but BlackBerry Maps works fine imo.

Posted from my Q10 (TMobile) Running OS as of 2.14.2014!

Never had this one but I like Waze... but... is it me or it never keep the settings??

Posted via CB10

I started to have issues with the settings after I migrated to 10.2.1, I decided to delete it and installed the Android version and it works fine.

Posted via CB10

No thank you. Don't need a rubbish app. My Maps is spot on perfect and accurate to within 0.5 metres. GPs/Speed/3D all built in and best of all its FREE.

Now if only I could......

Posted via CB10

I don't quite understand the need for any other map application when Waze does a terrific job and is readily available for bb10. Granted, it is an android port but it delivers precise directions and real time reporting of traffic.

A few weeks ago there was a feature on CrackBerry for the top navigational apps on BlackBerry and Waze did not even get a mention. Why?

I agree, Waze is the best navigation app, even better than Google navigation, I use it all the time unless you need offline maps, in that case I use Mireo.

Posted via CB10

I've use HERE+ Drive and Here+ Maps on my lumia 920 and now on my windows 8 tablet. it's an amazing mapping solution especially since you can download the maps for offline use which i used on my recent trip to the states. If they can create a native app for blackberry i'd surely welcome it.

The native maps on blackberry is inferior to both google maps and here+. Options options options for everyone.

BlackBerry Map is not working anyway in india, I've used here drive on my windows phone.
Here drive is excellent and here drive + BlackBerry 10 is outstanding combination in india.
Waiting eagerly for here drive

Posted via CB10

There are roads in India? The way people drive I was under the impression the country is a lawless, corrupt society with people hanging off trains and streets filled with carnage. Sorry that was just a nightmare and I was driving down a pothole-ridden street somewhere in Canada. Thankfully, I woke-up when my BlackBerry Q5 alarm sounded. Whew!

Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.

All good quality apps and games no matter which platform they are from are welcome on BB10. Don't get me wrong I love my Z10 and will stay loyal to BlackBerry but i refuse to hate other OS's as that would make me the loser! Just the same as fools who spout hate for BlackBerry.

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

But BlackBerry Android Player removes any incentive for the developers to release BlackBerry 10 native applications.

Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.

Options are always good...BlackBerry map is doing just fine and dandy by me...but if they kick it up a couple notches...all the better...

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

I'd love to see Here maps on my phone. As I understand it, they are based on Nokia maps - and these were excellent, most often out performing my tomtom.

Posted via CB10

Hmm, I want a off-line navigation like TOM-TOM or Sygic.
Sygic works as a Android app on my Z10. But I like native!

blackberry maps would be nice too if u could use it offline....I dont like bb maps cause it loads too slow, thats the only reason i dont use it, so whydoes bb not provide bb maps offline?

I like " Mireo Don't Panic" you need to buy the maps but they're not expensive and almost as good as TomTom. Also they work offline.
No mapping app is perfect, but they all have there uses.

Posted via CB10

Does Drive+ tell you if the destination is on the left or right side? If not, what's the point? We already have a navigation app that doesn't tell us.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry maps sucks, it only gets me to the right location about 70% of the time. I waze too. I used to have to offset each other. If one
Messes up I use the other. Until I was able to download Google maps. If there is one thing Google does right it is there mapping program.

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yes but the problem with google maps is that they dont work offline. so if you are in another country without internet connection when you need them the most, you are screwed. nokia maps work offline. thats a huge plus.

This is a great discussion. I guess the trollers haven't woke up yet. This reminds me of the first time I ever visited Back to the topic, yes I voted for "why not if it works better". And I still have the same stance. I mean, why not make the best apps of all the OS's available for BB? That will keep the current BlackBerry owners loyal, and will bring a crap load more customers!!! Now all BlackBerry has to do is set up BlackBerry stores in malls and shopping centers, because TMobile&ATT are not putting display models in their stores what if a prospective customer is INTERESTED in a BB, but can't play with one? They probably won't buy one.

Posted via CB10

Checking out here(dot)net site on Q10 is actually better than a lot of the google maps ports in BlackBerry World. Nice detailed maps.

Posted via CB10

The advantage of Nokia Here+ maps over Bing Maps is the fact that you download the maps, so your phone acts like Tom Tom / Garmin Satellite Navigation. Sometime ago I bought a Nokia 620 ( £ 140 ) to use it as a satnav ( no need for a sim card ) in the US, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Paris and Kuala Lumpur during my travel, I live in the UK. I carry this Unlocked Nokia as an extra cellphone during my travel abroad and also to use it with local sim card. My main phone is a Z10. The maps are free!

I was under the impression that when Microsoft bought Nokia's smartphone division Ballmer wanted Here Maps too, but Microsoft's board and other management were highly opposed to it. So Ballmer eventually relented and they did NOT take that part of Nokia.

That's what I understood, too. Here / Maps is apparently still part of the old Nokia, only the handset division got sold.

Microsoft would have loved that juicy bite to improve / merge with Bing Maps.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Yeeees! Nokia maps are vastly superior to Blackberry maps here in Europe. the only two things i was missing in blackberry phone were nokia maps and a better camera! hope the next device will improve the camera capability and it will be the ultimate device for me with the best operating system. seems to me that i hear nothing but good news from blackberry nation :-)

I can not have it on wp7, so I hope - can use it on BB10. Microsoft always turn back on old user.

Of course the results would appear that way. It's a stupid poll seeing how very few rational people will say no to "better than what I have"

Posted via CB10

I hope to see that game come to BlackBerry, seems like a lot of users want to see it come to BlackBerry . Thanks for the review

I am using Google Navigation and BB Maps in my Q10. Both does the job pretty well what it is supposed to do.

I agree Nokia maps should be on BlackBerry. As it currently isn't I deleted BlackBerry maps off my phone and downloaded Google maps. When Nokia's is available I will delete Google maps too.

Posted via CB10

Not sure what the big gripe is with BlackBerry Maps other than it doesn't work in India. I've used the maps app to get me through France, Belgium, Czech and all over Germany. I plan to use BlackBerry Maps in a couple weeks when I travel to the US as well. Can it be improved? Of course there is always room for that. I'd concentrate on brining apps like the Esso Fuel Finder to BB 10 and as was suggested, update BlackBerry Maps to work without a sim card.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry maps doesn't work in India..... and I'm not able even google maps apk is not working I have to carry a samsung tab all the way with my z10... i think bb10 needs a decent map app... :/

Posted via CB10

Google maps apk works great with turn by turn navigation. I find BlackBerry maps is a little off a good number of times.

Posted via CB10

I would love to see this come to BlackBerry phones. BlackBerry Maps is awful in Scotland and can never find the address or manage to get me there 'cannot access server' in the middle of Glasgow is unacceptable. Mireo Don't Panic is better because of the off line maps but still struggles to find addresses. My friend used to have a Nokia phone and it was used over BlackBerry Maps every time we needed to get somewhere.

Posted via CB10

Having used here maps on my Nokia win8 phone I can say that having offline maps is very useful. I had both Canada and USA maps loaded. It was great to travel in the us with data turned off but maps still working.

If it showed up I'd get it.

Posted via CB10

What i want to know is how does it handle real time traffic? My experience has been that BlackBerry maps may get you there but it doesn't seem to take into account traffic.

I did a test recently on my way home and BlackBerry maps quite happily directed me to go on the highway which was at a complete standstill. Waze, on the other hand, took me through some side streets around the problem spot. My only complaints with Waze (the android version, not the port) is that it is a killer on battery and after running for 30 minutes or so the voice prompts slow down noticeably.

If HERE can do that too then I say bring it.

Posted via CB10

Why not push Apps like Mirror Don't Panic (horrible name) which already runs perfectly on BlackBerry 10 and uses Tom Tom maps? Why go after a franchise that doesn't already support the BlackBerry Ecosystem.

Posted via CB10

I want a way to have a copy of emails sent from my Z30 sent to my outlook account on my computer, either in the inbox or sent item folder. I am using my outlook email when sending from phone

Posted via CB10

This article and comments show how much work BB Maps needed ASAP.
I need the BB Maps to work fast on locking GPS, and give me options to download Offline maps.
When I am in town, nothing beats Waze on traffic updates and showing where I need to drive carefully with Red light, Speed camera, Police Traps ect.

I'd try it but I'd rather BB Maps be updated to the features and performance of HERE Drive. Like many things, smart phone choice is very subjective, but personally I think BlackBerry does it better than any of the others. Their apps should be the same.

HERE is so much better than blackberry maps, have been using it before a lot on my previous phone before switching to blackberry.

Posted via CB10

Used BlackBerry Maps a couple of times and the Gps sent me a couple of miles off my destination. Anything better will be appreciated including a maps update!

Posted via CB10

I'd love to have another choice, especially that's strong for traveling in Europe, supports off-line maps, and adds a live traffic overlay if you have data enabled.

BB Maps doesn't always find things well in the UK, but it's worked well for me 95% of the time in the US if you can get signal, and I like saving My Places. BB Maps spoken directions once got me to the Toronto airport on time, avoiding tolls and band traffic congestion, and without using much roaming data. Gold star for that!

FYI, works OK even on legacy BBOS devices in the browser (9810 on OS anyway), and allows you to select an area for off-line caching! The area can be pretty large: 100 x 100 miles, maybe more. crashes the BBOS 7.1 browser sometimes, but you can restart it and carry on.

The ONLY issue I have had with BlackBerry Maps on BB10 was last summer when I was looking for an address in a very rural area, you know where every road is a third line or a Rural Road 2, and I didn't know the postal code of where I was going, so I selected the first address that popped up and ended up being about 20 mins away from where I wanted to be.

Aside from that, I've had zero issues with BB Maps in the 13 months I've been using it. Its gotten better with every update that BB has released for it. For me anyways, its been near flawless. I know that some users have had serious issues with it and I won't discard that. However, from my circle of BB10 users (5) no one has had any complaints about BB Maps. 3 use it on a regular (ie. daily) basis with the other 2 using it probably on a weekly basis.

I'm all for having more options but I haven't found another map app that has been able to take me away from BB Maps. Waze did for a while, I love the real time traffic updates and police notifications, but the heat issue was just too much for me to deal with.

I must've missed that one because this is the 1st I've heard of it.

Posted with my CB-Q10 using the power of " Q "

I want it - but far preferably as a Built for BlackBerry app rather than a quick and dirty hack of what they produce for their new Android line-up. I have loved Nokia Maps (as it was then called) since getting it on my Nokia 5800.

Waze I love but since the assimilation by the Borg I wonder how much it is watching me, so haven't installed it on my Z10 (which, as a first-time BlackBerry user, I love also).

(edited to remove the typo in "preferably")

I have a lumia that I bought specifically for Here maps. If I could pay for it for my wife's q10, I would.

Posted via CB10

It is always nice to have choices. So for that reason, sure why not? I use BlackBerry Maps and it always works well for me. I don't really need anything better. Other folks might.

It would be nice to see a good map app with LSD's. Oil tracks is $9.99 and it sucks on BlackBerry10 compared to ios version.

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

Why not just use Snap to install the Google maps app if you don't like BB maps. I'm not sure if it's fully functional, but it seems to work for map display and navigation.

Posted via CB10

Any really decent apps should be baked right into the BB10OS with the ability to option them on or off as the user desires. What is this obsession with apps? What happened to custom profiles and custom LED colours?

as a here drive user on my 8x, if you go to rural areas, it will fail you miserably. It is not even funny. it led me to this sketchy ferry place to cross the river when I set it to shortest in the setting. Though it was really foggy in that early morning so idk if that factored in (which I doubt it because this is supposed to be a "true offline GPS"). Either way I am not using here drive in rural areas.

I love Waze but it kills Quick the battery and heat it..i guess that bcz its android port
.ihope thy creat a native Waze for bb10.. its the best

Posted via CB10

Worked great on my recent road trip.
I had my BB & my little sister's low end Lumia & her map took us straight to our destination with No errors! My map showed us going in circles / unnecessary turns !
It also helps to alert you when your going over the speed limit. (no tickets wanted)

via Z10 