Here come the BlackBerry 7 OS leaks

By Bla1ze on 24 May 2011 04:51 pm EDT
BlackBerry 7

That time again folks, the time when OS leaks start turning up before the actual devices. BlackBerry 7 is of course the next OS to be appearing on BlackBerry smartphones after it was announced that RIM would be bypassing BlackBerry 6.1 on future devices.

Now, as the devices are getting even closer to launch, the OS' for them have now started to turn up. That said, you have to keep in mind that these OS' mean very little to any regular folks out there, aside from hybrid builders who may choose to mix and match some of the BlackBerry 7 files into the current breed of Blackberry 6 OS devices and extract some apps like, BlackBerry App World which is sitting at v2.1.3.7 in these OS' leaks.

In other words, for those of you asking "Will this work on.." no, it won't. The files are pretty much useless to any regular folks out there and those that have the devices they could work on, already have access to OS install files anyway.

Download the leaked OS for the BlackBerry Curve 9350 / 9370

Source: N4BB

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Here come the BlackBerry 7 OS leaks


If you have the file can you share it here again please? Its no longer available through the link posted.

Thanks in advance

Nope.. useless to any current devices atm, which is why it's not that big of  deal.. as mentoned in the article.

This is bull crap! Why won't it be released on my 8300!!!!! Ohhh I'm so angry! I'm done with blackberry. I'm going to nokia with my 8300. Wait, my 8300 won't work on nokia? Oh nokia is a phone maker? Well this is awkward......

Forget that...someone crack open that os and check if there are new walls and ringtones...yeah,baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

id pretty much prefer that he posts that on every damn comment that asks "will this work on my 9700 or my 9780, etc" people really do lack common sense these days, so its quite deserving.

I recently had a meeting with a RIM regional tech manager and he said OS 7 will only be available for the new devices. His claim to this was because the new devices will be 4G.

VZW is still 2G with their CDMA network including sprint. Until they have surfing & talking at the same time, it's 2G.

Try it out and let me know...but make sure you read the article carefully before load this OS on your 9810

I wonder how many more "will this work on" questions this article will get...I say we start answering YES. I mean, of theyre dumb enough to try it, they deserve to turn their BBs into paperweights.

Will this work on my 8700? i need an upgrade from 4.5 so bad or else im getting an iphone today. As a RIM customer i am absolutely entitled to this upgrade.

at+t hotspot client, feeds included (seperate to social feeds) , a few new icons, oh and its touchscreen

I was wondering if I could load this on my Bold 9700, so i tried and it worked! It feels so snappy now, my screen has touch capabilities now and I also have 4G signal!!!

Uh oh, posted too fast. There's still the memory leak issue, only 2kb left and my battery drops from 80% to 0%. Since QNX phones are taking too long to be released, I'm switching to an iPod Touch. I'm done with RIM too!

4 all those wondering if it will work on your device, it will...I just downloaded it on my old 8900 & it replace the trackball w/ a trackpad & I now have touch screen but no universal search for some reason ENJOY :) PS: Read the damn article b4 commenting

Damn, SteelHelmet's comments have just ended this post LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

I installed it just now and got it to work on my Panasonic cordless phone :D

Sounds like rim has taken a play from the apple company playbook.

We have a new better.,improved, faster.... But you have to buy a new phone to get it HA HA!.

What are you babbling about? What does apple have to do with the PlayBook? Also, why can't you finish your sentence? Did your keyboard break halfway through typing out your sentence?

Better, improved, and faster what? Again, WTF is "Apple company PlayBook"

ok so I downloaded it to my Playbook 16gb, now I have 1.5tb hdd space...and yes my PB is now getting a 4G signal and is a hotspot. It then loaded OS 6 onto my Storm 2.....WTF, seriously people.

OMG I can't wait for a leak to be out for the 9780. For those wondering if it will come out. The answer is yes it will. Trust me on this one :)

i just loaded it to my 9780 and my old curve 8520 and they're now faster than ever! the processors are now both 3.5 multi-core! seriously guys battery life on this is way better and there's barely any lag at all! good job RIM!

Soo does this also mean the BB bold 9900 could be coming out sooner than we expected? now that the OS has leaked out it only seems logical..

OMG!!! It worked ... i just loaded this on my STORM 2 and it disabled that annoying clicking screen and I can now play angry birds!!! YES!!! Your improving RIM...

THANK GOD! This update with my Torch was all I needed to power my time machine. Now to go forward to a time where stupid questions are a thing of the past.

I've downloaded it. Uploaded the files to my miter saw and it changed into a freakin laser cutter!

....As mentioned...please completely read the article. "Moron" (Jumping high fives for that)

Hey ya'll

I have a Torch so I am sure that this is gonna work on my phone, However the link leads to the page where I see an error msg "404 Page not Found" so whoever uploaded it can you do it again please?