Here's the List of Stuff RIM Needs to Solve for BlackBerry 10 to Succeed

CrackBerry's Making a List, Checking it Twice, Gonna Find out if BlackBerry 10 is Nice!
By Chris Umiastowski on 4 Apr 2012 12:07 pm EDT

We're making a list, Checking it twice, Gonna find out if BlackBerry 10 is Naughty or Nice (we hope nice!)...

The CrackBerry team has put together a killer set of marching orders for RIM to follow if they want BlackBerry 10 to succeed. None of this is rocket science. Some items are missing features. Some are user experience problems.

Fixing these issues should be RIM's top priority on the software side. We'll hold them accountable in a future update to this post. These problems are ALL solvable.

Make BlackBerry 10 something truly amazing. We think that if RIM nails all these issues, the BB10 platform will be unbelievably awesome. It's already pretty awesome with best-in-class multitasking and a pretty good start to the messaging experience (despite launch delays). But we're excited to see so much more!

PlayBook 2.0 is our best representation of what BlackBerry 10 will look like right now. Obviously there will be differences. But a lot of the core apps and OS features should be similar. We also saw those leaked BB10 screen caps back in February, which give some hints to changes we may see at the UI level.

So, RIM - this is what we expect from you. Nothing less. Thanks to Kevin, Adam, Bla1ze and Simon for their incredible input in helping me put this together. And we *know* there is more. So read through CrackBerry community, and add to the To Do list in the comments. You know the RIM team will be reading this one.

Messaging must be perfect.

The app should just be there. Always. The messages app on PlayBook 2.0 is good. But it's far from rock solid. It checks mails in the background automatically, even if the app is closed. But the app should never need to be loaded by the users. This is BlackBerry. Messaging is uber-important.

It can't crash. We've noticed that the message app crashes frequently. Usually this happens when the app is in the background rather than when it's active. But it does crash. And that simply can't happen when BB10 launches.

Make attachments dead-easy. Opening attachments is still a horrible experience. Here is the process for a PDF attachment within an email: Click on message (normal); Click on "1 attachment" to reveal filename; Select file; Wait for it to download; Notice green checkmark, indicating the download is finished; Click again, this time prompting you to name the file. There's no information explaining to the user that this process is to save the file on the device.; Once it is saved, it finally opens inside the Adobe Acrobat Reader app.

Opening a picture is even worse. Click to download. Click to save. Wonderful. Let's just give the user absolutely no indication that the file is now saved, and let's NOT automatically open the picture in the picture viewer. Just make the user figure it out and go through a whole bunch of unnecessary gestures. Really, RIM?

What happened to the RIM that prided themselves on having invented the track wheel and made everything super simple to do with a minimum of clicking and scrolling?

Let us compose tweets and status updates right from the messages app. While we're talking about messaging, RIM should take their unified inbox to the next level. Allow us to compose tweets and Facebook status messages from the app. Right now we're restricted to messages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. What about messages for public consumption?

Apps need to respond faster

This is a problem that permeates through the entire OS 2.0 experience right now. It can quickly take a thrilling experience and turn it into one that is frustrating.

Sluggish loading and response times need to be improved. The messages app can feel sluggish to respond to touches when emails are coming in. I've often tried to open a message, only to have the touch ignored for a couple of seconds while more emails are coming in. Then, when the OS finally executes on my touch, the message I tried to open has moved down the list. The wrong message opens.

The podcast app is another one that feels very sluggish. It should not take more than 15 seconds to open the app and be able to start using it. "Using it" means that the app responds to touches and gestures. It's obvious that the coding could be improved. App World sometimes causes the same strange lags. They need to disappear.

Speaking of the Podcast app, the directory is quite small compared to iTunes. It's simple to submit to, yet many top podcasters don't know you have your own directory. Why, RIM, are you not tasking somebody with the job of importing every single RSS feed for the most popular iTunes podcasts? Grab the feed and stick it in your directory. If there are legal issues, then manually go out and contact these top podcasters. Make it mind-numbingly simple for them to click a button and approve the submission of their top podcast to your directory!

Virtual keyboard often slow. Typing on the virtual keyboard can also slow to a grinding halt at times. It happens often. I'll be typing and the responsiveness of the keyboard goes from normal to awful. I'll be typing, but the letters just aren't showing up at the same pace. I've never run into this problem on an iPad.

Fix the boot time

My two PlayBooks are both running OS 2.0 and they take about 2 minutes and 30 seconds to boot. I'm being kind and rounding down a tad. My first generation iPad takes 30 seconds to boot.

RIM needs to pay attention to details like this. I should not feel like rebooting the device is a hassle that I'd rather not do. I shouldn't look for opportunities to reboot while I'm doing something else, like making a cup of coffee.

Apple gets this. I have a 6 year old Black Macbook running Tiger. I can reboot it in 30 seconds flat ... and it has a hard drive rather than solid state memory!

There is simply no excuse for PlayBook to require nearly 3 minutes to boot up.

Communicate with users in a language we understand

I discovered another careless lack of attention to detail last week. This one shows me that the engineers are not thinking like end users. This needs to change.

Last week, in App World, an update dropped for Modern Combat 2. Great game! I clicked the "Install Error: [0008] There was a problem during installation. Please try again."

It turns out that this error was being caused by a lack of free storage space on my device. Too many kids movies.

BlackBerry's own support forum is of little help here. You'd think the error code was due to a corrupt app or an improperly signed app.

Thank goodness for CrackBerry Forums. A quick search on Google just brought me back here to figure out that the REAL problem was not enough memory (and be sure to download the new FREE CrackBerry Forums app to your BlackBerry phone if you haven't yet.

Standby battery drain is way too quick

We don't have a series of scientific measurements here, but the CrackBerry team agrees that the PlayBook's battery life is way too short. Personally, I like to go back and forth a lot between my iPad and my PlayBook. It helps me notice differences. Very often, if I go to use my PlayBook after not touching it for a couple of days, it is dead. Bla1ze has the exact same problem, judging from the colorful email he sent me when I was soliciting feedback for this article. Kevin says the WiFi File sharing is the culprit, since the PlayBook is "listening" in case you drag and drop any files from your computer onto the PlayBook wirelessly. BlackBerry OS 7.1 has introduced Battery Saving Mode on the phones - maybe a power consumption profile needs to be put in the user's hands on BlackBerry 10.

While on the topic of power, here's a minor issue that bugs me. When you power on the device it takes several seconds of waiting just to get any life out of that tiny red LED. I sit there wondering if I successfully pressed the button or not. I wonder if the battery is dead. Then, finally, the light comes on.

Way more notifications required

RIM needs to ensure that BB10 is best in class when it comes to the communication experience. This means way more options for customizing your notiications and profile settings. Right now the OS provides minimal capabilities. Power BlackBerry users think this sucks.

Bedside mode on BB7 is an amazing feature. Yet it does not exist on the PlayBook yet at all. It needs to be there when BB10 launches. People love it.

It really feels like RIM did not spend any time thinking about what the best features are of the existing handheld devices. They dropped the ball on so much of what makes the BlackBerry OS great.

BlackBerry ID needs to be integrated into everything

Customers shouldn't need separate login and payment accounts for the apps, music, movies and ebook apps that come preloaded native on the device. App World, Kobo, 7Digital... too many accounts for basic content! We heard you loud and clear, RIM. You do not want to build every consumer service yourself. Fine. But do a damn good job of integrating a third party service with your BBID system. Let owners pay via BBID, then cut your partners checks from there. This might not be the easiest thing for RIM to pitch to partners right now, but the option to do it all through BBID needs to be there for users.

Why should consumers have to deal with hassles that you can easily solve through better integration? Let's make it happen, RIM.

Create a BBEZ Migration Wizzard

Kevin came up with this awesome suggestion. RIM needs to make it stupidly easy to move from an old-world Java OS BlackBerry to BB10. They also need to make it equally dumb-ass-easy for iOS and Android users to switch to BlackBerry for the first time.

Branding this as BlackBerry Easy (BBEZ) wouldn't be a bad idea (not E Zed for all the Canadians reading). RIM should turn this into a crystal-clear guide for switching to BB10. Get rid of any barriers! I'm throwing in another vote for Kevin as CMO because of this idea. Totally kicks ass.

Walk your talk on super apps

RIM has been talking about its super app strategy for quite some time. You remember, right? The whole concept is that apps are embedded into the OS, so you can almost do anything from anywhere. But again, on the PlayBook's QNX OS so far, they've failed to deliver this experience.

Why can't we email a photo from within the photo viewer? Simon Sage points out that on a BlackBerry today, you can get a context menu with "send to" as an option. We can email our photos. We can send them to Facebook or Twitter. This is all completely missing from the PlayBook today.

How about highlighting zip codes in the browser and letting a user click+hold to reveal an option to show the zip code in Bing Maps? If you have other ideas on how RIM can bring super apps to BB10, let us know in the comments. We have seen via the new native messaging apps on PlayBook OS 2.0 that at least technically this integrated app experience is possible - it just feels now like there are a lot of native apps waiting for updates that take advantage.

Now, speaking of super apps, RIM needs to unleash an incredibly deep set of APIs on developers. The guys who want to get creative need deep hooks into the OS. You can only do so much with stand-alone apps. RIM invented this whole concept, so we absolutely expect the company to get this done. There are no excuses! Let's hope we're blown away at BlackBerry Jam next month where hopefully we'll see a lot more of the NDK come to life.

Big name apps need to be there at launch

Skype. Netflix. Instagram. Dropbox. Kindle. Evernote. These, and many other big names need to be in App World at launch. This has been so often repeated that we stuck it at the end. It's obvious. But it has to be on the list.

RIM is always saying that they can't control the timelines of third party developers for these big name apps. That's a cop out. RIM - you can't control them but you can influence. Take a page out of "The Ultimate Sales Machine" by Chet Holmes. Be Pigheaded, relentless and determined. Keep after them. Find a way to get these guys on board. Make. It. Happen. If BlackBerry 10 phones are sent out to tech reviewers for review, and the no-brainer must have apps are missing, that's going to be the first thing mentioned in the Cons list. An it's going to hurt potential sales. There's almost no point even putting BlackBerry 10 phones on the market until this app gap is adequately sealed shut. We don't need 500,000 apps at the launch of BlackBerry 10. But we need all the ones people expect to have. And the app on these needs to be first class. No second class app experiences from the big boys.

Marketing and Commercials that blow us away

Over the years we've seen a lot of critisicm from CrackBerry Nations against RIM's marketing. For the longest time, the critisicm was that there was a complete lack of it. Then as RIM ramped up BlackBerry commercials, the opinions have been mixed on a lot of it. The past is the past. What matters is that when the world stops to consider BlackBerry 10 phones, that the commercials make everybody -- even iPhone owners -- want to run out and buy it. Oh, and if you think you have a good idea for a BlackBerry commercial, why not show it to us by doing up a video for CrackBerry's BeBold Video Contest (you can win a trip to BlackBerry World!). 

In the end it's all about focusing on the user experience

RIM needs to massively step up its attention to detail on software. It's time to refuse imperfection. It's time to get rid of anyone who doesn't 100% "get it" in the company. And promote the people who not only get it, but grab the bull by the horns and execute!

We're excited to see what you can do, RIM. The TAT team has shown so much potential and we don't see the fruits of their labor in the PlayBook OS yet. Make sure they have a heavy hand at influencing BB10.

Kick ass and take names. You've got the potential. You've squandered your former lead. Is it within you to recapture some of it? If so, you'll have to change the way you focus on quality and user experience. This list is how we'll be holding you accountable.

Reader comments

Here's the List of Stuff RIM Needs to Solve for BlackBerry 10 to Succeed



The biggest thing RIM needs to solve for me, is better Gmail support. Most important, is the ability to send email from many secondary email accounts through a single primary email account. As a web developer, I have many email addresses on many domains using Google Apps Mail. Instead of logging into all these accounts, I send and receive mail through those secondary accounts using my primary Gmail account.

This makes sending email from my 9860 a no-go because when my BlackBerry receives mail from my secondary accounts through my primary, it only knows how to reply via the primary account/address and cannot send from the actual secondary account through my primary.

This is the only real temptation to switch to Android, as the email system on Android apparently can do what I've mentioned above. I know BlackBerry is supposed to be the king of email, but when it comes to the super convenience of the email setup mentioned above, my BlackBerry is extremely lacking and becomes an email read-only device. :-(

I think BB10 will have much more TAT like native/Cascades apps. The PB mail/calender/contacts apps are AIR apps, and AIR has some cons. The rendering of the UI is processed by the CPU, not the GPU so when the CPU is busy with other tasks, the UI gets sluggish.
I like to make apps with AIR and in many usecases it is possible to get very good performance, but for really heavy and important apps it is always better to use native tools.
I think, when RIM started to make these apps for PB, the AIR-SDK was the best toolset they had. But Cascades is in closed beta since months, so i expect and hope the most build in apps in BB10 are made with Cascades. So we will see a userexperience wich is not compareable to PB.

I agree, that without Skype etc. and crossplatform massaging apps BB10 is DOA. Give these key-companys money, if necessary. Think about the headline "BB10 will ship with skype, kindle, netflix etc.". This headline is more important than every multi million advertising-campaign. And this headline would be the sign for developers to jump ON board, not off.

Oh and of course, make sure BB10 will be available on this current version of Playbook too, not just on phone and next gen Playbook...otherwise a lot of people will be really pissed...

A lot of bought it early and held onto the Playbook in its incomplete form for a very long time out of brand loyalty, I think its certainly not too much to ask to give the users a chance to have a smooth running Playbook at some point. Let's hope RIM won't repay the early adopters by making os 2.0 the final os on their devices....

Ok, I have not read all the comments above, so apologies if I'm repeating something. Great article, something I wanted to see in here for a while.

The main idea is summarized in one of the first posts: "Matching competition won't make people leave their iphones or droid". This should be the guideline for RIM. They should make a few steps forward. BB10, when it appears, should be what iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be.

One other idea: some apps appear at the same time for iOS and Android. Maybe some of them are useless. But RIM should have some dedicated staff to do the following: (i) stay in touch with BB users and see what their demand for apps is and (ii) follow-up with developers in due time and push them to get the apps to BB10. It's frustrating when I see a barcode available only for iOS and Android, perhaps they would take some of the frustration away if we knew someone at RIM is watching out for what users want.

And one suggestion for the author and the rest of the CB Team: once the comments stop flowing, perhaps it's best to read them and update your article with the ideas in the comments.

And then, send this article as a gift for the management team at RIM.

The critical thing is to get the basics right. The phone should be for calls, text, email and BBM. The rest is really secondary. People who want more can buy an ipod touch. With the addition of all the extra functionality, Blackberry's have become less and less reliable over the years.My sister in Law is typical. She says "What is App World for? I don't want that.....". Recent problems have included: Sent Bold 9900 back three times with speakerphone activating on its own. Bold 9790 with battery problem and touch screen de-activating requiring re-boot. Ultimately, all these issue are probably software causes by all the added complexity. If you call tech support, they tell you to rebuild the phone by re-installing the OS. That should NEVER happen. Most users would be incapable of doing that and just return the handset instead.

A lot of customers still only want a phone but go for the look of the device. This is half the reason for the Iphone being so popular. So the metal bands like you have on the Bold 9900 is great. The phone oozes quality. The curve 9360 is not great. Spend an extra $5 in manufacturing and add a decent back. Make it have less of a plastic feel. Get rid of the Curve 9380 altogether and all the other older curves that make the customer experience confusing when you enter a store. Trying to be a cheap iphone is pointless and puts customers off the blackberry brand. The Torch 9810 is a great phone but there are two problems. The lip around the phone reduces the potential size of the keyboard making it relatively hard to type. A bigger keyboard would be great. Secondly, the front bezel chips very easily. This would be OK if the bezel could be easily replaced. But it can't. So change the design so that the front bezel can simply be snapped on. This would make the great basis for a BB10 phone. Generally, trying to compete against IOS and Android with touch only phones is a BAD idea. All Blackberry's should stick to having a quality keyboard. Most people just want to call, text, email and BBM in a QUALITY product.

One of my biggest gripes on the PB OS2.0 is the word recognition/substitution. The word suggestions that pop up above the keyboard need to be in a bubble that opens "over" the rest of the screen instead of the screen having to bounce up and down as the word suggestion window pops up and disappears as you type.

You guys are wasting your time with pointing out what is wrong with BB and what needs to be done to fix them. I got my first BB 9000 in 2008 and people were saying exactly the same things then as they are now, the software is slow, the hardware is way behind other phones, not enough apps.

At the time I thought RIM would pick up and that people are just whining but I was very wrong. Then I got a 9800 in 2010 and that lasted a little over a year and I finally saw the light and went Android.

Another thing that I noticed on both devices was the extremely poor build quality. Creaks and groans, badly fitting battery covers.

It's obvious that RIM doesn't listen to the people.

I see your point. But, perhaps, the new management team will listen, at least a little bit. We can only hope they are smart enough to do this. If not...

I completely agree with you. I have been using BB phones since the very first phone came out. Almost all of the complaints and comments mentioned in this thread have already been said...YEARS ago.

RIM is just too arrogant and insular in their way of thinking; it is beneath them to actually listen to consumers.

"Big name apps need to be there at launch...Skype. Netflix. Instagram. Dropbox. Kindle. Evernote"

YES YES and Million yes... RIM has to pay skype to have there own skype app. skype is game changer and a necessity on todays world.

This article is so crazy because its has 251 comments. I don't know if anyone noticed but these articles get the most post. BB consumers are definitely unhappy. I made the switch a month ago to iphone and i do see the things bb do that are great and iphone lack but its not much. I have found myself using the iphone more and trying to become a super user. BB lovers which I was and still am, but CB you need to jump ship and let rim suffer to force innovation and change because if this bb10 is not a true game changer then the iphone 5 will launch and BB will be done . Say what you want but the bb will be outdated before its gets off the ground. Just suck it up and make the change and RIM will truly take notice because I think they are still missing the right ppl behind the scenes to make a splash. You can go to all the colleges you want and persuade young developers but if the product is not a trend setter and game changer then you are wasting your time because developers still will not bother to develop for you product.

I disagree completely. The reason that Crackberry doesn't have to jump aboard the iphone ship is exactly because this post shows you over 200 comments of people that actually care about the BB brand and want it to succeed. This are not complaints, this are observations we want RIM to take notice and act accordingly, because we are loyal consumers.

Only skimmed some of the comments, and I may be off base, but as an OS6 user (9650), every BB I've ever owned was a ultra hassle if not DISASTER to update the OS on.

I don't know if they fixed this in BB10 (but possibly not because it sounds like BB10 has a lot of the classic BBOS issues like slow boot, etc), but OS UPDATES NEED TO BE QUICK AND PAINLESS.

None of this losing all the settings, data and registrations for tons of my apps, no more of this "have to re-enter all of your BB account/Appworld settings over again", no more of this "oops, we've got a different set of ringtones now and you'll have to jump through a bunch of unsupported hoops to get your favorite system sounds/ringtones back", none of this "takes 2 hours and then shuts off your phone and you miss all your phone calls afterwards", bla bla bla bla....

A good way for RIM to grab attention of prospective users is to give the users incentives to switch back to Blackberry or to the B10 device. This could possibly happen on the carrier end with discounts on service or accessories or via RIMs side of the house with free or discounted apps, games, videos, or music for new or upgraded users. This would only work if BB10 is an awesome improvement over the current BB OSs.

I work in IT for the DoD, RIM’s largest US customer I believe. Third-party resellers are here weekly peddling their wares and pushing the iPad. All it takes is some general to think the iPad is cool because his wife loves the one she got for Christmas, and the next thing you know, AMC is ordering 1,800 iPads.

I’m a Blackberry loyalist and received my PB for Christmas, which I wasn’t crazy about initially, until the new OS was released in Feb. Using my own personal 9810 and PB, I’m doing demos to those in the know showing all the cool features the PB can offer which they seem to prefer over the iPad. Given that RIM does everything mentioned in the post above, I’d like to offer some additional thoughts. If this is pitched correctly, the PB should be the tablet of choice for the DoD.

- Concentrate on security. The BB is already the chosen mobile device because of the ability to use CAC sleds (short supply - needs fixing) to read/send encrypted and digitally-signed emails. I tout the Bridge app because if the tablet is left in an airport or stolen (God forbid), info in Bridge apps remains secure and the unit can be wiped remotely.
- Most DoD Communication squadrons are contracted with Sprint or Verizon for their mobile carrier. Play up the fact that millions of dollars can be saved by: 1) The unit will save dollars on the initial purchase since the PB is so much less expensive than the iPad. 2) A separate data tethering plan for web browsing is not required thereby saving the expense of adding one for each individual to use if iPads were purchased. This is a big deal because iPads without mobile access are bricks and then seen as a waste of money. By a default security policy, the Wi-Fi is disabled on DoD Blackberry devices. Sergeant Schmedley cannot walk into the local Starbucks and connect to a hotspot. However, anytime-internet is available using the PB as a big monitor without a tethering fee (except for AT&T) and all done without wi-fi.
- The remote control of the phone to use with presentations is awesome. Wireless mice and keyboards are not authorized without being run up the flag pole for permission. And to be able to see a Caller ID without having to take the phone out of a holster is just too cool.

- Allow file management on all apps. If the tablet is going to be an extension of the service-members desk, they need to be able to create folders on the PB Bridge to Outlook that is like what they have at the office. Same goes for Docs-to-Go, images and videos. The closer the user can make the PB look like an image of what they have at their desk, the better. Today I have to scroll through tons of emails to find the one I want because this OS won’t let me file email where they functionally should go by creating folders according to subject.
- Allow a checkbox next to each email to delete multiple emails at once. I should be able to check them and hit a Delete All button. If that feature is available now, I can’t figure it out.
- Allow multiple contacts to be selected by a checkbox to send the same email to multiple people/organizations. The phone does it, why not the PB.
- Allow a Save feature for photos on social networking sites. The DoD allows access to social networking sites to allow those troops overseas to communicate with family members back home. There’s nothing like being able to see the big picture of the baby to boost morale when all you see every day is sand and the people you’re around every day want to shoot at you.
- - Along that line, offer a reduced Military Family Member discount purchase code to military families. This could be one of your biggest selling points when PB to PB video chat is demo’d and then for every PB you sell the DoD, you’ll probably sell another that otherwise you would not have because wifey wants an iPad.
- The ability to digitally sign a document vs. just sending a digitally signed email. Compliance with the Paperwork Reduction Act is forcing us to use the certs on the CAC to digitally sign MS Office documents vs. printing and using a wet signature
- BES: Today BB phones cannot be synched to desktops through a USB. Use of USB is forbidden by security policy. Can the Enterprise Server overcome that? It’s out of my swim lane, but there’s got to be a way to synch up contacts you get while TDY with your desktop back home.

And last but certainly not least, the PB fits in the zipper leg pocket of a pilot's flight suit. That big-ass clunky huge iPad does not.

Agree that they need to keep some of the few pros that they have over the iPhone the number one is Profiles. iPhone has two the main one, and vibrate when you flip the switch and without jail breaking their isn't even an APP FOR THAT Amazing! Will never compete at least for many years with the App ecosystem but agree they need to try and get the Top 25 or 50 Apps that people want or use on the iPhone/Android.

Need to keep the Phone/Communication device that BlackBerry excels at currently at the same level to keep the faithful and then work on others, it is usually easier to keep a customer than get a new one. If they try to be an iPhone then they will fail. Because people will just get an iPhone.

Why are so many of you directing your comments to Kevin? Chris wrote the article. BTW, I agree with many of you who point out that BB10 has to be so much more than a "me too" platform . . . we need some compelling newness and a wonderful qwerty touch keyboard, if such a thing is even possible.

RIM must figure out a way to get thier handheld devices integrated with the BIS/ BES servers but without limmiting all other aspects of data consumption. If RIM makes all data flow through thier servers, the end user experience will not be equal to what you get on competing platforms.

Having RIM put at least the caliber of camera that the old 9780 Bold had should have been on that list...
...The people will be expecting more than a Fisher Price camera in the BB10 devices.
...AND, there needs to be a video calling feature of some type.

Still waiting for RIM to deliver a decent pdf reader and office suite bundled with the updates... Though sometimes I think I'm the only one around here who actually bought a playbook to get some work done.

That said the browser needs much improvement...The amount of pages that crash it is just sad. Proper ad and pop-up blocking should be there out of the box.

The wifi connection by itself is another issue. Many issues if there are multiple available networks with the same name... Also don't get it why the device prefers open networks over password protected from your saved networks (if you have a fon account you get my drift)!

A better mail client... Seriously I'm even afraid to delete mails from my inbox since they are permanentely deleted. There is no trash, no undo, and mails aren't simply moves to the respective accounts trash... And this behavior isn't even constant.

Proper file management. All OSes should be file centric... Not app centric. Out of the box we can't organize or even rename files.

Better text selection and cursor positioning. Always show the cursor blue tab. Sometimes it takes jumping through blazing hoops to get it to show.

Quality apps. I don't care for any of the above suggested... But anyone would agree on a VLC level media player... Though I'd be happy with out of the box subtitles and ability to stream. I'd like Skyscape and Epocrates but these cater only for my niche.

Proper android emu. Do it right or don't do it at all. As it is it's practically useless (ok I' glad for RepliGo, Moon+ Reader, Office Suite, Ghost Commander but these are mainly pluging holes in features that should be there out of the box... Most of the apps I really want don't work properly).

Monthly firmware updates... With so many holes to plug this should be implemented... I have a nice buglist for 7971... Real bugs not feature requests.

That said many remains to be done. RIM userbase is a demanding one (though it seems somewhat tech illiterate). Fanboys alone won't keep the company afloat.

[Battery saver idea] - implement the auto on/auto off feature like the BlackBerry phone. If the Playbook automatically shutdown at 12 midnight and turned on at 7am, that would provide a significant power savings.

I haven't been able to read through every comment so this may have been posted. This is the last stop on the blackberry road. If they don't have everything perfect at launch, it will all be for naught. I wrote an app and got a free playbook. I've had it for two weeks now. For what it does, I really like it. For what it doesn't do, I fear for bb10. This isn't a time to have a blind fantype view on things. The UI and swipe features are awesome and a new bb would have the cool factor. However, the severe lack of options for every possible feature is a big disappointment. I understand this is not a phone, it's a tablet. I just fear rim will drag their feet thinking if they just port the playbook os to a smaller device, they will have their new phones. Copy and paste/text selection is terrible compared to the 9850. This is my phone so it's my point of reference. I understand the menu button won't be there and I'm ok with that if it is just transformed into the swipe down movement. I want the super app experience. I want to hold on a picture and get something similar to hat you get on a bb7 phone. I want to send a picture to someone from the pictures app. I can go on and on. I really like bb, I want to see them survive. Anything other than perfection will be the end of rim.

Most annoying thing ever on the playbook. I have only taken 5 pictures with my PB and only wanted to attach one of those to an email and send. I was unable to do so at all because when adding the attachment it showed that i had over 6000 pictures on my PB and each one was coming from the sideloaded programs i have like WSJ and drag racing, I know these are bar files from android but seriously ? Not cool.

LOL this is really sad....I know for a fact no one is making 8-9 page threads on what needs fixing on the Iphone or Ipad so that we don't get sold to samsung/amazon or anyone else with a couple bucks


For the photo app you have to look what scalado is doing. It's a very cool app you can rewind photo or remove something you don't want. It don't have to be downloadable, RIM should talk with them and use it as the native photo app.

My post didn't seem to make it on here so I'll do it over and maybe shorten it up and better organize my thoughts. I'll start off by saying that the new phones are way ahead of old os 6 devices. Faster and much more responsive. They really put my os5 storm2 to shame. Yes there are features missing across the board but as each new phone comes out they seem to be getting the hint. I personally like how the os looks on both the pb and on os7 devices. I personally think they were using the new devices as a bridge from the underpowered phones of old to their new smartphone era. May be not the best move but the phones are well built and are capable of doing most things the general population uses a phone for. The camera is lacking and the software doesn't let you do much with it once you take a picture or video. At least not without dl a third party app.

The new phones don't need killer specs, they need to run near flawlessly. Limit if not "eliminate" any glitches found during testing no matter how mundane they may seem. This is where ios shines cuz they do this! Believe me my gf's iphone 4 is far from flawless but the average user doesn't notice(or ignores it cuz OMG it's an iphone!). Her phone drops signal randomly, it often seems to get bogged down and glitchy so it gets restarted, and even on one occasion it froze and she had to wait till it just died so we could plug it in and restart it(easy access to the battery would have been nice). The new ios update has helped a lot of these issues but they were issues none the less. And to the dude who said updating your os should be quick and painless, what is your idea of quick and painless? It can't in reference to apple because my gf took a couple of hours to back up her phone on itunes and dl the new os(by no means quick), only to find all the data in her apps gone once they were reloaded. Yay.

I personally can't stand the ios setup. The inability to exit an app and NOT have it running in the background still is ridiculous. The whole home button is also lost on me. If the new phones are anything like the pb's gesture based os now I'll be buying one. It's far more intuitive and natural feeling to me. A single swipe from bezel up brings up my home page. Logical. A swipe down brings down menus(a menu coming from the top!? Say what!?). A simple one finger swipe from side to side to switch between apps(still running and never paused unless I set it that way). Anyone who thinks a four finger swipe in any direction for any reason is intuitive must absolutely maul anything they touch.

All the big app vendors would be nice but I don't want to support a vendor who won't support the phone I choose to use and support! RIM should develop relationships with their next biggest competition and go that route. Failing that, hire it out to create a rival app or create one in house. Make a forum where wanted apps can be nominated and voted for so that those app gaps fill more quickly. I can wait out the 'app crisis' if they can just get on that development horse and ride the crap out of it.

Boast about bb bridge and all the things it can do in advertising. Such as the remote control with your phone while it's hooked up hdmi to a tv. No need for a 50$ cord, just a mini hdmi. Get dlna going on all your devices so wireless streaming is a cinch. No need for 100$ appletv. How about the benefits of using bridge to surf on the pb browser using your phones data connection? Why people wouldn't jump all over that is a mystery to me.

I know I'm over simplifying a lot but bb is going in the right direction. Don't ask for phones leaps and bounds above the rest or threaten to leave. It would be stupid to leave the platform for a device that does the exact same things. We're playing catch up but doing it well considering the stunted growth from the past. And for the love of all that is holy stop complaining about bb being bb. I don't want an iphone clone.

Why don't you guys work with RIM!? If all is done that is written here then the problems are solved. Why can't they see that!? It beats me why all seems so easy but it's all so hard.. I, like most people have 2 phones as BB just doesn't get it, but can do all my messaging stuff etc., it would be great if there was just one phone, and this could be it, if only RIM would get it right!

By the time BlackBerry 10 comes out, Windows phone 8 will already be released. Consumers who don't want to choose Android or Apple will be trying to decide between Windows 8 and BlackBerry and I believe most will choose Windows 8. I think RIM is destined for 4th place at best and they will be acquired eventually.

To improve the new BB 10, I have my own opinion.
1. If possible change the operating system, looks like you are just changing the body of the phone.Even I purchase the least BB or the Costliest BB, OS platform seems same & i get bored .
2. Keypad sound should have more varieties, I get bored by the stupid and cheap similar sound
3. Theme option and should be in good quality pre-built
4. Sound quality should be better and please upgrade your headphone for media comfort.
5. More media format should be there.
6. There should be a pre-loaded E book reader with good quality

Agree with most of the comments above, but would also like to have all apps available internationally at launch. I am here in the UK with no PlayBook video store or podcast store, and though I could use a US proxy to update the os I should not have to.

Also agree that the pb is desperately lacking a navigation application perhaps a built in way to dvds also, without all the 3rd party tools.

There needs to be more marketing over here also. I know the US market is important but this should not be at the expense of all others. Aside from the adverts bogged on occasionally I have seen no advertisement for a long time for bb but every every week for the ipad.

I like my pb and my 9790 the best bb I have owned but can see why users flock to the idevices. Hopefully bb10 will change this.

I just read an article 2 days ago saying that MicroSoft is paying Top App Developers anywhere between 60, 000 to 600,000 to develop app for the Windows Phone Ecosystem. C'mon RIM! you've got 1.5 Billion in the bank!!! If you paid 600k for each of the Top 25 Apps on iOS it would only be a 15 million dollar check and everyone would shut the hell up about you guys not having the Important Apps!!! Make it happen people!!!

Long Live The RIMpire!!!!

I own and operate a BlackBerry Repair Shop... and in my opinion, they need to improve on the "build" of the handsets as well. Make them stronger and more durable... make a Waterproof/Shock-resistant one for crying our loud.... and what the hell happened to the Batteries in the OS7 Series (J-M1 and E-M1)!!!!! They are the WORST!!!!! The 9900/30 and the 9350/60 last an average of 5-6 hours!!!!! It's so stupid!!!!
With regards to Apps, where the hell is SKYPE for the Playbook!!!! I dont care if I have to pay for it.... Its worth paying for!!!! I already paid the $4.99 for each of the Angry Birds and I just need Skype to be happy, and so I don't have to buy The New iPad!!!!!
I agree with Kevin, stabilize the OS and the Apps from crashing....
Screw all the BBM-Connected Apps!!!! BBM was working fantastic all the time... It does not need any improvement or Add-ons.
If RIM takes all these into consideration, it will mean that my business will be negatively affected and I don't mind... If I have a problem-free Blackberry in hand, I can easily set up another business and say "I did my job well and now I look forward to what the future have in store for me and my Blackberry!!!!"

There are some points which give blackberry a first place on the market.
Blackberry has started in the business world, making “your job in your pocket”. It was innovating and only business men were seeing the potential. Once RIM developed BBM, it has seen the number of sells grown very fast, because not only companies were buying it, but also individuals. People could send messages to their friends and family all over the world with way more benefits than anything else. We will take this as the power number 1 of blackberry devices, BBM.
Then you made several blackberry devices, making it accessible to mostly everyone. Not everybody can afford an iphone and even with operating systems, the price of an iphone is still high. This will be the second point for RIM.
My third point will go into internet all over the world. Countries like UAE, where the amount of blackberry users must be at the top (compare to the number of people there), have only one package for international roaming and it has to be with a blackberry device. How many people would take a blackberry only because of that option? You will maybe say that 90% of the time, it is bought by business companies but I will tell you no. According to my statistics, if one person in a family has this internet option, it will raise the percentage of another one to do the same by 50%.
Why not having an opportunity here? Is it possible to find an agreement with communication companies to make that in more countries? It will give RIM another good point.
Let’s talk about the playbook now. I bought it the day it got out and yes I was disappointed on a lot of things. But one thing at the end cheered me up. The bridge. It can be a bit slow if you don’t have the latest phone but there is an amazing point for individuals. With the blackberry bridge we don’t have to pay twice the price to have internet on our pad! The browser via the phone is amazing, works very well and we don’t have pay another 50 dollars per month to have 3G on it. “How to save money” is the expression that is used every day by most of individuals. This has to be remembered.
There are other good things, like adobe reader, but with the “new Ipad” on the market, the playbook doesn’t make a point here anymore.
Now that we talked about the good points I see in RIM products, I will ask you few questions about my disappointment in those devices.
We live today in a world of speed, traveling, business relocated, families braking apart and expatriation. Companies ask their employees to work even at home and to travel around the world. There are also students who have to study in another country for a better CV or because it is cheaper. At the end it makes the “family time” really hard. Where do they all turn into because of all this? Video calls.
It has advantages for businesses and for individuals.
There has been so many misunderstanding upon writings that I don’t get why people keep sending e-mails instead of calling, via internet, in the first place and then make a resume on the conversation of a writing report or a reminder. This is where you have to come to reorganize how people think in their business communications. If business companies give a blackberry to every member of their team, why not giving them another advantage to it? With videoconference possible on every device (front camera), video calls will be made more often. This could also be an advantage to operating systems. We may have here an opportunity of partnership.
When business men and business women travel all around the world, their family misses them. Seeing them every day with an application like Skype is worthless. It is the same for students and broken families who have moved to another country or simply to another town.
All of this makes me ask you one specific question. Why Skype does not exist on your devices? I am talking about playbook as it is the only one who has a front camera.
To continue with the playbook, I know that it has been the worse sell number of the history of RIM, but why you didn’t react straight away? The Ipad is powerful because of its apps. You told us several times that there will be an android player coming soon. We are still waiting for it. It is the biggest reason that the playbook didn’t work from my point of view. We have nothing to do with it and it’s not the 5 good applications that just gone out which will reduce the boringness that we have, by using it. The 2.0 update has really good features but not the one we all expected.
Another question for you, why every audio track cannot be read? I have put some movies on it and I couldn’t even hear anything.
Unfortunately there are some aspects that the company doesn’t focalize on and it is costing a lot of disappointment in every one but I am sure RIM has its reasons. You just need to read forums and posts online to understand what the people expect today from companies like RIM and Macintosh.
Thank you for reading this and thank you for your time.
Kind Regards

Unfortunately, they probably wont do that and there will be many glitches that are noticeable. I mean how long has the java blackberry been out and there are still stupid glitches that they are too stupid to fix all in all, they dont pay any attention to software detail and just build to get it done and dont fix anything. With that said, i will still probably get one. If it works good enough to sell, they will sell it unfortunately, even with all the glitches. I dont see that changing. They are what they are.