Here's the List of Stuff RIM Needs to Solve for BlackBerry 10 to Succeed

CrackBerry's Making a List, Checking it Twice, Gonna Find out if BlackBerry 10 is Nice!
By Chris Umiastowski on 4 Apr 2012 12:07 pm EDT

We're making a list, Checking it twice, Gonna find out if BlackBerry 10 is Naughty or Nice (we hope nice!)...

The CrackBerry team has put together a killer set of marching orders for RIM to follow if they want BlackBerry 10 to succeed. None of this is rocket science. Some items are missing features. Some are user experience problems.

Fixing these issues should be RIM's top priority on the software side. We'll hold them accountable in a future update to this post. These problems are ALL solvable.

Make BlackBerry 10 something truly amazing. We think that if RIM nails all these issues, the BB10 platform will be unbelievably awesome. It's already pretty awesome with best-in-class multitasking and a pretty good start to the messaging experience (despite launch delays). But we're excited to see so much more!

PlayBook 2.0 is our best representation of what BlackBerry 10 will look like right now. Obviously there will be differences. But a lot of the core apps and OS features should be similar. We also saw those leaked BB10 screen caps back in February, which give some hints to changes we may see at the UI level.

So, RIM - this is what we expect from you. Nothing less. Thanks to Kevin, Adam, Bla1ze and Simon for their incredible input in helping me put this together. And we *know* there is more. So read through CrackBerry community, and add to the To Do list in the comments. You know the RIM team will be reading this one.

Messaging must be perfect.

The app should just be there. Always. The messages app on PlayBook 2.0 is good. But it's far from rock solid. It checks mails in the background automatically, even if the app is closed. But the app should never need to be loaded by the users. This is BlackBerry. Messaging is uber-important.

It can't crash. We've noticed that the message app crashes frequently. Usually this happens when the app is in the background rather than when it's active. But it does crash. And that simply can't happen when BB10 launches.

Make attachments dead-easy. Opening attachments is still a horrible experience. Here is the process for a PDF attachment within an email: Click on message (normal); Click on "1 attachment" to reveal filename; Select file; Wait for it to download; Notice green checkmark, indicating the download is finished; Click again, this time prompting you to name the file. There's no information explaining to the user that this process is to save the file on the device.; Once it is saved, it finally opens inside the Adobe Acrobat Reader app.

Opening a picture is even worse. Click to download. Click to save. Wonderful. Let's just give the user absolutely no indication that the file is now saved, and let's NOT automatically open the picture in the picture viewer. Just make the user figure it out and go through a whole bunch of unnecessary gestures. Really, RIM?

What happened to the RIM that prided themselves on having invented the track wheel and made everything super simple to do with a minimum of clicking and scrolling?

Let us compose tweets and status updates right from the messages app. While we're talking about messaging, RIM should take their unified inbox to the next level. Allow us to compose tweets and Facebook status messages from the app. Right now we're restricted to messages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. What about messages for public consumption?

Apps need to respond faster

This is a problem that permeates through the entire OS 2.0 experience right now. It can quickly take a thrilling experience and turn it into one that is frustrating.

Sluggish loading and response times need to be improved. The messages app can feel sluggish to respond to touches when emails are coming in. I've often tried to open a message, only to have the touch ignored for a couple of seconds while more emails are coming in. Then, when the OS finally executes on my touch, the message I tried to open has moved down the list. The wrong message opens.

The podcast app is another one that feels very sluggish. It should not take more than 15 seconds to open the app and be able to start using it. "Using it" means that the app responds to touches and gestures. It's obvious that the coding could be improved. App World sometimes causes the same strange lags. They need to disappear.

Speaking of the Podcast app, the directory is quite small compared to iTunes. It's simple to submit to, yet many top podcasters don't know you have your own directory. Why, RIM, are you not tasking somebody with the job of importing every single RSS feed for the most popular iTunes podcasts? Grab the feed and stick it in your directory. If there are legal issues, then manually go out and contact these top podcasters. Make it mind-numbingly simple for them to click a button and approve the submission of their top podcast to your directory!

Virtual keyboard often slow. Typing on the virtual keyboard can also slow to a grinding halt at times. It happens often. I'll be typing and the responsiveness of the keyboard goes from normal to awful. I'll be typing, but the letters just aren't showing up at the same pace. I've never run into this problem on an iPad.

Fix the boot time

My two PlayBooks are both running OS 2.0 and they take about 2 minutes and 30 seconds to boot. I'm being kind and rounding down a tad. My first generation iPad takes 30 seconds to boot.

RIM needs to pay attention to details like this. I should not feel like rebooting the device is a hassle that I'd rather not do. I shouldn't look for opportunities to reboot while I'm doing something else, like making a cup of coffee.

Apple gets this. I have a 6 year old Black Macbook running Tiger. I can reboot it in 30 seconds flat ... and it has a hard drive rather than solid state memory!

There is simply no excuse for PlayBook to require nearly 3 minutes to boot up.

Communicate with users in a language we understand

I discovered another careless lack of attention to detail last week. This one shows me that the engineers are not thinking like end users. This needs to change.

Last week, in App World, an update dropped for Modern Combat 2. Great game! I clicked the "Install Error: [0008] There was a problem during installation. Please try again."

It turns out that this error was being caused by a lack of free storage space on my device. Too many kids movies.

BlackBerry's own support forum is of little help here. You'd think the error code was due to a corrupt app or an improperly signed app.

Thank goodness for CrackBerry Forums. A quick search on Google just brought me back here to figure out that the REAL problem was not enough memory (and be sure to download the new FREE CrackBerry Forums app to your BlackBerry phone if you haven't yet.

Standby battery drain is way too quick

We don't have a series of scientific measurements here, but the CrackBerry team agrees that the PlayBook's battery life is way too short. Personally, I like to go back and forth a lot between my iPad and my PlayBook. It helps me notice differences. Very often, if I go to use my PlayBook after not touching it for a couple of days, it is dead. Bla1ze has the exact same problem, judging from the colorful email he sent me when I was soliciting feedback for this article. Kevin says the WiFi File sharing is the culprit, since the PlayBook is "listening" in case you drag and drop any files from your computer onto the PlayBook wirelessly. BlackBerry OS 7.1 has introduced Battery Saving Mode on the phones - maybe a power consumption profile needs to be put in the user's hands on BlackBerry 10.

While on the topic of power, here's a minor issue that bugs me. When you power on the device it takes several seconds of waiting just to get any life out of that tiny red LED. I sit there wondering if I successfully pressed the button or not. I wonder if the battery is dead. Then, finally, the light comes on.

Way more notifications required

RIM needs to ensure that BB10 is best in class when it comes to the communication experience. This means way more options for customizing your notiications and profile settings. Right now the OS provides minimal capabilities. Power BlackBerry users think this sucks.

Bedside mode on BB7 is an amazing feature. Yet it does not exist on the PlayBook yet at all. It needs to be there when BB10 launches. People love it.

It really feels like RIM did not spend any time thinking about what the best features are of the existing handheld devices. They dropped the ball on so much of what makes the BlackBerry OS great.

BlackBerry ID needs to be integrated into everything

Customers shouldn't need separate login and payment accounts for the apps, music, movies and ebook apps that come preloaded native on the device. App World, Kobo, 7Digital... too many accounts for basic content! We heard you loud and clear, RIM. You do not want to build every consumer service yourself. Fine. But do a damn good job of integrating a third party service with your BBID system. Let owners pay via BBID, then cut your partners checks from there. This might not be the easiest thing for RIM to pitch to partners right now, but the option to do it all through BBID needs to be there for users.

Why should consumers have to deal with hassles that you can easily solve through better integration? Let's make it happen, RIM.

Create a BBEZ Migration Wizzard

Kevin came up with this awesome suggestion. RIM needs to make it stupidly easy to move from an old-world Java OS BlackBerry to BB10. They also need to make it equally dumb-ass-easy for iOS and Android users to switch to BlackBerry for the first time.

Branding this as BlackBerry Easy (BBEZ) wouldn't be a bad idea (not E Zed for all the Canadians reading). RIM should turn this into a crystal-clear guide for switching to BB10. Get rid of any barriers! I'm throwing in another vote for Kevin as CMO because of this idea. Totally kicks ass.

Walk your talk on super apps

RIM has been talking about its super app strategy for quite some time. You remember, right? The whole concept is that apps are embedded into the OS, so you can almost do anything from anywhere. But again, on the PlayBook's QNX OS so far, they've failed to deliver this experience.

Why can't we email a photo from within the photo viewer? Simon Sage points out that on a BlackBerry today, you can get a context menu with "send to" as an option. We can email our photos. We can send them to Facebook or Twitter. This is all completely missing from the PlayBook today.

How about highlighting zip codes in the browser and letting a user click+hold to reveal an option to show the zip code in Bing Maps? If you have other ideas on how RIM can bring super apps to BB10, let us know in the comments. We have seen via the new native messaging apps on PlayBook OS 2.0 that at least technically this integrated app experience is possible - it just feels now like there are a lot of native apps waiting for updates that take advantage.

Now, speaking of super apps, RIM needs to unleash an incredibly deep set of APIs on developers. The guys who want to get creative need deep hooks into the OS. You can only do so much with stand-alone apps. RIM invented this whole concept, so we absolutely expect the company to get this done. There are no excuses! Let's hope we're blown away at BlackBerry Jam next month where hopefully we'll see a lot more of the NDK come to life.

Big name apps need to be there at launch

Skype. Netflix. Instagram. Dropbox. Kindle. Evernote. These, and many other big names need to be in App World at launch. This has been so often repeated that we stuck it at the end. It's obvious. But it has to be on the list.

RIM is always saying that they can't control the timelines of third party developers for these big name apps. That's a cop out. RIM - you can't control them but you can influence. Take a page out of "The Ultimate Sales Machine" by Chet Holmes. Be Pigheaded, relentless and determined. Keep after them. Find a way to get these guys on board. Make. It. Happen. If BlackBerry 10 phones are sent out to tech reviewers for review, and the no-brainer must have apps are missing, that's going to be the first thing mentioned in the Cons list. An it's going to hurt potential sales. There's almost no point even putting BlackBerry 10 phones on the market until this app gap is adequately sealed shut. We don't need 500,000 apps at the launch of BlackBerry 10. But we need all the ones people expect to have. And the app on these needs to be first class. No second class app experiences from the big boys.

Marketing and Commercials that blow us away

Over the years we've seen a lot of critisicm from CrackBerry Nations against RIM's marketing. For the longest time, the critisicm was that there was a complete lack of it. Then as RIM ramped up BlackBerry commercials, the opinions have been mixed on a lot of it. The past is the past. What matters is that when the world stops to consider BlackBerry 10 phones, that the commercials make everybody -- even iPhone owners -- want to run out and buy it. Oh, and if you think you have a good idea for a BlackBerry commercial, why not show it to us by doing up a video for CrackBerry's BeBold Video Contest (you can win a trip to BlackBerry World!). 

In the end it's all about focusing on the user experience

RIM needs to massively step up its attention to detail on software. It's time to refuse imperfection. It's time to get rid of anyone who doesn't 100% "get it" in the company. And promote the people who not only get it, but grab the bull by the horns and execute!

We're excited to see what you can do, RIM. The TAT team has shown so much potential and we don't see the fruits of their labor in the PlayBook OS yet. Make sure they have a heavy hand at influencing BB10.

Kick ass and take names. You've got the potential. You've squandered your former lead. Is it within you to recapture some of it? If so, you'll have to change the way you focus on quality and user experience. This list is how we'll be holding you accountable.

Reader comments

Here's the List of Stuff RIM Needs to Solve for BlackBerry 10 to Succeed



Plus more experiences that are differentiated from the competition. A lot of this list is Catch Up in a lot of areas to the competition. BlackBerry 10 not only has to leave no gaps to the competition, but I'd also like to see some unique experiences that really show off the power of the platform that other competitors simply can't do. We know they're in there....

Kevin, I really hate it when you have articles like this (with feedback from BlackBerry consumers) to help RIM along. Yet you force people at RIM to keep checking the last pages to see new posts. Fix this!

It's like the pot calling the kettle black.

I was just typing something along these lines. I was a huge Blackberry fan but switched to iPhone almost 2 years ago when I realized it (and Android) was light years ahead of Blackberry (at least in terms of software). This article even blatantly points that out by basically wishing for Blackberry to get all the capabilities that iOS and Android have had for years. I'd love to see the gap closed and to have a compelling reason to switch back to Blackberry, especially for the hardware. I've played with a 9900 multiple times, and every time I say "man if only I could combine this hardware with the user experience of iOS or Android software." Also note that one of the AT&T reps in the store came up and laughingly said "are you really thinking about getting a blackberry?" Fail.

Unfortunately it feels as though RIM has fallen too far behind. Part of the draw of having an iPhone is that virtually everyone I talk to also has one, and we can stay connected in so many ways. Even my friends with Android are connected on the go via Words with Friends, Facebook messenger, etc. All i had on Blackberry OS 5 (aside from Facebook and Twitter apps that were virtually unusable) was BBM, which was great until literally no one I talk to had it anymore because they went iPhone or Android. I refuse to switch back to Blackberry until I can do it without feeling disconnected from everyone. And I know a lot of people that feel the same way. Thus, in my opinion, RIM's #1 goal has to be making a mobile experience that first and foremost allows its users to be connected and feel included. Not one that leaves them feeling left behind... again.

I agree and disagree with this. Everytime I see a FB friend post, "I've joined #teamiPhone!" I ask myself, what team? There is nothing that connects iPhone users together really... except for the apps they use to communicate. Words with Friends, Instagram, Draw Something, Skype, etc. They are how iPhone users communicate with one another. Not iMessage. So RIM needs to take that 100 million dollars they plan to use to market BB7 and use it to get the top 100 iPhone apps onto BB10. Even if it means offering each 1 million dollars and a years worth of technical support. They need to do it! The one thing that ties BB users together is BBM. It is a social network in itself. Take it to the next level! Integrated voice and video chat. The ability to update your BBM status and have it also update your FB status and Twitter as well. Or when you update your profile pic in BBM you have the option to send it to FB, Twitter, or Instagram. People love BB (even those no longer with a BB). Give them more of a reason to come back!

I suppose I didn't get my message across as well as I meant to, because you said exactly what I was trying to get at. I agree there really isn't anything special about iPhone in particular that brings its users together, it's the apps that iOS (and Android!!) have that Blackberry somehow doesn't. iMessage is really more of a gimmick than BBM is, although it is nice to use it over wifi when I don't have service (which is more often than I would like with AT&T). I loved BBM, but it still stands for me, personally, that it became useless because everyone I talked to on it switched away from Blackberry.

Just like you said, the number one priority for RIM should be bringing the social apps that allow users to be included! And the integration you mentioned is key, I think, as well.

Yes, and this raises the problem that a lot of RIM's functions are just theoretical things. RIM has this mindset that if they put in some sort of implementation of a function then users will be happy regardless of real-life applications.

BBM is one. BBM is useful only if I can contact people with it.

Another poster on here said something about lack of wifi usage in apps too, which is again very true.

There are so many things that need to be done manually that RIM thinks they would work because they are theoretically there and users only need to manually activate/adjust them and it is actually quite a lot of work for the users just to use the handset. Apple does exceptionally well in this. I can pick it up and I only need to do what I want to do with it, everything else are done automatically. I am seeing the same trend emerging in android.

RIM needs to think in a user's perspective, and RIM has been doing very poor in it since about 2 years ago.

"BlackBerry 10 not only has to leave no gaps to the competition, but I'd also like to see some unique experiences that really show off the power of the platform that other competitors simply can't do."

Yep. Look at the windows platform of phones. In a lot of areas, it has closed the gap between android and ios, but it hasn't sold. Blackberry needs to somehow differentiate themselves in a way that users NEED the device.

Matching competition won't make people leave their iphones or droid.

Can we PLEASE have this last sentence made into a BRONZE PLAQUE and sent to Thorsten??

"Matching competition won't make people leave their iphones or droid" Amen!

Catch up it is.

We're not asking for anything more than what the competition is doing.

I mean if they want to add extra features that the competition doesn't that's fine, but just be equal at least.

I am so interested in getting the Porsche but what's the point? I won't ditch out this money for a "standard phone"!

Please get your stuff together! PLEASE.

Kevin, can you please add Navigation to this list? I was completely blown away by the stock Android Navigation app on my wife's Galaxy S2 (sorry guys, I really tried to get her a second BB 9900).

Anyone who travels a lot & using a BB could really use the navigation feature if it were built in. What exists isnt user friendly and cant hold a candle to the existing apps out there.

If we were looking for a do-it-all device - I'm sure a lot of BB fans and myself included would pay top dollar if my BB were able to do this.

Blackberry Traffic is the app that they have already. It's pretty good and accurate, they just need to continue to develop it

It is absurd there is no good navigation app. Traffic has impressive features and performance, but it is absolutely ridiculous that it is not integrated with a map...I mean, are you kidding me? Waze is the same thing..impressive concept and features, and super update from beta in about a year I think. The recalculate performance is so slow, you have to stop driving to get a new route you can follow, at least on my 9850. Finally,I don't know if it is hardware, software or a combination, but the Gps is really poor on the playbook...that can't happen on the os10 platform.

+1 Navigation in Australia is non-existant. I can't even find BB Traffic. In 2012 it's kind of crazy not to have a pretty good (not even amazing!) voice navigator.

You already have BB Maps, surely it wouldn't be too hard to add turn by turn voice navigation? I know it already gives you directions so why can't it vocalise them?

On that, does anyone know of a good GPS/voice nav app that works in Aus? This is one area Android kicks serious butt in.

RIM: You need to ensure that the end-user experience in upgrading a BlackBerry 10 OS, and updating apps on your devices, and Desktop Manager on PCs, is as easy as Apple makes it to upgrade iOS, and update apps on its iPods/iPhones, and iTunes. One-click or touch, and its done. That's it. No fuss. That has been my experience with my iPod and my wife's iPhone. In contrast, I avoid ugrading/updating/downloading new apps from App World on my BB device. I have had infuriating experiences with errors and reset loops when doing so, requiring full-blown re-installations of the OS and apps, and painstaking re-entry of license keys and user preferences. This cannot possibly be good news for you, RIM, or for your developers and end-users. Solve these issues, RIM, and your dedicated users will remain loyal; and new ones will join the fold. Few, if any platforms, leverage more customization than yours, making the end-user experience on your devices--when they function properly--the best-in-class. Achieve what is proposed in this article, in users' comments, as well as ensure that your developers bring only first-class, state-of-the art BlackBerry 10 native and third-party apps to the "table," and the world will be your oyster, again, RIM.

+1 to this..

It's true the current updating process on BBOS just SUCKS!

Every time i meet with a friend of family with a BB, i notice how they have NO CLUE whatsoever of how to update the apps and OS on their poor BB phones... App World screaming for 21 - 50+ upgrades available and people just end up ignoring them... then on Upgrading the OS ... well we all know this is ONLY for highly experienced PC/BB users and geeks...


Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

Kevin, let's be realistic here. Consumers care about the look and feel of the device more then the actual functionality. They care about simplicity and usability. While most tech savvy individuals find the gestures to be cool on the PlayBook, the average consumer who's not tech savvy could care less about them. I travel 50 percent of time and I'm amazed to see 5-7 year old kids on a plane knowing how to use an iPad. It's simple.

Multitasking gestures on the playbook won't close the gap on Apple or Android. You have Apple working on iOS6 and the 5th generation iPhone and Android working on JellyBean. There is no way RIM can turn this around in such a small window of time. I'm sorry, but for RIM to survive they really need to be acquired or partner with Microsoft or Samsung. It's about the cool factor which BlackBerry has lost.

In terms of BlackBerry being the ultimate communication tool to users, BBM was the only thing that kept people connected. Guess what??? I remember having 120 friends and it went down to 35. You have cross platform messenger apps like PingMe Messenger that offers everything that BBM has. It's actually a-lot faster then BBM and it offers group chats as well. I've had a BlackBerry before CrackBerry launched and was riding with BB for years. It's time to hang it up folks, but of course the faithful will go down with the ship.

As much as this is a very hopeful situation for BB fans, living in Asia, we do realize that Samsung is extremely supportive of its country. There's some sort of national pride associated with the brand. The only real reason for them to have developed their os was the hope to have a Korean developed os.

It is really all but impossible for Samsung to purchase RIM's or uses BB os. This is just not Samsung at all to do it.

Windows, seeing they are developing a cross-device os and having a really focused directive and theme in the os, it is very strange to partner with RIM. In many areas, they are in direct competition with each other. Neither does any part of RIM fits in with the general theme and directive of the new gen wp/desktop oses.

Kevin, I really hate it when you have articles like this (with feedback from BlackBerry consumers) to help RIM along. Yet you force people at RIM to keep checking the last pages to see new posts. Fix this!

It's like the pot calling the kettle black.

Great list of must-haves. I agree 99%.

A top 5 for me is an awesome physical QWERTY BB10 with touch (along with short-cuts) to be released first or simultaneously with a full touch BB10.

Totally agreement! I would accept small glitches in BB10 when it will bei release with this awesome physical keyboard... But this is the point (and the wrong decision of RIM) there is noch device with BB10 AND physical keyboard planned for 2012!!!! So told to me directly from RIM Germany at the CeBIT (Trade fair) in March. So we have to expect just a iPhone 3 1/2 made by RIM...

Awesome and accurate list Kevin. One question tho, do you know if anyone at rimm like thorsten who comes to cravkberry to read things like this? Will this help? Or should we make a movement for this?

Chris wrote the article not Kevin........

I'm confident that RIM does check this site out here and there here. And I'm hoping that they understand their mistakes from the past aka the launch of the playbook that was missing apps and a bunch of basic functions that are expected right out of the box.

I think the key is in what the new CEO said. "Clear and achievable objectives (in evolving the OS and drawing top apps) and then working towards with total disregard to dictractions".
Whenever I use OS2 and imagine it on a handheld, I'm struck by how limited in functionality it actually is.
Someone was moaning that this article is campaigning for iOS and Android features but then, that is the competition and matching it is the absolute minimum not the objective. To fall short of that could be disastrous. Thereafter, RIM can lay on the BlackBerry magic on top which they clearly have to differentiate themselves.
So right now BB10 should be comparably functional at the least and as the immidiate objective and then tweaked in due course. BB10 cannot be slated for being 'incomplete' like PB OS 1.0 at any cost.

Take it further...make a movement! Because i know for a fact that sites like and other tech blogs are purposely blocked in RIM's internal infrastructure so that employees dont accidentally leak information when defending harsh comments. I dont know about upper management but they seem to have their heads up their asses anyways so this could actually help them out. Honestly though, if they haven't already started on most of these features by now, 5-6 months isn't long enough to implement for BB10 launch

"Because i know for a fact that sites like and other tech blogs are purposely blocked in RIM's internal infrastructure"
I know for a fact that they are not blocked.

#1 - attention to details, what makes a user unhappy about an experience, ( preceeved slowness/ lagg, crashing, poor rendering, can't have any of that in the core OS features, nor in high profile apps, they need testing before launch,

#2 - don't forget BlackBerry Strengths, notifications, short cuts, device wide integration, these make BlackBerry's wonderful, they need to be at least as good as BBOS 5, 6, 7, NO! Zero sacrafices,

#3 - Key app developer relationships, BB10 can't be the ugly step child when Angry Birds, gelaxtic attack comes out or what ever the next one will be, BB10 must launched at the same time as others, instagram, skype, dropbox, netflix, hulu, people care, and so does the media, they are crucial to BB10 success

#4 - Marketing based on FEATURES, there should be no relationship messages, people need to see what BB10 does, Tools not toys is a catch phrase for a leading company. Not something to regain market share.

Love your top 3.  Disagree on #4.


Facts tell.  Stories sell.  Marketing has to be based on stories that people tell themselves.  Marketing is about creating an emotional connection between a product and a person.  It's rarely about features.

It's just a whole lot easier to tell a great story when you have awesome features.  But don't market features.  Market benefits.  


I agree with you that Stories sell,

Except look at the BeBold Campaign, I'm more interested in cupcakes than the Blackberry.

Take a page out of the Apple book, and show me the phone, show me the content available, show me the phone, tell me about the phone, show me the phone.

we need people excited about BB10 the phone, the platform,

there is a commercial on TV right now, that is a 4 screen commercial that shows 4 people enjoying a bowl of cereal, kinda mixing all 4 faces into 1, splitting the bowl across all 4 in the middle, I look at that and think that could be a good foundation for a RIM commercial, but with focus on the product as much as the people

I agree with you here... I saw that cupcake ad, and by the end of it I just thought: so basically she only uses her BB for pictures for their costumers? What is she doing with her BB that sets it apart from other devices?

I am amazed by how many people do not know/use shortcuts and shortcut keys on the BlackBerry while I watch them use one. So many good features that no one knows about because they are only things that the 'hardcore' find out. :(

Let me add to this! 9900 is considered their "flagship" device why is it that lower end models have auto focus yet the 9900 doesn't! Why is it the 9810 not have NFC yet lower end models do? There are other examples but I'm simply using these examples.

At least have one device, maybe two that is loaded to the nuts with all the bells and whistles. Leave nothing out! If consumers are paying premium $ for for RIM's latest and greatest then let's have it be the greatest!

The lack of auto-focus on the 9900 bothers me. Seems like a no brainer that it had to have it, yet it doesn't. Painful lack of consistancy... And them there is the model numbering... So badly planned, it confuses people on what devices have what features.

And, of course, from the point of view of a developer, you must include a real API to develop apps. Not to point to a github repository and say "you could get those opensource libraries and use it in the playbook". No, we don't want to compile that source and have to deploy our apps with a 15+ mb library if it's already supported by the SO.

and don't forget - Initial phone start up time !!!

or REBOOT time no one wants to wait a year and a day for it to start up lol

Oh yes that was one of the reason I drop my blackberry. SMH why in the 21st century customer have to deal with craps like these. RIM deserves what they getting serioulsy. Shit like this should've been fix like 3 years but no RIM the douche that they are still have this amazing BOLD 9900 suffering from rebooting. I'm so frustratiing with RIM

I have a two year old 9800 and I never have to reboot it. I only reboot when I install a new app and I'm asked to reboot. I have noticed that devices on BES that don't have as many apps installed boot up much quicker than a consumer device that has many apps on it.

That's of very little concern to the majority of the users...saying that the system would run/boot faster if users do not install apps can apply to any os and is certainly not a very wise solution.

Full flash integration needs to be there at launch. It wil instantly seperate them from Apple, by delivering the entire web, not just someone else's determination of what you should have.

Advertising campaign? I'll give RIM a $1M idea for free. They must however, execute. - - The campaign is called "IT'S TIME". It not only plays on the known ability of BB users to quickly pull out their device and respond to anything. But it MUST build from there. It's time to have the complete web. It's time to get the any app you want. It's time to...CHANGE. See what I did there?

They already tried that with the initial promotion of the PlayBook.

Remember the "FLASH!!! Ahhh...ahhh!!!" TV ads using that Queen song with the tag line "It does Flash"?

Nobody cared.

Because the commercial sucked. It didn't connect with consumers. This is why they desperately need to hire a CMO.

Nobody cared 1. because it wasn't a handheld and 2. because it was missing so much else. But imagine the PB didn't have flash! It would long since have been buried. Imagine if the current BB's has flash; they would not have to rely on mobile applications for so much of the missing content, they could access it through the browser.

True, but HTML5 is trying to bridge that gap now. And, unfortunately, it was Apple that kind of forced that hand. Flash on a handheld is just not such a big deal anymore to most people. Android has had for a while for both phones and tablets. But even so, there are still separate apps for everything.

I agree that RIM should integrate Flash for both handhelds and the tablet. But, otherwise, it's kind of moot. Leave it as a bullet point in a list of features. But as a selling point, stick to the bigger picture.

1magine - tha's a clever slogan! 


It's time for a device that lets you multitask faster than you ever dreamed possible .... 


(and other "It's time for ..." stuff).


Then change up the way you use the expression to "It's time that we want to save.  BlackBerry saves time.  It's time to stop wasting time."


something like that ...


Flash actually p1sses me off on the PB because when browsing and trying to scroll i find myself accidentally clicking on a flash ad which then opens an new window. Balls. Flash ads don't seem to differentiate between scrolling and clicking so you have to find white space to scroll in. That's fricken annoying. Or is it just me?

How about the ability to transfer contact in a way that makes sense via bluetooth or at least give us infrared capability to do so! Where is my Push to Talk application for higher end blackberries??? Why on earth does AT&T have PTT on a lower end curve and not on the higher end torch-like blackberries? Who is it that you all are telling me that i should be talking too? I can PTT a budget minded consumer but talking to an executive is totally out of the question???

Actually that person who is telling you that you cant is your carrier. PTT is available on other carriers (verizon and the 9930)... I'd start bitching at the execs of AT&T before laying blame at RIM's feet

RIM needs to make a device that inspires. it needs to be an ICON. Hell I would call it that, The best of the BEST, the new BOLD ICON. Gorilla glass, sick battery life, kick ass radio's , instantaneous operation, and core apps with aggregation and integration deep into the hardware. I mean, I'm still pissed there is no video editor or garage band like apps for the playbook as it is right now!

And the Article is right, BBEZ, a one click experience that helps switch andorid, ios, and wp8 users over.

Agreed with everything Umiastowski, deRusett, and Michaluk have posted here. So close, but so far RIM! The minimal things they need to do have been listed, now we shall see if they will execute and/or exceed. As far as hardware goes, the Blackberry Blade mockup is what they need to release (tweaked or better) with the battery life of the Droid MAXX.

Agreed. There are 3 people in my house who would all have a Blade tomorrow if RIM actually made it.

Oh and a fully integrated mapping/navigation solution that is at least comparable to Google Maps on Android. An integrated weather app would be nice too. Oh - and live icons. How amazing would it be if the photo icon randomly showed photos in that directory - ditto for album art in the music icon. A live Facebook icon showing the pic and status of the latest post in your account. You get the idea.

Definitely agree on the upgraded BB Maps (been calling for it for a while now). Not a bad idea with the icons. Definitely a way to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Random photos for the photo icon...... there better be a way to select which sub folders the icon can show random photos from, lol, I'm sure there are some pics on everyones bb they don't want being on the home screen as the active icon. Great idea tho, especially for the media icons.

Registered just to be able to comment on this...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix the app loading process so I don't need to endure a 3 minute reboot after every app install or upgrade. I still don't understand why this happens when the competition (and, for that matter, the playbook too) simply loads a new app and runs with it.

Also, get Skype to make an app for crying out loud. Pay off whoever you gotta pay off, do what you gotta do. This has gone beyond ridiculous at this point.

And for me, that's it. Those two things alone would make my BB perfect.

That is all.

BB10 for Playbook. Let's make it the best at what it does, shall we? The Playbook is slated as great for media consumption, but frankly, it's not for music playback. Once you exit the Music player all your settings are lost like shuffle and/or repeat. Simple things. Most frustrating thing is, it lacks a graphic equalizer. I hope it can at least be as good as it's Blackberry smartphone counterpart. But don't get me wrong, i love the superb surround sound output from the speakers. Great hardware.

Now for video playback. You have a great advantage here but not capitalizing at it. With an Ipad you have to convert your videos or movies to mp4 and has to use itunes to upload, that sucks. I want the PB to offer a worry free experience. Although you can drag and drop videos, there's a good chance it won't playback as expected. It has to have AC3 audio support! A good deal of downloaded movies uses mp3 but AC3 is pretty dominant now. Won't an average person feel helpless if they found out there's no sound in a movie they tried to play on a PB? Most people don't know or don't have time to convert.

That definitely does suck (with regards to video). I know I've encountered it. They need to build upon all the advantages that they have.

Oh yeah - media issues. Hey RIM it's 2012 - FLAC has got to be natively supported. The addittion of audio and video codecs are not very advanced coding issues. This is a no-brainer. It's time to have our media without compromise or jumping through hoops of fire.

P.P.S. No more compromising among devices. A typical RIM approach has been that devices in the same tier get varying features. This is moronic. If its top tier make sure that it has all the features, don't put an HDMI out on one device and an USB3 port on the other.

Totally agreed! The new Curves (nothing new about them though) being rolled out in emerging markets has an FM radio but the Curves released already don't (even though they apparently can technically).

I agree with everything except for the integrated BBIDs, and here's why... Currently I use my Kobo account on both my PlayBook and my wife's PlayBook. That allows us both to share our libraries and not have to purchase everything twice. Same would apply to other media stores.

That's a great point. Very true.

I guess it depends on how RIM partners or chooses to build things on their own. I always felt the 7Digital music store on PlayBook wasn't all that clearly marked as such (it came across to me as RIM's music store...which felt more native like iTunes) vs. 3rd party. So then I expected BBID.  

But if they just clearly go with multiple partners, then managing separate accounts is the thing to do.  Just need a good last pass password keeper /manager installed!



How about they shout for the most integrated solution they could offer?

Allow app developers to add an entry into the native PlayBook Settings-Account area when you swipe down. So then you have a central place to add your email, twitter, facebook, 7digital, kobo, Zinio, etc... you name it.

That way even if you want to share an account with another user, you have that option but you also have the ability to use separate BBID's this way. BlackBerry has always been about integration, they can get there it will just take time.

PS-It should also be noted that two PlayBook's can use the same BBID's btw :)

That was a great summary of what needs to be done to make bb10 a hit. I know the pb was missing features because its a brand new os, but RIM needs to do all it can to accelerate its advancement.

They gotta make transitions smooth and quick, loading apps instant, and integration much much more advanced.

Things like:
- Being able to click on a date and instantly schedule a calendar appointment
- Click on addresses and load up maps
- having voice nav and maps in one app
Etc...ill try to think of more later.

Oh, and ENABLE BACKGOUND SERVICES with notifications for third-party apps. Do we really have to keep IM+, Facebook, etc. GUI windows open?

If RIM want to succeed, they will need more testers out in the field - pure and simple. There should also be a debug mode that will report any issues back to the authors of apps, just like android apps do. without this fixing issues will be a long process and this is something RIM does not have - TIME. The clock is ticking and very fast. RIM you have to catch up and really it will be an uphill struggle.

Agree. I'm so tired of hearing about the risk of corporate leaks. RIM needs to have beta testing start now. Not among it's hand-picked RIM testers, but pick a thousand or so experienced real BB users. There are 100s of thousands of registered Beta Zone users. Not to mention thousands of CB members who have been using BB handheld devices since before the 8700 days.

One thing that being on numerous boards has taught me is that once a consumer device or piece of software hits the masses, you begin to see it's true short comings. It's not just BB. So take a page from MS who throws out their Windows software to public beta tests early and often. Guaranteed that 1,000 real people testing a device over the course of a month will get the bugs worked out and show you where the UI and experience falls short.

I agree that a "public" beta or pilot test of the phones would be a great way to identify "real world" bugs. Use a hundred random beta zone users and make them sign non disclosure agreements and send them a phone. Let's face it, this will probably never happen but it would be very powerful. Hell, even if you sent a phone to the CB or Mobile Nations team for 3 months and fixed everything they identified you'd have a much stronger product. If anyone breaks the NDA you ban them for life from beta zone or app development/submission (i have no idea whether this is possible).

I'm sorry to say this, but thinking that the UI we see now on the playbook OS is what is needed to catch on, is very lacking in innovative thought. We have seen the same structure since iOS. Take a look at the Nokia Lumia 900. THAT's Microsoft UI is innovative. THAT'S something different from what we are accustomed to. By staying with a similar UI than we have seen I still think RIM is playing catch up to the competition. We need TAT innovative thinking to rethink what an UI should be. I dislike the static feeling of iOS and BBOS.

To be very honest, I worry if RIM can pull it all off. Moving to a new platform is hard for any company and RIM does not have the resources that Google, Apple and Microsoft does.

I am likely going to upgrade to an OS7 device soon because my Torch 9800 is slow. That said, I want to buy a BB10, I just have a feeling this will not be a smooth transition. I really hope I am wrong.

More OS power optimization is definitely needed. With the respectable 5,300 mah batteries, the PB should be running 10-12 hrs, not 7 hrs. Look at some Android tabs. They run up to 12 hrs on standard battery tests with even smaller batteries.

I totally agree, but I'm sorry to say that RIM will not do all this !
specially the apps part ! I don't know why dont RIM move quickly as other companies, windows phone has 70K apps now in there market !
app world has 70k but its in 3 years !!!

and in those 3 years big apps didn't find there way to app world, we previously sent emails to skype to bring there app to pb and RIM know that probably cuz some of there employees commented on this action but I didnt see any respond as a company from them !

I LOVE blackberry and I don't want to see the company dieing one day !

There's something RIM needs to have very very clear. BB10 is not going to compete with iOS5.1 or with Android ICS.

BB10 is going to be out by the end of the year, which means it will be compiting to the next version of iOS and Android. Thats the reality RIM needs to grasp. They have to make everything the competition has working now available AND new innovative stuff.

Unless Apple decides to overhaul the iOS system and create widgets or something, then there won't be that much different between what is already out and what will come out. Same goes for Android. Minor changes will probably be made to each, but nothing ground breaking.

The hurdle they will have to deal with is the new hardware for the next generation. iPhone 6 will be making its debut soon enough and Android quad cores will become more prevalent.

Windows Phone might actually do RIM a favor with their minimalistic operating system with low specs when it comes to the specs race (which is useless in my opinion as Android is the only hog that demands it). It shows that you don't need a quad core for every OS in order for it to function beautifully.

and you know what? Apple and android don't even really to innovate anything to grow anymore because they have developers behind their back. Even if there were no new os every year, 3rd party apps on these platforms developed each year with new functions is more than enough to move people away from RIM with RIM progressing at its current speed.

I agree... But seeing what they usually do, they will upgrade their retina for the iOS, making it beautifully more aesthetic and, of course, selling gazillions of units.

There is something that we have to be clear and it's that this is a race in which RIM will compete for the less saavy consumer, which is the biggest percentage of consumers.

For example I will use my country, Dominican Republic. Around two years ago, EVERYBODY, had a blackberry. From the poorest, to the richest, from people who used it to work to simply men who thought needed it to be able to ask girls their pin and stuff like that.

Those are the same consumers that have been trading their bb's for iphones or android. Their reasons: apps (funny enough when you ask which one they use, its the same that are in all devices), prettier photos, and the most important reason because iphones and android phones are the trend. I mean, I had a friend who switched to a Samsung Galaxy S2 from a BB, and had the balls to complain to phone company because he never got connected to 4g. We DON'T have 4g in the Dominican Republic!!!!!

RIM needs those prettier pictures, needs those apps, simply because they need to be trendy again. They need to innovate too, be visually appealing. Remember, its all been downhill since OS6 and nothing they've done since then has helped at all.

I am totally with this But Rim needs to do something with BBM,DON'T LET IT DIE INTRODUCE BBMV BLACKBERRY MESSENGER VIDEO .LET us have video chat over bbm .I think that would be a huge bonus instead of the minimal updates they keep putting out there .

1. Get rid of the trackpad button and get a D-Pad rocker like the T-Mobile Dash had. With it you can scroll all over the screen without ever lifting your thumb off the button. Or, at least surround the current pad with a 4 direction rocker. Huge.
2. Better data agreements with your carriers. 4GB will never be enough data in the wireless world. ATT anybody?

I strongly encourage RIM to hire kevin as CMO. Whether he have the qualification or not, what RIM needs right now is people who really believes in the future of the company.

I would help out in my own way at the same time, I've already managed to evangelize 7 people to switch over from iOS and Android to BBOS (4 from iOS and 3 from Android) this year.


RIM needs people that believe in it's future and that have objective input into it.
I don't know if hiring Kevin as CMO would be in order, but to keep him around as an advisor or consultant is more among the lines of what I'm thinking.

RIM needs to listen to it's community. RIM can't forget about it's old following with a lot of people carrying around 8310s in Central America and 8520s in Southeast Asia.

Current Blackberries should be dirt cheap. There should be a 100$ handset (no contract) with 2-4GB of storage, 256 RAM, BB 6 or BB 7 and SD card slot. Where carriers can use to sell messaging and BIS plans at dirt cheap prices on other countries and right here in the good ol USA. Blackberry should be king in prepaid market.

Why isn't this happening yet?

This is totally wrong at this moment in time to hire Fanboys and that was the mistake RIM made when they hired Thorsten Heinz. Do not take anybody from the inside , take somebody from the OUTSIDE !! He knows what is wrong and what is needed. A Fanboy is blind by his addiction to BB phones. Just look at Lizaridis and Balsillie ! They blew it !

RIM has to pull a rabbit out of the hat to succeed.
To do that they need to get 3 things !! APPS, APPS and APPS ....(Netflix , Skype, ....) !!

Great article...can't find a single thing I disagree with.

And as a side note, this is precisely the sort of constructive criticism RIM needs; no company...not RIM or anybody else..benefits from the blind loyalty that comes from the fanboy. Customers, whether new customers or long time users, need to be critical of what needs change (in addition to positive about what works). That's what I see in this article.

Sadly, if this same article were written by a registered user, and posted in the forums, the user would be branded a troll, and the thread closed. Especially with the back-and-forth reference to the iPad.

Hopefully they will listen as this list needs to be addressed, and probably more than this too. The key here RIM is to do what the end users want first and make those the priority. Listening to CIO's and Carriers does not get you the end user. The end user and making them happy should now be your number one priority, especially in a world rapidly moving to BYOD!

First of all rim need to release in the future all the firmupdate in the same date around the world. Second cpu have to be fast fast faster then fast... Display buy it also to samsung dont try to buy somewhere in a smal chinese garage... Then stop beta zone here or there.. More secrets bettet. More marketing bettet bettet..., dont change every os also the icons... Battery lifeeeeeeeeeee must be same befire ... Before is you see bb you you think b=best . b= battery .... Music store the same around the world.. switzerland nothing, usa yes...... And????
i love rim devices so go go go. Sorry for my english

Shortcuts are needed. Im now at the bottom of the page on mt playbook and it will be quicker to close the tab and open a new one then to try and scroll to the top. Luckily it put me at the top after posting. But ive gotta do a lot of scrolling t get back to where i was.

I'd like to see better synchronization between Bridged Messages and the native messages, it's quite annoying having to open the message twice. You can say that I can disable bridged messages, or not use the native, but once the native app boots it is well organized and fun to use, and it's useful to be able to open a message from your phone on the PB to show others.

Maybe set it so that if it's on wifi all messages are read through the native app, and when only bridged they come through the bridged app.

How about location based task enabling ??

The phone could go into bedside mode when the GPS tracks that its in my Bedroom @ 10 PM (yes even your bedroom has co-ordinates as its based on geo-coding) - if I had flexible rules to configure this, it would be great!!!

Another could be - search and autoconnect to bluetooth audio when the GPS senses motion. If no bluetooth audio's available - enable louder ringtones and default the phone speaker as the audio source. See maa - no hands!!

I know the Droid RAZR touts location based tasks as a great feature. Would be great if my BB 9900 had this. But out with the old and in with the new - GIVE IT TO US IN BB10??

I agree 100% with that list. While I love my pb I do get extremely frustrated with it for all those reason you said. If they do not fix them before bb10 I would go absolutely insane if my smartphone did what my PB does. I'd never send another email, check the web because I'd want to smash it against the wall.

I am seriously worried that the new phones will be sluggish, crash happy devices. The hardware on the PB is good and still can not run it smoothly so how much tweaking to the OS needs to happen?

The only thing I'd like to see added to your list is more intergration with apps. So for example bbm music. Why can't I get this on my PB, why can't I get that content to stream over my home network or home stereo? I like the service but I can only enjoy it from my phone??

Good luck and I hope it works out. I live in Cambridge (next to Waterloo) and I'd hate to see the fallout if they can not deliver a solid device.

"Apps need to respond faster "

Can't fix that without a ground-up rewrite of the OS to be touch-centric. That's not going to happen, so BB10 (and Android) just need to count on the spec race to eventually deliver hardware that reduces the lag to unnoticeably low levels.

Until then, best bet is to deny it. Listen to the Android folks, they'll tell you "There is no lag, and besides it's not that bad, and besides all phones have lag".

Signed, RIMvanWinkle
In my world, it is ALWAYS 2006

Galaxy Nexus has no lag...seen my colleague used it, absolutely no it may or may not mean something about other ICS devices...

I disagree.  I think they have just been coded poorly.  The podcast app, for example, is slow to load but then seems to hang while thumbnails (artwork) loads.  That should be coded with lower priority or cached from last-load.  Lots of options. 

Kevin, you are still missing that boat on what is needed here.

First, the current Java BB implementation model is very cellular data oriented. With the cellular companies eliminating unlimited data, BB need to make all of it's apps WiFi friendly. It makes no sense that most of the App Store applications are cellular vampires, either sucking down data in the background or no honoring my WiFi connection. The Android Store has proxy apps that let you limit access to 3G data but it should be built into the base BB app permission model. RIM should not accept any app into the Store that does not allow for a WiFi access only option.

Secondly, RIM also need to allow customers to purchase the NOC services a-la cart. If I want secure email, let me directly pay RIM $3 a month for it, $1.50 for BBM, etc. Consumers are no longer willing to pay a higher bundled price for services that they no longer care about.

The Enterprise bundle needs to be one selling option and the consumer ofering should be pay as you go for the services you want. It makes me crazy that RIM allows the USA providers to make the BB NOC services part of the data plan. I should be able to obtain the NOC services separately from the data plan just like RIM offers in the Emerging Market countries.

I love my BB but hate the implementation. I have used BB, Palm, and Android devices. BB is the best communications device hands down but as a consumer device it is a abject failure. RIM needs to abandon the Enterprise centered model or they will be a finished like WebOS and Meego (Sorry Derek).

Totally disagree! I'm actually glad that carriers have bundled the BB services charge into their data plans. In the US, the plans for BBs are the same as other smart phones. RIM is making their money, but we consumers are paying less. I use to hate having to pay an additional fee on top of my data plan to use BIS. This is a total win for us!

I do agree about all apps being able to run on Wifi though.


2. why can i not answer a phone call pfrom my playbook if it can notify me that a call is coming in, why can i not answer the call from it?! i bought one of those hp tablets when they discontinued them for 99$ and it will allow me to answer calls using my tablet. what is the point in letting me know a call is coming in but then not let me answer it!?

For the messaging application... these 2 fixes are needed for the new phones and the PlayBook.

1.) When I click on a link, I get an alert... "do you want to open blah, blah, blah in your browser?" - I get the potential security implications with clicking on a naughty link... but 99.9% of the time I fully intended to click on the link.

Please make it an option to turn the warning off, or remove it completely... it currently just slows me down.

2.) When I click on an email message, mark it as read immediately. Or provide a configuration option for this to set the time needed to mark as read. I get a lot of "notification" email that I may want to see, but most times I just want to "touch" it to mark it as read.

Otherwise I can't wait to see the new devices!

My PlayBook Boot time is usually around 5 minutes. Ever since updating to OS 2.0, I feel my PlayBook has been behaving like an OS 6 BlackBerry. Freezing and crashing apps. Epic load time for BlackBerry App World and the Podcasts apps is why I generally avoid using those apps. I browse the Apps catalog from my PC. It shouldn't be like that!

I can't believe I still can't email/upload pictures from the picture viewer. Talk about bare-bone app. Sigh . . .

This is a great list of recommendations. Its just sad that it had to be made at all. 90-100% of these tasks better be checked off for BB10's launch. The CONSUMER, not just RIM< can't wait another year after device launch for a "coming soon" update that promises these features

Wow, I agree with this list, but it sure makes me lose a little faith that RIM will be able to deliver. My only hope is TAT's involvement. There are basic features that, if implemented, could leapfrog the competition in terms of UI. The rest is less important. Remember, the iPhone and iPad launched at a time when flash was the standard for web based content, and no one seemed to care they couldn't view half the web. Now admittedly, if RIM did such a thing in a different area, the press would destroy them...

Custom Dictionary, Auto Power On/Off, Bedside Mode, Multiple Alarms, Notepad, pretty much every setting in the BBOS7's options lists should be on BB10, without that it's not the customizable blackberry we all like. I had hide pictures, back up contact, and everything without downloading apps. If all these paid apps make other phones EPIC. throw em on the blackberry as native FREE FREE apps.also, allow MKV with subtitles, heck, just throw VLC and MEdia Player Classic on there.

This list is a good start. I would only echo the sentiment that compelling marketing is a must. We mostly focus on what RIMs weaknesses are, but the playbook does have features and capabilities the competition hasn't even thought of yet. Marketing these strengths in a compelling way is essential. Playbook unfortunately has some negative press to overcome, but BB10 can and should be a clean slate for RIM. I personally think there's a window of opportunity here for RIM to survive, but they have to be hitting on all cylinders and they can't overlook anything.

Just a point about "wifi file sharing" - it is most certainly not that has the culprint in the poor battery time when in standby. The culprint is the native email program. With native email on, I get one day of use. With native email off, i.e., I completely remove all of my email accounts so that there is nothing on the device and my usage pattern has not changed - I get easily three days of use. Put the native email back on, it the battery starts draining and I'm back to one day of use. For both times, wifi file sharing is always on so that I can drop things from my laptop to the Playbook anytime I want.

Regarding the rest of the article; I agree completely with you. Sadly, at this point in time, give what we have seen from RIM's history to date, anyone who thinks that even 1/10th of this is going to happen is living in la la land.

You were doing well until your final paragraph; new CEO has been implementing changes including changing people who head up different parts of the company such as the software is now headed by the QNX executive. They have had two releases OS 2.0 and Fusion on time.

Even on the earnings call there were notable differences between how RIM did business and are now doing business.

This was a great article. Last few main page articles were pretty questionable, like pushing a moderators app the other day without saying what it did, but this article was spot on. Very nicely done.

(Please read my whole post before jumping on me)
Last night I downloaded Instagram on my Android Phone (that I purchased after my 9700 got bricked after dropping it from my pocket). I must say it's my favorite App right now along with TuneIn Radio Pro. However I can't understand how RIM didn't push as hard as Android does to get this app and the ones like it on App World. My situation is that I finally ordered my 8520 (I wasn't planning on buying a 9900 if BB10 is so close to release) and I'm waiting for it to come in the mail.

Even though the user experience on the 8520 will be far superior than on this cheap android phone I have to say I'm going to miss Apps like INstagram, Tumblr, Trillian (which is free on Android)...the only app that I will not miss will be Twitter. BB has a far superior Twitter App, maybe with less bells and whistles but much more usable and smoother.

I need Blackberry 10 to bring all my favorite CONSUMER APPS into the game and they need to be as smooth and functional as the Twitter app. Users want fully functional smooth apps.

Very veryy verry good article, everything you wrote is the god honest truth, but will they do it, i dont know, i have mad doubts

Here's an idea:
Only 2 models. 1 with a physical keyboard. 1 touch screen. Make them both high end products. Stop making developers have to develop their apps for so many models.

Agreed with developers having to develop for less models. But, why the need for a touch screen model when the keyboard model will undoubtedly be touch screen as well?

Because, an an iPhone user hoping to switch to BB10, I do NOT want a physical keyboard. I do, however, want the option for those that do.

Totally agree with you. With this implementation they would reduce costs, concentrate on producing inventory of parts for less devices, allow to develop less versions of apps for internal and external developers, focus more on software and functionality than hardware.

Great list guys. A few notes in addition to this.

1. BB OS needs to keep-up with what it's really good at (messaging) while making the technology current. This means:

-BIS needs to either die, or become an option. There's no reason why eMails can't go direct to IMAP accounts, etc.. when on WiFi, etc..
** This would allow carriers the option of selling BB devices to consumers in either lower-cost BIS configurations or full-data non-BIS.
** I realize BBM is a special case. Treat it that way.

-Messaging needs to be snappy and rock-solid. Users must have a choice of a keyboarded BB10 device if they want it (RIM would be smart to also have a keyboardless slab)

2. PIM. I can't stress this enough. Every other smartphone maker has dropped the ball on PIM (Calendar, Tasks, Contacts & Notes). Although my current BB (v.5) implementation & sync tools are sub-par, it's still the *best out of the box* option for any smartphone. I had to pay $$ to make my WebOS device handle PIM properly.
** If you want to keep the attention of Enterprise users: build-in full Exchange (BES) PIM integration and non-exchange using BB Desktop at a minimum.
** Ideally, think of better ways to handle this (BB Cloud service, tied to BB PIN, WiFi sync between BB device and 3rd-party client like Outlook, BB Device broadcasting a local website which can be browsed & managed by a WiFi connected computer, etc...)

I want RIM to succeed. Unlike many of the other CB members, I am NOT a BB daily-user. It's my work-phone. There are days I want to fling the device across the room ... because it's frustrating, slow & archaic. But: when it comes to messaging: nothing touches it.

Bring the messaging power to BB10. Make BB10 modern and enjoyable. Don't wreck the good things you have already. Good luck.

First RIM needs not to compromise all the things they are "Known" for 1) Security 2)reliabilty 3) Business friendly 4) long battery life

To add to Chris article

1- BBM needs to fully functionable at lunch and fuse to the PB video chat app, these two needs to get married, embodies the RIM 1+1= 3

2) No Front face cam, RIM can kiss chunk of customers good bye

3) Have to lunch 2 type of device at lunch one All touch and one Bold form factor with at least 3.2 screen

4) BB10 shouldn't be a new platform in the eyes of customers(although it is) it should feel like its the continuation of the current BB 7 OS. Why? people loves familiarity,reluctant to new things

5)MARKETING----- By all means avoid the marketing flop in their recents ad i.e the the two teenagers, the lady with a 10000000000 emails to read, the robot lady in the playbook. Instead it should be like the Bold/PB ad where the guy ask his girl to marry him and also RIM moving pictures along dont tell a full story.... have a voice in the back ground walking people through the image
i.e in the recent BOLD/PB proposal ad, the dude use the bridge capability to view the pictures to his from his PB. People who left black years ago, people who never used a bb before and people who had never used the bridge feature had no clue what functionality the gentleman use to get those pictures from his phone to his PB. Make it selling point by someone telling us it's selling point.

5) MARKETING conitued. I don't own a PB nor do I own a black berry phone(Iswitched to Android since RIM was taking its sweet time to release an all touch screen device ugh) but few of my friends own the new BOLD but whenever I mentioned PLAYBOOK theysaid what is that. I replied Black Berry tablet and they strocked back at me and said" BB make those too I only knows of the Ipad"(I get very angry in those situations like wtf RIM)
Then I said you need to get the PB it will complement your Bold nicely, They always answer "No I am getting an Ipad" Isaid why? They said cuz everybody say its good and I never knew the BB make PB(this = if the PB was good it would be popular and I would've heard of it and maybe then I would think of buying it and things get popular by people talking about it that the maker advertise the shi@#t out of it)

6) RIM unless you planning to make a separate product from BB please ensure that product get its names root from Black Berry. It's good Idea because BLACK BERRY is to RIM vice versa. The PlayBook was the dumbest name for a tablet in the RIM case. This is the reason why noone flocking to buy your tablet at the rate that apple zombies going to get their next icrap products. Take a look at Apple, they made iPOD, iPHONE, iTOUCH and bang the iPAD or lets Take Samsunbg best selling phones are 90% Galaxy brand i.e Galaxy, Galaxy s 4G, Galaxy 2, Galaxy Nexus , Galaxy Tab etc.... CrackBerry nations gets it, customers get it (subconciously) why the F RIM doesn't get it. WHy not name your tablet Black Berry Tab(let) Black Berry Pad, Black Berry Book or the BlackTab or the BlackPad or the BlackBook or BBtab or BBpad or BBbook but no let's call it PlayBook and people will automatically knows its from BlackBerry. I am a tech fan so I know your PB but my friend the loan officer which own a bold doesn't have a clue what the hell is a PB. By the way for business purpose the PB armed with a bold is a heck of a business tool, ther first Professional grade tablet in my opinion, not the ipad or aka oversize iTouch.

7) getirdone... I mean if that phone don't come out by september, yes I mean BB10, then RIM is freaking dead and I will have to occupy their HQ. get the phone out with specs at least on par with whats outthere. Make sure the phone is 100% customer friendly 100% Business 100% entertainment(game, movies(netflix) leisures, skype etc) 100% tool to get things done


They need 3 form factors Bold with screen and keyboard, full touch and Torch 9810 slider style which blends both of the above devices together. I will have a hard time buying a BB10 device without it being a slider. There are a lot of users who agree with this as well.

I really don't think at this point producing a lot of devices is safe. They need to be cost functional in this last opportunity they are having. You have an All Touch, Bold style and slider style? Make sure BB10 is excellent enough so that you can take out your least selling model out of the equation.

If you left blackberry for another device, trust me, it wouldn't be a slider. If RIM makes their BB10 device appealing enough, you will stick with a bold or all touch form.

Isn't Evernote already available in AppWorld? I do recall installing it. I probably haven't used it in several months however, but it has been available for quite a while!

Lots of interesting suggestions or issues that were raised. The only one that I could point to and say "Not that big of a deal" to me personally would be the boot time. But that has more to do with the fact that I always have it in Standby-the battery consumption point is very spot on... they need to seriously improve that for sure!

yes, but Evernote on BB only contained very little of the functions on the other I deleted it...don't know if it's improved

PLEASE, PLEASE make sure RIM leadership gets a copy of this. PLEASE!!!!! Can you make this a petition list for
ALL Crackberry users to sign and get it handed over to RIM? PLEASE!!

I totally agree and I really hope RIM is reading this. I also want to be blown away by the hardware. The difference between my 9700 and my 9900 was CRAZY. Scrolling through facebook or twitter used to be ugly and now is nice and smooth. I think the whole phone needs to be like this. Nothing should have to be waited on. Lets make sure the hardware with this phone is amazing. The BlackBerry Blade concept is the closest thing to a BB dream come true that I can think of.

Honestly, if these kinds of requests can't be met PLEASE don't release the phone. Save your time, money and resources because I'm happy with my 9900, but next time I drop over $700 on a piece of technology, I want it to be flawless and impressive in every aspect. This CANT be overlooked. BlackBerry 10 needs to bring back the reputation RIM once had in the mobile phone world.

When I go to a meeting about new mobile software, I don't want the list of supported devices read: "iPhone, iPad, Android and some other platforms". BlackBerry should be number one, top of the list.

Lets get it right this time guys :D

Can it run background apps? I use apps like Find My Phone, BerryBuzz, BerryWeather (for it's dynamic wallpaper) is this even possible on this "savior" OS? Or are we losing MAJOR features here? hell can apps even integrate? even if apps can run in the background can BerryBuzz tell who's emailing me? What about binding to the volume keys? I use MediaKeyBooster in conjunction with ShortcutMe. Are amazing apps like this going to fall by the way side in exchange for completely "WHAT WE GIVE YOU IS WHAT YOU GET NOW SHUT UP AND LIKE IT" from RIM?

Background apps NEED to happen, and they need to be able to integrate in my opinion. Or else for me, in my user experience opinion, BB10 will pale in comparison to BBOS

Congratulations, Chris. Your post just pushed the OS release date back at least another 3 years.

Sadly - this may not be far from the truth. RIM is slowest to market with updated tech than any other phone manufacturer or platform designer. Think about the aquisition of QNX, and the release of the Playbook OS 1.0. The BB10 handsets are still at least 6 months away. This OS is not even ready to be put on early BB10 hardware.

Not sure why anyone thinks RIM will pull this out. They still don't have a 7.0/7.1 theme studio out yet.

And I'm sorry to tell you this, but that should stay that way. RIM realized how poignant OS7 has been for consumers. So please, don't waste any more time adding functionality, just make sure they are available with the release of BB10.

Don't waste time on a theme studio for OS7 if it will sacrifice the availability of theme studio for OS10.

I agree with everything but add a core feature of Caller I.D enbedded into the OS. I hate buying apps that sometimes don't function properly take Caller I.D. Reader For example. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Same for TEXT to Speech Recognition. Android already has that with the mic incorporated into their message feature. I NEED this for BB10. I've already tried and paid money for these type of apps that don't function right! Also need to fix the way apps are installed. I had to wipe my 9900 device back to factory settings because my Calendar App was not opening at all and it would freeze my phone but after installing my apps again, I Noticed BerryWeather The Full Version was NOT Available for my device. WHAT is up with that? Why should I have to Repay for the Full Version WHEN I already had it prior to wiping and setting it back to factory settings? All my other apps I didn't have to repay, but BerryWeather? No! This needs to be fixed. There are No excuses for BB users to have to Repay for apps if they have to wipe their phone OR even have to pay for an upgrade on an app. That's just dumb. BB Users bought the app for a reason and don't want to have to pay for an upgrade. OH and Fix the Notification Bar to where the icons disappear after a message or some notification has been read. It's ridiculous to have to reset the phone or pull out the battery just so those icons will go away. No stickies!

Looks like RIM is really trying. There are more than 50 R&D jobs posted on their website within the last 7 days.

RIM also needs to show the power of their product in marketing, both for work and play.

I own a small business and thanks to my PlayBook and the Bridge my laptop is almost completely an afterthought, and that's with an OS 5 phone! As soon as BB10 comes out RIM needs to be out of the gate showing just how their product line works to help people be productive. I can get directions to the client and inform them of my ETA via BlackBerry Traffic, look up my manuals on the PlayBook, and then order what I need before I walk out the door. The product needs to be relevant to people.

Get a timeline for the release, start getting people to pay attention and make sure the launch, hardware, and applications are bulletproof and let's get RIM back into people's minds as a player in the mobile market!

This is a great wish list that I too need to see in place but I don't see any reason why these features won't be there. RIM is inventing a whole new platform. PBOS2 is just the first tiny step IMHO. They have a long way to go and a short time to get there. There is a huge amount of features and functionality missing but I am confident it will be there in BB10. PBOS2 is pretty awesome now even in its infancy.

I really don't see the need for a memory card anymore. The BB10 model should at minimum have 16gb of storage (and as a premium device should really come with 32gb). The average consumer will NEVER need more then that. The added space needed for an card reader will only take away from other aspects of the device, not to mention the memory controller needed and it's drain on battery life and slower data transfer.

that would be worrying...suggesting low camera resolution, and lack of apps...

let's not forget BB10 will not be running those light apps in BB7> oses....

I have a 32 gb phone that is full. I've had to delete content, where otherwise I could just swap cards. You put an 8mp camera on this thing, throw on your music, some apps, if like me you have kids, then games and movies and 32 gb starts to look pretty limiting.

Trust, that you are the exception and not the rule. All premium competing smartphones have 16gb minimum. Only a few have 32gb as their minimum. If the #1 smartphone in the world doesn't have an SD card port, then it's obviously not a big enough necessity for users and the storage configurations are adequate.

How. About this? My browser keeps cropping out! The only way to get it back is to shut it down, reboot wifi and try again. It says I have wifi, but I don't.
How about a way to automatically send error reports to rim when they occur, wherever they occur?

Implying RIM will actually fix bugs... Just look at how many leaked OS's and months go by before they even fix the smallest bugs in the BBOS. If they ever do...

Stop fragmentation of regional 1st Party Apps!

In the UK:
No podcasts app on PlayBook
No BlackBerry Traffic on BlackBerry
BlackBerry News only recently made it into the UK
And Others...

There's a lot they need to be doing.

And I agree about the boot time. Why do we have to wait for the Android player to load before we can use it? What is taking so long that can't be put into a background process while people start to use the thing after a reboot? It's obscene.

I don't think this is all fixable. I wonder who many blackberry users crackberry has driven to other platforms?

I was going to forgo the Lumia 900 until after the BB10 leaks but this article really has me thinking , why wait. This list seems insurmountable.

what happened to your "playbook is a rock solid bad ass tablet with the best mobile OS out there, bar none" attitude now? Didn't you ridicule everyone on this site for saying anything that is against RIM and called everyone trolls?

Maybe this is also an opportunity for you to reflect on what you did and how many people you offended.

People come on here to discuss what could be done better and you tried to destroy any conversation that shows any sign of this.

You are certainly a contributor for helping RIM NOT realizing their problem when it was still fixable.

All good points but what about the phones? I have a 9900 right now and the only thing I hate is the camera. If the bb10 bold doesn't have 10mp with auto focus I'm goons grab the iphone 5.

The thing is take any gnu/linux distro like ubuntu, if you could run ubuntu on the playbook you would be able to do more with less. QNX strenght is not used by RIM. Playbook UI is bloated 500mb of ram to run the system. With optimized software I can run a desktop with about 100mb of ram (GNOME 3 with few services). I need more stuff like tools to connect to server (NFS,SFTP,Windows share), then games. It's not a win to have 1GB of ram if PB OS 2.0 use more then half for basic task.

The playbook browser is powerfull, but you don't buy a enterprise tablet for a browser.
The playbook miss communications app like Instant messaging.
it miss tools the adobe pdf reader is a bad joke.
The youtube app is less usefull then the browser on
Kobo reader...
Bing map could never find my location... very useful.
The battery life is poor ...
there's no search tool, the file manager only "see" supported format.

I think RIM should write more app for user since third party do not care that much about the playbook. Dropbox and skype do not support us ? Well let's make the a network app that connect to your dropbox account. The account connection could be system wide so no more manual connection to facebook app etc. BBM could be a chat client like pidgin supporting a lot of protocol.

I don't get it. RIM market PlayBook as enterprise Tablet, but give user 2 free games preinstalled and 2 more for PB OS 2.0 launch . Okay i don't get it!

Don't get me wrong. I like this tablet, but I wonder if RIM likes it as much as it's fans. This thing is almost a laptop it's strong, but too raw.

Great article. I saw a tweet from Alec Saunders today responding to another tweet, and the jist of his tweet is they are using QNX Car to entice the development of apps like Netflix and Pandora. It makes sense. All of these media providers will want to be in the car as it becomes another venue where people consume media. And given QNX's presence in the car, there is no reason why they should not want to develop to QNX. I think this same logic should go for apps like Skype - think about it, being able to Skype using the infotainment system in your car. Alex Saunders gets it, and to be honest, if not for his presence, I would not have much faith. I also think they could use a savvy business mind like Chris U around RIM's campus - but I get the feeling he is too happy not having a full-time gig.

I completely appreciate the effort...but it's kind of hilarious reading it on print...

Skyping while driving...that sounds like the potential number 1 leading cause of car accident in the future...

In iphones and androids there is notification center but it's sort of isles in blackberries. Also I don't think that options should use the bezle. If rim could put messaging center in space of options on main screen it would solve all of the problems.

That would be awesome. I have a pearl loner phone right now while my 9900 is getting fixed and the bbm on it compared to testing is 100times better. Ibdidnt have bb back then but I understand why it was so huge. Because everything else ducks in comparison.
But now testing is almost as good as bbm, visually and functionally. Ontop of that emailed, twitter, Facebook, whatsapp, and 1000 more ways you can message the people you need to. What separates bbm apart? Just thread notification, nothing else. It needs more innovation to remain a selling point

I bought two Playbooks and they are just bad, if not marginally horrible product. I can't even annotate PDF files which is essential for business application!

I think RIM should get out of making hardware, sell it off, and focus on enterprise solutions and consulting instead. Take a look at and follow the path of IBM. It doesn't have to be BIG to be successful! Knowing how and when to scale down and retain niche market would ultimately determine the survivability of RIM.

Yes, I bought two iPads (reluctantly) to fill the gap. I tried Android before going iPad, but it's no match with the iOS, yet.

RIM needs to read this an all the comments this is great free research!! Listen to the people that want you to succeed!!

I agree with those who want RIM to set themselves apart from the rest and not just "catch up". With that goal in mind I would definitely not drop the physical keyboard. Personally, I use the torch 9860. And I'm much more comfortable with that virtual keyboard. I love the look of the bold keyboard but everytime I try it I make tons of mistakes..... But most keyboard fans love the Bold keyboard! Key boards are the one thing RIM is tops with, it's a niche and RIM should own it. Another thing I would do to help set RIM apart from the rest is to make BB as customizable as possible. This serves a few benefits. 1, it sets RIM as far apart from apple as possible as Apple is very one size fits all, we know best, simple layout simple device. Allow the users to really take control of their digital environment and empower them. Even if not everyone is looking to customize their phone, it still provides an angle for marketing. A way to set BlackBerry apart from the rest.

Oh, and add some arrow keys to the keyboard. The playbook doesn't have an optical trackpad and inserting the cursor in the right spot to fix a mistake is painful. A forward delete option like on the torch would also make life easier. But dragging around that glitchy blue tab grinds my gears.

Yes, this article really deserves some praises. The editorial angle taken is certainly the general sentiment of the BB fans and it's quite obvious from the comments on here.

RIM really need to understand how dire of a situation they are in, and they are not just slightly behind. They are so far behind from even having the basics that they do need to put in 200% effort to make this work and make this work quick.

The catastrophe caused by releasing the Playbook as a largely incomplete product does not mean doing the polar opposite (taking an extreme amount of time to get things working) is correct. They need to put in effort, not just time.

Again, thank you for this wonderful article which expresses the sentiments of a lot of us readers.

Don't know if anyone mentioned it, but RIM needs to add support for the Playbook through Blackberry Protect as well. What a pain, to loss your device and not be able to track it down with BB Protect!!!

I have a blackberry smart phone that is not too smart. It does what it has always done well or good. Everything else LACKS. People are not buying BLACKBERRIES and you don't give them a reason too.

Your Marketing SUCK really Suck BB10 I really really don't care. The only one excited about your BB10 are yourselves and those that care about software. Most of us care about devices PLEASE come up with a device and push the hell out of it and not any of the names that you currently use, something exciting new and fresh. People were kind of excited about the Playbook but that excitement dried. when I am out and about most people are surprised blackberry has a tablet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???







I have a Torch. Is a Torch with BB10 a reason to go buy. NO NO NO!!! All the kids should be saying Yo!!! you see the new blackberry, I can't wait for that to HIT.

Look at other devices see what they have and be simply better. It doesn't not have to be all hardware BBM, SKYPE, NETFLIX or Blockbuster take the lead. The time is now Thorsten as you guys like to say BE BOLD.

There a number of items that need to be added IMHO:
- RIM must develop passion to create a really outstanding product. When looking at BB7, I got the feeling that they developed a 'that'll do' attitude. Users must feel the fashion in the very first second.
- The browser must give the Android and iOS a really hard time. Currently, the browser is far behind competition.
- A runtime environment for legacy applications. At least basic BB7 apps should be available on BB10.
- Outstanding developer tools. This goes partly back to my first point. They should have a look at Apple XCode or MS Visual Studio.

my main thing with RIM is the following...

1-smoothness and fluidity of the OS, no sluggish OS behavior, no taking minutes to open APs or sluggishness browsing through photo etc, fluid!! Windows Phone 7 and iOS and top notch in this regard.

2-Amazing web browsing experience, again... my storm was the worst phone ever when browsing!!! Things may have changed with BB7.0 but still not good enough.

3-Bring on the apps!!!!! Having the app Eco system make or break a phone.

4-Remove yourself from BES and your pathetic infrastructure, I don't want to be tied into RIM's infrastructure and pay them a fee as well as my service provider. And when RIM's network goes down, I want the ability to continue using my data no matter what.

2 Phones only please

9900 with minimum 3.2" screen
Front and rear cameras
Tat to give ui some pizaz
Separation on the keypad for more tactile feel

All touch phone min 4.6"
Keep the optical trackpad for bezel swipe operations
Front and rear cameras

Playbook minimum 7.7"
If it's too big to be considered portable or
If it's too small a screen to play spider solitaire you've f....d. Up again

Team with roku, get skype, in other words come in with something compelling out of the gate.

Open a factory or big office in the states. In other words make big news in the heart of the market you're trying to win over!!

Only one phone (the Blade mockup). The current designed Curves and Bold should be gone going forward. 3.2 inch screens can no longer cut it. The iPhone is 3.75 and that's considered small. A 4 inch screen is just right. We don't need further fragmentation with many models and screen sizes. The Playbook size is fine as is.

Well said Kevin. I would like to add a few ideas. I may have missed it, but I can't find a universal search on the Playbook. Also I couldn't find a search for my calendar on PB. So if I'm trying to find an appointment I have to look through my calendar manually. I can search messages and contacts, why not my calendar. When the OS2 update was released, I was overjoyed. I was less than overjoyed with the tutorials on the OS. They were at best brief. If it wasn't for the forms I would have missed several options using messages. The memory problem is another thing to be improved. If I don't reboot my PB every couple of days, programs start magically closing when I open up a new program. I understand this to be a common problem according to the forums. One last suggestion, make the 90 day free support and the time to buy an extended warranty the same length. Support service was 90 days, and buy in to the extended warranty was 30 days. Very confusing and frustrating for consumers. The rule of thumb should to use the KISS principle.
Thanks for giving me a place to make suggestions.
Barry Heath

As a primarily Business (traveling) user I need:

Synchronicity between Platforms, especially the PB.
- Webex and GoToMeeting, @ the very least similar to what I have now on my BB6 - Mobile Conferencing.
- Close to FULL cloud, I have a 32G card that should be pretty well everything I need
- BlackBerry Travel for my Itinerary,
- GPS - like in my car.
- OFFICE, improve that 1980s version of Docs To Go
File management is of a TOP priority. Currently my PB, if this is a precursor to BB10, will not even FIND a PPS let alone open it. Edit one...HA
I want to be able to do more business with it.

Fun - full featured Media Player. Music folders, Lists, I would love to be able to pass the phone around to my friends and have them select a song(s) and add to the current playlist.. great for parties, etc.
How about play Videos, YOUTUBE etc, again great for parties, or how about a full length movie? (possible this will be reserved for the PB v of BB10)

Don't drop any existing features from my BB.

Lastly, people in CANADA tend to keep the BB for a longer period of time... Double the RAM now. Just in case BB11 drops and my (Canadian 3 yr contact is only 1/2 over)
Americans go through phones fairly fast in comparison.. Research your markets better.

RIM, are you paying attention? This is FREE, INVALUABLE market research. Coming from the mouth of the end users itself. You can't pay someone to get this for you...

BTW, the messaging "app" on the PlayBook sucks. Why is it an "app"? It's not the BlackBerry experience I've been use to for more than 6 years.

Messaging should be baked in the core of the OS. Always open, always on. Just the simple fact there is a way to "refresh" the app to look for new messages is a little discomforting. Is this still BlackBerry??

I hope this changes with BB10.

Sooo many comments - all good feedback.

BB10 has to be beautiful. The device has to be gorgeous. The screen has to be gorgeous. The feel has to be perfect. The OS has to be fluid. It has to have what the user needs. It has to be a beast hardware-wise but a kitten slowly lapping up battery.

I want to open the box, look at my beautiful device, watch it boot up quickly, set it up very quickly (not be forced to be in wifi zone, etc) and see what a great device it is.

The experiences users expect must be there - video calling, twitter, video streaming, maps, etc, etc - get those apps installed when I boot that baby up.

I'm excited for BB10 already...

My list:
- full USB support (pendrives, printers, USB hard drives, etc.),
- open the environment - easy sideloading, open bootloader, less cryptography, more freedom for the user,
- make better "players" - for Java (that would at least allow to run games made with libGDX library - there is a lot of them), HTML5,
- simplify the process of developing apps and drop oversecurity of it - allow using of normal IDE like Eclipse that works on any system, not only on Windows,
- more extreme idea: use Android as a base, allowing all apps from Android to work, add Blackberry stuff on top of that (with launcher that works like the launcher of Playbook).

That's one h*ll of a laundry list. The way I see it, RIM now has less than 6 months to get BB 10 out the door and there is NO WAY that all of this is going to get done in 6 months. This list needs to be prioritized from most to least important. The most urgent things need to be taken care of first for initial release and then there needs to be a rapid update program (i.e. once a month) in place after to get additional functionality in place. The QNX based OS has a lot of unrealized potential as yet because it's still in its infancy. Another factor, of course, is poor allocation of corporate resources in the development of this totally new OS. I hope that this all won't be a case of too little, too late...

I repeat: This article is a FAILURE because the list wasn't prioritized. Better luck next time, Kevin...

There is nothing to prioritize. These are basic functions that without them we don't call the phone a smartphone.

First of all, they are not getting these done in 6 months, they had plenty of time. If you're telling me that they're starting to solve these basic problems in the os now when they made it clear that the os was originally meant to release early 2012, then I don't think RIM wins any sympathy from a lot of us.

This list talks about the very basic things that actually make the phone usable; the list certainly didn't fail. If RIM can't even release a functioning os with even the very basic include, then RIM failed big time.

Again, I like to make it very clear that with the stuffs on this list, RIM is only competing with wp8. There is no competition between RIM and android/iPhone. RIM needs much more than what's on the list and a few generations of time to even get to a level that allow them to compete with the 2.

BB10 must provide me with what I love about my Bold 9900 PLUS features that take it above anything from any other cell phone OS.

I won't buy a BlackBerry phone that does not provide the speed, efficiency, and power of my BB7 phone.

I could buy an Android, or Apple phone right now, but they are not as good at being a cell phone as my Bold.

If the BB10 based phones try to be a RIM version of the iPhone etc., then there is no reason for me to switch from my 9900.

I want my current BlackBerry PLUS more. I won't accept a BB10 phone that doesn't top what my phone does for me now.

I don't play games all that much on my phone. No real need. I have a PlayBook for that. I never watch feature length movies on my phone. PlayBook.

Does RIM actually read this stuff? seems like they just hope this stuff happens but does not appear to implement it. they can barely get the OS 7 working right and they are into BB10 and beyond? if this version and the playbook are still playing catch up , how is RIM going to deliver on this next gen? by then Android and iOS will have morphed even further into the future. where is QNX? kevins list is too long. should have never gotten to this stage, doe not bode well for BB.

and RIM need to understand that android has all the information in the world and the best developers and iOS has purchased quite a few good companies with some of them having decades of developments in specific fields; this is not a fair game, and RIM shouldn't expect a fair game...100% effort is not going to be enough









This discussion reminds me of when I was playing hockey in a team at the age of 15. We were not the best but we were always making plans and dreaming of reaching the top of the leauge. But we did not have the skilled players (exept me of course :-) ) we needed and the great coach to fullfill our dreams. Similarly RIM does not have what it takes. We may keep on dreaming like anything about BB 10 and how great it will come out but our exalted dreams will not be fullfilled.
Our hockey-team kept on playing and dreaming of great achievements but we still remained at the bottom of the leauge.

You guys just don't get it. RIM says they are done with the consumer market. Thornsten is probably saying what more do i need to tell these idiots, to go get aWindows8 phone?

You're wrong...

They are not done with the consumer market, they are just focusing on their strength which is in the corporate world. It in no way means they are abandoning the consumer as to do so would result in total suicide!

Chris, I think your post has alot of good ideas but do you think that anyone at RIM actually reads this? It seems too little too late saying that they have 8 calendar months to bring out a 'SUPERPHONE' that literally needs to blow the competition away. On another note, Playbook 2.0 is basically a demonstration of what BB10 will be like but it couldn't even be released without issues!

I know Kevin had a 1-to-1 with the new CEO so maybe he should meet up again and drive home your points! I don't think RIM gets user feedback - they really need to listen to some of the user experiences on the fan sites out there but they are failing miserably on this one! If they actually employed someone to do this type of research, then they might turn this around.

TBH, I think what it boils down to is the fact that RIM has no real creative talent! Agreed that they have alot of clever people but in no way are they in the same league as Apple or Google. Where is the Astonishing Tribe in this whole story, I'm having a hard time understanding RIM these days. At the present time, I think they will also have a really hard time attracting the right people, because let's be honest, nobody wants to work at a company that has constant bad press and even worse quarterly figures...

I'm really rooting for RIM but I honestly think their days are numbered...if BB10 is a fail then they will either be bought out or split, there are no two ways about it!

This is very true and I couldn't add anything else more. If RIM doesn't pull off BB10 (in time) they're f**k but I will buy BB10 I been waiting for it since mid 2011!
RIM does know what to do but they keep pulling them self back and since the release of bb7 people have been telling them that so I think they should know what to do now and get the point!

One huge thing RIM needs to figure out - and it is somewhat integral for BB10 to succeed - is convincing current BlackBerry owners (consumer & corporate) to stay the course and not switch out before the 'late 2012' when the BB10 devices are released. Make some sort of incentive - maybe offer a trade up program where you can trade in your BB7 device and get a BB10 device for the price it'd cost on a new contract...about $100-$150. Value BB6 devices less...say in the $150-$200 range.

I say this because anyone who just got new BBs in the past 1-2 years will feel a huge shaft when they once again can't upgrade their phones to the latest OS.

I don't know if this has been mentioned, or not, but if RIM wants to push these as business devices (the PlayBook, or the upcoming BB10 phones), then for God's sake include a totally kick-ass Dictionary/Thesaurus. I don't know a single Business "Person" that does not keep one close at hand and if their cell phone/tablet came with one of the best ones available, that would be all the more reason to have such a phone/tablet.

KEVIN@CRACKBERRY: Please do something about all the TROLLS on your site. It's getting to the point where I no longer look forward to the Articles and Feedback for all the "disinformation and negative spin" put out by the trolls. It may make your visitor count look good, but I find it so very tiring and do you really think anybody from RIM wants to read all the BS from those idiots?

I'd never considered the issues you highlight, but you're on the money with most. Sounds to me like the legacy BB OS guys don't talk to the QNX guys.

Let's hope they sort that out before launching BB10.

Not to mention the forcing me to use bis. When I was in states (live in Canada) I had a data plan, but couldn't use any bb services. Had to stick to browser and 3rd party apps like whatsapp and ubersocial to remain connected. Wtf rim, I'm paying for data, I shouldn't add another 10$ to use bbm and your apps. Deal with the carriers.

Great post. I want a mediaplayer that belongs in 2012. (the one for PB OS doesn't cut it). some version of coverflow like OS 7 with the ability to "cue up" songs on the fly without "creating a playlist". Get rid of those stark black dialogue boxes (too nerdy) (why not? you have shown support for transparencies). Take BBM to the next level... there's no excuse for he poor selection of emoticons (absolutely no excuse, I hate using easy smileypack with the inherent lack of reliability and 4 more entries in an already long list of dialogue options when I hit the blackberry button).... matter of fact... why not animated emoticons? small wink emoticon that enlarges, winks and shrinks back. Maybe make some menu's skinnable (if its too complicated you can ignore that one). let me swipe sideways between several different views of my contactlist... All, Bankok, New York, Friends... whatever... let me create panes so that its easy to scroll through, seeing all my contacts of 1 sort in one place without seeing everyone else. That should do for a start although I'm sure i can come up with more... still love ya though RIM.

If even 3/4 of this list are accomplished they'll do just fine. Something tells me though, with me knowing people who work there, there will be a focus group to get a committee to decide which independent focus group they will form to decide the focus group for the focus groups that will make these decisions.

Focus groups.


Make decision. Stick with it. Fuck everyone else.

Thank you for this article. I agree with everything that you said.

Here is my contribution to the list:

1.) Playbook printing and e-mailing from the web browser (or other applications)

2.) Playbook contacts AND calendar syncing without having to jump through Google for calendar and/or Sync2 for contacts and calendar!!!

3.) A way to close Android apps when they freeze (and they crash often) without having to reboot the table and going through the +/- 3 minutes boot.

4.) I have experience browser shutdown often while going through different web pages; this makes it difficult to go back where I was (sometimes) because I got the a page after various searches (after the abrupt browser close, the page is not saved in the browser history).

Email access over wi-fi especially when there is no cell signal and no access to BIS because of that. I recently have been in a situation where I have no cell service, only wi-fi and can't access my email.

Ok, here’s my thing: RIM needs to simply give people what they seem to want. Ok, that seems simple enough. Android is honestly iOS with a few differences. Android and iOS are the big sellers, right? There is also little changes that occur from one version of Android/iOS to the next, right? So, in a nutshell, RIM needs to release an iPhone 4 with a few changes/improvements plus the things that make a BB a BB. Hear me out. RIM needs to keep all the things it does well, like messaging, security, etc. However, they need to be able to do what the current leader does. This primarily means having the top 100 or so apps that Apple does, being as the Android and iOS top 100 are basically the same. We’ve seen a good browser with the Playbook, so keep that as the BB browser has been an albatross for a long time. If you can have the top 100 apps available at launch, a rich web experience, etc then BB10 will be just fine. The two pictures I’ve seen of London and the Blade would be perfect release devices that should keep everyone pretty much happy. The London pics I’ve seen on here remind me of an iPhone/Playbook merger, which will work for a lot of people. If RIM can basically say that an iPhone does this and so does the new Blackberry “whatever”, they should be in a great position. Now, I know I seem to be saying “copy an iPhone”, but the fact is, the iPhone is seen as a status symbol as much as a phone. Everyone I talk to who switched from a BB says one of two things. 1) The apps on the iPhone/Android made me switch. Or 2) I got rid of my Blackberry because it doesn’t do “insert something here”, but I do miss BBM. Again, Android basically copied most of the aspects of iOS to me, and tweaked them to make them a bit different, but it has taken off while BBOS has remained essentially the same until the Playbook OS was introduced. So, you may have to stick to what people seem to say they want. Now granted, keep that Blackberry feel to it. I feel the Playbook 2.0 UI is “Blackberry” enough to keep the core users happy, but it’s different enough to signal “not the same old Blackberry”. Keep in mind that Android is more about the OS than the hardware and iOS is as much about the Hardware as the OS. BB needs to take the Apple route of selling a “sexy” device with great specs/performance that just works. Droid “does” and Apple simply touts “The iPhone”. Well, Blackberry needs to be able to say what Droid does, and Apple is, Blackberry does and is…..Better. A phone that basically does what the current iPhone/Android does with 1 or 2 more features and looks good will sell and can sway some folks to return and/or switch to Blackberry. Believe me, if RIM can get the top apps locked down, they will be leaps and bounds better off than they are right now. So, in summary, RIM needs 1) functions/features on par with the current competition, 2) attractive hardware with good performance, and 3) top apps available. This would put RIM back on solid footing.

It's not so much that it's unpolished, in that it is not where it should be. Blackberry is about 2 years behind other OS platforms. The loyal BB folks are happy with every new OS because it is better than the previous one, but BB7 is more on par with the os on an iPhone 3S, but subpar to the os on an iPhone 4. BB10 will be a vast improvement over BB6 and BB7, but what I, and many BB fans don't want to see is for them to simply make another os that is just better than their previous OS, but still far behind the competition.

BB10 is not released yet. The public has not seen it, so to say it's "so unpolished" is a bit presumptuous. Where have you seen it?

Great feed back ..I am leaving with these words...RIM hope you are taking notes from the Crackberry community....

I would love instant synck, I hate loosing so much time connectting to my laptop and waiting for the process to finish. Get rid of bridge in that sence.

I love BlackBerry... it's the best smartphone to me but there are things to be fixed.
If BB 10 won't be as good as expected I might say bye to Team BlackBerry :"(

There are some excellent suggestions in this post and I agree 100% with most of them. I would add that along with the functions it has to HAVE and the apps it has to HAVE at launch, it also needs to look the part. Because even if RIM were to implement all these changes, if the phone still had a big bulky, blackberry as usual design (with the exception being the 9900 series), it's still a FAIL! Consumers look at design as well as features. Not saying it has to look exactly like the Samsung Galaxy S, but it definitely needs to be in the same neighborhood...

We have Evernote! Also, while it's certainly not a perfect solution, maybe we could convince DropBox to port their Android app, as it is one that does work sideloaded (then again so does Kindle, and they still won't release it), maybe after a while they'd build a native one, if they gained confidence in how downloaded it was. Anyway, it'd be great to see some really good marking, this video: (Thanks to whoever posted that on the forums) is frigging awesome, with some hollywood production quality something similar would be really great.

Mr. T.
I hope you are taking this constructively as most of us on CrackBerry are among your most loyal fans. Please read and take note. I for one will never buy anything other than BlackBerry products but I want RIM to return to the greatness it deserves and that takes a growing user base.

Here are a couple of things to add:

1. Integrate BBM Music with 7digital so that there is some kind of overlay that makes it seamless to create playlists from both groups.

2. Completely agree with integration of payment systems. You just need to have the app developers for Kobo, 7digital, BB Movies, Zinio have a drop menu from the payment method that allow for payment to Paypal or something similar that is tied to the BB user ID. I just sold my 21st Playbook doing my part to support you and I had to help my friend enter her same info four times (app world, 7digital, kobo, bb movies). I love that you are not hogging all the content but make it easy. Super easy to sign-up.

3. There is a jog on the video recorder that happens for 1/2 second every time I use it. This is small but it just needs to be polished.

4. The big app issue. This may take some doing because I believe some of the providers will want you to go away so they can take your clients. However, you can still leverage to one or the other. Microsoft has Skype, Google calendars have an iPhone feature, Amazon has Kindle and so make them an offer they can't refuse: "support our OS and take 100k and an embeded BB developer on your team if need be or we go to war with you for your competitor and crush you".
I've cancelled Netflix and Amazon for this reason.

5. Your cameras and speakers have to be the best. Fast and responsive.

6. You need a cloud option. At a minimum a special deal with dropbox, such as the one Samsung has for 5GB free or better still, something along the lines of apple without the intrusiveness. Don't become the devil to beat the devil but beat him.

7. It has to come preloaded with an awesome apps that blow you away but are still functional. Also, integrate your accessories to it. I just got an HS700 and love it but it does not integrate with your convenience key to be able to launch Vlingo from your earpiece. That is the kind of inconsistency that can be frustrating.

I am doing everything I can to support you guys and I always will but you need mass appeal. Give people what they want as well as what they need.

We are wishing you lots of success!

Could someone help me out please, I do understand that RIM needs room for improvement but several of the recommendations are so high level that i really can't say that it (BlackBerry) already does it or doesn't do it. Can we be a little more granular please, or even provide a Head To Head Compare and Contrast Chart between the competitors. For example, what are the pros and cons of BBM and IMessenger, what are the pros and cons of the user interface, what are the pros and cons of email, what are the pros and cons of the camera, multitasking, signals, wi-fi, audio, video, speed, etc. You see what I am saying. We can't really compare apps, b/c apps are not the phone or unit and are developed by third parties. If the developer doesn't create an app for the BlackBerry but for other brands should we blame BB? How about phone service? when are we actually gonna compare unit to unit; weight, feel, size, etc? I don't know maybe I am asking too much. But I will say that my wife and I both enjoy our BB Phone and PlayBook combos, and we take them with us routinely. :)

BBGrind: I think BB should have only 2 model phones, BOLD with keyboard and a very powerful all touch screen phone both with front facing camera and upgrade the BBM to add BBM Chat with live chat and forget about skype or talk to skype about cross plateform chat and it will be better than the Iphone Face time. Also with the full touch screen have an option keyboard which can be easily attach and detact for those that still love to fell the actual keyboard.

I prefer if apps is deleted, cannot be reinstalled at anytime in the future.

BB10 must have internal 16 GB memory. same as apple or samsung.

BB must have those 2 as I mentioned as above for bb to be successful.

The phone has to be easy to learn and use.

Printing from the phone should be easy.

I would like to easily record a phone call.

Moving info between running apps should be easy.

I want to view pictures in the right direction.

I haven't read every post yet so this may already be posted.

Send and receive files via Bluetooth natively from the Playbook. The only way I have been able to get pictures from another phone is via email.


I have no idea what you do with your playbook but I am not experiencing any of the issues you identified in your article. My Playbook is perfectly stable. I have never crashed once and never had one error message. I have about 60 apps with at lease 10 side loaded android apps. All apps run flawless and are responsive. I have no battery issues at all. I use my Playbook all day on and off for a full 12 - 14 hours. I am careful to put it on standby or if I not using it for a while I will turn it off. My playbook out performs my wife's iPad for battery. In fact my son used both the iPad and the Playbook for a couple of months and has chosen to buy the Playbook based on performance and the value it offers. Yes, it does take time to boot up but that is not a deal breaker issue.

For BB 10 and RIM to prosper they key items are not the functional aspects you outlined it is wrapped up into a couple of bigger issues.

Content Platform: Apps, Movies, TV, Songs, Magazines, Newspapers, and Books. In the case of Apps they need the top 20 heavy hitters.

Communication Integration: Messages, Contacts, Calendar, BBM,. And Voice. The playbook as it stands is much better then Apple and Android today. However, this is where they have to dominate. If the can sharpen this and take it to the level then they will become distinct in the market again. There use of GIST has been very good, but I would like to see tracking capability of each contact in terms of how, when and how often. Then target how often you want or should contact etc. Also integrate all this communication into your todo software.

Need to make design distinctive and stand out. All androids ate black bar widgets. I have no idea what make it is. I want People to now from 20 ft away I am carrying a blackberry. Brand recognition.

Cloud capabilities so I can move from my cell phone to tablet and to my laptop effortlessly.

Battery life is very important. BB used to be dominant in this area but with BB 7 devices they became average. With the use of HD screens and increased functioning the draw on batteries is becoming critical. BB needs to become king of the Mountain in this area again.

Don't get focused on single features you want. Every phone on the market has draw backs. Thing bigger picture of how it all works together.

You guys should take a vote or list the 100 most wanted apps. So rim can see what they need to shoot for to succeed. I know there are some that might surprise.

Marketing should be number one, especially among cell providers. If you visit nearly ANY cellular phone provider they have already pronounced RIM dead. The sales people will steer people away from Blacklberry products. I am a fan and die hard Blackberry user and want it to succeed. The Playbook has same problem. Even thought one of the best tablets out there it is ignored by Cell phone providers.
If you don't get sales people on board it won't matter how good the phones are.

Lots of good input question is:

Will RIM even read these, will they even care, Will they even acknowledge that WE the consumer are their bread and butter?

The silence is deafening and the few moments I got to play with an old iPad2 from our IT tech as she set up my dual monitors it was well sweet. Speed apps, response times.

Also how about a browser with a scroll bar I can drag instead of having to swipe the page and hitting all those #$%@*$# ADS ARGHHHHhhhhh .... then close the tab and try again repeat until I navigate to final destination.......sheesh.......come on folks get it in gear.....I am holding on to my old Torch 9800 for the BB10 IF it is not up to speed then the PB may go for sale and I'll just take this as a lesson in life and move on.........

as a stock investor I will not emotionally attached to a TOOL to many folks here get emotional maybe for good reason that's not my point. My point is I found and had a good tool but I cannot take pictures at the range and edit my targets for time and dates and other info.

I'm looking for a small portable tool so far ....the new has worn off I'm at the 'meh" stage...... but with holding final say until the BB 10 is out .....

RIM can you hear us now????? Your COO and former CEO are gone ..... when upper management leaves it can be good or the downward spiral ....... let's see where RImm is heading ....towards.....

RIM is DOA if they can't get Netflix, Skype, Instagram, Kindle and Dropbox. They already have Evernote on the handheld and PB platforms so hopefully they can maintain that relationship. Also hoping they can encourage Dropbox to make a PB/BBX platform. In any event, if they can't get these apps, I feel that will be the final nail in the coffin for RIM.

Advertising is another weak link. Those BeBold campaigns suck; like really suck. RIM needs to get someone in charge of marketing, look at companies with strong brands and understand what allows them to connect with the customers. I still think they don't know how to make the shift from the enterprise consumer to the general consumer.

Firstly, I like and agree with most of your list, Chris, but I haven't experienced any of the problems that you have mentioned, although it may be that you are using it more and harder, then I do.

There are a good number of suggestions in the feedback, but the one obvious problem is that none of us has much of an idea what RIM has in store for us with the BB10 phones. The only glimpse any of us has of what the BB10 phone might be, comes via our experience with PlayBook OS 2.0 - which you have to admit is quite promising. With the next iteration of the PlayBook expected soon (I'm hoping the middle of this month), with a 1.5Ghz processor, NFC technology and probably most important, HSPA+ capabilities, I am also anticipating an upgrade to the PlayBooks OS. I am thinking (and hoping) that the upgraded OS will give everybody a better idea of what BB10 may eventually look and function like. Oh, and I certainly hope the upgraded PlayBook OS is available for my existing PlayBook.

i dont think bb is really far behind. its just lack on all the mumbo jumbo apps compare to android and iOS and its just lack of the cool effect. the goodwill is really important. when we really go through each functions, bb is not that bad but for some reason it is just not cool to look at. android and iphone looks more appealing.

Agreed! I'd also suggest these OS improvements:

The Pictures app should include at least basic editing (I mean, you're up against iPhoto...)
-the "set as wallpaper" feature needs resizing controls.
-Where's the "Deep Social Integration"?

The Scrapbook app smartly organizes file photos from "new to old", but the default (and actually ONLY) order in File Manager is "old to new" and it's super annoying when trying to share & send pics.

The Browser works great, but could use folders for bookmarks and the ability to shuffle the order of the open tab windows

The Music app needs an overhaul. Playlists sync'd thru iTunes are IMPOSSIBLE to delete and the ability to play all music file types would greatly help. The real issue though is the UI.

-The interface/design could use some beautification & modernity.
-Why can't Podcasts be integrated into the app?
-Accurate fast-forwarding & rewind navigations are a problem that affect ALL mobile OS music platforms, especially with longer format files such as mixtapes & podcasts; an awesome solution to playback controls would be a welcome "leapfrog" advancement in BB10.

Why can't the calendar app icon show the actual date? Is this technology patented?

The Clock app needs an appointment w/TAT... STAT! hahahahaha

As an early & longtime iOS user, I absolutely LOVE the Playbook keyboard. Best I've ever used. The auto-correct/suggest features are awesome & even the keystroke sounds are really effective. The editor though, needs to be tightened-up as it's often difficult to "pinpoint", "select" & "copy" text.

The Video app is also HUGELY underrated. How awesome is it to "pinch and zoom" on a VIDEO! Killer. Basic editing of videos shot thru the BB10/Playbook as well as "Deep Social Integration", would be great.

Everything you guys have wrote about essential apps, payment integration, platform migration & messages is SPOT-ON and if the folks at RIM are paying attention (or hopefully, way beyond these features and working on some hush-hush uber-cool leapfrogs), you've got a real winner in the pipeline here! If you can launch within the window of iPhone 5, you've got my money for a BB10 and some stock, 'cuz things are looking up!

These are all great points stated here. There should be nothing less than what is expected. RIM has to strive higher and further and focus on the details to make there product the BEST in all aspects! I own a BlackBerry Phone and people laugh about it because they know how limited the phone is and how it can't do all these cool things that other phones do. AIM HIGH RIM! That's the only way to go...

The PlayBook browser experience as it stands on OS 2.0 is potentially a deal breaker for consumers for one glaring, obvious thing: if you open too many tabs, the OS shuts down the whole freakin' browser without warning, without any indication of what has happened or why, and without any way to save and recover your session. When you restart the browser, you have to go and pick through your history to try to remember what tabs you had open for the task you were working on. This is Totally. Un. Acceptable.

The browser needs to work more like Chrome desktop, and let you check the resource usage of each tab, and it needs to let you pick which tab(s) to shut down when you run out of resources.

And then it needs some other really really obvious stuff, like oh, I don't know ... letting you organize your bookmarks?

Some points I disagree with:
* Boot time is slooooow, yes agree, my iPad maybe faster, but it's not fast by my standards. But I recall re-booting my PB ... umm ... 2 times? Why would I need to re-boot the PB? And when it comes to the phone, when's the last time I rebooted my phone? Pretty much never.
* The keyboard, I think that's fine. It's way faster and more responsive than my iPad. The iPad keyboard feels more accurate, but partly because it seems to be artificially limiting my typing speed so that it doesn't "miss". It really feels sluggish after I go back to the iPad after long sessions on my PB
* Slow, crashing messaging app. Really? My PB has become my main message central, I don't even check e-mail on my laptop anymore. Yet I don't recall my messaging app ever crashing or running slow.
* Battery life. It could always be better, but I don't notice any problem vs. my iPad and I am watching HD videos daily. Maybe it is, as mentioned, due to the WiFi sharing, but what can you do if you have an app that has active WiFi on all the time?

Actually BB10 really should look at what are already "normal" in today's sense and put them in all the Native Apps, such as Basic Photo editing in Camera and Pictures Apps, as well as Basic Video Editing in Camera and Video Apps. Of course it will be much better if RIM can do a little more than that, but in the worst case, they should give us the features have become usual.

Oh, the cameras with auto-focus must be there, and it should allow the users to point at the screen and decide where they want the camera to focus on.

I think that 10 could really awe peoples and be special by implementing an exciting and easy to interact UI structure... Things like Static-Text-on-gradient-bar of iOS and Static-Text-on-black-bar in Andriod can become old and boring in coming years, also, because the UI elements are something we see and touch the most, so having some animated eye-candies can help to make 10 look real cool and strengthen user experience with every single click.

May be this is one of the reasons for TAT to be here?

One thing that's extremely bad in the latest BBs (at least in my 9900 and 9860) that needed to be fixed is the compass - everytime i want to use it, I have to twist my hand while holding the bb... Depending on how long I have to twist to get the compass aligned, and where I have to do that, it can be very embarrassing and inconvenient.

Great "start", guys, thanks ! :)

I'll add the following (PB focused) :
- DLNA for the whole BB range; the "open on playbook" capability - so poorly marketed - must enhance to open on ... "TV", "console", "tablet", "PC", "Mac", "other Phone" ... which probably means also a bunch of clients for the most popular devices. Just. do . it.
- Printing; one word says it all.
- Unmatched and rock-solid wifi connexion: It can't be we have sometimes to switch on/off wifi or even delete existing connexions to obtain decent wifi perfs (notably on 16Gb PB; is there something special on these devices ?)
- Unified messaging app : get bridge into it. That simple. again;

Then, my last (not least) suggestion. Join the Adobe RTMFP Cirrus program and drop an unmatched video conf experience within messaging app. Do it web based / universal: be the one, the first, the only: no fee, no install, no adds, no hassle. I prototyped an Air/HTML5 app within 3 days (not enough for even an alpha yet, but I'll work on it later again). Its easy ... but you have to open the address book access in AIR/HTML5 SDKs to make it really usable.

Despite all these points that would fire PB / BB10 to the stars, I already love my PB. But now, I want more, and I know it is within "easy" reach. Hire people and do the job at lost if needed ... it's called investment.

Oh, and marketing-side : hire some decent community managers. We shouldn't even wonder if "someone at RIM's" is reading the forum. We really think there is ... but - damm -
just put someone on this job and make it CLEAR: no hidden evangelists, just pure evangelists we know and have a direct access to RIM's best teams. C'mon: be proud, be bold and STATE it with an "official RIM evangelist" sticker & dedicated RIM hosted pages.