Hemisphere Theme for BlackBerry Smartphones.... Hawt!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Sep 2009 01:48 am EDT

I really love the direction theme developers are heading these days, coming up with designs that are both useful and fun. It makes me wish RIM would take some time to develop some more lively themes to ship native on the BlackBerry OS. I'm sure the option of a fun "consumer" theme would go a long away with new first time BlackBerry owners.

I also love the direction theme developers are taking with their promotional videos! Check out the video above for the Hemisphere theme, from Jmal and AHaz Designs. Fun theme hey? You can jump over to the product page for all the nitty gritty details - this theme offers a lot. And, best part yet, it's on sale right now until October 4th for just $2.99 and is available for pretty much every device model. Check it out!

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Hemisphere Theme for BlackBerry Smartphones.... Hawt!!


Hidden today is the 3rd item listed under all versions. This is a great theme. Best I've ever seen.

I take that back then...clearly I didn't read the item description carefully enough, and assumed as such because of the video and screenshots. Just picked up a copy! Awesome so far!

When are they going to incorporate GPS into the theme... As someone who is constantly flying across the country, I would like to see what time zone I'm in on the home screen. It cant be that hard to do.

I know on my speakers i have a volume level, also there is a volume control on the youtube video. But aside from that this isnt about the video, it is for a theme. but thanks for that.

edit: also have volume on my keyboard

This looks like a very cool theme. I thought the video was well done as well. $ 2.99 seems very reasonable for a really good theme.

Loved the ease of use...which lasted about an hour then the tracking pad froze. After a battery pull all was well for about an hour then the menu froze. Another battery pull and then the home folder dissappeared into the download folder. I am back to the Verizon Zen. Sorry this theme was so trublesome for me!

what phone and OS are you using? contact support and we can get something straightened out for you. I have been running the Tour Weather version for 2 weeks without a single hiccup with and