Support Haiti: Download the Help Haiti App for BlackBerry Smartphones and Make a Donation Today!

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Jan 2010 01:38 pm EST

Brought to you by XtremeLabs, and MTV...

Help Haiti App for BlackBerry Smartphones

Haiti Needs Your Help! In the wake of the tragic earthquake and aftershocks in Haiti, the great folks at XtremeLabs in partnership with and MTV have put together the Help Haiti app for BlackBerry Smartphones. The Help Haiti app makes it easy to donate to charities in both the USA and Canada that are working hard to help in Haiti's relief and recovery. Donations are made via SMS in $5 or $10 amounts and are added to your monthly cell phone bill. Charities to donate to include:

  • Canadian Charities: Salvation Army in Canada, Plan Canada, World Vision Canada, on behalf of Rogers
  • US Charities: Yele Foundation, Clinton Foundation Haiti Relief Fund, Salvation Army, UNICEF, National Religious Broadcasters, Save the Children Federation, World Vision, International Medical Corps, Oxfam America, CARE, Americares, Habitat for Humanity, on behalf of MTV telethon, American Jewish World Service, American Red Cross in the U.S.

If you haven't had a chance to contribute to Haiti's recovery yet or want to contribute again, please download the Help Haiti app for free from App World or the CrackBery App Store via the links below and make a donation. It's easy and it will help. Let's make a difference CrackBerry Nation! 

Reader comments

Support Haiti: Download the Help Haiti App for BlackBerry Smartphones and Make a Donation Today!


We have our own problems here in the US, I will save my money and be donating to the people here in our own the folks here in Huntsville, AL that lost things in the tornado that hit a few days ago right down the road from me. I am sick of seeing people stroking their ego trying to help out everyone else, but won't help to get our nation out of this recession.....

But, I have been donating what I can, here and there, at various stores that have the bar code for donations, plus a fast-filling jar at my son's school.

My only hope is that these monies land in the hands of reputable organizations not a corrupt government, including our own.

we to here in the states need help and your generosity would help many struggling families right here in the states.

You know, if you and yours suffered the devastation of Haiti
many people would be lined up to help you.

Your comment trivializes the plight of those people and I
find it personally offensive and disgusting.

Isn't there a Tea Party you should be off to? Your sentiment
would be more welcomed there as opposed to this venue where
people just want to help a ravaged people for no other
reason than it is the right thing to do.

(Sorry to everyone else. I rarely post in the blogs but that comment rubbed me the wrong way)

Wow...Really?? I did not see that person say NOT to donate to Haiti but merely remind those reading that there are still people here in our country that need help also.


I agree with you...I dont think that person was suggesting not to donate to Haiti. We're a country full of people that only feel charity is necessary when a tragic situation or domestic. These organizations take donations all year round but we only choose to donate when a disaster strikes.

I completely agree we have people in this country who need help .Yeah I forgot we care about everyone else and their problems before our own people.

@rw6497 Many of us help our own. It doesn't mean we can't go the extra mile and help others. The situation in Haiti right now make even our homeless look like kings in comparison.

Hell no! This is one app I will never have. America should donate to America. We got enough problems here. How do we all of a sudden have millions just laying around to hand out? America its time to stand up for yourself. We are literally going to drown in debt.

what makes the U.S.A so great is the way we help the needed. Even though were not in the best of times right now, the U.S is still the most Wealty country on this planet and many thousands of Americans including myself donated money to Haiti to help them out. If god forbid something bad happens in the U.S, other countrys would help us out in the same way just like they did when 9/11 happend here.

Its mostly about helping other human beings, there no different then we are here and they need a lot more help then we could ever need here in the U.S

we are the U.S.A, were here to help as needed becuase we can afford too and want too.

I've donated myself a lot of money to Haiti and donated un-used clothes and water just today and I wish I could give more.

They need our help and your comment rubed me the wrong way as that is not the U.S way

That's what makes this country great, yes, but technically, the country owes so much money to other nations...think y'all know who I am talking about. So it's not really "wealthy" as it once used to be. Everything is financed on debt and tax payers money.

But you know, the situation in Haiti is really bad. They need help, the earthquake has shattered the country and set them back decades. We need to help regardless of how we are. It's our duty. We still have a roof over our head, clean water and financial support for god sake.

We are not the richest country in the world, we are the 7th or 8th richest, and if you look at our GNP, we're lucky we're even on the top 10 list.

In 2004 we were ranked 3rd or 4th. We've been sliding ever since.

as much as i think it's awesome how people are reacting to the haiti earthquake, i'm a little shocked to see yele on the list of orgs, especially after the allegations that wyclef was lining his pockets by taking a nice cut from the org - the form 990's are posted online.

please donate your money to organizations that can get help down there immediately - like the red cross, doctors without borders, etc. yele is not a emergency relief organization (their president said so himself). even if they do get down there, your money will more likely help do something in the long run - build a school, or something. but right now in haiti they need help immediately.

..the Red Cross's website, a cause they want to make a donation to and simply charge it to their credit card. The funds go directly into the REd Cross's account,..of which they are able to use right away,..versus donating by text messages, etc. You can even send an email to a few friends during the process which would encourage them to donate too.

Try it!

Either way we should all do something for someone that is in dire need of help, especially when their backs are pressed against the wall such as those in Haiti.


This is stupid, why not make an app to help the homeless and jobless here in America? Why not take that money and goto your local Salavation Army or you local soup kitchen and help them. We need to help America everyone else can fend for their self. I did not see France, Haiti, Germany or any other country help when Katrina wiped out a whole city that to this day is still suffering. I did not see anyone help when California had a major earthquake. HELP AMERICA FIRST!

Yes we Do have Homeless in America, but in great Tragedy America's always Step up. 200,000 people have past and millions are now homeless.

Kevin isn't American.

And your attitude is exactly why the rest of the world has a poor opinion of your country.

I'm really sick of being bombarded every place I go to donate. I have donated to the charity of my choice and certainly don't need an APP to do it.

Yeah help Haiti! We have our own problems but we have too help everyone in need! when their are disasters here other countries laugh at us but we have to rush and help everyone else. And why is it that it is always some black country in need. Africa, Haiti, all the same crap, always poor and always need help!

even if other countries laugh when they see things happen to us its their problem. we are bigger and better than this. americans will always be here. what makes me sick is when i give money to a homeless person here, they run to the nearest liquor store. now that just makes me sick. i have always donate, even though i barely have much to give. but haiti needs help, it wouldnt hurt to give $1 dollar or $5 to a country that never had anything. atleast we know our money is not going towards the liquor store. if im wrong than i wont comment on this subject anymore.

While I agree that the USA has it's own set of problems to deal with, the situation with Haiti (and for other countries in which things like this have happened to), it's not about money, who has it, and what it's going towards. It's about having compassion and helping other people. What happened in Haiti can happened here, and at the end of the day, we are all the same regardless of how much we try to separate ourselves by nationality, race, gender, etc. Definitely hokey to say, but it's true.

I love that people donate to help Haiti who is so poor..the whole world should help these who cant help themselves.

Why do we have to close our own schools and every state cut millions from our own childrens education? why do we have so much money but cant help ensure our own future as a nation. We are drowning in debt but they can throw the banks a billion dollar lifeline but not our own states and children.

USA is going to be brought to its knees and the rest of the world will be happy we are just like them...

Help America first

I too am sick of seeing these, apps, commercials etc etc, have you ever seen pictures before the quake, their lives werent much better, it has only currently caught the worlds eye. we need to help our country how many millions of families here have lost their homes, are now hungry, but no one runs to their rescue, when my neighbor lost his home because his company went bankrupt why wasn't there a benefit concert for him.

"13,100 U.S. troops are in and around Haiti" -according to CNN Jan. 22nd. I say we drive a relief effort for THEIR families. Even small things like a means of communication would greatly increase morale... I know I sure appreciated that $10 phone card I got from the USO when I was stuck in BFE without an ATM near the base. Right now the supplies aren't the problem. Lack of man power IS the problem. An app to "SMS" my donation... Yeah right. My donations continue to go to the USO.

Wow. Are we really arguing about whether or not to donate to Haiti??? WTF people?!? If there's a cause you personally feel is worthy of donating towards, then by all means- donate to it. As far as Haiti is concerned it never hurts to help someone in a country with absolutely no resources to help it's people. Ans yes, there are plenty of charities that help US citizens to donate to as well. As I said, if you feel that there is a cause worthy of your donations then bust out your credit card and do it. Don't sit around and argue about who's worthy and who's not.

"Ajdurk | Date: Sat, 01/23/2010 - 00:11 |* reply

Yeah help Haiti! We have our own problems but we have too help everyone in need! when their are disasters here other countries laugh at us but we have to rush and help everyone else. And why is it that it is always some black country in need. Africa, Haiti, all the same crap, always poor and always need help!

blacktoothberry | Date: Fri, 01/22/2010 - 23:44 |* reply

so what again thats their problems NOT ours."

Just wanted to say that blacktoothberry is a dick and Ajdurk is a racist dick.