The Help Me! screen on the BlackBerry Torch

Help Me! Screen on the BlackBerry Torch Smartphones
By Joseph Holder on 13 Dec 2011 11:41 am EST

I've written about the BlackBerry Help Me! Screen before. This useful screen gives you a lot of rather important information about your BlackBerry. OS version, the phone's IMEI / MEDI number, the PIN, and a lot more can be easily found here. On a BlackBerry Smartphone with a keyboard, pressing Caps + Alt + H will open the Help Me! Screen immediately. But how do you do this on a phone without a keyboard?

It's still pretty easy to do. You'll just need to hold the back key (the one that looks like a sideways U) while you touch certain parts of the screen. While holding the back key, touch in the upper-left corner, then the upper-right, then the upper-left again, and finally the upper-right one last time. So if you were on the home screen (though you don't have to be), you'd hold the back key and tap near the battery icon, then near the signal bars, then the battery icon again, and finally the signal bars. The Help Me! screen should show up sharpish. You can let go of the back key now.

This works on many models of BlackBerry Smartphone - the Torch 9800981098509860, and the BlackBerry Storm phones. As a bonus, you can also use this trick on the new OS7 Smartphones with touchscreens. Since I'm a big fan of touch-only BlackBerry Smartphones - and Kevin hasn't shipped me any Bold 9900's recently - I haven't tested this personally. But Michelle gave me a shout that this indeed works on her 9900!

Now you, too, have the power to check your Help Me! screen. And seriously, now that you know how to access it, you'll probably find yourself using it quite often.

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The Help Me! screen on the BlackBerry Torch


Pretty Cool...don't know how the hell you are supposed to remember that little "keyboard dance" to enact, but pretty cool.....Are there any "tricks" like this to make RIMM stock go up??? Now that would be REALLY COOL.......

There was a tweet going around the other day, about a funny "easter egg" I guess, pressing a series of keys and buttons did something apparently funny, but it didn't work for all of us. Can anyone tell me what that was? Something with a d++ etc?

Oh yeah and thank you Joseph for the genuinely helpful info too!

Press the call button
type 6++ then l instead of send.

It isn't an easter egg by any stretch but understanding how the phone works. You can type out names in the phone screen (accessed by pressing the call button). The default is to access numbers until the OS realizes you are typing a word. The + is used for dialing extentions (if I'm not mistaken). So not until you press the l button does it flip the 6++ to its corresponding letters. Therefore 6++l becomes fool when you press the l button.

Thank you for resolving the mystery. For some reason mine doesn't flip, but it sounds like I'm not missing much anyway ;)

this is awesome. coming from 9700 i didnt know to do this on my torch 9860 u the man joseph!

Very nice tip. Sister has the 9860 and mom really struggles with the physical key combo on her 9810 so I can't wait to show them this trick. I think it's fun that I can do it on the 9930, but the key combo is still a little faster for me on the lovely keyboard.

I must not be learnable. It wont work for me. I press and hold the back key, touch the upper left, right, left, right corners, then let go and.....nada.

Edited to add: After many tries it finally worked. But it's hit or miss.

Joseph...Any tricks on how to do a "battery pull" without having to actually pull the battery? On my "old" BlackBerry I could just hit the alt+shift+delete with a touchscreen I can't do this...THIS would be a helpful tip!

Apparently my previous comment was flagged as spam :(

Anywho, thanks for the info. Will have to wait to spend some money on any new app...

Was hoping that Joe had another trick up his sleeve being that he is the touchscreen is always better!

You welcome, and definitely free = better ;) FWIW those apps both go on special regularly so you may want to watch for them :) For me, QL is the big bargain, SO full of goodies -- it's my #1 icon! MB is more to address problems I'd say. Warning, that's all from a noob, but I have a bad cover and hate battery pulls!

Fixed the spam filter. Trying to stay one step ahead of the spammers and I got a typo in a filter :(


LMAO it wasn't "Free". Sometimes the filter is a mystery to everyone, including me and I maintain the blasted thing. We check regularly for false positives, this was a minor error (missing .) when I updated a filter in response to the latest spamming attempts.

Thank you! This is a very useful screen, that I was disappointed I couldn't find anymore. Now it's back! Makes me want to spend hours just holding the back button and tapping different corners to see what other functions exist. Not that I will though, but it would be nice if there was a list published somewhere.

Any ways to open the event log with a trick like this? That will make me definitely go get a 9860!

Btw, you're the man Joseph