Help The Lost Komodo find his way home

By Kerri Neill on 5 Dec 2011 12:34 pm EST
The Lost Komodo

So you're a little baby komodo dragon that gets dropped by a stork on some deserted island during a violent storm. Now the challenge is for you to make your way home while avoiding predators, finding your own food and avoiding traps. The game was created by the team at Vostrix to help promote the Komodo National Park in Indonesia.


  • Choose how you control Komodo on your PlayBook with either the d-pad or tilt option
  • Fill your growth bar by eating your prey
  • Nice graphics and non-intrusive music (sound can be turned off)
  • Watch Komodo evolve through each level

I personally prefer the tilt option as I found the d-pad was a little harder to use. Drop a comment below on which game play option you like or how far you've gotten little Komodo (I can't get past the Meadow - level 2). The Lost Komodo is completely FREE and available for the BlackBerry PlayBook via BlackBerry App World.

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Help The Lost Komodo find his way home


Whoops, my bad. In the middle of a move and somehow missed that Michelle had already covered the app. My brain is fried from all the packing around here.