Help The Lance Armstrong Foundation!

By Adam Zeis on 28 May 2009 09:30 am EDT


When opportunities come to give back to the community, we try and help out when we can. Twitter has been buzzing with news about the Lance Armstrong Foundation. An annonymous contributor has agreed to give the LAF a $25,000 donation if President and CEO Doug Ulman reaches 25,000 followers on Twitter by the end of the month.  @LIVESTRONGCEO has had a boost in the last few days, but he currently sits at around 20,000 followers. Surely we can help him add another 5,000 followers in 2 days. We all know Lance Armstrong himself is an avid BlackBerry and Twitter user, and this donation would be a huge help for the LAF. If you haven't already, please follow @LIVESTRONGCEO on Twitter and help spread the word. 

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Yes, PLEASE follow Doug. This is a great cause and we can help make it happen. A GREAT way to give back in a very simple way. :)


Perfect! I emailed Kevin about a blog on this. Thanks Adam!
Follow him and help out!


I've been a follower :o) and RT CBs tweet

the one and only M

i'm sure he'll make 25k. i hope twitter is cool cause i'm creating an account now.


I signed up JUST for this purpose. I've tried to stay away from Twitter...not really sure why it's so popular, but anyways, I guess for a good cause I def can. Now I have to try out twitterberry!


I didn't like Twitterberry, I'm using Twibble


Number 20983... Glad to help a good cause.


Add one more follower.


following. hope more people jump on this


I tweeted! Twittered?, twooted? Anyways, I'm following now!


As someone who has been helped by LAF programs, I'd like to thank you for spreading the word.