JVM Error 102 on your BlackBerry? Try this solution BEFORE wiping!

By Kerri Neill on 16 Sep 2011 12:48 pm EDT
Error Message 102

So as I was getting ready to hit the sack last night, I decided to give my 9930 a battery pull. It had been a bit sluggish for the last hour and I figured it couldn't hurt right? I was wrong. I set my BlackBerry down while it rebooted and went to turn off the hall light. When I came back, my beloved BlackBerry was showing me the white screen of death. I hadn't installed or deleted any apps in the last day so I was completely at a loss as to what had happened. I broke out into a cold sweat, my entire life is on that thing! Of course I hadn't backed up my device in over 2 weeks (this would've never happened if I regularly backed it up I'm sure). It was almost midnight and I had pretty much resigned myself to a long night of reinstalling when I recalled seeing something on the net about not having to wipe your device when given error 102. I trotted downstairs to my laptop and whipped out my trusty USB cable. Within half an hour, my 9930 was back up and running, no wipe or reinstall needed. Keep reading to find out how.

Basically the error message 102 is a .cod file that has been corrupted. Your BlackBerry, being the smart phone that it is (pun intended), refuses to load the corrupted file. To possibly, and I do mean possibly since this option may not always work, you will need JL_Cmder installed on your computer (grab a copy here and install it . Make sure you install it into the Program Files on your C: drive. Make a mental note of whatever you saved it as since you will need the exact name you gave it), a USB cable and of course your seemingly lifeless BlackBerry.

Step 1

Connect your BlackBerry to your computer with the USB cable.

Step 2


Run JL_Cmder and select Option #2 - Event Log. It may take a few tries to get the software to open (no clue why, but if someone does know, feel free to enlighten us in the comments below).

Step 3

Scroll to the bottom of the log and look for "JVM Error 102." The line before it should tell you exactly what file is causing the error. It might look something like this. Save/write down the file name somewhere; you will need it later.

Step 4

On your computer, go to Start > Run, and type "cmd" then press the enter key.

Step 5

Change the directory to the JL_Cmder installation folder by typing the following: cd "C:\Program Files\JL_Cmder\" and press the enter key. If you named your JL_Cmder anything else (mine is JL_Cmder v1.9.0, here is where you may need to type more into the command like this: cd "C:\Program Files\JL_Cmder v1.9.0\")

Step 6

Type the following command to remove the corrupted file:

javaloader.exe -u erase -f FILENAME

Where FILENAME is, type the name of the .cod file I told you to save or write down. Press the enter key.

Step 7

Disconnect your phone from your PC and restart it. Presto! Your BlackBerry should boot up like normal and you can then go make a backup in case it happens again.

Mine seems to have fixed itself and is running great. The only thing I noticed after the reboot was my BBM icon was missing. According to the device the application was still on there but I couldn't locate it. I reinstalled and everything is golden now. Hope this helps some of you out like it did me.

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JVM Error 102 on your BlackBerry? Try this solution BEFORE wiping!


I love you.... If only you'd been a week earlier with this... I forgive you though... at least I'll know for next time

This is a great tip, knock on wood I haven't experienced anything like this but you just never know & I'm glad that I have more information INCASE something were to happen.

Thank you for the great post and this is very helpful to many of us...

Just to get the people talking here is my rant. Yes, its a rant....
WHY would an average customer of RIM should go through the steps? Yes, many people here can do this, but a customer or end user should not come across something like this...

This is why Apple is doing so well. Here in Calgary, if you get a fatal software error, you DIRCETLY go to the Apple store and they exchange it over the counter while Telus is giving me run around for my BOLD 9900 with hardware issues and when I called RIM, they don't give a dam. My bother's iPhone had a software error and instead of asking us to fix it, Apple Inc replaced the whole phone (NOT even Telus).

I think if I get this error, I am returning the phone to Telus just to teach RIM how customer support should be!! Who agrees with me? RIM should release a major update and should POST this info on their FRONT page website instead of hinding behind. Bold 9900 just came out and their PR is a nightmare! Who agrees with me? Look from the average non-tech customer's POV.

Obviously it is best if no error occurs at all.

However I would argue that this fix is far better then having to go to the store and having to replace the whole phone. (Why would you replace the hardware to fix a software issue anyhow?)

Apple knows that Telus is bad at customer support? I don't know but Apple here in Calgary replaced two phone one is owned by my bother and another one from a friend. This is to keep people buying apple stuff? I have no idea but that is wayyy bettter than Telus.

While I agree with some of your points, why the hostility?
First, not everyone lives close to an Apple store. Most towns don't have one. At present, there is no BlackBerry store other than the main phone providers and the box stores. They really don't offer detailed support on phones because there are too many phones and manufacturers. They'll take your phone back and send it in for repair, providing you with a loner in the meantime. Apple has an easier time with this - there are only four phones for crying out loud.

If you can repair the problem yourself (and often you can), you will not lose your phone, you SHOULD not lose your data and you can be back up and running in a short while. You will also learn something about how your device works and that you should take some responsibility for some of the programs and fart apps that you put on it.

I agree that RIM could do a better job of recovering from such errors - a last known successful boot if you will or a safe boot that doesn't load any apps but the OS and phone. I would also think that by now they should be FULLY backing up the entire phone including 3rd party apps and all settings. They're not there yet so there's plenty of room for improvement.

Thanks for the respond. The reason why I am so hostile to RIM is that Telus charged me $600 for changing my Bold 9900 right after 24hr use. Light was bleeding from the bottom plate of my very first BB 9900. So, I called RIM because Telus said nothing wrong with the phone and I abused their return policies. RIM kept me on the loop of stupid support teams for over 4 hours... YES, over 4 hr and finally agree to force Telus to give me my money back.

RIM either need to control their quality or inform Telus to do free exchange even up to may be 10 devices at least wthin first two weeks or so. Also tax payer paied, Canadian CRTC suck at helping customers anyway.

I only agree to an extent. I do agree that RIM's model of customer service through the carriers has to end.

Now they stated that the QNX phones will be upscale and hopefully this means the kind of customer service that they give the PB.

However, I have to point out that Apple gives you the new phone because like all Apple product once something goes wrong you are FUC_ED! There is no way to fix Apple products. They are so obsessed with hiding the OS from you that they can't fix it and they know it.


I am at work and I switch from an iMac to Sony. I'm so happy as this is the last Apple product I ever use ( and I've owned them all). Anyway I call tech support to get my email that I archived on the mac over to the Sony.... they can't do it.

OK, I say, I have a good idea. I still have a Macbook pro at home so all we need to do is copy the archived mail from and iMac to a MacBook Pro.. That's right an Apple Computer to an Apple computer.

Long Story short, the iMac is still sitting in my office because Tech Support, that's right not me but TECH SUPPORT can't do it.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Apple I HATE YOU< I HATE EVERY DAMN THING YOU REPRESENT!!!!! YOu build products for morons but you don't leave a back dorr so that teach workers can figure out why you are F-ing up!! "That's because Apple's Just work" as even your won story shows that's not true!!!!!!

Sorry for the typos but I'm so pissed off I can't be bothered to go back and edit them. Anyway they help my anger show through.

I think it's clear from his post that the products in question are neither "logical" (whatever you mean by that) nor well thought-out.

Successful is a matter of debate, as far as their PC line is concerned.

It seems reasonable that a common task, such as moving archived mail to a new computer, would be a simple process on a product that was "well thought-out".

You Sir are a total moron. I've owned every product made by Apple and the bottom line is they are shit.

My Sony Vaio Z running windows 7 runs circles around any product made by Apple. I'm much more productive because every piece of software runs on Windows...not on MAC!!!!

MAC is nothing but style over substance.

I mean for God's sake even Apple knows this. To try to get away from their epic iCloud failure they are using windows servers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want a computer to really work, do not buy an Apple. If you want to look good in starbucks while you sip your mocha and apple might be ok. I'd still rather have a Sony.

Finally let me close by saying windows 8... and iPad you're done.

350 million copies will be shipped in the first year umm do you think there will be an App that won't be made for that??? I hope MSFT rubs Apple's nose in it but showing all the Apps they have that the iPad doesn't and there will be a tone of them. Remember man in 3 years over a billion machines running windows 8

wow sorry to hear this, Telus in Toronto has taken very good care of me, This issue happend need I say three two times, I am now on my 3rd 9810 and each time Iwent into telus, showed the issue, the guy first time said yes it's bricked , 10min later i was out the door with a new BB, 2nd time went in different issue , and same deal 10-15 min after the gal got my phone up and running and exchanged out the door.
But it was a PITA that i had to go to the store but it's not telus' fault.
Yet I still support RIM and BB, hope my third phone stays on track.
P.S. I have owned 7 BB's and this is the first time 9810 only it has happend, not sure what casued it.

I think your problem is with Telus. Rogers would have a new phone to my front door in less than 48h.

I know the pic you posted is not a 9930, but are you foreshadowing anything by posting a white berry??????

Funny, neither do I. I drove from Parker, CO to Westminster, CO which is about 40 miles and didn't drop my call once. 40 miles +/-, one call, zero drops.

I can actually count on one hand how many calls I've dropped in the last six months. I also do not use a case.

Funny the last time I went to Mexico city I had both an iPhone and a BB. The iPhone never connected to the local net work just the old spinning wheel. My BB connected in 2 seconds. Please explain... oh you can't because there is no way to do anything to an Apple product when it fucks up.

Spinning Wheels like to spin round..

real life scenario.... yo backed up your device 6weeks ago and delete your texts.... someone has requested a number from 6 weeks ago that you have deleted... u dont want to restore the whole back up because u need a current number to send the old number... what do u do...? funny how that works......

furthermore.... why are you on a site for a os you dont own... theres a reason why u watch tmz and gossip about celebrities.... and a reason they dont... youre on a BLACKBERRY website... we arent on an apple posting ...STOP!!! think about it...

In order to use your Iphone you have to sync it trough the PC for future use, without sync you are unable to use some parts of the phone such as Itunes. Funny How that works...

One very key action point I took after reading this article...; I immediately went and backed up my phone :)

I have better things to do than make a profile on a forum that is for something I don't own/use, then again some people might have nothing better to do...funny how that works.

Blackberry protect has helped me a few times 9650 to 9930 and my mothers 9350 to 9650, backs up all important things. I work in I.T. and for the past month I 've had an atty come in with a different issue on their IPhone at least twice a week. All i do is laugh and tell them " shoulda stayed with BB"

Only thing IPhones are good for....entertainment for my 2yr old lol

I was struck with this code a few months ago

In a moment of cognitive failure I made the error of calling Bell {it was a Bell device} for the software that I'd have to reload. They refused to help me! All I was asking for was direction to get the original software. For whatever reason others agreed I was wrong for asking Bell to help with me getting Bells own os back into my phone.
{CrackBerry.com/Forum/Atrocious Customer Service}

I uninstalled/reinstalled the os and have been problem free ever since, despite what Bell told me that my phone was now permanently fried.

If you want a user interface, you can use bbsak to do this as well. I personally do it that way.
The reason it takes JL_Commander a while to start up is that it doesn't run until it connects to the filesystem.

I believe the term you're looking for is GRAPHICAL User Interface (GUI), as JL_Commander is a text-based one ;-)

Anyhow, I'm also a huge fan of BBSAK and I'd rather use it for this type of situation as well.

I too used BBSAK until it just recently stopped working. I ask it to read my BB and it does nothing. I tell it to back up my BB and again it does nothing. Have tried uninstalling and everything. BBSAK WHY U NO WORK FOR ME?!

This is wonderful advice;however, it's about three hours of frustration, one drive to Sprint, one new device and HOURS MORE of reloading apps. It's still wonderful all considering. i've bookmarked this for future "references".

8330 - 8530 - 9630 - 9650 - PlayBook - 9930!
Once you go Bold, you never go back...

This is a good suggestion. I would personally rather just use a program such as Blackberry Protect to pack up information and then do a clean wipe. With a daily backup program, the worst you are looking at is usually losing the last twelve hours of messages. You can always reforward important emails to the phone.

Oh my god! This LITERALLY just happened to me, like two minutes ago. And then I went on CrackBerry to maybe find a new upgraded OS for my 9930 and I end up scrolling down on the blog... lo and behold this article pops up. Thanks a bunch guys!

Happened to me last week when i installed xplayer and i had to wife and reinstall everything, re-installation of apps is still going on :(

OMG... iPhone versus BB discussion... what a fail... the article was nice, BB should have maybe a better error handling if possible. If not, not a big issue for me, I do a regular backup and I never faced this issue with few of installed apps. I am not that kind of teenager trying all the different apps available on AppsWorld... I am 30-40, using my BB to call, e-mail, work. It is just perfect for this. And whether iPhone or Android is better or no - I do not care, I have my BB and it is just the best for me. Maybe not for you, but for me it is the best.
And now back to the flame... iPhone - was the text messaging implemented, or it is still to be planned in iPhone7? Android - the bug with random sms contacts - was it completely fixed? :-D

Greetings all,
I got the dreaded 'white screen of death' yesterday for the first time on my curve9360.
I downloaded JL_Cmder and got stuck on the commands to delete the offending files.
As I have not yet honed into my tech skills, I just sighed and did the hard reset which is option 4 on JL_Cmder's main menu entitled 'wipe'. I was biting fingers while doing this.
After it was over, I went to reload my OS which I had previously installed on my desktop. EVERY BLACKBERRY OWNER SHOULD INSTALL THIS!
After installation, I give my 'Blackberry Protect' backup a shot. And voila.. Everything is back in place. I have my contacts and ALL. So glad.

What is the moral of my story?

1.) Get Desktop software installed somewhere you can get a hold of it when you need it and do all the back-ups. It takes long time but it worth it the day you are in trouble
2.) USE your Blackberry Protect. A lot of people have this installed with their OS ,but no one bothers to do the back-up. Do it!
There is also a neat little option that helps your localise your BB if you lose it Check that box as well, might be useful. Aside from the fact that you can actually wipe sensitive data off your phone from a distance if you do lose it for good. In other words, Blackberry Protect is good.
3.) Get JL_Loader. I think it's good to empty your phone every once in a while to free up dead space as you do on your regular computer and, as long as you have ALL your backups, you should be okay
Also you never know when the 'white death' will hit..
Be blessed, people.

did not work for me either, can not use windows 7!!!

even had issues with reloading os thru bb desk top. I dont know how many time I will put up with this hassel

Hmm, I'm on Windows 7 and it worked just fine for me when it first happened and again three days ago. I really need to stop loading .cod files until they actually say they're compatible with OS 7. Would save me a lot of headache lol.

I had error 102... tries the above steps and now my phone just restarts over and over and over and over again... I get the Blackberry load up screen, loads up about 40% then red light of death and restarts again... anything that'll fix that? thank you

Thanx a whole lot Kerri...you're a live saver!!!pheeeeeeew. I almost couldn't get through my day.You da bomb!

This jl_cmder doesnt work on windows 7 64bit and every effin zip i download from the net that says it works with windows 7 64bit i cant get to open!

Phew, thanks Kerri!

Just rebooted my sluggish 9900, Error 102!

Quick Crackberry search, back up and running after 10 minutes. In my case, it was net_rim_bb_appworld_lib-4 that failed.

Back up and running in less than 10 minutes!

This post totally saved me from a system flush on my BB 9900 bold. I got the latest JL_Cmder from this link: blackberryforums.com/rim-software/18789-jl_cmder.html#post122727 which worked on my Windows 7 64 bit machine. I had a surprise though, I had more than one error file - hence I followed the process quite a few time. In the end: worth the effort. My last bit of advice. REMEMBER TO BACKUP!

here are my event log lines before the error:

guid:0x97C9F5F641D25E5F time: Fri Nov 18 08:37:59 2011 severity:0 type:2 app:System data:CMM: Groupon-65(15726) no sig from 0x33
guid:0x97C9F5F641D25E5F time: Fri Nov 18 08:37:59 2011 severity:0 type:2 app:System data:VM:VCPEs=Module 'net_rim_bb_api_catalyst_serviceplanengine' not found.
guid:0x97C9F5F641D25E5F time: Fri Nov 18 08:37:59 2011 severity:0 type:2 app:System data:VM:VCPKv=5
guid:0x97C9F5F641D25E5F time: Fri Nov 18 08:37:59 2011 severity:0 type:2 app:System data:VM:VCPNs=Groupon-1
guid:0x97C9F5F641D25E5F time: Fri Nov 18 08:37:59 2011 severity:0 type:2 app:System data:VM:+BORK
guid:0x97C9F5F641D25E5F time: Fri Nov 18 08:37:59 2011 severity:0 type:2 app:System data:JVM Error 102

any hints on which line to delete? i tried a number of different ones but keep getting "Error: Invalid handle"


Thanks. This resolved my issue. The Bold 9700 in question was running OS5. Got the device booted up using these steps and upgraded it to OS6. He's literally getting a brand new phone. Thanks CB!

thank you very much. I wonder why acestrafficpack was the source of my issues, especially when it wasn't running at the time of the crash ...


I had the same problem and the .cod file was related with the Facebbok app.

After the restart, the home aplication were all distrurb but the phone an conections with the BB Device Software were working.
So i fixed a problem but creat another.

I had to reinstal the OS System whith the BBB Device Software

First I hade to remove the device from the BB Device Software

Second i force the BB Device Software to recognise the device.

Third in the device menu, make update and click in other versions.... run the latest version .....and voila!!!!
it took 1 h for all the process!!!
I hope it helps ... all my sunday was trying to resolve this isue, luky it rains all day.

BB 9900

can anyone help me?
on the log. this is what comes up:

guid:0x97C9F5F641D25E5F time: Wed Jan 11 21:08:29 2012 severity:0 type:2 app:System data:CMM: code link check failed for Unit_Converter_Premium(34199)
guid:0x97C9F5F641D25E5F time: Wed Jan 11 21:08:29 2012 severity:0 type:2 app:System data:VM:+BORK
guid:0x97C9F5F641D25E5F time: Wed Jan 11 21:08:29 2012 severity:0 type:2 app:System data:JVM Error 102
guid:0x97C9F5F641D25E5F time: Wed Jan 11 21:08:29 2012 severity:0 type:2 app:System data:Invalid code in filesystem

What do i have to delete?

Hi there,

My phone suddenly shut off and started to reboot last night when I was using the browser which has happened one or two times before and had no problems rebooting but this time it gave me this 102 error message. I refused to freak out and start crying because I knew I could just wake up this morning and search the Crackberry forums for super people like yourself! So, when I saw this post I was SO excited that there was hope for my BB Bold 9930. I haven't done a back up for like 3 months so I really don't want to have to get a new one. However, I have a question for you regarding which file to delete. The line(s) above the 102 error on the event log are: link code check for (app name) failed and its for every single app on my phone. The first file that looks like the example you have shown here is Facebook so I deleted that file name but now the phone starts to reboot and he bar on the bottom goes all the way to the right and then I get NOTHING!! Do I need to delete all of those code link app check's as well or do you have any other advice you can give me before the water works begin and I go into a 2-day depression while waiting for my new BB to arrive? lol its sad but true.

Thank you!

P.S. I have the battery out right now. Gonna leave it out for awhile and then try to reboot and see if that works. Fingers crossed!!

PLEAASE HELP ME... i have a blackbery 9850...last night i let the battery die...this morning when i restarted the phone it gave a white screen and this message:

"Error 102

Reload Software For further information please visit: www.blackberry.com/102"

I used this thread to try and fix the problem:

Following those instructions, and using JL_CMDER i ran the event log and according to that i fist deleted net_rim_bb_twitter

nothing happened....still got the white screen...so i deleted net_rim_bb_facebook_lib-6

now i dont get the white screen...instead the boot bar gets to the exact same place it got when i got the white screen, but now the cellphone just restarts and tries to boot again

i cant connect to it using BBDM cuz it wont detect it
i try again the JL_Cmder but it just stays there thinking...while the bootbar goes up..and when it restarts, it says "command completed" and it shows me an empty event log...same thing happens when i try to wipe or reset to factory..

so i guess things just got worse.....can anyone plz help me? maybe theres another program i can use?...plzzz help

OK you guys...... I know this is wayyyyyy after the fact - BUT - MY BB Torch just whitescreened, and I found this post to try and fix it.

BUT - in the process, I found a BETTER SOLUTION.....

Step 1 - downloaded this application on your page.... Where the F did it go>? Abort that idea.

Step 2 - I plugged in my Torch to see if anything would happen - didn't connect - BUT - there was a software update on the Blackberry Desktop Software! Would you like to update?
AH HA! Back door!

MY Step 3 - Updating Device Software Window pops up, and can't comm. w/ device - well, duh. BUT, just hit ignore and stay connected - and watch the magic happen.

MY Step 4 - wait about 15 minutes while you get the crap scared out of you when it says "ERASING APPLICATIONS" -- - - WHAAT? Oh - wait. There's a RESTORE step coming up.

MY Step 5 - Device reboots about 2 times, and begins a final reboot and restore.


All fixed and no F-ing around with your app or misc files, etc., though you do have to restore some of your settings afterwards, you have to watch the setup video again. Whoopdeedoo.

Of course, I'm assuming this will only work if you're lucky enough that there's an actual software update available right then, but boy did I luck out.

Total fix time - 36 minutes.
Effort - MINIMAL
Difficulty - EASY - a 10 yr old could do this.

UPDATE: I did have to restore almost all settings, but my data and apps were in tact. I used a previously saved backup that was a month old, which helped, to restore settings and my 30 WiFi settings.

You just saved my life--and business. None of the other comments/advice were working for me. So thank you for posting!

I found the event i need to delete but then typing in the command, the response is "javaloader.exe is not recognized as and internal or external command". now what??

OK. Got the javaloader to work, and typed in the erase command and file name. The program
asked for my pass code to continue, connects and tries to erase the file but i get an error of "invalid handle". Does this mean the passcode was invalid or the file name was invalid?

I have a problem, when I select option 2 "event log" i have a message telling : "JAVALOADER is not recognized as an internal or external command, an executable program or a program file" what do I have to do ? Please heelp

Monuments should be erected in your name and cities should be named after you! This works like a charm so thanks a ton. Even though I had backed up my bb just two days ago, I'm very happy that this worked so thank you again!

Has your bb worked well since you tried this solution?

Great Day Kerri!

My bb curve 9380 went blank last night, showing error 102..after staying up all night and seeing a bunch of videos on youtube that did not work; finally got here.
Followed step by step and wammm...got my bb back to work!
Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!

hi there, thanks a lot for such a wonderful suggestion/ procedure. i have a BB 8900 javellin which got white screened suddenly displaying error 102 and a reset tab underneath. i did reset it like 1000``` times but nthng happened. dn after reading this post, i followed the procedure and tried to retrieve my phone with all i need from is the CONTACTS :(. FYI i have discontinued my BB services a few months back.
Now the happening:
when i opened the JL_Cmder hit any key to continue, dn it asked if the phone had a password, i typed Y followed by a password 5544 ( which i THINK is right) and then it asked to choose options of which i chose No. 2. event log and there was a notepad popup with nothing in it. i tried doing it 100 times bt same . Plz help :'(
P.S. shall i try restoring factory setting via JL_ Cmder? will that delete contacts?

It worked perfectly, thanks!

One tip for people. If the file right before the JVM Error 102 is +BORK, that's not the one you have to delete, but the one before that. It normally says "hash error" or "code error".


i was getting stuck there on 5 try copying and pasting from post into the cmd, C:\Program Files\JL_Cmder\ just that bit worked and then i could do the next step

normally I never comment on these things but 1. THANKYOU and 2. for others who have commented more recently - I had trouble with the JL_Cmder that was linked in this article. I found a newer one that's compatible with windows 7 so try this: http://blackberryempire.com/jl_cmder-v1.9.3-with-support-for-windows-7/ it might help get past stage 5. Also - I had 3 files in a row that were corrupted so I had to delete the last 3 files that appeared before the error message. After I deleted the files, the white screen of death went away, the phone loaded up but with some big errors to the display (one of my corrupted files was a font) - so I'm now getting my data off the phone before totally wiping and restoring. Hope this helps others to rescue their phones!

Hi !
So the same error happened to my Torch one week ago. I did all those steps, except that my Windows Commander won't open "Program Files" and keeps reminding me that it is not "reconnu comme un système interne ou externe" which I translate: it is not recognize as a system. I really don't get this problem, I've tried typing the commands either in French and in English, and the same sentence appears again.
Is there any other solution than this tutorial to make my BB work again? (I've tried the "reset to factory" on JL_Cmder and the error is still there.)

Thnks finally solved, i read other solution they told tu type javaloader.exe -u erase -f JVM
it has error:invalid handle :)
after read your articles the right comand is javaloader.exe -u erase -f PicStoryApp-32 :)
once again thx a lot