Help I Crashed My Car - A Safety Application For Those In Car Accidents

By Bla1ze on 29 Dec 2009 04:16 pm EST
Help I Crashed My Car - A Safety Application For Those In Car Accidents

Summit Software Solutions has a great application that I checked out free from BlackBerry App World last night. Help I Crashed My Car is aimed to consumers as a safety application for drivers who potentially could be in an accident. Getting in an accident is never a good thing for those involved, that just goes without saying. The best you can really hope for at those times is that no one is seriously injured and all are safe.

Help I Crashed My Car serves as a tool to assist those involved in an accident by providing all important critical information in your hands. With a little set up you can store emergency contact information, insurance company, policy and agent information and pertinent vehicle information. You can also enter, store and send a basic accident report which allows you to take, attach and send accident photos and access information about what to do in case of an accident. With the push of a button, you can advise those important to you of the accident via SMS, email or even a phone call. Other features of the application include things such as locating a body shop and using GPS services to find the nearest car rental locations. It's quite a powerful, useful offering if you ask me. One of those insurance apps - hopefully you will never have to use but it's good to know you have it, should you ever need it.

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Help I Crashed My Car - A Safety Application For Those In Car Accidents


Looks like it would be a very handy tool in these winter months. Here in the Chicago area the State Police often initiate emergency plans during heavy snow storms where if both vehicles are drivable, you exchange info and call it in later. It's hard enough to think straight after an accident, and this would be a good way to document damage and the like.

Yeah with this, you fill in the information prior and then you never have to worry about it. You can just send it off ASAP to all those who need it right from your device and you're all set.

In my testing the "look up" portions were not always accurate but I don't really see too much use coming from that. The reporting and documentation aspects seem more the vital parts of the app it's self. Key thing of course being that you fill the information out prior to any mishaps.

Ha...too bad it won't work on my Bold on at&t. The app store says its not available for my device or carrier.

It looks quite handy indeed - nobody needs to go through a dozen of phone numbers just to call the insurance company! Or even if it is not an accident, who has expericed to go throgh papers just to find AAA number?!? This concept could apply for many other things.

I'm very impressed with this application. Now the true test will be if I remember that I have it, when I really need it.

I can only imagine in an accident situation, so much is going through your mind, you may forget you have this app.

Strange! Just tried to search for this in App World on my BB and couldn't find it. Followed the links posted above on my PC and had the download link emailed to my device. When I tried to open it App World said the app "Is not available for mt device"

App world says it supports all devices.

I'm on an 8900!

edit: Sorry just seen it's only available in the USA and Canada. I'm in the UK!

Installed it on my Tour, but couldn't do the set up since everything spills off the right of my screen. Couldn't understand what I was supposed to be putting in the required fields. Uninstalled it right after that.

This app forsure will not work on older BB who use Verizon as their carrier since the older BB OS are locked down on GPS excerpt for Verizon navigator or BB maps. You might be able to use a puck(cost about 40 us dollars) with your older BB but not 100% positive for this app someone else may be . I know using a puck I can use a GPS app that before I couldn't and yes I am on VZW and an older BB(8330).

I don't know about anyone else, but although this sounds like a great app, I have to wonder whether I would even remember I had it on my device in the event of an accident.

I called Summit Software Solutions tech support and just received a callback. It seems their tech group accidentally skipped a few models. For all of us Bold 9000 users on AT&T check the app store again.

I just tried to download this app and it said was not available for my carrier or phone
I have a Blackberry Bold 9000

Ok if you need this app you seriously have issues. Just call 911 since the gps on YOUR PHONE will automatically tell u where you are to the cops.

... sigh :/

That of course depends on what part of the country you happen to be in. Not all 911 services called from cell phones can pinpoint where you are. Having called from GPS enabled cell phones at the scene of more than one accident, I know this for a fact. Especially if you have your call rerouted to the HWY Patrol or other emergency services, in the area you are in when they find out from you (not the GPS) where you happen to be.

But the info should already be in your glove box, along with the registration and insurance info. Hopefully the accident is just a fender bender and you can just swap info and call the cops. But it's a good idea to take pictures, especially of the driver, street signs and the general area of the accident (as well as positions of the cars involved).

So I guess the app would come in handy for some folks.

It's far easier to make all your notations on paper. As far as needing an application to keep phone numbers for your family, insurance agent, favourite garage or body shop and towing service, did you forget that your Blackberry has a contact list? Keep it updated and there is no need to worry.

i clicked on the link at the end of the story. i was then taken to Blackberry app world and i then checked the devices supported and the carriers supported and my curve 8330 was listed and also my carrier Sprint was listed i received the email and tried to download it but it said that my phone and carrier was not supported so now what