Help Dante escape through the 9 levels of hell in Devilish - 25 copies to be won!

By ObiGeorge on 20 Dec 2010 12:24 pm EST

Devilish is a cool little game for BlackBerry, just released by Cocky Culture. It is also their first attempt at game development and they did a great job. In the game you need to help Dante escape through the 9 levels of hell. You will need to guide him up and away from the lava below from platform to platform. On your way up you need to avoid obstacles like flaming arrows, spiked platforms and the Cerberus. You will also need to grab power ups, lives and items that will increase your score.

Overall, Devilish is a very good game and a great time waster. You can pick it up at the CrackBerry App Store for $1.99. It is compatible with the 9800 and 95xx BlackBerry devices.

Contest: We have 25 copies of Devilish to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

More information and download of Devilish

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Help Dante escape through the 9 levels of hell in Devilish - 25 copies to be won!


this game looks great nevermind me i don't have the touchscreen i have a 9650 didn't see that part til after i posted

Awesome! Looks like a fun game to play while waiting for doctor's appointments. While the price is reasonable, I would LOVE to win it :=) It would off-set some of my other BB/Crackberry purchases.


~Jazzi~ (Rocks, rolls and is the original; don't mistake the players. I am the one and only ~Jazzi~)!

Something is wrong with my computer and it ALWAYS double posts.

My apologies, I tried to delete this extra and it wouldn't let me. :(


I need another addictive game like I need a hole in the me up! please give me the free copy.

came back to blackberry after a failed android experiment

a game like this would ease the pain of losing angry birds

Looks like doodle jump, but I'm definitely interested in seeing if it makes some improvements to the formula... so pick me pick me :)

thank you for creating a game that is made for the bb touchscreen. They are so enjoyable and so few!

I would love to win a copy.

What if my success actually releases the lil bugger in real life? What then? Is there a backup plan to lure him back into the berry?

I downloaded this game a few hours ago...and it is AWESOME! Great game for the torch. Pretty difficult in the beginning but after you get used to it, it is a lot of fun.

Could I try a copy I would love to get a new game to mess around with thanks for the chance CB rocks

Love your games you put out. I need another bc when i bought wrath i think i played it out. hope i get a copy

Ujuuuu se ve buenisimo este juego. Ademas ya me hace falta un juego nuevo para la temporada. Suerte a todos y gracias CrackBerry

Well since the two poets escape Hell by climbing down Satan's ragged fur, passing through the centre of the earth ....I think I can at least play this game and help along!

Wouldn't mind a new game, I spent some time playing games this morning and realized I was slightly bored of what I've got.